Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Insanity in the bloodlines...

Some people suspected, but I think it is now safe to confirm that Mama Miceli is equally as certifiable as her mini-me.

So a very frustrated victim of LM reached out to me to try to pinpoint why they became a target of our crazy counterfeit mistress. I had to walk this person back to what I have learned along the way. She wanted to contact the family to warn them that she would be taking serious legal action if they did not stop crazy-eyes from harassing her and slandering her very good & well known name.

Guess what happened y’all? Mama Grizzly wasn’t having that shit. Her words to this very serious person were “I don’t believe it! I don’t believe any of it! It’s all lies! She never did any of it!”
The emails? “Lies”
The blog? “Lies”
The pictures? “Lies”
The fucking videos? “Lies”
There is no truth to it! “I won’t believe any of it, I just won’t!”

Heard it with my own ears on a conference call.
Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, huh?

She has all the evidence she could possibly need.
In the meantime, her daughter plots her demise, and say crude and sick shit about this woman.

Flashback: I have a video that you-know-who sent when her mother dearest was in the hospital. She sat in a chair facing the foot of her mother’s bed, and began a sexually suggestive & perverse upskirt right in front of her mothers face while mumbling some crazy shit. I thought that perhaps her mother didn’t catch on, but now I believe that she chose to ignore her. BTW, her son was in the room also.

Back to realtime…

According to Lisa:
Her mother gets her head bashed in on a regular basis (brain dead nurse?)
She hates her mother with a passion for allowing her father to do this
She recently sent me a message where she says that Yes, she was indeed abused as a child. Someone in her house “messed” with her.
Her mother calls her grandson a wild animal
She thinks her mother screwed her man
She wants her mother to climb in a window and screw her
Anyone who bashes her mother is after her own heart (sick bitch)
She wants her mother insurance information because one way or the other, she expects her to be dead.

I’m just saying? What in the crazy fuck is going on?

Now back to our irregularly scheduled program:

I am the old man. Be serious. How much for a dowry please?
You can marry after me, but please do not let them jump ahead of me, like ANGIE MCQUEEN. She is trying to steal my life, mock me and cheat me out of money- too complicated.
Let's talk about something else please. I would love to conme to Dubai. What do I have to do? Leave Dante at home? A date? is that possible? NO s.e.x. I am internet s.e.x. out right now, wink, wink.




When can I look at BARBIE BIN LADEN plans at Sheikh of the World? or talk to lawyers to make certain we get paid for the copyright mess?
What is your address, to do my copyright money too, for our wedding plans, my place, and dinners?



COME to my house please, I fell off the treadmill..... 3 fingers, may be broken!!!



oral sex for earrings, HH?? PEACE??? TYRA BANKS? no? where?? in the USA? nYC?? why?? when engaged to me?? I am not MJ. You are not MJ.

for a piece of AZZ- TYRA BABNKS dated MICHAEL JORDAN too.

Michael Jordan fans think that they can fuck my hubby- WHAT?? WHY??

REALLY? I want TYRA BANKS AND PARIS HILTON diamonds studs, what did they do to get them??

I need to give her TV SHOW ideas on twitter, called MJ obsessed fans, how far will they go? Sleep with my next man and then back up???

What happened at the MONDRIAN hotel??? my wedding dinner and dancing night???
TRUTH only. I am tired of being the one focuesd me and the back stabbing stalkers get the sex and the gifts???


WOW.... jsut WOW. Another one of yours. Who cares, not clean or serene or modest or not into s.e.x..

If it fucks it is mine?? then where are you? for din ner adn dancing, like ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN - so I can ask her if she is jealous?
We have to do it back, so they do not have our property from our businesses.

BOSTON? what is there?? CARLA DIMARE's office for a contract for whom??




It is called popping the jaw, for oral sex, she did not.... so she did min e, when I fell from the treadmill- these bitc hes are sick whores for big dick, not money!!

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN does not exist to me, fake person- so please.. let's get in bed as planned - for gifts, oral and anal - the necklaces.. 8 wedding proposals- where are those rings??

earring for oral sex?? all have herpes??


Lisa (8:50 PM): TOME BENGE was to be your secuirty, he is trained... NOT to fuck everyone but his wife.
Lisa (8:50 PM): TOM
chubbymonstar (8:51 PM): You mean the way he FUCKED YOU?
Lisa (8:51 PM): He proposed to me... and then slept with me.
chubbymonstar (8:51 PM): You are such a frickin hypocrite!
Lisa (8:51 PM): you get arounsd in the uSA.. AIDS yet? it is one flu.. away. COCO bird.
Lisa (8:52 PM): oppsie - cucu bird. not coke.. bird, but who knows you now since 2.5 yr ago.
chubbymonstar (8:53 PM): OHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHH... which is it? First you say it was just an oral affair. Next you say he proposed to you... despite the fact that he was married already? I thought bigamy was illegal in the USA? I see a disturbing pattern with you. You only want minority men who are already taken, huh?
chubbymonstar (8:53 PM): Nope, don't have AIDS because I've never slept with you............. ..... ZING!
Lisa (8:53 PM): are you taken?
chubbymonstar (8:54 PM): what the fuck is a cucu bird? Ya fucking Cuckoo Bird!
Lisa (8:54 PM): you write under my name and reveal you.... all of the time.
chubbymonstar (8:54 PM): EEEWWWWWWWWWWW ! Why would anyone want to write under your name? You're a nobody!
Lisa (8:55 PM): I do not expose you.... do I? so, you are not b.c you fucked famous usa women? ? lol, lol, lol
chubbymonstar (8:55 PM): there is nothing to expose me on.
chubbymonstar (8:55 PM): & i don't expose you either, dummy!
Lisa (8:55 PM): being a liar..... and cheating behind m y back... why propose to me if not ready?
chubbymonstar (8:56 PM): who proposed?
chubbymonstar (8:56 PM): Anywho... I thought you were marrying Hammy? ? ? ? ? What happened?
Lisa (8:56 PM): a hac ker then, the same person who told me to buy the wedding dress, no?
chubbymonstar (8:57 PM): huh? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Lisa (8:57 PM): whatever, I am drin king a beer.... my fingers hurt... i feel off the treadmill... so whatever.
Lisa (8:58 PM): fell
chubbymonstar (8:58 PM): ummm... drinking beer & treadmills dont mix
Lisa (8:58 PM): I am not ready to meet you in person either then.
chubbymonstar (8:59 PM): you are ready to get off the fucking internet
Lisa (8:59 PM): I work on the interenet like anyone else, your other wives are onlnie, NO? Hamy said lots of women are online.
chubbymonstar (9:00 PM): take care of your son. Have you ever thought about shit like "WOW, I can't even afford to buy my son 1 gift from my own money?" Does shit like that ever bother you? You enjoy being a failure?
Lisa (9:00 PM): I am trying to finish my MJ bnook and keep gettting hacked.. so sad., & catch up on ph d psychology program.... and be ahead for the next calses, b/c it is expensive...
Lisa (9:00 PM): classes
chubbymonstar (9:01 PM): & why was your father yelling at Dante in that last video? What was he fussing about?
Lisa (9:01 PM): how did I fail? ? MJ and his fans make my life impossible. ANGIE and you both said you paid for everything - and it is wedding.. SHE never works.. or works on her body either..
Lisa (9:02 PM): She goes to hotles to fuck men for money.. is that an okay job with two kids? ? you were a client.
Lisa (9:02 PM): hotels
chubbymonstar (9:02 PM): why would i give a shit about Angie? I dont even know her
chubbymonstar (9:02 PM): What was your father yelling for?
Lisa (9:03 PM): OK, but i asked to come to Dubai to rehab my body with doctors and finish my book - from hackers. can you help? and lawyers to get my son's money- how is that a failing plan? ?
Lisa (9:03 PM): 2.5 yrs ago - ESTEEEMEDONE askled to help me in 2007... 4 yrs ago.. the book would have sold milllions by now.
chubbymonstar (9:03 PM): You let him yell at your child like that?
Lisa (9:04 PM): yes, I want to get beat up by mom my and daddy pulling rank on me... on their house..
Lisa (9:04 PM): in
chubbymonstar (9:05 PM): what does that mean? If you say something, they'll beat you up?
Lisa (9:05 PM): you went to bed wtih aNGIE not kn owing her at all... interestiung, but pick me apart.. WHY is that? ? It was my bare breasts not hers.. did you expose her in the hotel with you? ? or her house? ?
chubbymonstar (9:05 PM): When is the last time you got beat up by one of them?
Lisa (9:06 PM): Who owns the azure wall house from March 2009? ? ? b/c the police say I have a house where you bed women and do drugs with them..... WHAT? you and ASSA bought me a house? ?
chubbymonstar (9:06 PM): You always change subjects . I'm leaving this chat.
Lisa (9:07 PM): when ANGIE claimed that RAJ would b eat her up if she found out about you...
Lisa (9:07 PM): and she was afraid of RICHARD SHAEFER? all lies, but my truth, FRED SPERLING, MAFIA and my family...
Lisa (9:08 PM): treat people like shit, the y love ya? or do gifts work? ? ? you tell me? ?
xxoxoxoxxxoxo What happened to our TV SHOW?? b/c of PAMMY? you went
You are telling on you, no?? the masses follow the media, you bed a media whore, and my fans or hates will tell me.

You clearly are renigging (not nigger) on all agreements.

THE RELATIONSHIP is ruined, rthese women show up on my wedding night

ANGIE AND LIANN mocking me and skits with you and HAMMY showing up for my wedding.

ALL I hear, is ANGIE's hubby or family man or ANGIE MCQUEEN had sex with my man on my wedding night.

Lots of women have happy marriages, why not me??

SKITs, MUSIC, TH SHOWS, and FILMS, for me having sex? WHAT?? my mother is gorgeous, and there are shows about her with plastic surgery by the actress- so not healthy and so not right.
You are not loyal to me and my wedding, but others yes??

Make plans and then I am back to work, not roller coaster bs everyday!!



and my chat is gone.... crying...

LOL are you joking??? red with lipstick gloss?? WHAT???

am I jealous of your belly?? if I was preggers, no??



Sports Illustrated and Playboy both gave my opportunities, not event trying to help me these women did not do it alone.



2.5 yrs later< I am more broke than when I met you, you were to help me in private.

Why are you fucknig other women when I am the one calling you for sex and you are calling me for sex, is TYRA BANKS A NASTY HOE?? what??
I have no money because of stakers, she bedded MJ and you??
You read it and went to bed with someone other than who wrote it? WHAT? I need to be on her talk show humliating her right back.

Which is better stalker sex or fiancee sex.... ?? my turn???
Was this the NYC trip with me on the phone??



You want the truth, come to my house for sex.. like the others... for gifts.

Or I will call you fake and piece of shit and make threats to you, on all of your blogs??

Why when we are turned on for us, does ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN show up... and cannot grow up and find her own man.


WHERE is my DUBAI property....?? and why are you treating me like shit???
Where are Dante's christmas presents? why are you calling me a piece of shit for your cheating???

Behind my back and in my face, I need to do a TRYA BANKS show now???

She will give me diamonsds for the TV SHOW??

Id you are not here tomorrow with m y son' s CHRISTMAS gifts, the one who you are talkn g about, DANTE..

then I am sending you to the police with more charges, b/c my career and life and is going to stalkers fucking you behind my back and in my face?
I live in my basement b/c of you and Michael Jordan - the two richest men - best catches!!! WOW, I can doa media careeer, my familyowned the first cable company.... and they ideas are stolen from my blogs whole REALITY TV SHOWS, ask PAMMY.

Why would I be slammed...?? ans denied my own sex life? Michael Jordan did not deny me, he denied Kelly Werner. It was never ANGIE MCQUEEN you were to be with ,there is no TV SHOW with ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN- it was with LISA A. MICELI. You are fucking up my life in the public eye!!!


You sent me the nudes and are offline with whom? why??

You are not Michael Jordan - and wy are you doing this? after proposing to LISA MICELI??
thy buy thier own clothes? so why would I?

Angie is more broke n ad less famous than LISA MICELI??

You pay for her clothes? and TYRAs jewelry?? over lip gloss?

You and Michael Jordan made me broke fucking racist pigs, like the blondes and the blacks when dating me.

are not
the same person, you were to show up at my house, not ANGIE MCQUEEN's... DUH.

Why can they not get sex fronm their own man, in their ass or where they want it?? huh?? huh? huh??

Where is your dick, it is to be in m y ass when I call you?? why ANGIE MCQUEEN? and TYRA BANKs' mouth???

Why all of these HOLLYWOOD con artists on my wedding story, MICHAEL JORDAN - he need to fuck them for them to leave me alone..
TRASH ARTISTS.. not into it.


Lisa (9:45 AM): omg, stop it... stop having sex with hollywood and blaming me and m y son - mj lied to a court.
Lisa (9:46 AM): angie mcqueen brought that whole mess up, instead of our quickie marriage- DANTE would get his money in the courts in private.... using a lawyer, as he clearly cheated on his wife.
Lisa (9:46 AM): why are you messing with ANGIE mcqueen on my wedding story? ? What will it take to stop with her?
chubbymonstar (9:48 AM): why do you continue to talk about Dante receiving money when his bio father is a random man that you can't identify nor contact?
Lisa (9:48 AM): Hen is not random, who tells you this shit? jealous USA holloywood? ? MJ's tests were negative, and then he sued me.... DUH- 0 he is the dad, suing b/c of neg tests...
chubbymonstar (9:48 AM): MJ is not the father, so stop wasting your time & breath talking about money you will NEVER get from him.
chubbymonstar (9:48 AM): LIAR!
Lisa (9:49 AM): that is the law.. HELLO? out of court settlement.. I will post the transcripts.. in advance of the book ruining my money.. you are rich.. Where is my boat story? ? ?
chubbymonstar (9:49 AM): What's that burning smell?
chubbymonstar (9:49 AM): Oh, your pants are on fire, bitch!
Lisa (9:50 AM): WHAT? where is my beelly photos... so I can work out to them... so jealous of a man belly? ? lol, lol, lol.
chubbymonstar (9:50 AM): i saw the transcripts. I saw it all & there is no fucking order for settlement, stop with the lies. GEESH!
Lisa (9:50 AM): WHAT? ? not true..... TRYA bANKs send you photos of a black girl with blonde hair? ?
chubbymonstar (9:51 AM): huh?
chubbymonstar (9:51 AM): Where did that shit come from?
Lisa (9:51 AM): lol, lol, lol, lol.. pathetic.... stalking ANGIE NMCQUEEN for my fiancee.. SEESH, when do you stop? ?
chubbymonstar (9:51 AM): You are OUTTERSPACE CRAZY, huh?
chubbymonstar (9:52 AM): You are stalking angie Mcqueen for a fiancee? I'll say!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lisa (9:52 AM): then shut down the blogs.. and remove your name from mine.. so I can get sex like you... and throw in your face.... what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
chubbymonstar (9:52 AM): Pathetic is sitting on the other side of this chat.
Lisa (9:52 AM): YOU -
Lisa (9:52 AM): TRUST NO ONE...
chubbymonstar (9:52 AM): Don't even trust yourself
Lisa (9:53 AM): you cannot...
Lisa (9:53 AM): where are you? ?
chubbymonstar (9:53 AM): iin my skin
chubbymonstar (9:53 AM): where are you... in the basement?
Lisa (9:54 AM): your loyalty to ANGIE MCQUEEN after fucking me over is shocking.. no in the kitchen.. THE TEADMILL is in the b asement.. WHY? ? WHERE is our HOUSE? ANGIE AND RAJ in it? in CA? ?
Lisa (9:55 AM): meeting everyone from my blogs and fucking them are two different things, you treat your fiancee like a PRINCESS QUEEN or grow up.....
chubbymonstar (9:55 AM): wtf is a Princess Queen? ? ? ? ?
Lisa (9:55 AM): NOT TRUE...... you are with ANGIE, her phone is off... with you... and you are to be at my house with my son....
chubbymonstar (9:56 AM): hell to da no
chubbymonstar (9:56 AM): Whitney Houston
chubbymonstar (9:56 AM): lol
Lisa (9:56 AM): THEN TAK down the blogs and stop contacting other women when claiming to be with me.. you need a libel suit..
Lisa (9:56 AM): TAKE...
chubbymonstar (9:56 AM): what blog bitch?
Lisa (9:57 AM): WHAT? you are pathetic and cannot even make it to the house for sex, just your computer with me... WHAT? ? ? ?
Lisa (9:57 AM): DANTE has leg hair? ? you shave or trim your chest hair? ?
chubbymonstar (9:58 AM): wtf?
Lisa (9:58 AM): SUCK a dick bitch, before I let your man fuck me in the ASSS....? ? ? WHAT? then come over, who denied you sex? ? LISA? the fiancee? ? ? who are the liars? ? ?
chubbymonstar (9:59 AM): Why are you comparing your son to adult men? You are a fucking pervert.
Lisa (9:59 AM): no, he said it..... jsut now on the couch..... too funny, too bad you are not a dad but a playboy.
chubbymonstar (9:59 AM): yea, too bad.
EXCUSE me, LU LU MOHAM MED?? the earrings of TYRA BANKS cost more

EXCUSE me, we had a deal over 2 yrs ago, I am finishing my MJ book nad it was to be you helping me.
They are libeling you and me, and you give in paying them for sex, and blocking us.
TYRA BANKS makes $20 million.... a year and does not need my diamonds from you.

You are focusing on me cheating b/c of the black women?? it was a blonde who did the cheating, does MJ rule your mind???
He was divorcing, seperate and Keith did not buy the cow, we lived together, because Keith was poor... bankrupt ,from bad real estate deals.
Is she going to buy the world project after $10,000 gidfts to spread her legs? no... why am I paying for anything with you or AHMED?
AN GIE MCQUEEn produce the bride on the wedding ngiht? then why was she gifted and paid?? She should not have- she called you behind my back and you told her but not me and she did not tell me.



RIOTS AND POLICE over Michael Jordan.... why is my delusional poice blaming me???


I am not Michael Jordan and he is not me.



BE a good huby to me, not to MJ FANS, please... you are not to kno them

Do I need to live on pain killers with you, and you antics since proposing to me???
You want me to have a mental breakdown and stay in Dubai in a mental hospital - ??? WHY? that is my career. I am wrting a book and getting my son's support so I can be a great mom to my son.
You said my son was okay, and I am grateful.
I want you more than HH Sheikh Ahmed.
I fell in love with you before I met you, and you did the videos, so we were destined to meet.
ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN heard you, and got to meet you too in person.
We have missed meetings, poor timing. You give everyone advanced notice, but me, WHY?


LOTIONS, EARRINGS and my bills paid so I can move to Dubai please, like a lady.

Please but the belly button shot back in my emails.
If you are not bedding me as planned in March 2009 and earlier when I called you in Oct 2008.. then please call HAMMY- he likes to fuck.
Hammy will have sex with me, puff puff pass me.. since you bedded blondes and hOLLYWOOD hookers on my marriage to you.
I love you, but ou make me mad and did not do anythnig that youpromised, ANGIE does NOT control us. or HAMMY.

Where is the corruption coming from? evil- so you could fuck ANGIE - you did.
You made me crazy and hurt me on purpose on my wedding night.

I want HAMMY now please.


HH, I will go nude from her on out.... and no lingerie, unless be hurt adn humlitated

You send for other women all of the time, and bargain for them to have sex and do business in Dubai as well..
I sent too much lingerie, and look what happens, why me? The other women do not have this issue, abortions?? insensitive to a miscarriage?? or what??
HH Sheikh Ahmed told me to have s.e.x. with you.....
so Here I am . I workout and brush my teeth.. too.

HH, why would you not call me?? we spoke on the phone. What is the deal now, TYRA BANKS for your HAMMY- she said that she is chubby- they are trying to rescue me from my own sex life- SEESH.
I called you for sex , and they are blocking me and acting like USA heros, when they are not.
They need to stop saying myname in the USA an the stop the trash game- you even said this to me. I sent too many VICTORIA SECRET ads, instead of LISA A. MICELI.
If i hurt you, then it istime to marry me right away, I am older, 38, and can have one or two kids healthy, and then back to work and supporting you in your jobs.


You are gettting all of these women preggers, when it is my turn, PAMMY preggers too?? who is the dad of that one, after she made a run for my money.


PARIS HILTON looks preggers, who did that???

These womnene stole my story to get preggers and coud have afford me a home in DUBAI, from USA monies, when we were and are hot in love.

What happened with ANGIE MCQUEEN?
You were eveil for oral sex from me, I said come on not charging you anything, free- ANGIE MCQUEEN charged you.....

You are making me cry and beg for s.e.x. from you... plesae.. please.. please...
Being desperate is not sexy... and it was me who asked you what is sexy, not ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN - my earlier emails, that you gave to her in June 2009..
I was only trying to help you get the money force going in the right direction.

I am psychic without sex ... nad touching, ask me anything... I will help you.. m y answers are from ALLAH, so backwards, if there is danger, like cancer, I tell meds, instead.. ALLAH never ever ever hurts.
Please come to my house, you can pray with me in a hotel room and then make love to me.
You were to take me to Saudia ARABIA for MECCA. I will be safe wth ALLAH's powers.
I need to be dancing onlnie for you, so you get that it is me.. not her, ansd then mvoe me, why would she move me?? with what money?? mine from you???

I am to suck your dick.

Stop playing games, you made me cry.. you wanted my baby angels, future money. Money in the future, you will not know, it is subtle IQ.

ok and you wantedd my ANGEL of MIGHT. WHY? I can make you weighted in a casino, to win , but do not feel anything else.
You are MUSLIM, so do you gamble??
Too thin, my baby angels want to chat with you, three of me (them), my money comes from sex and babies. ALLAH works in mysterious ways.
You are right, it was abuse as a child, that made money come in my mind faster than others, and weather to protect me from being seen and abused.
TEXAS, I could not get there, if I had the emails, I could see if and what and why we could not chat thru that huge spill. WHAT was it? a an ocean force?
Standing up to evil, clears it, and then the real voices, your DAD HH Sheikh RASHID, taught me insane weather control, over hurricanes, for money. A trade, if you will. I learn from the MASTERS who passed, who can teach me mentally, how to fix, control and create. and bring into fruition.
It is not magic, per se, but ALLAH and others answering my call.


Did you tell someone that they can have a baby for me, b/c they are richer than me?
That hurts. Angie's gut is skinnier than mine. You hurt me and in public, SEESH.
This is our romance, not to be a competition.
Is Angelicque MQueen traveling with you again, stalling and ousting me from my own life with you or anyone??
Why do you not forward me the emails that she sends to you, behind my back?
In 2009, you were to help me do this, while we briefly traveled, stalling and not letting us be a normal dinner eating couple. Where were you, in the hotel room??


i am sooo sorry. I did not know that I was sooo jealous.
I would have never told ANGIE MCQUEEN anythning, if I thoguht that she was a pig for you and my past men.
I would have never told FBI, if I was in my right mind. They told me to handle it in civil courts, all of it.
Stop messing with my mind, I am not the jealous type. I do not want you in jail.
I am a dumbass so now we have to lie adn adjust. Sorry.

I am nude with a black cowboy hat..... who am I riding... before I put on YOUR TIGHTY whitey T shirt.. and my tight jeans??

I am 38 not 15 yrs old.... I can handle my stud. lol. lol.
One of you promised to marry me and protect me, from my own sluttiness.


You & ASSA said that you would plan everything and me jsut show up - I know that was a lie but it was real for ANGIE MCQUEEN then the death threats.

But I need an address for my royalites for my book and you can send me the money to move there when it comes in.
I already have a contract, and I will do playboy and talk shows to promote the book.
I did not want me out there like any of this, b ut let's see, how I can fix it.

I am already 38, come on, HH... I was 34 when I met you... and 29, when I was on the NE so 28 when I met you on starmagazine.com telling me to shave and feed the kitty, and then turd, take dump had to be you. It had to be you, it was an ENGLISH voice on celebrity mags.
Hammy will teach me everything again.
Love him, he would give me something to chat about, always and make me feel comfortable.
How am I going to get out of that? I cannot plead the 5th amendment?? NO ANSWER.
I asked for police to shut down Kelly Scott, not you.



Ali Babra said...
My mom wants me in EUROPE for the HOLIDAYS...

"Europe" being a euphemism for "sack of bricks on the ocean floor".

December 24, 2010 7:24 PM


Please stop confusing. DAnte is clearly MUSLIM now. He said CHRISTMAS



Be a real man, not everything is a joke or comedy, it is a real life and to be a real marriage.
The frauds, what do you want me to do please?
PARIS HILTON TV SHOW - what do you want me to do.

something is sooo weird, come to my house please.
where do you want to meet please?? AIRPORT in Erie, PA?
I think that I am being stalked by a serial killer, not you.... but a real one.

Something is strange to me.

I could be wrong, but creepy. THE media created it.... or sounds like it. I am scared shitless.

Something is sooo weird, come to my house please.
They all had plastic at the scene, like carpet cleaning plastic and all guns.
They all left notes, that sound the same.
They all touched my son.
The one who jumped was killed near my car accident.

TOO creepy and too many at once, after a theft.


ANOTHER DEATH THREAT AND THREAT to my travel.(Referring to the D.C FBI telling her to contact Meadville PD if she felt her life was in danger)What do you hope to gain with your abortion rants? jail? miscarriages in the USA are not considered baby killing... they are fetuses which do not feel pain.

DANTE's life is in danger, we would like to move to Dubai please.

WHERE are you? Why do you & HAMMY come to everyone 's house for sex

am not those other women pelase conme to my ouse and stop the trash ame, you are not to bed ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN or Kelly Scott or my bloggers, everyone but me, was you to HH Sheikh Ahmed and you did not show up??
Have you murdered anyone before in the Middle East, as a job, occupational hazard? that is why the FBI is on you?? legal knives, b/c you attract more murderers?? just asking.
There is a serial killer around me, a greaseball and I was to be killed in the club and at the park with my son.
Someone hired a hit man,I keep hearing it.
Very very creepy, missing items from my home already, a ring, diamond and ruby and other stuff??



There is a hit man, I keep hearing it in Chicago, IL - one of ym lawyers said, cannot take the case, I said why, he said, Lisa I am soo sleepy, someone is trying to stalk you and kill you. He said that he could feel it.
I am the one with the narcolepsy.
MJ's lawyer said the same thing, you have violent fantasies, and I was like WHAT?? then that I would kill my own kid, and I was like what?? who? when? why? in the court room.
ABORTIONS are fetuses, that do not feel pain - not children or babies.
These women libel me so that someone retailiates and I am trying to shut down the sites, is all.
CRIMINAL libel, accussing me of their crimes, thoughts, and fantasies , i,e, projection.
TOTAL takeover of my identity and my personality and trying to perform my life.
When I take back my life and my copyrights, wilI it hurt or kill them?? It feels like that, so I am afraid to work and perform and finish my books.

STRANGE. Why would they not get a contract from me up front for my licensing agreements? for web-sites, blogs, and TV SHOWS (music is not scary) and movies.



Are you callingme AHMED? WHAT?

EXCUSE ME?? THen it was notyou, it was HH sHeikh Ahmed. Who is insane and why? my body was called insane, because I was in shape and workout alot.
Never my mind, that was how I got paid for a living.
He just call me now to go to LAS VEGAS, NV..

The FBI called my mom to gift her my emails.. WHAT?? So, they are doing that to ANGIE MCQUEEN too??


Your brave one, told me that he would let me kill him if he does not bed and wed me, MAFIA-style. lol, lol, lol.

Funny, when you first spoke to me, you sounded like me. I understood you even though you speak ARABIC.
DID MJ AND DAVID FAULK pay you yet for me to move to Dubai??

You meeting up with MICHAEL JORDAN behnid my back and being his friend, and using me to do that?

OMAR HENRY & ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN said that they just met MICHAEL JORDAN in MIAMI, FL last weekend at a hotel, the FOUTAINBLUE in mIAM, FL - so you are trying to stlak him for Lisa Miceli's dna for her son is bullshit, conflict of interest.
YVETTE PIERTO adn Michael Jordan harassing Lisa Miceli online and stepping in my shoes to confuse STUPID ARABS in to paying for them over Lisa A. Miceli.
He proposes to LISA A. MICELI and toher women show up close to Michael Jordan.


xoxxoxoxo I was trying to get us out of control with blogger hell. SEESH.
C LEARLY, you (CHUBBY) cannot be trusted with BABY HAMMY, to not start shit or stay calm enouhh to get together and not get us ARRESTED. I am NOT the imposter, I am Lisa A. Miceli.
The fiancee, trying to protect us to wed, bed, or breed with FBI, not get us arrested.
But, whatever, stroke it.

xoxxooxox Hammy will not let me in with my period, so I should come to bed

Do you know the difference between a fetus and a live birth baby??

WHAT?? Why am I calling the police to clear my name every 5 minutes with you?? STUPID, much??

What would you go to jail for? Please.. You are locking me out b /c I am on my period.




sheep fucker was not an insult or goat fucker, it was b/c you were preggers when I called you.
lol, lol, cnodonms are goat or sheep, no?

You wanted to marry and have babies. I said yes.

Dante is your choice? my money? Take it for taking care of me.
I love you and welcome you with open arms into my life. Honored.

Who did you call last night and from where??

HH Sheikh AHMED parties and he is a dad. Just a little to let off some crazy steam or to meet new people.
I do not want to be a single mother forever. Dante can be with a nanny or his grandparents, or if I am really crazy, his dad.

MJ was to take care of that, not send me to jail for asking for the proof that he is the dad, that is the point of trial and courts.

Not true.
I love my kids and take care of my business.
Sex should be in a bed, not online.
He was too tuned on to bed me properly.
Is he just a lazy ass? why would he not send for me for a coffee to chat after all of these emails and blogs?
Does not mean that I would kill someone or my kid. SEESH.


You said that I am a bad mom. From videos? My son horseback rides, plays three sports, hokcey, soccer and basketball.
He is a B+ student and he reads very well. He is sweet and buys mommy flowers and has a great sense of direction.
SANDY, my mom, frustrates him. I love him. he is a good kid.
AHMED did not share the right emails with you, but that is okay.
He offered to help me nad we went into a deal, for a house for my book deal. Most of the promotions are over, HALL of FAME and other events to promote my MJ book then back to clinical nad sports psychology.
I was going to do reality TV in the USA... to DUBAI.


He is smart. His grades in Dubai would be better, b/c no racism.

SO, when do I get to meet with you in person please?? I stayed at the BELLAGIO before. Please call my phone.

who was on the phone calling my mom please?

You just said that you have no intentions of coming to my house, so I guess I should press charges to stop the embarassment and the harassment.




----- Chat del mar, 12/28/10 2:04 PM -----

Lisa (2:04 PM): I am obedient that is why I am loved in the USA - I sent that request to the FBI - good luck. Do not contact any Lisa A. Miceli people


excuse me? the business deals, where too challenging for HH Sheikh Ahmed, he went to the wrong house and all he did was fuck her anally, as if she was me.. and my real legit business went online for others to steal.

for $60 ?? you want what from me???

HOUSING deals, cookie deals, clothing, my son, and real estate, and sports psychology? and religion??


I will send you tubby shots, since you think that I do not bathe....
You did not tell me to be pristine, you told ANGIE MCQUEEN - NO? and she is fucking OMAR HENRY?? and begging for OSCAR?? and screwing over me and my TV SHOW - the real fiancee.



Did we not have this conversation?? what is sexy?? and can you keep a secret?? my 3 yrs with you?? Everything ruined.

You got YVETTE PIERTO and Michael Jordan together?? in NEW ORLEANS?? where my ultrasound was? trying to control me and my son- using you and your powers against me??
WHY? you all faggots for Michael Jordan???


Come help me, super tampons, do not fit, "pencil dick" .... and I could use your manly help.

You may get a daughter out of it.... and I have pretty little girl clothes from a shopping trip.
Your income comes from USA TV for being my knight or prince in shining arm our, chivalerous... saving me from a paternity scandal nad then making me in to a PRINCESS, a real TV SHOW - reality TV with paid sponsors, where do you expect to get all of your money?? and then appearances and photos shoots and spin offs and other USA media money making plans do not dare gift them to anyone else. MY god parents started cable in Pittsubrgh, PA.

THIS IS THE SAME MAN AND SAME ACCOUN T that proposed marriage to me and wanted my daughter LULU and my son, DANTE.


If this is true, you are going to prison, as a USA BIGAMIST and stalking and harasing me, for erverything that I am ... Lisa A. Miceli.
You hurt my son, he was smearing shit on the walls, upset.

Lisa A. Miceli

is this mailee??

He is selling my id to other women every plan, is another wifey for him, at my expense.

I told the other women to stop contacting you, nad you do this. This was our wedding night, and one of them was ANGIE MCQUEEN, too??



I am not ASIAN. I am not MAILEE. Who is this that you are marrying today?? and why on my wedding night??



----- Chat del miƩ, 12/29/10 12:12 AM -----

Lisa (12:05 AM): The police are going to arrest you, I do not have to deal with this harassment any further.. They thihkn that they can fuck MJ next. Stop messing with my son's mind. He writes wrong and is upset.
Lisa (12:06 AM): smearing shit is his new game, thanks to you and your words.
Lisa (12:10 AM): you have to be arrested to leave me alone... clearly... the fbi and the police will arrest you and bring you to pa to serve your time and pay for your mouth....
Lisa (12:12 AM): I told you to stop - stop contacting other women in my name & saying that marry you, is okay with me.. that is a lie.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What was he yelling?

Same shit. Same perverse shit. Same Nasty Hoe Shit!


I want your name and face on my bed sheets........ AL MAKTOUM!!!!

for CHRISTMAS, please please please.. pretty please. I will wash you often.
I want your face on my pillow, so I can sleep with my BOO.

I want silky or satin... please in off white with your face and my pillows.... silky satin green trim and red trim.

I am not racist, they are, they will not let m e get my money right.



I need HH, Sheikh Issa to board a plane with me & beat the shit out of ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ & others to finish m book for beach front property
and get my son's child support.

So, I can be a young, thin and pretty thing on Dubai beaches.
Why do you pay for her ad not for me? my blogs do make any sense. my book is worth shit, it is timing!!!!
What is his office number please?? speak english?



Was this... my book deal m oney or my jackpot in VEGAS, NV?? Get a job at MCDS- my ARAB SHEIKH deos not know how to talk to me!!!

BUT ANGIE MCQUEEN does not know you, she clowned me at the dinner table- she was not with you, but RAJ.

Sex for gifts? why on my marriage? and not in Dubai where I was moving? You obviously commit crimes there too...

so who cares if I have Dante with me in Dubai?
I told ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN she would never marry HH my fiancee, EVER- IMPOSSIBLE let alone do a tv show of us asharing him adn having kids together and her in my money.

I am trying to marry and she is upset over that and calls HH = a stranger.
I am not a lesbian.
I need my cash, it is being used for payoffs to block me and my sonfrom our own wealth.
THESE women need to get money from their own families and own jobs, not LISA MICELI's. Call your own daddys for money girls.
I am not paying off ciriminals because the threats persist, depsiote babies, cash and whatever HH gave them.
ILLEGAL SURROGACY on my wedding and baby story.

Need security for my wedding and my babies.
I have my own kids, not 40-50 yr olds with my HH. My eggs are not old, theirs are.
Why are they not in hjail or a men tal hospital on a 5150, not me and never will be me, stop calling me for sex and and men and propetry to sell to USA entertainment.

DET GUMP in MEADVILLE, PA is a liar, he said no schemes. Who owns the crackhouse brothels?? LISA MICELI or WHO?? that I got arrested for.

I date MJ - these are his stalkers and wannabe hookers?
I paid over $25,000 in legal fees for DANTE to lose child support and me go to hail and I dated MJ and have witnesses.
The deadlines are all missed, SUPERIOR AND STATE AND SUPREME COURT, ARREST MJ and call it a mistrial!!! and child support on mental pain and angush of 6 yr old for the media and id theft schemes.

DANTE = Erections, colds, and headaches, signs of a brain injury which I am watching closely.. a lot of falls.

Need money for a brain injury expert, over his birth and afterwards and bodyguards.
His MJ jerseys stolen already at school.



I missed my CHRISTMAS baby for DANTE, a little PRINCESS sister or Princey brother...

So, any help?? Where should we met please?? I am crying and getting fat and broke crying because of the id theft.
I am not that mean.... I do not steal and then not give back until reported.
You have to be cleared now HH Sheikh Ahmed.

Those are all of your wives, to FBI to the other women, bigamy ten times, to get them out of my property rights.


YOU are abusing my child with ANGIE MCQUEEN & her sick dna games, thatr did not inlcude LISA MICELI- the mother...

Am I to suck our penis, before you fuck her in the ASS?

Who called behnid my back and why???


THE imposters block business- legit business- by calling lawyers, about my sex life b/c they read it.. con artists.... This is a real wedding.

You are plastic if none of this hurts you, like it hurts and embarasses me. No one knew you. PARIS KEYCHAIN? ? send me a photo of it.

You cheated on me sexually with ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN - on my wedding story?? That is illegal.
I tell you truth, you are to tell truth to me. not lie. You lie to the sickpo psycho MJ fans asnd stop libeling me online and invading my privacy.
Skinny dick, pencil dick??? that m ade her pussy fart? you were high with her and she was dancing to ARABIC music.. WHY? how would she know my private emails to you?
Why would you do this??

Then ANGIE MCQUEEN shaved your dick so she could suck it.. HAMMY???

ANGIE is mad & does not wan to talk to me.. WHY? MORE SCHEMES?

She got preggers that night, drunk as hell and high as hell at the MONDRIAN HOTEL??
Your schemes or hers??

Why would she be crying over my sex life- you take the KIM K photos?? I could have gotten hurt, raped from my own sex tects, to get you to my bed, as my hubby??
You are with older and fattter than LISA MICELI?

I had 14 ids in a row with HH PRINCE HAMMY to one up ANGIE MCQUEEN- where is he with jewelry??


You are a lunatic at times... HOLLYWOOD controls you??


I will never love again...... flipping idiots. If we are married, and we invite others, one tihngs, but calling up strange4rs who know me for sex??

ANGIE MCQUEEN & PEPE LAPUMA would not call them- they are broke and got in your bed and in person stealing from LISA A. MICELI.

LAPUMA?? why use my name to bed whore in the UK as if LISA MICELI.

DANTE need GRILLS for CHRISTMAS, he lost his teeth and cannot eat.

FOOL and not trust wrothy is all I hear, b/c of m HOLLYWOOD stalkers proved their theory, disloyal for other women who mention LISA MICELI.


ANGIE MCQUEEN said that she does not know AHMED? WHAT?? what are all of these stories?

You think that we are the same person? or she is me, in email only? What about the photos in the same place at the same time, MONDRIAN HOTEL?
Seperate homes is the law in the USA. That was why I was wanting us to get a home and you come play house with me.
I am too fat and broke to dance- but getting there.
3 times a day in the gym, breakfast, dinner, and lunch... we are fat in the USA.
I will get up to speed on us please. Photos?? new ones??


NO ONE is to call you behind my back without me knowing.. it is the USA laws... WHAT HE FUCK??
WHERE is my dinner and my jewelry... ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN did not wreck a SUV in WEST VIRGINIA is not a MUSLIM....

She is not a model to play the muse in my marriage.. what the fuck??
You are calling me fat and old- b/.c of you going to CA and not PA for our wedding... everty weekend.. this is the same shit- I told you I have to leave the USA b /c of MJ and his JEWISH lawyer lying about me in the courts and in the media..

Where are my WMD??? so how does this nigger fear his life? and then niggers online attacking me and then blonde stalkers, MJ hell for 10 yrs.
b/c MJ does not want to pay.. we go to courts for that.. he was told to pay out of court 3 yrs ago in JAN.. you and I met 2. 5 yrs old.

You leaked my shit online as if, you are me.. and not me.. and then I am threatened with jail.. what do you do?? who are you??


These bloggers are not me, they are murderous fans of MJ. Wanting money or my clothing to sell and tell and hurt people.

They lie. If RAJ or ANGIE MCQUEEN call you and say, what is the deal? or what is up? when is the wedding? say - not your family. SIMPLE.

You say - do not call me again - I do not want you near Lisa Miceli.


OTHER CELEBRITIES who want me on their TV SHOWS = VH I called me for a tape.


MY OWN WEDDING?? why? she called you behind my back and did not tell me.
I do not know you and you do not know me, sned the JET- that is what they all told me.. you sent a JET not knowing woh they are for sex.
I am now FAT, UGLY, and poor ..... b/c of ARABS - IMPOSSIBLE.

STEPHEN BOYCE, my own lawyer is mocking me.. online as anon, NOT GOOD. You were asked to ashow up with me at that meeting for one to two days.



I am in love with HAMMY.... b/c of you. AHMED made me finger fuck for 2.5 yrs
Please stop embarassing me.. how many USA wives and how many kids?? while you are engaged to me.. and ruined my wedding and my body with ANGIE MCQUEEN.
I am too mad to tak to you right now.

I am getting offers b/c of the blogs.


You married my bloggers gave them cash and are trying to send me to jail fat- & broke. WHY?

Lisa the cow.

You are cruel and evil.

I lived in my basement boxing my thnigs for Dubai or my new homes.

I would never live with ANGIE MCQUEEN - it is not legal.



Friday, December 10, 2010



Lets play Decode the Crazy:

Both hands in the cookie jar is Lisa Miceli - seesh, must I confess to everything?
So is creamy thighs...


HH Sheikh HAMDAN is ready for sex with me. I tried to call his phone number from FACE BOOK. I lost it in the airport when I went to NC. So, he has to call me. My parents are here. They love you and HH Sheikh HAMDAN - they are sick of my hard nipples in my workout clothes. So they know.
If i was on my pills, for ADD - banned in DUBAI - I would be bone thin. So, stop hating on me. I am trying to keep up, but March 2009, when I had money, you went to the wrong house or hotel. So, now I am behind.


How do you know soo much. ELIZABETH EWARDS died. You liked the other woman. She would come crying in the restaurant to me about her dead son. He died in a car accident at 16 yrs of age.

You had in person sex with everyone but me, WHAT? WHY? I called you for sex and marraige. Please tell HAMDAN, I am more than ready for sex with him and please go slow. unless I am sucking on it first.... b/c UNCLE AHMED, made me wait of ridiculous reasons.. that have nothing to do with business.
Hamdan wan ted me to dance for him and stick sex toys in my pussy for him.... I dated BILLIONAIRES, I did not hurt them in the courts. I hurt Michael Jordan over a baby.
I do not hurt people... come make love to me.. HAMMY will enjoy me... he is making my nipples so hard, and sexing me in my sleep. He is ready for me. I trust him.


Come play with me please... hurry up. HH Prince Hamdan is driving me wild sexually. I can get my check back from Keystone Builders. I mailed it back and then they filed for a motion to dismiss it. So please... they are being mean to me.
Come make love to me, and we can fiqure it all out.. how I get my USA money to Dubai.


HAMMY wants more sex videos from me, of my dildos shoved in my shaved pussy, from you not giving me any s.e.x for over two years now..and my breast photos.






PLEASE SND PRINCEY HAM to comfort me. please.... please.. please.. You and aNGIE MCQUEEN are unbearable.. I need PRINCEY HAM, he asked me to practice me in AUGUST 2008... I said yes. I will lose weight, dye my hair, and convert, anything.... to stop the pain.

I need my fiancee.
The lawyers and courts will treat me better with a hubby.
I need help with my book, the cover and such, come visit for a night or two please.
I am missing the cover drawing that you made, sabetoge... WOW...
Been doing my situps and YOGA and treadmill for the last 2 yrs... wowster.


WOW,talk to me like that in bed, effin, c.u.n.t. .... wowster.... what a turn on.
When did chubby first talk to me, b/c I am back at the same spot again, in the USA courts and need to be in Court in NC in JAN 2011. Can you take me please?


HAVE SOME PRIDE in us, not a gold digger blonde whore who is making a fool of her begging fro money, after ruining my business deals nad my wedding story.
SEESH. USA people are nasty, get a clue.
Why are you being fake to me.. to others YES - GOD YES - RAJ is not shit, and ANGIE needs to expose him, not you ad me, please. What do we owe her? A wedding announcement and a jail sentence if she interferes, according to USA laws.
If you help ANGIE MCQUEEN - she slaps you in the face with it, you me RAJ and OSCAR and AHMED... ariport security.
Do not even get FAZZA 3 in there, or I am knocking her out for real.


WHAT?? You are too cute to talk to me like that... ev eryone stole from me, and you protect me not. Why are you soo mean to me?
I promised I would not bitch about anyone else anymore... so come visit with me honey buns please.???
I made lamb and rice tonight for dinner.
I am planning on sucking your penis for the rest of my life and gave you my tax id number. Sheikh y loves Lisa A. Miceli.


I need your passcodes, oyu do not own me to control me like this with ANGIE MCQUEEN adn hAMDAN.

Plewase.. I need to download the MISSABSAM blogs and then burn a cd and delete them..

NO pint to this friendship - not even being a firned to me./. ad the photos, are whacked now, at first, beofre ANGIE MCQUEEN, they are legit, and then now they make no sense.. you are doing what with whom and why on my wedding story and my baby story?
Stalking me with my friends for what??


Stop stealing from me and m y mother adn gifting to ANGIE MCQUEEN -why her?
Wrong place at the wrong time, I called for ASSA - she repeated me on You Tube, and you showed up at her house... and same with my Keith SAEED story, you called RAJ and ANGIE MCQUEEN and met them not me..
Cheating, lying and backstabbing..

I want hAMMY -
I cannot leave my house without HAMMY now.

DAMN you. Come rescue me.. please.


WHERE IS MY HOUSE please?? That I live in my basement, working out ad with my books please.
Our travel =- no pepe lapuma, fake name.


NICE travel spot.... although you were to take me to ITALY. Another City of GOLD - ANGIE MCQUEEN is not to be in my buisness- real people, LISA MICELI, real house, LISA and aHMED, and real family- our children- ruined. Pay Hammy, so I can please get a shrink, that knows I am not crazy, but psychic. What is the point of knowing King Abduallh's ailments, if I am not in bed making more little KINGS?? You tell me info so I can know you to love you and to bed you... my viosions are to help guide you... to blissful existance...
You ask, who am I?? over and over... and you see me in ANGEL form with huge wings, then you are not breeding with me... I cannot breed in that form, only "see".... so when you make me an angel, you are cheating.. and should not abuse my gifts from ALLAH.
I am human and should have your babies, which is why i called you, and you agreed... and yet to show up - more vidoes. I am no whe near as ugly as you claim, stop hurting people.


You are an ARAB SHEIKH, who is to take me out with you and travel with you to balance you by making love to you sweetheart.
Tell Hammy the truth, and pass me to HAMMY=he loves me.. and does not trust me or something, not sure what.
3 ARABS came to me.1. Said I have a handful of gold coins.
2. Said that he has never seen magic like this in his life.
3. Said I am not in KANSAS anymore...

I said yes, to HAMMY - tell the truth about the house before I get too old and fat in my parents house please.... it was my house for my business projects, with real sweet love and peace for all....
So many visions, but they are fleeting, b/c of USA crimes, the MAFIA sends me visions that make me want to cry...


HH, sorry about the YOU LIE. That was ALLY MILANO back talking. NOT ME.Although I do not or in your mind, cannot love you, you were mean to me, and never made love to me. I do trust you and believe in you.
WHAT is the procedure for a broken engagement in your country, like me and HH Sheikh Ahmed?
I will save everything online but burn to a disk.


please xanax and dededrine spansules 15mg 2 times a day, so low of a dose. I can do up to 80 mg to still be safe. Up more so I can lose 50 lbs and be a true waif, in my wedding dress, please.... please... please... I want to be under 100 lbs.


You wanted me to buy you pants, for our wedding night at MARC JACOBS? no?
The BFF Show is Lisa Miceli - not ANGIE MCQUEEN.
Please stop ANGIE MCQUEEN from being Lisa Miceliand me being what? who? HUH? WHEN? WHY?
VICTOR LAPUMA is NOT my dad, so his opinion means nothing to me... NOTHING - so should not bother you at all.
You should be a good man b/c you want to be a good man to me.
I need money to get back into shape ASAP - be nice, use you credit card and call my doctors please in the USA. I have a balance until my book is done in the USA of the truth please.



I was trying to help ANGIE with OSCAR - not YOU. Only you and HAMDAN know what happened. I am worried SICK!!
The JEWS will not let me have babies with men I love. HOLLYWOOD takes over, Scott WEston, took over me and MJ - I made AHmed go on TV to get me under his control.
A looooooooonnnnnggggggg engagement with me, is impossible, esp while you are bedding ANGIE MCQUEEN in her bathroom... or car or wherever I asked you to bed me please..


Thanks for making a fool of me on my wedding nuptials to you. So, HAMDAN was to order our wedding, and not be my future hubby or s.e.x. partner. RIGHT? Then please make that clear, and here is why? ANGIE McQueen stole from me and has all of my information illegally and hurting others as a result.
If I stay with you, and do not arrest her, and even if I do arrrest ANGIE MCQUEEN, then you are potentially guilty as well, as her, in crimes against me, that I reported Kelly Scott and aNGIE MCQUEEN when trusting that you are innocnet, b/c of your wealth. You do not need my money. So, leaving AHMED for hAMMMY quickly and removing myself from the USA - although a dual resident, protects everyone. So loving HH Sheikh AHMED - the love of my life- means losing you to the whore, ANGIE MCQUEEN - who played dirtier than me with you. So, now... I could not control me or my mouth and implicated you in crimes I areadly made a stink over, makes me look not only dumb, but.... very very dumb. In the USA, ANGIE MCQUEEN won YOU, AHMED... b/c if I jail you , I get no sex from you ever.BY THE WAY, my stalekr stalekd me with a penis pump that he was pumping his penis in his car around my office. You ARABS drive me crazy teasing me up soo much.
Hammy knows business better than me, to look over everything spun and see the schemes, so we do not go to jail, over my dowry to HIM, now, not YOU.
Hammy is torturing me now, so if he is a nice guy he would let me suck his penis and let me enjoy that.

WHAT?? You told me that you would not touch me with a ten foot sword.SO?? Whose wifey am I? I am not trying to hurt my ARAB men. What in the world?


WHOSE blog is this? MINE - who proposed to me & who sent me a wedding dress?? Then you need to be pounding your penis in my ass

for 30 days in a row, or I can sue you for libel for calling me a loose ass- and HH Prince Hamdan knows that I sent you a photo of my ass now. How do you know soo much.??


Is this hAMDAN? How does HH Sheikh Ahmed know so much about me and everything, wow..
and do you share this account with him.
You are making me very very very sexually crazy for you.. both.
Ahmed and ANGIE are having crazy sex, why when he was and is engaged to me. WHERE is my s.e.x.??
Why are you blinking so much??


OMG, ANGIE MCQUEEN got you to her house and then you said, that Lisa Miceli lives in a dump and it was her house and I was not there. She lied about me moving in with her. I thought that you and I were living together.
My lawyers minds are messed up too... why would my lawyer call me a floosy, when I can to his office in jeans and a jacket - and did not buy my court outfit yet?



Let's delete all blogs and take a leap of faith in marraige. Who has room for me, AHMED or Hamdan??


DANTE has a wind burn on his face from being outside..
Please send you or Hammy, to help me fix this media online.. please please please.
Love you both soo much.


OMNI?? OPRAH's fav - I need to finish ym book in time for OPRAH. She is going off the air, in 2011.


How did ANGIE MCQUEEN get you to her house? By doing a video about MJ versus you in the bedroom, and eyes rolling in the back of the head??
I am NOT marrying MJ - I was to marry AHMED- or HAMDAN.
Do you not want to book our hotel room in CHARLOTTE, NC - get our slik blue dress and a gorgeous photos of me kissing MJ on the front row for the newspapers and my book deal. I will get my MUSLIM CD's.
to memorize the KORAN in ARABIC.


WOULD YOU and or HAMMY DUMP ME, or embrace me... and my need for positive attention and press and affection?
It promotes sports and perfect for my book deal.
PLEASE HELP ME..... I will make it worth your while in the hotel room, OMNI, rose petals in the bath tub...


When I close my eyes, it is HH Sheikh HAMDAN that is with a left hand and a right handed watch throwing money at me not you.

WHY?? I only want one of you for sex... why are you being so public and playing hard to get with me...
Telepathic s.e.x..... ?? make it real.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! My nudes are in BIN LADEN's cave with OMAR MULLAR, that is why ANGIE MCQUEEN stopped bedding you and hAMMY and went to OMAR HENRY - stalking bitch!!


The online lies are horrible, but it appeased the a-holes in my family, SANDY and JOE - funny how you tape into their sick fantasies.

Those are not my fantasies... I was trying to tell you, I am anti-violence and human rights.. but whatever.
I try and protect you and it back fires... for the most part.

THE Meadville, PA CITY police have your back with the FBI - not arresting you and ANGIE McQueen for your antics on my wedding story.. you gave us both bed media, so whatever.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How do you unsee a nightmare?

For those who have not seen. Would you like Fries with that XL Shake? LOL!



Riddle: What is the equivelence of asking a man of Islamic faith to enjoy the perks of Christmas?


"HAHAHAHAH!!! Being a mom." (LISA A. MICELI). I soooooo get that joke!

Did I post this already? IDK. This shit all seems the like the same ole same ole.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cuckoo bird should be a Jail Bird instead!

So yesterday LM made some sick comment like "My mom is going to come into my room & fuck me because its taking you too long to come to my house".
I was beyond disgusted.
Who says shit like that?
Oh yeah, LM.


Here are just a fraction of the shit I've received in the last 48hrs.



Thnk you - DANTE and I hit in the head with two glasses, throw at us, peanuts and a lamp.
KARMA BITCH!!! Someone wnats to hurt you real bad too honey.
I have no voice today, hoarse and battered, thank you, ANGIE MCQUEEN.
TALKED MY FIANCEE for my wedding adn my MJ STORY adn got sent to jail - You would take an ass fuck for MJ TICKETS, LUNATICS!!! I cannot wait to tell him and his lawyers and laugh my ass off.. for it.
I am going to tabloids and the court,s FUCKING WHORES. STOP tellnig my bsun iess whore. NEED more black guys?? LOL, LOL, LOL. I called THE CDC for your AIDS viruse out of control. Need to warn up front.


MY WEDDING STORY - dinners meeting with my property.... my fiancee dfrom ONLINE.. and lawyers about my son.. ILLEGaLY. EXTORTION adn fraud, beating me up online in fronmt of the ROYAL FAMILY.
DEATH THREATS as well, NO one told her to show up for me as sex.. I invited HH to events and he showed up iwth her.. as if s was me. MY WORDs- why would I not show up.

He proposed, his words, why would he not invite me.

We both did not know this lunatic.
why would she show yp as me, when I am the one proposed to?? MY love story ruined by an imposter hacking my computer.. my son is ruined as well.

HOW COULD you, when you are a trusted person. you are not a man to let her attack me and then attack her back... SAY NO. She is speaking dfor me and wlaknig in my shoes as if me.. . INCREDIBLE PAIN AND SUFFERING from he. MY BOOK and my TV SHOW and my life and my emails not hers. Are you not felliong raped, she hacked mty enmails.. and read them AHMED and HAMDAN? WHAT? a stranger!!!!

CLOWN FACES at the dinner table.. WHAT??
You ran with my story and my paternity action, and my blogs from radio and TV.
I am furious that you would clown my own my wedding night dinner and go to the HALL of FAME as if me or the MOTHER of DANTE.. LUNATIC.. NOT HAPPY - FURIOYDS. cannot get that time back. So do your time in person BITCH.
Why are you putting other WHORE in my marriage and stealing my sex life - YOU hate sex, get help.... . I do not and neither does HH Sheikh Ahmed.... We wanted sex right away proves ANGIE MCQUEEN murders over sex.. her aunt. SHE needs to be celebate. She is not Lisa Miceli.
If you have sex with anyone then hoie about your own fiancee.. not using my dad's mind and spy games. SHOW UP at my house with cars.

Why would she go to BILL CLINTON's office or HILLARY's when I asked for the traffickng to cease and desist.. ??

You do not want your kids, ANGIE - do not speak for me LUNATIC.. Put your DEVON!!!


RAPING ANGIE MCQUEEN while on the pone iwth me, at te sink and dying her hair ad then sent me photos. afterwards. threaten anal rape of LM or poverty.
BE REALISTIC. You are not gettting out of jail- for what you and ANGIE did to me.
You called my brother to start another fight today.
BABY BOY by aNGIE MCQUEEN from my wedding night story. EXTORTION - one month delay.. my emails and then ANGIE MCQUEEN acts them out. Now calling my photog to try and bed HALLE BERRY. STOP THE HOOKING AND TRAFFICKING on my name please.. from HOLLYWOOD.

Sun, November 28, 2010 11:16:04 PM
Re: RAPING ANGIE MCQUEEN while on the pone iwth me, at te sink and dying her hair ad then sent me photos. afterwards. threaten anal rape of LM or poverty.

YOU do not RULE over me, wher are all of the back -stabbing emails and requests that got you into bed with ANGIUE MCQUEEN behind my back and STEPHEN BOYCE to be a shitty lawyer and other calls that you made.


WHY is she forcing herself into my life, as my friend, sister or whatever. Another bride of yours. I hate her and want her out of my life.
I hear MAYA in my head, WHY?

EXCUSE ME, how did ANGIE MCQUEEN get into MY GULF STREAM on my WEDDING NIGHT please in CA?? and you not in ERIE, PA??

THE SCHEME is over... OLD NEWS!!!!! I am going to all OSCAR DEL A HOYA events...
ANGIE MCQUEEN AND RAJ you the only news is you...

OSCAR DEL A HOYA... gave me his DNA, what if I told you it is not his kid, ANGIE MCQUEEN? you did paternity fraud? for MILLIONS? and are busted!!!!!

MJ knows his full testing panel and chose to pay me and have me be a huge celebrity, OSCAR did not!!!!
He paid tyou in sympathy to shut up.. please get off my JEY liar. MJ cghose to marry me and make me a STAR- I chose HH Sheikh Ahmed and HH Prince HAMDAN - not you..

You hurt people because you are soo jealous and insane. LEAVE US ALONE - MAFIA wana be princess- not our life MINE!

STOP FUCKJING other women.. I told the triuth, ANGI is a mocvknig birds.. with AIDS - MJjohnson's dr - JEALOUS hateful bitch. now I need rubbers with my wonb hubby.. WHAT THE FUCK? insane bitch.. that you went to HALLL of FAMe- PAY BACK is a BITCH, so is SCOTT WESTON!!

Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Gowns and Accessories from PeriDress : Your order #12567 has been declined
CAn you pay ofr the rest of my wedding dress, b/c I cannot afford it.. please of HOLLYWOOD stalkers and hackers.

YOU FUCKED HALLE BERRY you go to prison.. I am sick of this shit. YOU ARE NOT A MAFIA BOSS or a PIMP or a HOOJER - you are my SHEIKH!!!

You were to take me to MJ's HALL of FAME, like YVETTE PIERTO.... and dancing like ANGIE MCQUEEN =

You are to make me a wife, adn not commiting any crimes against my or in the USA?? You are committing EXTORTION fuck ing other women.. RIDICULOUS...

SEX ADDICT school for Lisa Miceli- you are writing under my name and playing tricks.. they are not LISA MICELI .

Sun, November 28, 2010 4:16:51 PM
WHY are you not at my house partying. . you have your own money NOW?? That I have to sue for??

STOP STALKING ME, who went to PARIS FRANCE on my name? WHO?? it was to be my honeymoon nad it was a bunch of blondes.

If you are no longer into my wedding sotry, then stop contacting ANGIE MCQUEEN - b/c she should up as me and she is not me. It is my life.

You cannot re[pair 9/11 DAMAGEs of taking ANGIE MCQUEEN as if she is me. WHERE are my cars? Angie has one, you bought it.. so she said.

I am sending you to jail for never coming to my house and gifting everyone my life as f they are all MICHAEL JORDAN MISTRESS....... when they not.. YOU ARE NUTS!!!! you do not listen to the truth...

get the fuck out of the CA house that I was charged over, it is my house iwth HH Sheikh Ahmed for my son..
You are fuck up of a man!!!



My love story.. AL MOCO TOUM?? WHAT? Li'sa dancing tapes with HALLE BERRY? she is flat cheated whore nutcase going to jail if she copies Lisa Miceli and calls my contacts.

WHO CALLED you CHUBBY?? it is my chilren not theirs from our wedding story.

She is a con like RAJ in my marraige, what do you not understand.. she was the screen not LISA MICELI - same with HALLE BERRY, not Lisa Miceli- flat chested whore wanting my life for BILLIONS adn giving nothing in return. BAD TRADE DEAL!!!!!!

I am going to FUCK THE GENERAL's brains out ands have him chop off your dick and you fingers and then talk HUMAN RIGHTS.. like you are doing to me. and laugh and mock your injuries like you are doing me..

and then I will ask if you are okay and then now show up to help you.
Where is the party on my name tonight?? DO NOT TELL ANGIE MCQUEEN -fuking whore will take on my life as if me.. and call it a screen... where are my meetings..? with BRAVO? I need to tape mine, that was a silly crimbnla imposter..


FAT AS HELL DANCING on YOU TUBE. AUGUST 2010... from a JUKY preggers? from my wedding night in Oct 2009...NO? I posted it online.

Who is the mother? I need to collect it all.

PIECE of SHIT ANGIE MCQUEEN. RETARDS KIDS - look at them fighing one another.

FUCKING RETARD baby boy and does not know it yet.
RETARD, RETARD, RETARD, AHHHHHHHHHn you did it to you, ANGIE MCQUEEN. You raped your own pussy on the phone with me over my money. I want my houses and my cars and my cash, for my dancing skills not yours sand my sports psychology..... not yours.

SHUT THE FUCK UP you had a baby boy with ANGIE MCQUEEN on my wedding night OCT 14, 2009. You should have shot the violent bitch who wanted to beat everyone up.

THE CLOWN IS ANGIE MCQUEEN with OMAR HENRY and your baby boy? NO??

Sun, November 28, 2010 1:10:01 PM
You are petty so MJ got petty, in the crowd with his fans. How is MAYA's baby boy, from her adoption in AUGUST 2009 & drinking in hotels & houses with you?
EXCUSE ME? You gave my resume to ANGIE MCQUEEN and my book to be me and then fucked her on my wedding night to get her preggers. Right? AT THE MONDRIAN HOTEL. SEX TRAFFICKING.
Where are my homes, it was n ot ANGIE's deal. she was a witness. She did not go to MEREDITH COLLEGE??THE ANSWER was no. She is not me. SEPERATION of sexes.

It is not her kid. I am the mother and going to put in a cause of action for illegacy surrogacy. You said BAD EGGS and you called me the adorable egg donor. She wanted DANTEs money,. no? in 2009 and in 2010 mine and yours.

It is not her life because she was a witness.
HAMMY was mad when I said I was 15 yrs old.. WHAT? ANGIE lied the whole time. You handed gher my resunme., ASSA was to get my house.

Where is she?


Lisa A. Miceli
LISA's emails, LISA's house. ANGIE MCQUEEN does not have a TV SHOW or OSCAR's lawyer is suing her.
It is my TV SHOW - he is slow b/c it is stolen property....
you are to cease travelnig on my name, my emails and my TV SHOW - stop the organized crimes around me.
THE BLOGS were for my wedding, not favors for HOLLYWOOD.
HOLLYWOD LOSERS, no education and no money per TV SHOW, over spend and steal.SAM MICELI - this is SAM MICELI's house on a deed, my dad bought it for a dollar from his brother. WHO's the BOSS? Sam or JOE, we like little LISA. I was 7. Lisa the TOOL TIME GIRL, I was less than 17yrs old. NOT COOL.
Two imposters ruined my life, who are insane and cannot come out of character and spy on me, for ENTERTAINMENT deals. ID THEFT, not entertainment.
they stole from my bvlogs nad sold the same story to DUBAI adn in VeGAS, NV.. EVERYTHING stolen by PAMMY, ANGIE and PARIS and aLYSSA MILANO - all contacted HH for sex as well... my life, not wifeys.


I need anti anxiety pills to do the photo shoot.
You gave them to ANGIE MCQUEEN not me after calling everyone in my sockial circle and twellnig them what? They can fuck you? WHY? thought it was 4 wives?
Why would you ask ANGIE MCQUEEN anything about me when I was sending docs as proof of me nad oyu were on mty blogs, as I am not Kelly and other sites with websites. I did not put the connection together at first.
ESTEEMEDONE was you? why did oyu not conme to my house. I thoguht that you were femlae, not male. I am not giving my son to another female. You called me a lesbian. I am ot but now get offers.


YOU LIE to me and tell ANGIE the truth now. WHY? You used my TV SHOW to fuck her in my face. NOT COOL.
TV SHOW RUINED cannot get those moments back and have more evidence than ANGIE MCQUEEN - who did not get dna testing or child support until the age of 5, like DANTE was in 2009. She is nothing great.
PANTS story does not apply, you are a Royal in an other country. All are not created equal, look at retards and different careers.
You blamed me for her words, and yet were catering to her as if she was me. EVER 5 minutes at her house for sex, in the USA.
I would take the offer, ask RAJ - or all 3 of you go to jail for the rest of youer lives, for comspiring against me fo MILLIONS of MJ money. I dated the man and he cried, when I was on there.



ERXCUSE me, they are drink your cum to get rich and famous? You proposed to Lisa Miceli and bed aNGI MCQUEEN gifting her my children and my wedding and then defend her backstabbing behavior and call me poor?
HH Prince Hamdan said to you, she is NOT me. Why would you fuck a stranger, after nmaknig plans with me? verbal contract to marry, DIPSHIT. Not iwth ANGIE MCQUEEN - but Lisa Miceli 8 times, and each time a different women. You are making me ill traffkicking me in pieces, for what money? YOURS? WHY? They are not Lisa Miceli.
They aer as pretty as me and you are not to talk back to me. Why are you not at my house nad in my bved, writing to ANGIE AND HOLLYWOOD to get a professional contract, while I suck your dick as planned. ASSA worked for you and I - not RAJ. My lawyer thought that I was marrying RAJ- WHAT? NO WAY. She said that she has two lids with yu, from stealing from me, from the point of my car accident- too easy to prove that everything she said and is saying for the last 2 yrs is a repeat of LISA MICELI.
BLOG RADIO, I have no voice, choking.
If everyone thought that you were a bad man and going to kill me for money- then why did they marry you or bed you or have kids with you.
You were a billioniare to greedy whores.
TOM BENGE adn everyone will testify againast ANGIE MCQUEEN - adn she is in prison mommy or not. She is ignorant to steal from me having my own kids with my own man, not RAJ or OSCAR (even thought you pretended yo be him, when I was calling on the phone in the sumer of 2009 ) why ou cater to mJ nutc ase stalkers, is insane to me. MJ would not fuck who you are dfucking- sh eis hideous.. UGLY, how dfo you fuck her? Her face, her fake lips and big nose and shaggy dog hair?
but you do not know her.
It was my VEGAS, NV how did she know? IMPOSSIBLE.
They only reason my DNA was not complete, was a crooked Judge who wanted others to get a piece of my son's money, not MJ's money from an order, legally, but DANTE's by trying to start an action bvehind my back. Kelly Scott and everyone pretending to be from MEADVILLE, PA. My life is my life, stop gifting it to orther women - behind my back - why are you so fucking disloyal to me.. ???
Stop giving my money to other women wihout marrying me first or having kids with me first. You love aNGIE, then AnGIER goes t priosn- she was not allaowed to contact you ever behind my back let alone tell me pussy shaves and washer ands dryer stories. MY HOUSE ASSA ands you adsn I were going to get for DANTE in March 2009 after a Jan 2009 wedding proposal. I told and everyone was getting married to someone else at the same time, MJ, ALLY MILANO and others, leaked their wedding plans. You do not marry people to meet other women.
EVERY DAY that she is with you and my emails, she wants to go to jail - she did not know your family- your family b ack stabbed me over my son's wealth. You took on more wives b/c of my money. not your other wives money. You were to pay for me, to get my own money and my son's money. Yet, you pay for ANGIE MCQUEEN. MY PERFUME and everything that I asked for you gave to her, WHY? STINKY people.. you are buying her off, as a payoff and RAJ too, for a wedding trhat did not happen yet and was to be done in Jan 2009 for children only.
You are fucking me online and bedding her in perosn makes no sense. It is a shorter flight to DUBAI to ERIE, than CA to DUBAI.
You are drinking and fukcing her, as if sshe is me, from internet PRINCESS. You c onfessed onlnie to all of her threats as well. LEAVE HER now and buy my home in July 2010 - who went to the ROYAL ASCOT parade and who got my necklaces, for my onlnie breasts.
How is she ever boarding my JET? EVER. She is not to share a man with me ever. It is stalkjnig and copyright infringment and extortion- she is killing people, me including me. She is not to contact you, EVER, b/c you are my fiancee, not her HOLLYWOOD- you work there? on any projects?
AVIATIOn only? Where and why are all of these people coming to us for every bit of our money?






DO NOT BRING ANGIE MCQUEEN to our next hotel sex meeting. please.. no, no, no, lie lie lie. GOT THAT> LIE.... m y breats ae better, she has cancer from the last 4-0 yr old child and lost her hair and wears a wig, serves her right for back stabbing me with you.
Where are we fucking? anal is best.. but I suck dick better than ANGIE and ASSA according to you... She lies and taks about me in the middle of sex. She was wearing ASSA top, prove of sex when buying my home in CA - in June 2009... not that long ago to pursue.
You do not go there do you anymore?


DO you not have a son with this LUNATIC, asking for HOLYWOOD whore after you got preggers.. BE REALISTIC, tyou are insanely ugly oyu stole and flipped information and are going to jail for it. BABY BOY or not.
How is OMAR HENRY's dick after POENCIL THIN AHMED- baby boy your new job for money.. need to brag about a nanny.. for him. or is MAYA helping.. with AHMEDvon the bed.. what does she do with HH?? suck him yet?
You can pay for the MEDICAL BILLS for the two glasses and the lamp, being throw at DANTE and I and hitting us in the face the medical bills.
I am horse today. Was that the anal sex on my wedding story, ANGIE AND AHMED?

BRUSH your teeth and shower and no stds DUMBASSES!!!

YOU THINK THAT you are going to fuck hALLE BERRY on my engagment and gift her a child. KIMwas talkngi to GABRIELLE gher ex baby daddy.. WHAT AS ASSHOLE?

when do ou stop with HOLLYWOOD leeches on my life?
Do I need to go public with your AIDS STORY/TRUTH??

SEND A JET for LISA MICELI = HALLE can make her own money.. she has enoguh LAPUMA info.

THamnks for the bug eyes. I look like you from chatting much & you switching lives around, that is all that you do with me.
I can make my own money, and was doing that in the USA. NEVER hurt for money or rich men.
BLAH, BLAH, BLAH BLAH, I hate talking and you are a liar to me.
PLEASE send me the pills to lose weight, I can then get on the treadmille and do YOGA and relax. You are two years too late.
ANGIE is not BROKJE, you had her in bed several time paying for sex, when you are to be at my house. I am furious and broke because of you. She is not MISS ABSAM. You ruined my plans. I need a contact list of men in ABU DHABI please. I pitched a story over there please. I will give you a list of people, and ask them to contact me please, if you will.


BRING VALIUM or XANAX - I have never had to talk this much in my fucking life.. WHAT THE??? you were to just show up..
PUt my videos to music... WHAT THE FUCK/ you are proving tyou are a liar.. TO LISA MICELI, not that I am a liar, ruining my value and gift it to someone else, who is trash. BUSINESS SCHOOL? You know her breasts dents in them. DISRESPECTING YOU. WHY? I am not a man, and I hate blondes, FUCK THEM. i am not a lesbian... You know my past. it got you off.. sexually.
Tht was the only thing that turned you on.. all of your brides fucking other men. I will tell them on you TUBE in a veil.
KARMA is a bITCH - ANGIE get a bottle to the head next. GOOD.

THIS IS TOO WEIRD. I am sick of being called a liar b/c of you and Michael Jordan- my TV SHOW was for credibility. I did radio (who got that- FRED, MJ's lawyers), wrote a book and now a reality TV SHOW and marriage and more kids next and PLAYBOY - you put this online on a blog to have me attacked by only 5-6 women- who are they, they call claim sex iwth you, GROSS!!!?? WHAT is going with you? You met ANGIE MCQUEEN for sex since March 2009 according to her. She is finally telling the truth that was stupid because it was my INVITE to VEGAS for pre martial sex, how did she come up? and contact you? What did she say?? When did she say, I want to fuck oy for my BFF adn get your millions form a baby that she would kill me and jail me over prior to her own wedding with you? "I know you are a stranger, but I have AIDS wanna FUCK?" is that what ANGIE MCQUEEN said to you, that you did not tell me? EXCUSE me, my teasings were not enough for you to meet in person? I called you, not her and RAJ.
EVERYONE knows that you are lying, when It was to be me, it was ANGIEV MCQUEEN.
My family is crazy now, thn ak you - and expected me to move out in 2009- they are psychotic.

HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai has everything of mine for a book deal- to be an ASSHOLE with if I die.
I am ANGIe's AUNT KIM- and my coats- and she told me to shut up or retired FBI, MELISSA DEROSIER, PHD. YOU ARE RIGHT BITCH, you are going to prison for attempted murder of Lisa Miceli. She is is cocked and loaded in PITTSBURGH, PA to shoot to kil you, PAMMY, PARIS, and ANGIE MCQUEEN - if keep getting that nutty for my money and my men. We tape recordeed everything and my emails on file with FBI and YAHOO the minute he called me on the computer. You are not a long haired brunette ANGIE MCQUEEN - so please that HH would want to kiss your ass- it was my photos DUMBASS!!! I was on the phone with you as well - you are looing really nuts trying to scare me and get somoene else to hurt me.
The TV SHOW was never even done yet before ANGIE MCQUEEN fucked HH behind my back, is if she was me and meeting MJ for the baby, who is now 6 not 1 when he first spoke to me. How are my meetings at the MONDRIAN HOTEL - THE AUTOPSY, DISRESPECTFUL LIONESS in March 2009? on my emails and with my fiancee.
OSCAR and OMAR HENRY meet up for you, ANGIE MCQUEEN in Sept 2010?? or Sept 2009?? You a hacker and a stlker, DAMN GIRL.

Whose baby boy? the father??

I WANT EVERYTHING since you met him, even the red & black dress. I will dance in your sheets or in your hotel on my wedding night.
It was not your body, it was not you bodyu. ANGIE - it was my wedding, FUR COATS everything that I asked for, scarfs and book shelves- THE CRIME is, it was not my body and in fact, ANGIE - it was not your wedding night. These are my emails not yours.
It was my fiancee, not yuours. STOP LETTING random men fuck you as if you are me. IDIOT.

You can pay for the MEDICAL BILLS for the two glasses and the lamp, being throw at DANTE and I and hitting us in the face the medical bills.
I am horse today. Was that the anal sex on my wedding story, ANGIE AND AHMED?

BRUSH your teeth and shower and no stds DUMBASSES!!!


OK. I am sick of you talking to youself and other males in my life and bedding other women, is if I do not exist.
I have a favor to ask of you, please.
No, you were racist to both me and my son.

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

~ Lisa A. Miceli
20 yrs for extortion in the state o f pas - i do not have to watch your kids with my fiancee b.c of you being a pig.
My family hates you and told you to stay puty of my fami ly - blood blood nigger whore who is nuts and would pretend to be lisa miceli for her billions, while you are your family are losers.
Stop asking for our info- it is not yours. Black child or not, he is richer and healthier than you.
you proposed to lisa miceli first prior to m eeeting angie m cquen -d
Sat, November 27, 2010 10:30:21 AM
PIECE of SHIT - corrrect and control YOU.. beofre I send YOU to prison.. who cares about your bloodlines, AIDS WHORE!! spreading it with malice
"PUT YOUR RAJ on" = 7 yr old WHORE for a CHILD begging for my hubby for sex..
I will tell the whole world ANGIE MCQUEEN - you are a LUNATIC STALKER AND PEDOPHILE and rapist, from my emails- you are not Lisa Miceli.
You need to b e murdered and killed over OSCAR - he does not want you, MJ wants me still . LUNATIC is ANGIE MCQUEEN switching lives and calling it comedy, FREAKY FRIDAY!!!
MALICE - having sex with AIDS with aL MAKTOUM before my wedding becauseI said no to sex with both her and Raj (over AIDS)- WITNESS my wedding . SHe is not a friend.
She was on the phone with me when you are at the house with her in the bathroom. DYING her hair and yours too.
Why do you show up at her house when I call you or email you? I do not live with her, was living with HH for our marriage.
You proposed to LISA MICELI - n ot aNGIE MCQUEN - yuo show up at LISA MICELI's house.

BEDDING the bloggers and Michael JORDAN fans is not acceptable.
Both are in my computer ands gong to the wrong house and hotel on my wedding night.
You are not Lisa and have no right to show up as me.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

I apologize in advance for what you are about to see.


Looks like Princess Lisa Ann has be banished to the basement & her son has moved up in the world - literally. Here is a breakdown if you want to spare your eyes from 10:56 minutes of pure fuckery!
Every piece of paper is important (tee hee)
She needs an assistant (but can’t read)
Paris went to Dubai… and?
Michael Jordan lawyers threatened to kill her (womp womp womp)
She questions U.S. laws.
She was in the newspapers (blah, blah, blah) This is proof that she is MJ baby mama (not)
She is going to Federal court / Supreme Court for her case b/c her lawyer is trying to ruin her lawsuit
The admission about finding the real father around the 4:50 mark is remarkable, see for yourself.
Her Uncle was a nice man (even though she harassed the shit out of him)
Pepe, she’s not giving you a hard time, she just wants to marry you b/c you are using her name.
She has lots of school books that she should sale on Amazon.com to help pay bills.
She thought Ahmed was joking about her never marrying or having kids (I guess she forgot about Dante & the 5-6 abortions)
Has an impressive collection of pleated front, tapered rayon slacks with quadruple wide belt tabs
Mama Miceli is “helping her move her things to the basement for her move to the Middle East. (wink, wink)
She does have a picture of MJ… right off MSNBC.com.
She is trying to build a bank account for her son based on her past “work”. I guess the kid will be piss poor waiting on the shit.
Once again, she defiles Dora the Explorer
Nasty bitch saves uses nails
Oh, her room is a shithole!

If you are interested in seeing her son’s two outfits, go to the following links


For those of you who missed the “Guess what his dick looks like” video.
Who the fuck is “Akmed”?