Sunday, May 20, 2012

Very Disturbing

Sorry, I have been extremely busy in the real world. I saw the insane amounts of comments (mostly from LM) in the last post & just don't have the time to comb through the nonsense right now. There are a mass of emails & even videos in my inbox. I will post as soon as I can. But I did go to the last couple of pages & found these particular comments very disturbing ******************************************************************************************************************************* ***************************************************************** DANTE WAS POTTY TRAINED AT AGE 2.... he is now nearly 8 yrs old and fecal incontintent.... for whatever reason. THREATS AND HARASSMENT AND TAUNTS AND EMOTIONAL UPSET... he is severly disturbed. Why is she asking me if I am angry? I did not do anything. I am playing on the foor. Why is he asking me about PITTSBURH?? and a hotel?? and that she is going there soon?? xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************* BABY DANTE is your potty problem psychological or medical????? He is not answering me. DENIAL. Why is that?? He goes into denial of what did and how it smells?? WHEN he is clean, clean, clean. YOU fiqure it out HAMMY. THE VIDEO game, why the obsession?? You should see what he points out, the headdress and the GERMAN SHEPHARDS. He likes them and thinks that they are funny. He thinks that people swearing is really funny. How is he picking up the online information?? HAMMY, I need a car and insurances, SANDY stalled on DANTE's health.. for 4 days.. telling me that she is nurse and the over the counter is fine- I said no way - he is suffering. I hate child suffering. xxox, LISA ANN MICELI 962 GROVE STREET MEADVILLE, PA 16335 814-337-5195 814-282-1530 ********************************************************************** DANTE is not accpetin HAMMY's information.. He is not accepting ANGIE in HAMMY's life at all. He is not eating good, NOT sleeping good and shitting in his pants when playing X BOX and at school. DANTE says that he talks to you online and flies over here and over there and I can hear him in my head. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ****************************************************************** SO, DANTE got wedding proposals at school, CHUBBY. He was crying. He said that he did not know his family yet. He said fuck on his family tree and was sent to the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR to call mommy. The teacher said in 2nd grade let's not worry about marraige just friendship. STOP STEALING FROM LISA ANN MICELI. xoox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************** DANTE's head is saying the cop TOM wanted to murder mommy.... WOW... why would he think that?? He said thnk about the relationship mommy. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ************************************************************************ What In The Actual Hell, Child Services?