Saturday, January 29, 2011

How does her mother think that she is not writing this shit?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Same crap... different wall

This is not a lie
Once before (too lazy to find the email buried in the 100 thou I have) LM told me that she had to be treated for 4 STD’s all at the same time. Who does that?


She is not to call anyone behind my back for my money.. EVER.. not MJ, you or any CELEBRITY- she is stalking and extorting...

She is not alowed to be in hot pursuit of my stolen property, as she is not me and I filed lawsuits - and she is not to film herself as me ever... she is not allowed to exploit my life at all - for payment of any kind, sex, babies, or money or gifts.. EVER.

Yiou cannot beat up PARIS HILTON she did not steal fom you, but Lisa A. MICELI - and samer with PAMMY- they did not steal from you adn your son- my son and Lisa A. MICELI.

Al MAKTOUM promised Lisa Miceli $16 billion in a marriage with no pre nup.....



6 weeks?? What lawyers say to me in the USA is weird. I have to get my mind right on these case, so I am not scared or bullied into jail.
But you proposed to me after that and as soon as you did it was time for you to marry me and leave ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN- like the Egypt wifey. You dated her for 8 yrs and then divorced when you had a 1 yr old child.
Do not talk me in to mental health, I am not a murderer and or jail - not a baby killer. So be careful please, b/c I am in the news media, like it or not. I was a very very positive image in the media, for so long. MJ case will get better press in CA or LA VEGAS, NV.
SO, what do you think??
You make my nipples sooo hard, please please please make love to me.
Take your herpes meds and anti-anxiety pills.... and you will love sex with me.
Cover up in the sun, chap stick, and no herpes.
But i can blood test in Meadville, PA to prove I am clean of all STDS. You want me too??


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Flag this messageWE have to do 120 clips this weekend, so STEPHEN BOYCE does not get mad.Friday, January 28, 2011 4:47 AM
From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"Lisa Miceli" Add sender to ContactsTo: chubbymonstar@yahoo.comCc:, lifeisabeach69@yahoo.comThey will be sort, but must me my face and my name with my storyline and my legal cases- so come to a hotel room to film me please. I cannot do it alone.
We have work to do please... hurry.
My legal cases are so far behind and then I have it finish sports psychology b/c of the loans and see how to get back into school and re do the last course load asap. 10 weeks to stop the student loans.
Start at the MGM GRAND please and then moving to CA or DUBAI. I cannot say much about my legal cases, so less than 10 minutes, but piceing my life back together.
I shower in the am and bathe at night. I workout a lot b/c of the stress but I have no closets now, so my room is a mess- so I have to put together my legal files today from Bruce Barrett and sTEPHEN BOYCE. Did you talk to John GENGA so he cnanot be my lawyer now? truth only please. She was stealing my TV SHOW AND my lawyers AND you and my friends and my family- all 120 videos are Lisa A. MICELI- she is selling her as me.
Can you please come to my house and meet at a hotel so we can re do them. SHERATON in ERIE, PA or DAYS INN in MEADVILLE, PA? which one?? ANGIE needs to stop speaking for me, I met her one time. The Blondes go over my head and ruin everything- she is not allowed to be over my head to get our money- on ce this case is done and I win money, then I have the BILLION dollar real estate judgment to enforce, MJ to enforce out of the courts and other legal cases, copyrights, unjust enrichment- and need you b/c you and I were dating them - with PAMMY, PARIS and ANGIE MCQUEEN - we have to make it clear that mocking me is not a job - and then bedding you, it is hurtful, because you and I were dating even if online only- ANGIE is not allwoed to block you from me. and told you to be with everyone but me because of our friendship -she did that to me, and I told you anyone but her, my friends or my family - it hurts.
Who called me and told me that they wanted to lick my pussy from PHILLY and was in JAPAN? b/c you said the same thing.
you or HAMMY? WAS it hammy why you did not wed me?? I can meet with HAMMY in a hotel room, I have to get busy fast, this month to catch up from NOVEMBER court cases. WE cannot lose all of that money or that time.
Was ANGIE MCQUEEN with both of you?
You proposed to me and then HAMY said that he is you, and you are a fake him. So, what does that mean?
Who can conme to my hosue, so I can do my projects, I have to get back to work, SI and PLAYBOY magazine please.. .do not tell ANGIE MCQUEEN.
I will do SI in Dubai and finish my degrees, I need the money- but cannot deal with school shootings and serial killers, not you - I hear them when in the media and psychology - so I wanted my son to have me in school or sports psychology.
I lvoe you both, it is your choice, but please hurry up - it has been more than 25 months, since we first made plans to marry.
HH Sheikh Mo asked me if I wanted his son. He said that you and ANGIE were in bed beofre Sept 2009 when I wanted to marry you. Stop messing iwth me ad marry me if Hammy does not want to please. or tell Hammy to hurry up - you both can order our wedding. Hammy told me. I do not want to look old too old for HAMMY or you. I am younger than ANGIE MCQUEEN and thinner.


DO YOU NEED TO SEE A PHOTO of my c.u.n.t..... to know that you went to the
How do I get you to the right house? you were to buy Lisa A. Miceli the house in CA for my legal cases ad child support?? not ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ and whoever black man that she is dating.. why would you make her my clone?

CATHERINE in TEXAS?? what is that about? MY book - FORBIDDEN FRUIT, my enemy Kelly Werner and my daugher that I wanted with you, how did that turn into adotping ANGIE's daughter MAYA from RAJ?? in August 2009?? Did you not buy the house for me in March 2009? I am piecing together old emails from that time. We have court over this? You wrte to me from that house- were you drinknig wine with ANGIE MCQUEEN there, when yoo first got the house for me? only a two bedroom so you can then move me to Dubai- you even said, I am moving ANGIE to Dubai- and not me.. these are my plans- why are you giving them to ANGIE- you are not allowed to do that in Dubai - I saw it- I could take you to courts in Dubai- and tell the Judge, you made aNGIE MCQUEN into ?Lisa A. MICELI- in March 2009... after proposiong to me. I asked you to go to Las Vegas, NV and you called me and ?ANGIE MCQEEN both "nut shit crazy"? and then the Jet came for her and not me.. how was that?? Then did you get her preggers right away- he fattest videos are on You Tube now- are they old, when you first moved there- also why is she wearin g winter clothing in CA - where it is 80 degrees.. She is trying to confuse you - and make you not know Lisa A. MICELI- who called you with a wedding dress to marry her and her = who is the BFF wedding witness. She clled us when we were to live together, and claimed some stupid TV that we needed to lvie together - not true. I am not doing the TV SHOW b/c you and I were to marry and have a family -
She was told to shut up by OSCAR's people. I am not a lesbian- so why is she in our home with you?? smoking pot and pretending to be LIsa A. MICELI. WHere are her emails to you, please? MISS ABSAM suggests that you did not even know her and she never wrote to you, but you said that she is a manipulative liar writing to oyu behind my back- sending you old videos of her and her family- when they were DANTE's age now. SHE is not me.
It is now 2011 - so you have been living there with her for nearly two yrs lying to me?

Where is our house for me you and dANTE and our wedding- which was to be in jan 2009.. me comin g to THE PALACE and then marrying you in the USA and living in the USA and then DUBAI. She claims that she has no car ad no house- but she has both from you, and I have nothing- so more of her pretending to be me, and the book deal is Lisa A. MICELI - not ANGIE MCQUEEN.
I need money ASAP - she stole from me, and I am facing jail time and courts, and she is me and I am her, the theif, so I have to do 130 videos to counter her lies, on You Tube- she is not me and I am not her- you are confused. LISA MICELI called oyu for marriage right away, she called you behind my back, crying like a lesbian and saying TV SHOW and other bullshit- and it was me crying over our online sex life, being too hot for my body and needing to meet in person, b/c it was hurting my belly, sex texting you so much.
We were in love nad swooning and she took over, my TV SHOW, my book, nad my LAS VEGAS, NV trip - what will make you see that it is me you are dating and not her?? THE BOOK FORBIDDEN FRUIT??
Why did you go to bed with her, and not me when I called you for the sex nd said to you, I cannot wait for s.e.x. let's meet in Las Vegas, NV? She called oyu fake and dfid not exist, and a liar, etc, etc, etc... and got mad, at you- when it is me that was to get mad at you for talknig to my BFF behind my back without me. Sex every weekend was to be in bed for hours at a time- you told me that.. not her. You bedded her as if me... and it is not me.

OPPSIE, was me, you were "practically fucking me onlnie" and ANGIE knew that and was to witness our s.e.x. so that her and rAJ would shut up about s.e.x. to me. She said that it was not a real marriage b/c we did not consummate it yet, but it was only 2 months, or so, but I was ready when I first saw you b/c you loooked like Keith Saieed and you knew so much. Those ar my friends not hers. You did not know anything about her and still calim not to.
I did radio for my book promotion, she copied me verbatim, and you thought that she is me?? CRAZY?? Why is HAMMY in town smoking pot with her, when he met me first onlnie in August 2008.. before you.. so it is our online love story, and offline as well- she is not me offlin e- I am me, Lisa A. Miceli, online and offline- you tried to tell me that i am NOT MJ MISTRESS - and I am -he bought me a house in WILMINGTON, NC and you tried to tell me ehat I am not the one with the black kid- and ANGIE does the YOU TUBE as if she is me, offering to dance for you and the blakc stuff online= why is that??
Why are you making ANGIE MCQUEEN Lisa A. MICELI? why did you let ANGIE MCQUEEN tell you to marry an airport security woman on my wedding night and on my other wedding night you wed ANGIE MCQUEEN before you bedded her- both stories are mine- not hers. You know that. ANGIE did not want to bed you, all of the time.
That is you adn me online our sex addction, not hers. She is getting drunk to stop you from having s.e..x with her all of the time, nad tels hammy that oyu are gross, b/c oyu are wnating to be in bed all of the time- that is Lisa A. MICELI and you... not ANGIE MCQUEEN and you.
Where is our house?? you proomised me a house when you proposed to me in JAN 2009, b/c you could not wait for the s.e.x. and proposed to me ten times. Where are you going to buy me a house, like your other wives?? in CA?? RIVERSIDE, CA?? I have family there to help me with DANTE until you move me to Dubai. You can get a real estate agent to do that in one day. ANGIE ad RAJ were to do that for us, but they scammed us- no? I have those earilier emails. I need you to re-do the TV SHOW promois with me, b/c they are to be mine, not hers- she is not me. I need to get the house for the copyrights and then I need to re-open paternity- I have to do this right away, so ANGIE MCQUEEN does not mess up my legal cases, anymore- that she has - my lawyers do not know her at all- and she is pretending to be me and confusing them. You say that you do not know who ANGIE is, yet you are bedding her, as if she is me. She called my lawyers and my former BFF Kelly Werner as if she is me. She called my family too as if she is me, and is not me.
I have family in CA and can move in one day to CA - and start the paternity of Dante, for the back child support- the dad is going to have to pay for 7 yrs and the birth - so let's hurry please. You can send a jet for me once you and ASSA buy a new place for me and I can buy all new stuff in CA - and not move stuff from he basement too much.
I only met ANGIE MCQUEEN one time, so for her to cry over you, and I marrying - is odd. She lived with RAJ when I met her, the INDIAN man- I was on the phone with him, b/c ANGIE was acting wierd about our wedding when I said no TV SHOW. I did not have a video cam - so she was clearly sending you vid behind my back old videos.
She is older than me.
She was shitting on th ephone for anal sex- and if you wanted that you were to fly to a hotel room, in ERIE, PA and BETRANDS for our family- not hers. I do not have AIDS/HIV - I hope that you used a condom. What happened to our dinner partty and hotel meeting in ERIE, PA?? SHERATON?? can we do that and find a house in CA and then move me to Dubai asap, I want my son in Dubai schools- the INDIAN school ASAP - so he does not get behind on learnign ARABIC and MUSLIM religion. I am the single one, ANGIE MCQUEEN has RAJ-

WRITE BACK. When I say all of this, do not push me to HAMMY- ANGIE MCQU EEN make it like she bed you in March 2009 or earlier and then in June 2009 on my wedding night she bedded HAMMY - she met him, b/c he told me not you, that it was not me. She was also weating my clothing from everythingroses1 ?? and not me. I tried to write to them and the emails were sent back to me.
The police told me to beat her up and stop calling them- b/c she converted my property, my emails to her own use- and she is not me, so punch her to stop and then jail for her unjust enrichment from you, that was intended for me. 3 trips in a row, Lisa 's house, CA and then NV and then DUBAI for our wedding. HURRY up, I have legal cases, that I do not want to get $0 or $ 10,000 instead of $800,000 and ANGIE MCQUEEN is confusing that.
So, can we get a house, in CA?? SANTA MONICO?? RIVERSIDE, CA in one day with a rela estate agent and then sell it when my court cases are done? DANTE's paternity & copyright. I am a sex addict too.
I have to hurry in Feb I need to be in NC - DANTE hears ANGIE and get upset all night long, not you and I - he wnats to hear us have sex so he feels loved.
Stephen BOYCE got crazy last tinme, b /c of ANGIE's videos in a suit with her tits club dancing and told me to stay out of a court I am too much of a whore to be in the courts. So, you are to come and bring scarfs for me - even if I have to pay you back please.
Then I can have s.e.x. 5 times a day with you or HAMMY as he wanted and you wanted.


who is sensitive towel head??
I need HAMMY's sperm to "see" the future..... any ideas???? oral sex?? is he greedy??
You are all talking to me on another level, why is that?


It IS the cat shit from the basement... they are outside cats, and allergy.
Why is ANGIE MCQUEEN wearing warm clothes in CA as if she is me? I am humble, please no more clones. They hurt my feelings always. Sheikh Ahmed was a deep hurt, I am lucky to be alive.
Where is Hammy- he said, online s.e.x. nad engagements do not count? was that enough to say that we are married? nad can have in person s.e.x.
I used to be allergic to horses too, if you do not scratch the arms, they go away and never come back- I have great immunity.


SHUT UP ANGIE MCQUEEN- I do not know what you tell people about me.
1. I never passed AHMED or HAMDAn to you, EVER. I told you to witness the s.e.x. with me and my fiancee, b/c "we were practilcally fukcing online" - and that is DUBAI rules- witness the s.e.x. as proof of commsumation of the marriaige.
2. You passed HH to another woman, airport secuirty, I know I am crazy, lol, lol, your words, HH married an EMIRATE flight attendant.
3. I have not even met my fiancee offline yet b/c of you pretending to be me online and speak for me. THE PAMMY story, is TRUE adn so is THE PALACE story, asnd so is the EGYPTIAN wifey story.. my emails are true and he is a real Sheikh- all true.. my story, on your YOU TUBE- calling me a liar. when it is you that is the liar.
4. You want me to go to jail for your crimes against me.
5. You told HH I live where?? not in MEADVILLE, PA? b/c he went where the hackers are?? DC?? and WISCONSIN- both on my computer. One is school and the other is I DO NOT KNOW -spying - DOMESTIC spying? not my house.
6. It was not you onlnie sex texting HH ever from Lisa A. MICELI accounts. is Lisa A. MICELI. Why are you in my accounts ANGIE?
who is the pervert? you are in my accounts, you fucked AHMED and now want to watch him with other women.. WOW.. you are disturbing.
7. You have 122 videos claiming to be Lisa A. MICELI- my family nad my lawyers hear you and the AL MAKTOUMS- I have to repeat you, to take control back over my life and send you to jail- for Lisa A. MICELI to be Lisa A. MICELI.
8. STOP trying to ass rtide me ANGIE MCQUEEN & control my sex life- you are not my mother or a TV PRODUCER, trying to put me in jail for my own life & wealth & good fortune and my engagement.... he is engaged to me no matter what ANGIE MCQUEEN- so mind your own business- qwhich means, get a job not daning on my copyrights and stop speaking for me.
9. You are not my lawyer or my agent to hold my COPYRIGHTS.
10. You are not my friend, when you got in touch with HH- that is a crime- FALSE PRETENSES. You are now in my house in my TV SHOW., in book 2 of FORBIDDEN FRUIT nmaking an ass of you pretending to be me & getting ready to be arrested.
11. I do not want a third party in my mariage trying to get rich off of me.. and MJ will sue you & arrest you for EXTORTION- if you keep this biu;llshit scheme up -so pointless.
12. You had a child for me with AL MAKTOUM, so you can control me?? I am not a lesbian & you are worse than me, according to AL MAKTOUMS.
13. STOP SWIPING SWIPER.. -ANGIE MCQUEEN - he told you off the credit cards in Feb 2010, when he sent me wedding dress to me.. you and him are over, when he proposed to me in jan 2009, march 2009, several times in 2010.. & now 2011.. when we marry- which was to be NEW YEARS EVE- do not claim to me my BFF & speak for me, so he weds someone else and you call it funny.
11. It is not.. he made two mistakes- you and CHO MOMMA before my wedding night & my kids.
12. I am repeating the videos as the are min e anyway, my liove stor,y iwth your SHITTY obsesed ignorant interference... I ghate you fucking guts worse than "nigger trash": is ANGIE MCQUEEN- I owe you a slap in the face and so does my son, not BILLIONS.
13. KISS my ass if you do noty liek it, he propsed to me ten times not you once... so please.. You are a lair- Lisa is going to live with me this summer in that house. LIE, LIE, LIE- Lisa Miceli is sick and wants me to go to LAS VEGAS, NV for her, lies lies lies..
14. STOP THE VIDEOS- HH remembers what he sent to me PAMMY and other photos, which I will get back from BRUCE BARRETT the public defender...
You lie and do not give a fuck who you hurt- AIDS testing?? prior to sex for my wedding. It was not your wedding, so you did not - even offer, no??
15. You spent me schooling monies & now I do not get FEDERAL FUNDING - & same with probation from your drug arrest.. giving my name- I have to pay $60,000 ASAP & no degree. GOLD DIGGER you are nuts all videos are Lisa A. MICELI.
16. KANYE WEST wrote the songs for DANTE, MJ and got paid for that- not you and OSCAR- so your black woman obsession with a MEXICAN son is strange.
I am ANGIE MCQUEEN on YOU TUBE VIDEOS - she is telling m business- as if she is me and not me.
MY EMAILS are Lisa A. MICELI- why do I have to act them out with my body online -& not in person with HH?
17. Your videos are out of sequence. Is he fluent in ENGLISH without a computer or translator?
18, what are you hiding? my child with AHMED in your body?
or you are speaknig for DANTE & you are acting as if you are in the federal preggers suit & it is not you, and STEPHEN offered me $10,00 as opposed to $800,000.



DO YOU NEED TO SEE A PHOTO of my c.u.n.t..... to know that you went to the
wrong house??? remember, tell me something that only you ad I would know...

A black mole in m pussy..... from THE SUN.


I am not allowed to live at home. My parents want me out, like I want ANGIE

out of the house, if you bought it for me. It makes no sense for m e to be in PA, USA - when I cannot use the police dept and I am hacked everyday from my computer and I have no money, thanks to theft.

I need your assistance, until FEB or March 2011... b/c of AHMED's lies to Lisa A. MICELI.

ANGIE MCQUEEN is swiping my credit card & he gave her my gifts, b/c she went to Las Vegas, NV when I asked fo him as if she was me, b/c she did not want a threesome.. so she must have been back-stabbing me and calling him behind my back- when she was a trusted friend.
She needs to be punished, b/c trusting one person, is not a crime- she is trying to jail me for her crimes against me.

I am soo embarassed by AHMED- his true point with me... of he would not expose me and everything that I say and do.
I am calling a gym and getting a membership in Dubai, as HH Sheikh Ahmed promised me to use. He can pay for it.



HAPPY NOWV ANGIE MCQUEEN- I AM FURIOUS as you were, when I was engaged to AHMED
BUT I have the right, he was on my blogs since 2005... trying to court me online...

You have N OT right to be pissed off at me being happy with the love of my life- a man you never met- but when heard my good news,. abused my kindness nad sent photos behind my back to him nad videos of you.. with legs open... A FUCKING SHOCKING CRIME.

Why do this? Like I will not do shit. you YOU TUBe, you are selling you as Lisa A. MICELI- not aNGIE MCQUEEN- you a student of BALLET dating a member of the ROYAL family - and living in a house that he bought for me and my son.. not your son- MEXICAN son, not BLACK- youer YOU TUBE is Lisa A ICELI - not aNGIE MCQUEEN-0 he propsoed to ten times, Lisa A. MICELI. I asked him to MGM GRAND in March 2009.. for s.e.x for our wedding.. ad that is not you.. you showed up iunstead of Lisa A. MICELI- now you are me and I am the very pissed off you.. but you had no right- in bed with RAJ- I was waiting on getting in bed with AHMED- you psoted his account and created copycats, so he has more wifves than h can visit or afford.

We he proposed to me, it was over for you... NOT ME.. that is not an engagement to end it the next night at your house...
I am still engaged to him.. and he is committing crimes with you.. AGAINST me.. over oyur rage for no reason- my wedding.. TELL HE TUTH AND BE A LADy- not a whore in my house mocking me.. ad that is qwhat he said to me. he is mocking me.

IMAGINE your daughter being stolen from on her wedding night by a classless stalking and copying and mocking hooker... what would you do? Bash her head in??? you said that you would- and you have no right. you do not own any of the rights on the internett.. COPYRIGHT Lisa A. Miceli HH SHAIEK AHMED since 10/2008... get a clue.

He is trapping Lisa A. MICELI - not you. I have business to do - oyu are a silly fucking fat ass whore in my marriage that needs to be restrained .. IMMEDIATELY, as soon as I get the polcie report and your address... from the cops.
He is making an ass of him in front of my family, friends and biz people onlin e cheating on me with a hooker.. oin my wedding nights. making it all fraud.
He does not know you... he knows Lisa A. MICELI's information which you try and assume based on stolen emails of LISA A. MICELI- has he ever checked your ID when he gets to the house... ?? he called me a fruad - then he wants to meet me in person.

NOT YOU - he saw your fat ass and dented tits according to him.. HOW is that?? How did you give him your address behind my back?? and call my clothing people and my family members..

I have no way to leave me home for my business meetings without him.. and his JET.


I am flying to DUBAI, how do I come to tyour house for sex in Dubai - what hotel please?? where? and can you pay for it??

GROW UP AND STOP LYING. Who are you?? I called him thought the DUBAI POLICE DEPT To get HH SHEIKH MO and twitter.



WHERE IS CHUBY NOW? in jail yet?? Why wuld you take off to LAS VEGAS, NV as if me

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN on my weding night, for my TV SHOW???
I asked for you not to be there if you are going to be an asshole- which you are. . you come back and said you wil not believe
what I did. . WHAT?? fucked and married HH and then got preggers on my wedding story and you call that humor? you are sick in the head?

He propsed to me ten times after that and bought me a wedding dress in Febv 2010.. you have to divroce by USA laws.. as I am next.

Do not get back into my sex life with anyone ever again.. you acting out my emails as if a script in my house, is not the same...

He proposed to me in Jan 2009, and March 2009... so it is my hosue- and any rings and gifts are mine as well.....

STOP SHOPPING on my credit cards.....
You are to be at LISA MICELI's house for a recent LAS VEGAS, NV trip = I filed a polcie report when you did not show up at MEADVILLE, PA last night.

ANGIE MCQUEEN, you are going to go to jail- he is allowed to do what he wants and when he wants and he is allowed to marry whom he wants- not whom you ad RAJ say so... ASSHOLES - you flip this.

AHMED and I are being held against our wills in seperate houses, b/c of liars making threats for our money -online & offline. shopping mmuch ANGIE MCQUEEN.. on my creidt cards.

She is travleing as if me, stalking my lawyers in NYC, DC and CA- JOHN GENGA and my copyright lawyers and my son's poaternity lawyers- and it is not her life nad her money- to stlak .. it is my son's and he wants his dad AHMED and my wedding Lisa Miceli planned since Jan 2009.. and our new kids- we would have 2 and naother one on the way-

CINCO MOM SEIS wrote to Lisa A. MICELI in her YAHOO account like this account with CHUBBY - not ANGIE MCQUEEN.

He writes and is to fly to my house ASAP, not ANGIE MCQUEEN's house...
this is a marriage ring with AHMED AND LISA - not a TV SHOW cheating EXTORTION ring with a blonde harrassing me online for not having sex with HH SHEIKH AHMED.

I was ready for him nad he is ready for his wifey, Lisa A. MICELI - not perverts who read my blogs... an my private emails.. I have no idea what he is doing when he is not with me.. so how am I the pervert.???? Please tell her to stop messing with my information flipping it and spinning it as if she is me nad I am the witness.



Where do you write to me from?? our house that ANGIE moved into??

In AUGUST 2009?? my house since March 2009???

Where are you now?? Ever take her to the UK??
Why did you trake ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN to LAS VEGAS, NV on my weddingh night- as if she was me or my witness and not take me?? I asked of you...... any of the other wives go with you??
Why are you not keepnig our lvies seperate & ANGIE MCQUEEN out of my business?

It is my wedding- who does this to a wedding story, takes the BFF as f she is me, and you never met her in your life- but from me. the fiancee?
I need a new house, once that she is not in- you prpposed to me all in 2008, 2009, and now 2010.. stop the embarasing dramas and trauma with the very retarded ANGIE MCQUEEN -she is soo stupid acting and looking on camera.. in my TV SHOW. PSYCHOTIC not funny.. hacking me from his house & abusing my family's last name and mainden name- no women would tolerate that.

PLEASE STOP before I press charges against her and you,. for your "fuckery" in public on my wedding story.... Flying on your JET, as if she is me, is not humpor.. it is extreme abuse- she hurt herself, when I am talking over, which is now, from the last wedding proposals to me..

I have at least 500 wedding guests to appear... so ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN is ignorant.

Why would you take PEPE LAPUMA to the UK for sex off my blogs? & ANGIE MCQUEEN, my BFF from my emails to VEGAS, NV & me not be there??


Sorry, I upset you, what did I say to you??? ANGIE AND I do not talk at all anymore- she lied to me. What do you want me to do please?? I am ready.
I am sorry for the fighting b/c of ANGIE AND RAJ - how stupid.

New house and then you come and vist me and DANTE when you have time to visit us please... I will still do my work and my legal cases.. I am flat broke b/c of ANGIE's lies and your stalling on the wedding.

It is soo easy. Sorry.. for the trauma and drama. You put up the money and then I wil pay for back please...

Sorry CHUBBY... I was ready in 2008.. to marry and have kids and move to Dubai. It is a nice place...


BABIES on CREDIT CARDS?? Why is aNGIE having babies for me, when I am the one wgho asked you, this is my story and my emails please?

Ylou bought my wedding dress right away- COME to my hosue now, and stop ANGIE from getting preggers- as it was me tthawas to be preggers over anover again - the 5-6 abortions.. MISCARRIAGES.. so pleae come now..

bABY after baby, you promised me, not EGYPTIAN WIFEy or aNGIE MCQUEEN or CHO MOMMA/.. in my emails... HURRY UP please.. you tied to please me onlnie.. and oyu know that since Oct 2008...

You said that you would send the car to my house dirrectly... it is a bad neighborhood.

You are a soft and kind man - who I told my mom about- please to vcome to my hosue now. and never lewave me. and expose ANGIE's lies.. to me and everyone else...

Please take me to the MGM GRAND to get my life back - TABU- FORBIDDEN FRUIT... no one stopped ANGIE MCQUEEN from having kids like they did me- you proposed to me and went into her body illegaly- in your countrty and in mine'

You called Lisa Miceli= MRS AL MAKTOUM... and I can prove that..
You are to have me in bed and promised to lay in bed with me until I am preggers. over and over again. not ANGIE MCQUEEN. You proposed to me when she was preggers so it was okay to marry me..

She got preggers at least 2 times in my name- and it is been my turn - conme to my house now., AS PLANNEd- I will post our love story on YOU TUBE- to control us not aNGIE MCQUEEN- so we do not go to jail.
I asm allowed to marry you and have kids with you, she was not. and dis it anyway. rAJ said that you shaved her pussy? WHAT? after I asked that of you....
I fell in love with you from ANGIE MCQUEE - and it is my turn.. need videos of DANTE dancing.. and needing you art our house?? He house is a mess- is it not all of the time? So, come to mune as it is clean... I need you.


ANGIE- YIOU ARE NIOT TO STEAL from me, to have kids swith HH as if m- I called him for that- you stole from my story, and did not know him.
I NEED YOU AT MY HOUSE AS I AM CRYING SO FUCKING HARD over tyou lies with ANGIE MCQUEEN- you are to take me to the MGM GRAND and have twins with me, to stop her harasing shit in my home with you, that you picked out of LISA MICELI and DANTE- and tyo make good on my $30 MILLION ISLAND and she needs to stop speaking for me.
IT is time for me to get into my wedding dress not ANGIE MCQUEEN or have any more babies for me. .using my emails.

It is me that is upset, not anyone else and it is my life and my storyline, stolen by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN for my babies with you. STARTING in Jan 2009, when you proposed to me, not her.. PLEASE come now... She was stalking me, one month behind me... PLEASE HURRY her videos make me sick.

THEY ARE ALL LIES.. and she is lying when she calls me.. WHERE ARE MY BABIES from my body... aliens, means that she gave birth..... nad it is my storylibe for my kids- I have to have twins now to keep the storyline- to stay healthy.

it is my family- and you know it... you call me MRS AL MAKTOUM.

What are you doing at her house when we talk everydau- adn you propsoed to me ten times- and just married somenone elase.

He says I am his wifey.. so how do I get to his house OFFLINE???

SHE SPIED to steal my life and I need the help of the FBI please... come now, I am the onew asking for the 6 kids.. ASAP to cover for the abortions. there was another bombing... so come quick.

and another schooling shootings...... and I need you, YOU PROMISED me not to leave me not ANGIE AND RAJ - who have one another and can get jobs??
You cannot not have sex with me offline b/c of MISS ABSAM bLOGS is Lisa A. MICELI's name.. I need my kids please. NOW - I called you, not her..

I am crying for my kids as we planned- she ia not me a fake bitch who lied to you and to me to hurt me real bad on my wedding story with you, form Oct 2008..... please help me as planned.



YOU ARE COMING BACK, you woiuld not leave me ever, would you?? I need you to pay for my trip to DUBAi to meet you in your office and make love to you, or your house- I called you. READ AT THE BOTTOM of this please. I am having a heart attack. YOU PROMISED, ANGIE's videos are all old- she did them from the waist up and hidden, as if she is me, with a federeal preggers suit on the table- and she is not me you called you sweelty in need- she is still pretending to be me adn mkaing threats to mbeat me up -PLEASE COME now. HAMMY nwanted my kids too, and HH Sheikh Mo said nonsense about me nedding any of my own money- but I do havw some please come quick. You were to keep me in the bed. PLEASE REMEMBER who you were typngi to, LISA A. MICELi not ANGIE who has rAJ to pay her bills.

BABY BOY and what else? Plewase hurry to my house, so I can get my life back now. It is my dancing for you show in private. vDANte needs you. Please.

YOU ABUSED MY FRIENDSHIP..... WHERE IS AHMED? YOU LIED ANGIE MCQUEEN- and it is going to catch up with you, I have contracts with AHMED.
WHERE IS AHMED? and why is he not answering the phone? and why does my JET come for ANGIE MCQUEEN AND FAMILY when he wrtites to me and was to bed my per my request in Jan 2009...
Does he have kids with LAPUMA WOMEN as well??? MY COUSIN.
He is my HUBBY being taken advatnge of by me, my family and my friends according to AHMED AND HAMDAN- YOU DID NOT DO ME RIGHT OR AHMED RIGHT. I have AHMED's emails.. he is vomiting in his mouth, b/c he wnated to wed Lisa A. MICELI. WHY DOES HE NOT TALK? HE IS EMBARASSSED AND SCARED BY YOU ANGIE MCQUEEN.

VAIL? AHMED HAVE A HOUSE THERE? in VAIL? my friend REGI went there from NC when I gave birth to DANTE.
I NEED ASSSA TO CALL ME ASAP - OW PLEASE. YOU ARE A LIAR ANGIE MCQUEEN. You say nothing & benefit from my life- he is at the house and living there with me and traveling with me, but it is you. GET THE FUCK OU OF MY HOUSE STRIPPER WHORE AND STOP HARASSING ME.

It is not her wedding- she lies, steals, and hacks me everyday...

and copies me on YOU TBE and TWITTER.

EVERY EMAIL of Lisa Miceli- she acts out as if Lisa A. MICELI??

You cannot have it both ways, you are a friend and get a contact then you do not have sex with him. DID HE HAVE sex with MELISSA or the NANNY too?? so why would you do that to me? You do not know me?? FALSE PRETENSES.. you got preggers on my wedding nights for HH to take in more wives? 4 kids now? since Jan 2009, my fiancee is with you writing to me online and you offline no?? INSANE THREATS?? was you, on my wedding story and you have not stopped yet. CONTRACT for a house- for my book deal nad my PARIS HILTON story, and ANGIE's YOU TUBE?? PAMMY too??
Where are you? ANSWER the phone now and send the JET now. WHERE is ASSA???


WHERE IS THE HOUSE? and where is AHMED? fluent in ENGLISH??
AHMED your phone does not work..? why is that???
SEND THE JET NOW- 2 yrs late online ONKLY- THESE ARE REAL CONTRACTS- for my property, my house and my travel- FORBIDDEN FRuIt is Lisa a. MICELi- TOBY AND JASON are my contracts- Copyright protected. You are going to jail -flying to me. He was on the phone singing to the music for me. WHY did you lie??
FLYING AND LYINg in bed for dfays, and whatever I wanted.. those are my emaisl not ANGUIE MCQUEEn- both of us nut shit crazy - started this. I said no to ANGIE - you had RAJ- why did you need AHMED? my fiancee? DANTE is crying, get here now nad top the HARASSMENT. BASEMENT is my washer nad my dryer and in Nov a new kitchen in CA next to my family- HEIDI and SOPHIA and UNCLE VICTOR.

That is not your fmaily or your fmaily info. MY JUNE WEDDING IS MY PARENTS ANNIVERSARTY AND DANTE's birthday- EASYER was for me to get preggers.. from my enmails- WHAT HAPPENED?? LINEAr relationship - cnan ot go back in time. to egget tohse moments back- JUNE - dancing my music. I asked for MJ.. not you.. ANGFIE MCQUEEn. MY EMAILS - LISA A. MICELI.

CALL AHMED right now.. please.. I am having a heart attack and a panic attack over ANGIE MCQUEEN. you talked to me and ahmed as if we are liars we have to pay you off to marry is ridiculous.. go the fuck away and ahmed I am flying to ca to get you.
PARIS, FRANCE was my honeymooon and I have photos.. stop lifting from LISA A. MICELI??
I want it all back= PUT your JUMPSUIT on ANGIe ofr JAIL and leave my dads alone.
e can dopt my son now,. from CA - I have the paperwork. so I am flying to meet him. WHERE should I stay??
MONDRIAN HOTEL? and get a flight overnight??


lisa a. miceli

PLease let's marry, so I can do my legal cases- puttung me back together, i key to my health and my wealth - please send a Jet to me for the MGM GRAND - we can tape it.. for our TV SHOW as planned... for the book to be done afterwards, and then I can do my real estate.. Stephen wants to quit b/c of ANGIE fucking up our lives..
Please fly to me now- and not my friends... they are not to ve in my name and being greedy- they scare me.. I need hot weather and a beach..
DANTE's child support- MJ will pay for him, with the evidence presented - the media is confusing- must be f0or you to go to ANGIE's not my house and clal it humor. BOAT stories? what are those? tell me about your mother and school?? please...

Seat 3A get here now please.. Mr. G5
I would have twins this month, two periods.. two eggs... twins.. they big in Dubai??

You are in my house trading love stories for what?? and your sex is paying for WHAT?? GO FUCKNG MOCK your momma for having your dumbass as a child..
You ar paying of my house with AHMED to smoke pot in and have sex in =-HOW?? whose money?
and whose copyrights?? it is online that it is my copyrights from my emails?? JOHN GENGA?? tell you to steal from me? so I can sue you for $21 million...
I said to you for you to smoke pot with Lisa Miceli= nothing about ANGIE MCQUEEN.. how is she in my GULF STREAM- on BETRANDS story? to dinner? and fanciest hotel??
HOW TOLD YOU YOUR TINY PEA BRAIN HEAD & fat WAL MART greeter body, what you can fuck in my marriage & not go to JAIL.

YOU HAVE to shave my pussy and fly me private JET to LAS VEGAS, NV - and call me a lonely bitch, when we meet up??
WHO? LISA MICELI - whose marriage it is, told you no... NEVER.
GET A CLUE- I came to your house and trusted you, and you are a lunatic according to OSCAR & his lawyers.. !!! TRUTH.
he wanted your body, from my sex texts? and my emails asking him to LAS VEGAS, NV where my son was conceived, IMPOSSIBLE- and you knew that- when you spoke it was my information out of your mouth.. and he wanted oral sex then. WHAT?
How does RAJ and ANGIE have my private e-mails to you?? HACKING?
It as not your marriage, your words or your body or your son- it is my life, ANGIE MCQUEEN.
HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai get here now!!! I have USA military to protect you.. that are kind and not cruel like this fat pig on my wedding story..
RAJ is calling AHMED for ANGIE MCQUEEN- and not me, as planned.. when we were all on the phone together?? EXCUSE ME? EXCUSE ME?? We were on the phone was why I told RAJ to call AHMED for Lisa A. MICELI -
Why would you embarass me on mty wedding night with her, and your emails in my face with her, if that was what you were doing??


WHY do you not punish her for her past & RAJ and the black dudes and the boxers???
You proposed to me and then showed up here?? WHAT do you not get, ANGIE MCQUEEN adn Lisa Miceli -are not the same person. and you lie to me now b/c of her back-stabbing contact.. you were wriying to Lisa A. Miceli- NOT ANGIE MCQUEEN.
Who paid for the bird for my THE PALACERc trip in Nov 2008... after my Oct 2008 invite from you, b/c of PAMMY ANDERSON LEE!!!!! W here was the emails about PAMMY- that I did not get? b/c of what?? hackers?? impossible for the last 10 yrs b/c of MJ- please move me to Dubai.

like ANGIE MCQUEEN and SHAR JACKSON?? I love to shop. Who is paying? who paid for them?? You lost sperm with these women behid my back when engaged to me? I could not tell ANGIE MCQUEEN my good news, so send for me. My turn??
CLEARLY, she did not believe and neither didCHO MOMMA that I am your CHOSEN one PRINCESS?? I want to flip her off when I am iwth you, over SHAR JACKSON's brother and OMAR HENRY.... she does not know love, jsut hate.


I AM YOUR HOOKER.............................................................. lol, lol, lol...

You were to have sex with me and that is it.. not this online attack at MISS ABSAM and at ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN and whoever else. What is the point?? PAMMY? your point?? and PARIS HILTON? what is your point??


Monday, January 17, 2011

She doesn't want to be like her...

She wants to BE HER. AM is who LM desires to be. Remember the pictures on the rock? Guess who had similar pics? That's right.

The pictures on the rock? Where did she get that idea from?

Remember the "ASS" picture that LM claimed AM sent to her via text message?

That's pretty fucking creepy!

Here are a few recent & disturbing (per usual) emails from Looney Tunes


911 EMERGENCY- STEPHEN BOYCE will coordinate for a one way ticket to DUBAI

with my son- we seek protection.
MY LAWYER will pay for the tickets, please call him ASAP.
PLEASE HELP ME move to DUBAI, ASAP - and come back and forth for our legal cases- too many death threats to DANTE and LISA MICELI. MY son wants to kill me and them himself, and wants to be with mom, he cannot eat, sleep, or get up for school.WE can afford a one way ticket to DUBAI right now, in private and then back and forth for my legal cases.



YOU NEED to be at ym house, proving you are NOT a racist, MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY -and stop having other women answer my emails, LIKE ANGIE MCQUEEN..
You were on the way to my house, NO?? and she called yo behind my back and "change of plans" in JAN or FEB 2009???

You have to take me to LAS VEGAS, NV and no ANGIE MCQUEEN- you do not meet adn greet women from Lisa A MICELI- wtohut me being there....
WHERE ARE MY STAR STUDDED EvENTs for our dates, since JUNE 2009?? THAT oyu promised me, so these people do not all go to jail....

ANGIE RACST, "KLU KLUX KLUCKER" donig them for me.. WHY is that??
These are my emaisl iwth my name on them - why are you going to the wrong house, ANGIE MCQUEEN on house number 2?? THE POLICE said so... not the ANAHIEM HILS, CA home with RAJ that you bought for me and my son's paternity...
I am not going to stalk my own life.. b/c of ANGIE MCQUEEN AND MEDIA and the corruption in the courts after that.
I have to keep up with the media, and I am fat now because of ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN.


MY ENEMIES ARE KELLY WERNEWR AN ANGIE MCQUEEN AND RAJ, and bloggers, PEPE LAPUMA, and ALI BABRA- get them out of our sex life and our money.
IS ANGIE MCQUEEN THEV BUSY SQUIRREL in my sex life from my twitter, when it was us and you oin the way to my house?? How can she exploit us and not you and I and it be okay??
AHMED - are you isane? You are not to touch other AMERICANS when you are engaged to Lisa A. MICELI- EVER.

EVERY EMAIL to ANGIE MCQUEEN is a crime- it was my sex texts to bring you to my house, not ANGIE's name... or ANGIE's anything.. SHE KLIED. I can prove that in a court of law. FALSE PRETENSES- A CRIME. NO ONE HAS A RIGHT to "fuck ' my HUBBY b/c of MICHAEL JORDAN -




HH PLEASE COME NOW - I need to be in LAS VEGAS NV for a lwyer meeting.... on THURSDAY.

I AM RE-OPENING DANTE's case using the CITY POLICE - and I need to stay in this HOTEL next week for an international lawyer.
I have a court order medical evaluation.
SUPERIOR COURt of PA will give me a change of VENUE if not, THE SUPREME COURT for DANTE's money.
THE BEST MOMENTS of my life have been ruined by ORGANIZED CRIME SCHEMEs, for losers trying to get paid to hurt me.



YOU WISH I STALKED YOU- you are all over me stalknig me.. WHAT THE FUCK? ad fucking women in my name?? adn not married to me yet?? and stealing my property.. you want to go to court over MISS ABSAM blogs??
PLEASE SEND HH PRINCEY HAM to my house... then.

The polcie and FBI do not do thier jobs, and follow up on leads of mass death in the USA.
I was incapicated when he came through as a serial killer. I cannot function to use a gun - trust me... I use the police instead.

FUCK OFF ,what is HAMMY's addrtess, or I will talk to him through you, like you did me qith ANGIE MCQUEEN- give me all of your money while I do that... and I will fuck HAMMY - hurry up, I will suck his dick ad let him fuck me in the ass, if you do not pay me for the MISS ABSAM BLOG...
I am the CUNT and in the courts over the blogs and you not blocknig them ad inviting them in my bed, serial killers from my USA career.

Make HAMDAN marry me, b/c of the angie mess please...
Love him soo much everyday... he makes me smile, laugh and be happy...
I lvoe the warm weather, can feel it already and the fire dancing and the bell dancing..
PLEASE send for him to my bed please in the USA. My dad will pay for it...xoxoxxo,

JUDGE. I am not to take tests, I know the answers to b/c of the norms, but who cares- I will and it is not testing. It is chatting like MICHAEL JORDAN. He ruled me sane and then told the JUDGE and then it was thrown out, all criminal records- but here is the thing, it was NOT a criminal case, but civil and JUDGES have immunity and can committ crimes AND throw people in jail for no reason.
SCARY power. Only the PRESIDENT of the USA can fire a Judge.
I need to be maried to HH Sheikh Ahmed because of his mouth online and the courts. Sad, I love HAMDAN. I will pray allah for answers.


you do not kill people for their lives or ids... so angie mcqueen should not be calling you on my wedding night - she is not me.

you are calling me mentally ill but telling me angie's business and you are with angie mcqueen - who really is mentally ill- you switched ids - I got paid for being sane. angie mcqueen is insane. this is my old employment.
She is not to tell people on you tube to shoot me in the head and your other wives and that terrorism in the usa is okay and that there is a shortage of money and everyone is going to die.
She is not to use my name or HH's names and photos on her YOU TUBE site.
She says that the CIA and the FBI love her.
HH claims that he does not know her from me. INSULTING and trying to get me in jail or mental health from the id theft.
She is buying my clothing from FIT for ROYALTY and everything roses... & wearing my clothing on camera & video taping it.
I am still waiting on HH to m y house, b/c of the death threats and the id theft- the police will not come to my house to verify me and the PA STATE police have.
The threats onlnie have yet to be taken down with the police or with a local JUDGE and the MAGISTRATE will not give me orders of protection.

THE JUDGE was diangosing me on the stand and leakingm my inforamtion to newspapers, ruining my trial.
THE police officer is a liar, we have he tapes and the tapes tell of the abuse online and on my phone.

PLEASE send for him to my house, to verify who I am.
He propsed to me onlnie and now nothing but death threats & libel (EXTORTION) in the media and the internet.

lisa a miceli

Re: READ THE MEADVILLE, PA TRIBUNE - as I did not interview with them
HOW DID YOU NOT CALL LISA MICELI when you got to the MONDRIAN HOTEL in AUGUST 2009... you caled me from the JET in JULY 22, 2009. You do not go to the stalkers house of Lisa A. MICELI - she put up videos with bullets to my brain.Why would you want this negative attention fftom blonde stalking me and wanting to kill me to stay out of jail- and you and I were to marry and make legit business deals together.


READ THE MEADVILLE, PA TRIBUNE - as I did not interview with them.... listen to what they wrote.. OUTBURSTS??? WHAT? I was talkngi calmly...

Vlado Taneski was a career journalist who was caught after a series of articles he wrote gave clues that he had murdered people. Ironically, he was a crime reporter.

HOW STRANGE is that?


you were to prtoect me, marry me adn have kids with me - HAMMY told me to give up my kids to him, as f he takes the kids-
You are not to tell bloggers , media and HOLLYWOOD take piece of me, for their own financial gain - this is to be out money $100,000 at a time, per lawsuit strating damages.
You never let couple hurt me to have sex with you for my kids- WHY would you?? ANMGIE lives in LA, CA with RAJ - in our home ?? since 2009?? You bought it for me, what did she do? call you and then call whom to get my home??You were that hot for sex, it should be from me, who was writing to you, are you laughing at you yet?? You went to the wrong house and gave someone my money- WHY? She does not know you... and it was me wanting to marry and leave the USA - the press and the courts are awful to me... and my lawyers should be getting my money- and you protecting me in DUBAI. MY JUDGE wants a payoff, he said it in the courts... or 3 yrs in jail. He was promised from Kelly Scott and ANGIE MCQUEEN- you let insane blondes fuck iwth me, WHY??
If you want my billions in the courts, then come and get it- and ask for it from the Judge in NC - for my settlements - I have the court orders and staying on the phone with me - makes the JUDGE not have any immunity.. NONE. So, I am safe. I call you answer and tape me.. you were the dumbass talking shit about cops- and then I was arrested for it... on the blogs, that I do not own.
NOT COOL- you are npot good to me. You proposed to me then please come to my huse and stop exposing me, and tell the couples onlnie, ANGIE AND RAJ, we aint into their sex- so they leave me alone. Why are you trying to make me poor as shit??? The lawyers were to do the job for DANTE's child support... and MJ is writing stories again... and I am in the media in the false light - and this is our money. You have to sue $100,000 is yours with a good lawyers.... the press lied. SIMPLE DEFAMATION case. You dso not have MIDDLE EASTERN LAWYERS to help me?? WHAT is wrong with you?? You were soo hot for sex, it was to be from Lisa A. Miceli- not her BFF - why are you strange and cruewl to me.. it was my VEGAS, NV adn my dinner plans nad i am not there- and you are with two non friends of you and of me.. claiming rape, payoffs and other crazies... and pedophilia, they are making threats for your money before me marry. ANGIE's videos are not all over the place, she was focusing on LISA A. MICELI.
We have to sue ANGIE MCQUEEN for extoriton and graud and defamation and copyright infringement.. and she made threats to my life- like the others online.
You in cohorts with them or just lies.. to get you in USA trouble??
when did you meet ANGIE MCQUEEN offline?? in 2009 ? or 2008? SHE IS NOT LISA MICELI - who you proposed to... and she wanted information to hurt me or use against me, when she needs locked up for starting a terror attack on our country, the USA. She did that on me, when I was dating you and ready to marry you- and these are the facts of the case... FUCK ANGIE - who is she, my BFF - NOT. SHE wanted my money for being ugly.. soooo ugly in person and appearance... She is making threats to kill us both ofr money, and you blame me. I called the cops and she is trying to ruin my legal cases. She clainms reign over me, like I am a country. WHY is that? LUNATIC.
We need to be in LAS VEGAS, NV on THURSDAY.... for my son's court case- which I am re-opening with the city police.
MY LAWYER had to file a ton of motions to get me out of jail from a false claim- I did n ot touch the police officer.... ands was on the phone only. Why is everyone stalking me sex life with you or anyone?? over a dna test? INSANITY?? What is in NYC that you are on town and not at my house?? MJ and OSCAR do not have to pay everyone off, just Lisa A. MICELI.... why would they?? IT is my money- STAY on the phone so the JUDGE does not go crazy on me.... he is powerless with me on the phone.. he is powerless when I am in the MIDDLE EAST.
Your are to come to my house and marry me in Dubai nad amil the certificate b ack to the USA and have kids with me, and then have my lawyes do a job, paid for by us.. and rthen we get millinos for libel.. you know they libel ROYALS for sport... and to sell papers.
That is all you do do - is sell papers...




You are to be at my house.. and lie to everyone to get here please. MONDRIAN HOTEL remember, wink wink.. HH.

It is time to marry me, my dress is getting ruined in my closet. SO, hurry up.
CALL my dad and he will pay for it...


EXCUSE ME, my son shit in his pants for 16 days straight at school b/c of your mouth and threats by the blondes..on my wedding night and my honeym oon- you told me that "I would be smearing shit on the walls" - why is that??
Why would you hurt my son?
You were to get sex from LISA MICELI - not her blonde hooker "friends".
I am THE PRINCESS adn HH Sheikh Ahmed was to marry Lisa A. MICELI - not her friends, and family and business partners in the USA - everyone but me. WHO said it??
ANGOE MCQIUEEN lives in the USA - she is not allowed to be con in the USA on my property.
I am a con b/c of no wedding sex, why did you not send the JET or tell me the passcodes to get to the BELLAGIO or MONDRIAN HOTEL?? to have sex on my wedding night????
How is it possible that ANGIE AND RAJ show up on my wedding nights nad not LISA MICELI??? LIE, LIE, LIE got that?? That is ANGIE MCQUEN - lie to her... and FUCK HER - her words, meaning leave her in the DUST. She said it, her words, use on her, not me, LISA A. MICELI.


YOU TUBE NEXT....... with the TRUTH, I am re-opening paternity for my son's money & restraining & gagging the women who do not shut up.

I am the youngest women in the blogs, you hear them stalking us and younger and more sane than ANGIE MCQUEEN and PAMMY ANDERSON LEE.
I am one perosn, LISA MICELI - only one perosn dated MJ adnoyu too, that is LISA A. MICELI - your ASIAN whores need to get a grip on my YAHOO, BLOGS and my copyrights.
DIVORCE the women who libel me and I can prove that I am sane.
NAILS = polished and my hair dye for the courts, I wear gloves so the jealous stop stalking me. I am not goin g to jail for anyone.
I went to ANGIE MCQUEEN's house before you, so you stlaked me. IDIOT.


pouring ACE of spades on my pussy.... with two cigarettes.... as the dessert...

come fuck me like you have never fucked before.
DANTE has the shits, maybe he got it from mommy...


Fri, January 14, 2011 6:41:29 AMPEOPLE do not seem to get that it is not thier money and not thier life- this is the 5 th time in the courts, now BILLIONS in REWARDS - not paid yet.

WHY WOULD you call ANGIE MCQUEEN about Lisa A. Miceli?? make some sense.. only a JUDGE deteremines paterniy adn we were told to go to out of court settlements and I have the transcripts.
ANGIE MCQUEEN is not a JUDGE and so tha makes no sense, that you call her ever behind my back for my emails. CRIM INAL CONSPRIRACY?? HEARSAY RULES in the USA and the 5th AMEDNDENT - I cannot be asked to testify against me.


Re: pouring ACE of spades on my pussy.... with two cigarettes.... as the dessert...

PLEASE THE FIFTh, HH on your brides, phone calls to the police nad F BI cnnot ube used against you... it is the HEARSAY RULe- without an investigation. It is legal for you to marry me in DUBAI and then have a ceremoney in the USA afterwards, as you have diplomatic immunity ad I do too with you, as your wifey.
I can then get misdeamnors dropped - traffic tickets and bulshit claims agianst you or me.
POLICE ad serve, not harass me for callnig them.
GAG ORDERS and restraining orders are needed for my paternity, my book and my wedding with AL MAKTOUM.
That is how we legally remove with other women without a lawsuit- if we need to sue them it is a civil matter not a family law issue or criminal matter. That is how we wed in bliss with celebrites around us. I do not have a gun to propetct me from stalkers and obsessed people, not you, a man, but females.Who is Kelly Scott?? ANGIE MCQUEEN is loyal to RAJ JOLLY... and scary as shit.
Did you bed her b/c she was on the phone with me?? She is nuts now...


I HAVE COURT TOMORROW AM- it is nOT all fraud.. whatever you are talkngi about and defending ANGIE MCQUEEN over me, when you are engaged to me. WHAT are you talking about??
MY wedding to you is legally binding.
It is impossible to marry ANGIE AND LISA MICELI both and you proposed to me first, middle and after ANGIE MCQUEEN and CHO MOMMA and ANGIE MCQUEEN stole from Lisa A. Miceli.

I am not going to jail for the blondes stlaking me adn my sex life- there are no confessions, but ANGIE's murderous plots and fantasies, and same with Kelly Scott and ALI BABRA.

They are mad b/c I am rich and they are poor and have to rely on hubby for the money.
You do not know ANGIE MCQUEEN- and you know Lisa Miceli your fiancee- so you proved for me, not for her by law. You switched uds, ANGIE for Lisa Miceli- makes you the con, not me.

DINNER adn a quick trip to the PALACE for my wedding and then my certificate to be married to the USA - and then I m legally wed to you.. not you exposing me online and calling me ANGIE MCQUEEN.


WOW.... MY MARRIAGE to you or to HH Princey Ham is valid in the USA- we marry in Dubai and mail it back to the USA - I am a legal wifey.
NOW you or HH Sheikh HAMDAN please marry me tonight. Then I can be cleared for international business and my criminal charges.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HURRY. Dante's case is be re-opened as we speak.
I promise. I paid for her today & my book finished.


I want HH Sheikh HAMDAN to run his fingers through my hair..... & lick my nipples & kiss my neck......

and then well, suck his dick.... for VALENTINE's DAY - does he know how to get up with me or for me??


I was wondering, may I please run up and down the BURJ DUBAI stairs to lose weight for my photo shoot???

I will put it in the magazine.. as my secret to my sexy body...
and prayer of course.... my new Muslim prayers...


SEX IS A HUGE DEAL & you were to be in bed with me, your fiacnee, not her BFF being an imposter.. sleeping with other men.

WHERE IS HH PRINCE HAMDAN? maybe we can go on a double date, since you two are so close and so were ANGIE MCQUEEN and I???

VEGAS, NV- business and pleasure... my pussy is so tight, I cannot even masturbate.. so get me HAMMY's penis.. he can help me, please.

If you post this in public, you need to be punched in the FACE!! BY ANYONE who respects a lady...


ARIZONA shooter... stolen property split minds, when i am in psychology...

I told her (ANGIE MCQUEEN) to stop and she would not stop..
Why is that?? You went to her house nad then to INDIANA?? why did you not come straight to my house- as planned..??
It was me having sex with bot hof you onlnie. HH Sheikh HAMDAN and HH Sheikh AHMED - and others stalking us... NOT you, being reported, but the stalkers.
You are to be at my doorstep with a wedding or engagement ring, not ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN.
I could not get clearance letter, b/c you are callng me crazy and others too - could have saved lives and got him in college again safely.
That is what I did for a living, not ANGIE MCQUEEN. JIMY suits I wore to my job, doing psych testing...

So, NV, CA, and NC and PA - all Lisa's wedding trips...
totalling more than $16 BILLION.
When skinny, no facial hair, or periods, but still can get preggers...

THURSDAY, BARBARA MOUNTJOY Thursday, in Meadville, PA 2:30pm - for the paperwork.
The City Police want me on probation for one year, from calling them?? WHAT? HUH? I am trying to say, I am Lisa Miceli- who is this?? and go back to work.
I am at the YMCA with the sauna and steam rooms - and on the treadmill, and sit ups.


We need to go to LAS VEGAS, NV - ANGIE thinks that she is Lisa A. Miceli
HURRY UP- the bitch is going to federal prison otherwise.
It is not her TV SHOW - not her AL MAKTOUM family- it is mine and I have contracts that are in need of me completing.
I have to get patenrity done, and the bloggers off my son - by law- they are hurting him and everyday he is having bowel problems, from thier hateful words.

WHY ARE you writing to other women in my name??
B/c you want me to fuck HAMDAN - and let him cum in my ass and let him get sucked off by me, for a dinner and filming?? in your face??


TEASER, until you meet with me...... where are our meetings in person with
*****SIDEBAR: This link is to Porno Lisa sent me*************
I am on the treadmill and getting back in shape, real small with big boobs.... come lick me and tease me....
I will pray with you after that...


What happened to my cunnilingus.. that I sent to my UNCLE VIC - to keep others out of my sex life??

You were on the way to my house to fuck me - b/c it is all fraud.. so who cares...


WOW.. you and aNGIE MCQUEEN tellnig my secrets, in exchanging for stalking celebrity.. where is my reality TV SHOW??

I will then do perfume and clothing and shoes and handbags, like the others, with my own signature to it.

NO offense, ANGIE MCQUEEN is not a business woman. When you are good at something, then everyone wants to challenge you at it.

MJ knows that. You know that. I know that. Hammy knows that.
My father is 6 grade education with dementia... so please. We share a house and a last name.
HEARSAY case, and it needs to be thrown out.


at is with all of these reports?? and poison,?? are you being poisoned?? sick?? or heart attack? what is wron g with you?

why did you not come directly to my house and stop getting caught up with crooks nad crim inals- who you were to save me from??

ANGIE is pretending to be RICHARD SHAEFER now?? weird?? I did not know her and that she was that bad, what the fuck??
I am not LISA - I am ANGIE b/c of the spin.. too weird, I have her body and Britney Spears, not my own - I need to travel and exercise in the heat. I am chilled .... and fat... what the fuck??
Who took ANGIE MCQUEEN to LAS VEGAS, V? when it was to be me, please??


I would never survuve any surgery for my hip or anything right now.. I need to be in dexies, yoga, treadmill, and pilates, until I am 108lbs then talk surgery..... and then back to work.

I need out of the country, for thiry days. I can get a one way ticket and then one back in Feb.... I cannot breathe, I am hurt and drained.
CANNOT help it.. sorry, you say me at my worst, not my best.
Come let me sex slave it for HAMMY..... lol, lol, BIG HUGS - internet s.e.x. hurts and .....


I have the flu, but no headache, no heart attacks, and i am fat, but I exercise 3 times a day for over 20 minutes... and getting fatter from it.

MY id theft problem is not under my control- I need drugs, anti-anxiety and dexies... which have an appointment in Feb 2011.... for both.


HAMMY told me that he wanted to stick his fingers in my pussy, and then have me grab his male member and suck on it and lick it at the top..... the head, until it came.... alll over my hands and my lips and my mouth....

CAN I get a one way ticket for that?? and then buy a one way ticket back to the USA?


Did you move in next door?? my neighbors house is rented.... is it you??

Did you go to ANGE's house and not mine?? MY family will not release any more money to me, until you come to our house for a visit... you knew that in 2008, and 2009... I am NOT ANGIE MCQUEEN.

Why are you exposing me, and not ANGIE MCQUEEN, if that was who you fuck?? according to you both... ????



HAHAHAHA- Some women do not care aobut facial hair- peach fuzz.. WHAT?? I care.. I wax it all - and shave my pussy off, but a small landing strip. lol, lol, lol, lol.. Hurry up, I am fat, broke, and hairy without a man... to make me thin, rich, and gorgeous.


So, they get to be your wifey, first? or what?? did you bed them all already?
You put my life in danger, again..
These are all credibile death threats.....
The think that Lisa should be making the death threats, since it was my wedding adn you cheated- and these women it was not their wedding and make death threats for sex or money or drugs - so the police do not think that I am innocent, b/c they would be mad as hell too, like me.
Why would you do that- ?? You were to help take down the threats - not make them worse- you can copy and save to a disk and then delete from Dubai and it is legal.

I am jsut trying to move to Dubai with my son's child support from MICHAEL JORDAN. Dad or not, the Judge ruled out of court of settlement - I will show you the transcripts from the court.


But you hurt me and my feelnigs and never ever help me when I really need you or am upset.

Please send the serene, sexy, and loveable, adorable, and fiery, penis nose..... he can beat me and rape me.. lol, lol.


STILL MAD AT THE SAFARI I missed with you......
I bought baby clothes for a girl b/c of you fucknig me online. WHATEVER. You are killing my body and my brain cells on here. I need in person meetings to stay sharp and in shape.

Are you slow or fast.....???

COME to my house.. for a meeting, then we can go to a hotel room please.... I will clean your robe with my, lol.


----- Chat del vie, 1/7/11 12:18 AM -----

chubbymonstar (12:09 AM): .
Lisa (12:18 AM): WHERE ARE YOU? How fast can you prove to me that you are a travel man? ? Are you eating DOG with your N KOREAN wifey? ? or can you pelase plan a travel trip for me, it is 911 please... b/c of you....

Is the baby, waiting to clean his penis.. and who can do it??

NO, NO, NO- to everyone??

lol, lol, lol, lol, lol. Dante is the same way... soo funny.
I am hoarse...


These cases are about getting my money from my businesses and moving out of my family home.

STOP PLAYING games with other women and my property.. my parents are furious at you and taknig it out on me.
I am not LITTLEONE - she said that b/c of my clothing and my babies.. getting preggers not that I am not a woman and LISA DOLL.

I am the sheikh's wife ywhen you are in the USA - and ready to travel not ANGIE MCQUEEN - it is my information.

MY NAME IS EARL, TV SHOW was witten b/c of my real estate non payment lawsuit.If you leave now - you will b e in he USA in 3 days? no?? We then can fly to NC- IT IS REQUIRED BY LAW that I am in NC on MONDAY at 8am.



What can I trade?? I need you ans you promised me, not ANGIE MCQUEEN- b/c my legal cases are huge and need to be done out of the courts.. ad not by third parties who do not know MJ.
I want my wORLD housing project and to be at the beach now.. it is freezing.

I need to be cleared from police hell b/c of ANGIE MCQUEEN- she called the police on me. She would not stop calling the police and I got sent to jail for it - 2 times, 10 days and then on my own face released.
Have to do my media projects now.. by law.
The photos and follow ups. HAMMY said that he would help me.. please... and you did too.
THE EGYPTIAN photog.... nad discuss my photos..... you like flat tits better than big boobs?? come look in person please.
HALLE versus Lisa?? oin the orange shirt with photos, you can sell.... lol, lol. I need an agent like aNGIE MCQUEEN -who got her those and he let her stlak my lawyers adn me for my money nad my man.. ???



WHY and how does she have attorney client information, that I sent to you exclusively and in confidence in advacne of our in person meetings?

WHERE ARE MY SILK PJ MEETINGS offline?? You went to SHAR JACKSON's house or a Vegas, hotel to meet ANGIE MCQUEEN- and she exposed you for it, HAMMY and then you exposed me for her exposing you.

I love you and you love me, BARNEY? So, we are to marry. simple.
HAMMY- you say that you are chubby & cover it up.. simple. Or AHMED say that I need a chaperone, and HH PRINCEY HAM was it.
You are nice to ANGIE MCQUEEN and it is not her life- she back-stabbed me.. very badly and it hurts.
Which did I meet first? AHMED or HAMDAN?
Who slept with ANGIE MCQUEEN??
it is not about AIDS - it is about selfishness... my son said that... his world is in the future, everyone loves him and everyone gets along and is health... he is soo smart and soo calm.. and loves and is generous.
The blonde had claws for you and did not meet you and knew of you as my fiancee. HH PRINCEY HAM asked and she went nuts- after that.
I am sad, I wanted to be blissfully and deeply in love.... lol, lol, lol. HAMMY send me your sunglasses please....
I need help with my contacts and why are you baching me and aNGIE MCQUEEN - are you throwign in my face your sex life with ANGIE and PAMMY at the same time?? or asking me to do that??

READ MY MIND CAREFULLY.. I want to make love to HAMMY....


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lets revisit some old territory

This is all old, but its a temporary post.

MOM's credit card is dead.

The limit went from $19,000 to $3,000. WOW.
How do I get to the MIDDLE EAST to meet you now? Will dancing be enough?

MY MOTHER IS DEAF and has a broken back from my faher's abuse - she is evil.
HH SHEIKH AHMED of Dubai promised to be here, to move me and DANTE - and the child support is worth millions in one day of court. It is yours for your costs.


Real estate and sports psychology.
HH SHEIKH AHMED of Dubai was not to be in the presence of ANGIE MCQUEEN and RAJ without me.. it is my business. THEY STOLE - LAPUMA is my grandmother. My real estate and patents.
MY MOTHER SHOUTS at me DANTE - CRAZY! DANTE needs to be rasied right, not in a violent home.
They are violent, I worked with police in psychology with my family. ANGIE MCQUEN would call me house and play off that hurting my mother.
She is not a good person. She stole money from other families.


You do not seem quite as manly, that you did not come in my house and sweep me off my feet, knowing little about me...

but a tight and wet pussy.
WATCH SOPRANAS. The Italians lay in bed.. like pigs. lol, lol, lol.
My dad is breaking down how much a sip of my coke is from a 2 liter versus a can of coke from the store, versus McDonalds. LOL, LOL.
Thank you for low balling me to a point of utter hell.
CAN I write my book over in Dubai please. and lay on the beach, and make love to my manly hairy ARAB? You are making me cry, I want you soo much.
Make love to me, for real.
You need not worry, you have friends.
You can marry me and everyone be happy.


I thought that you were nut shit crazy to bed me... what happened?
TOO OLD?? to squeeze out a nut for me?


You told me to deep throat, HH Prince Hamdan, how can I if I do not have a ride there?

LIVE for now (LIVE THE LIFE), get to my house before I wash my hair for HAMMY on CAMERA and shave my pussy too for him on camera.
PARIS, FRANCE- my HONEYMOON, baby love? WHAT happened??

ANGIE said that you both threw up in bed. You can throw up at my hosue, no ANGIE MCQUEEN - she was not to call my fIaNCEE behind my back - STOP it.


JEHOVAHS came by to pray for us as well. I know not MUSLIM, but my past.
AHMED - let m e write in your name form our house- not the other way around!!!!
You want sex come to my house- my family does not care - they want me out and called me a liar.
Did not ANGIE MCQUEEN call you a liar nad tell you prove who oyu are? EZZ law firm said that to me about you.
AL TAMINI laws firm said no preups, we both have money.
ANGIE is spending other 's people money- "sport fucking!!!" with no contracts!!!

COPYRIGHT is ideas and words!!!