Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lisa missed her first flight to Greensboro because she was too busy on the damn computer. Yes, she taps into her neighbors unsecured wireless internet connection.
She absolutely stayed at a hotel she affectionately referred to as La Crappy Inn. She has been begging for someone / anyone to come & have s.e.x. with her while she is there; so therefore, many people have been made privy to her itinerary. The child is in desperation mode.

As far as the case goes, she settled for 10 thousand after the lawyers fees. She is upset that she wont see the $800 thou she fantasized about. She also has a little over $2000 in a trust that was set up for her legal fees.

That makes Lisa $12,000 richer than she was a week ago, so what is on her agenda?
More extortion. Her next course of action is to take her money & pursue child support from MJ again (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

But I have a breakdown of the whole Baby Daddy deal coming as soon as I get a chance to sit down & transliterate it. In the meantime HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


The settlement is embarasing to me. It was to be my house and out from MICELI's family house.

You are costing me all legal fees right now. THE BOOK? You want me to do the book? yes or no? that is MILLIONS.
RESTRAINING orders, clear your mine, so you can see her and then me - the difference. ANGIE MCQUEEN is a liar, not Lisa Miceli. You did not buy for ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN- you bought for me, as I asked of you!!! in these emails. You just gave them to ANGIE MCQUEEN.
The police are trying to arrest you and the other women - b/c i am not in control. They are doing this backwards and in pieces. I askd for the reports only, so I could move to civil courts and sue for damages if things did not improve.
I am losing control over my court cases, and lawyers stepping in, becasue of you. I am losing credibility with ANGIE MCQUEEN being me, after an email.

Because it explains the songs and who I met in person, in USA HOLLYWOOD - they are using me and this stops it because it is my copyright. I am not in control of my own copyrights. Who is? LIVE NATION!!!

I am going to lunch, please take me to LAS VEGAS, NV to feel better about losing $800,000
I am certain others lose in VEGAS, NV like that all of the time.
I am getting lunch and rhen deleting the blogs, after saving to disk.

Please come bed me for cash.. so I can work right... I am pretty again - if you

STOP throwing up, AHMED - what the ???


Thursday, October 28, 2010

If you have the time...

The love story behind it as well.

I lvoe you HAMDAN. I have a business proposal for you. A new reality TV SHOW, called Lisa Miceli, the making of an UNOFFICIAL PRINCESS in Dubai. I would use a fake name though, for us. I would do dinner parties, tourism promotion, AND religous ceremonies, and duties. I would learn the language and the culture, and interact with family and business- some parts top secret and off limits, not shown to not hurt your national security SHOPPING, raising DANTE in Dubai - and every day a new activity, with me and him, and new friends and family. Lots to do and many places to go. SCRIPTED, so as not to offend. Travel back and forth to USA and film there too as to not scare anyone or be too much, for anyone.
Bars and women's cultural events and other events, for sports, WORLD CUP, horses, camles, boats, hot air ballons, and dinners with close friends and celebrities and family. Showcasing real estate, historic places, neighboring friendly countries, and architecture in Dubai.
What do you think?? traveling and gettin g ready for an event, nothing too personal or too revealing. I do not talk much, unless I am being stalked and extorted from, so lots of cultural music or background noise, the prayer and the poetry, and the sounds of Dubai. Then charity work, What do you think?
Then, my favorite secret part of the show, a surprise wedding - and a surpise baby- baby love.... do it out of sequence, starting with the legal battles of Lisa Micel from the USA - with the other shows, let them run, with a contract and a message of ownership and then start the storyline and then go back int time, to how we all met.
The wedding would not be in real time, but shown after words, and very small and intimate. I would keep my weight down, wear authentic clothing at times, for a surprise DUBAI baby.
Several AL MAKTOUM properties would be shown in case finances got bad and needed to sell and horses as well, with parts off limits for secrecy/mystery.

BUILD a house or a project on the WORLD properties. Lots to do. Friendly neihboring countries, and meet with Saudi Princesses, TALAWEED's. Love to meet her and Queen Jordan, the Queen of Dubai for a lunch date. Scripted, so I do not offend and use translators as well. Talking about my new life as a MUSLIM wife and what is expected of me.


cunty behavior? you want to come to my house??

ass raped?? wanting to kill my mom for a man, lol, lol. lol, lol.

I am gongi to tell you a story about free milk and a cow..... no huggie and no kissie, till get me a wedding vow.

My honey my baby, told put my on the shelve... don't feed me no lines and keep your hands to yourself. lol, lol...

my hands are better softer... smell nicer....



You are a faggot nigger lover... not into you at all.. so why do you throw you sex in my face you fuck ANGIE MCQUEEN when she is on the phone with me??


VICTOR LAPUMA is not dead. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? you are making threats to kill me and my whole family for what???

OVER MICHAEL JORDAN?? That is the basis of all of these females, not you...

WHY are you stalking me and making threats?? over a baby????

ANGIE MCQUEEN has two kids out of wedlock, you gave her my life..... on OCT 2009.... for YOU TUBE.... ILLEGALLTY. NOT HER LIFE.

Why are you making threats to kill my whole my family.......????

YOU PROPPOSED TO ME. not ANGIE, KELLY or ALI... COME to my house for our wedding....



WHAT THE FUCK is this mess???
SMEARING SHIT on the walls at these homes?? and blaming me for it???
WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??? that you proposed to me... and then did this?????
WHO DOES THIS? yo7u fuck everyone but me.. your fianceeb and tell everyone yoy are going to do this? WHY?? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? MJ ?? you are obsessed with him adn his rotten personality.????? WHAT THE FUCK? then abuse HH for Michael JORDAN's cheating????
TELL EVERYONE you are a fucking asshole to LISA MICELI and are going to get help;. MENTALLY!!!!!
I do not want a HUBBY LIKE THIS.....
I told EVERONE I was with MJ and it was true.. SO WHAT?? he sued to pay me, to clear the record he has...
I am a female, why are you treating a female like shit..... ????????
IT IS MY LIFE - STOP FUCKING with me... You proposed and I bought a wedding dress na yu try and humliate me in public for hat.. YOU HEAR in your head. LIES??
You are in my career you go to prison.. no one would tolerate this....
YOU LIE TO ME EVERY DAY AHMED and are an asshole online everyday ganging up on me. for crimes.....


I have a right to shoot to kill the people messing with me...


CONFIDENCE TRICK = ANGIE MCQUEEN.. I CALLED ANGIE MCQUEEN A NIGGER AND ALI BABRA, not DANTE - HE LAUGHS, b/c he knows that they stole from him and me to meet MJ - is ridiculous...

My son wants to spit in HH 's face.. what a piuece fo shit to steal from me and fuck ANGIE an d give her my info and let her fly in planes for m e and my son- as if she is me or my lawyer. A CRIMINAL!!!

GET THE FUCK out of my life and DANTE's too.. LOSERs.

Get in the JET for me one more time and SECRET SERVICE will ground your plans. ABSAM and ANGIE MCQUEEN.

ANGIE MCQUEEN- it is all stalking and I called in stalking charges last night to be processed tomorrow.

Stealing everything from me adn giving to ANGIE MCQUEEN is bnot comdey.. too bad she has no book deal - she makes threats- she is EXTORTION.


ANGIE SAID THAT YOU EAT RAJ's CUM.. cunnlingus was me living at home with my parents fighting court battles...

MAKE some since.
I cannot compete with sex with a six yr old and then two blondes.

WHAT? YOU SHI IS CRAZY .. you make no sense.. DANTe's mother is LISA MICELI - not niggers, wite or black.

EVEN RAJ AND OASCAR did not want her...
nor me.
I am doing my dance videos- please write to me under your GEORIGIE ALIAS, I am blushing....... from CANADA????
DINNER AND DANCING only...... maybe a CHAMPAGNE BATH.... alone.

you can watch.... DARLING.


MY dad is crazy not me..... pay his bills, I did not ask of you yet.

TELL AHMED for ym phone bill.... b/c he wants to shut it off. b/c of you... and the women... ANGIE sent nude phots to my dad...


like a baby.
My son is more respectful and mature about s.e.x than you and he is 6 yrs old.
ARE you guessing or hacking or is HH SHEIKH AHMED tellling you my private sex life and private business for you to compete??

The information was b/c of waiting on medical files to be sent to ROYAL doctors to DUBAI, not other women in the uSA to compete with.


ANGIE MCQUEEN exposed everything online. MAYA knows about FASTING AND MUSLIM culture b/c of YOUR WORDS ANGIE MCQUEEN. Where is her baby brother?? RICHARD SHAEFER pedophile, MISTRESS of LIAS MICELI = AHMED, not RICHARD.

Getting in bed with a 7 yr old??? WHAT?? when you are to bed a 37 yr old, not a 7 yr old.

EVERYONE is being MURDERED that sold me illegally behind my back - b/c it is ALL CRIMES if they buy me illegally. We do not know who is behind the murders.... or what it is, GUILT?? who knows??

If I am hearing you (in my head when I am sleeping)... then it was a murder plot.

She is not to use her daughter as bait which she did in AUGUST 2009... on camera.


Want a blow job, b/c I know you are not a cop.. it is soo good, the copy lost his real job.


Who is pretending to be Keith?? I need to be thin please.. and do not want treadmill love.. please.

COME RIGHT NOW - I am having a heart attack and a mental break down.. WHAT are you doing wth my friends??
Why are you being this cruel to me?
I do not have shit and my friends and my bloggers have everything since when???


I turned you on for sex with me and me only. Come get me for s.e.x. please.
I am safe, anyone who tells you otherwise is a huge liar. Michael Jordan court he is 6'6 negroid best athlete in the world, like I am at 5'6 100 lbs would ever be a danger to him. His bodyguards loved me and asked me to be with him. Do not fear me. I drink and eat first, so if it is poison, I dies first, not you. Plus, I am psychic, so I can hear any and all threats in advance. Your family tree has YEMEN power, love you. It is a huge financial crime for others to be me. I have to be mean to make it stop as if I sue, I still win money - 3 times (in the USA in damages of losses) and drive up prices in the economy. Be with me not the imposter. It is bad business for GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!! I sing, dance and play pool, ride horses, cheerleader, and etc, etc. etc..

All my love,


Tell me the truth with proof, photos?? AHMED threatened me with my best friend, Kelly Werner too. I am LITTLEONE and not allowed to leave my crib alone. I cry.


Are we being spied on too much and putting up blocks (MENTALLY)? I love you. I can be normal in public and not touch. You cannot mentally breakdown as a RULER, because of the weather.
When I am crazy, it is weather that needs controlled. ANGIE MCQUEEN and others slamming me, hurts all MUSLIMS or so it appears.
I will happily get out of the media. So, I have no influence and it is all you, and then we love you.
I called you b/c I was ready to marry you, you made excuses for me, when I was just chatting waiting for you. I said, I need to get married right away to control the weather and media so we are not hurt but make money.



I am not freaking out about the other women, the stacking of the deck against people in the media freaks me out. b/c I do not want to go to jail repeating it. Angelicque MCQUEEN is repeating me on purpose. I will save everything, for the courts with computer expert, and if I get in trouble for being me, so be it- I can prove it is my life.
Did you get my hotel reservations?


Who wants my son?? Please do not confuse me, who wants me and my son - I am ready.

I need a credit card please. I am using my mom 's for this trip. I want to meet offline right away. I said yes to our engagement. VERY SERIOUS - I will send you the reservations. Please come as soon as you can to marry me. I love you and believe in you. In ten minutes, I will book my reservations, once I win, I can fly us to VEGAS, NV to marry and then to DUBAI to marry as well and find homes.


EWXCUSE ME?? MY KIDS are to be in EUROPE with AHMED- not ANGIE MCQUEEN's....

ANGIE MCQUEEN is insane to be in my life at all -with FIANCEE!!!!!!!
SCOTT WESTON knows the truth, that I was first and met you online and you were to meet me offline- and she contacted you behind my back with LIES@!!!!!!!
ANGIE MCQUEEN has the order b/c SCOTT WESTON does too!!
Why would she still be flying on a JET after NOV 1, 2009? when she ruined my wedding plans by contacting HH behind my back and lying to me. She said that she never met him and does not know him!!! BUT her and RAJ have no found wealth- or a payoff, from my life and my e-mails??

PERFECT credit in 1997. LAPUMA NAME, why was it b eing used? it is mine nad my famiylcalled ou and m et oyou ion SOUTH ARICA? who is paying for all of this? When you are to pay for me, so my psychotic father does not kill me for telling a lie!!!!!!! ?????
MY FATHER is INSANE threaten to kill my family for money that you are gifting to the MCQUEENN fro sex with ANGIE MCQUEEN from m y e-mails, which you abuse me online and never show up in person. THE POLICE are furious -
FINGERING her ass and her pussy and throwing it in my face and then gifting her.. and then posting it online!!!!! For accepting your hand in marriage!!!
NO ONE TOLD you to show up at ANGIE's house, what if she killed you!!!! with RAJ for money???
MEADVILLE, PA CITY POLICE are furious you posted you are a BILLIONAIRE and there are plots to kill me in MEADVILLE, PA - NOT SMART. I told you to bring a gun if you need to!! Some cities have money others do not!!!!!
SHE IS WITNESS - and is not to be paid a dime of my money, it is a crime!!!!!

YOU PROPOSED to me 7 times, bring my gifts to GREENSBORO, NC - a better city.
I am not insane to file a lawsuit for USA laws being broken. This is my son's money and more cases for his money coming. Your money is our m oney- as I have been writing to you and dating you since 10/2008- TV SHOWS and new cities in aviation added. You were to work with me properly and court me like a gentleman.
DAVID FAULK AND MJ cannnot control me or block me and my son from our life- EVER. EXTORTION- MJ's agreement! COURT orders are one year only. EVERY year have to be reviewed by law, nothing unconstitutional can be in effect. That order is not signed by JOHN VUTTIN, lawyer for LIVE NATION!! LAWYER for LIVE NATION said no- CONTRACT AND ORDER UNENFORCEABLE, trying to hurt biz and buy portion of business cheaper.
25 yrs of info or more online. BULLSHIT for entertainment - still money!!!!
No one should be stalking me or harassing me or stealnig from me, b/c of a blog or private emils to my FIANCEE!!!! I am not a lesbian!!!
MONDRIAN HOTEL - my breasts - why is she dancing to my private emails and blogs?? How do I get that night back and did she get pregnant on my wedding night? NO ONE found that video funny- they knew that she was trying to take over my life on YOU TUBE and you are helping her, makes it a crime!!
OLD VIDEOS AND OLD PHOTOS sent to me from ANGIE AND RAJ? When was she preggers and why is she meeting AHMED offline. He is a BILLIONAIRE so why is he not here with Lisa Miceli- he met ANGIE MCQUEEN from Lisa Miceli - not the other way around!!! He flies to her house? and not mine? from my e-mails??
WHO is having their period on my blogs and who is getting preggers on my blog- one woman's story?? LISA MICELI's story with AHMED. You are not to not be in NC with me, during this case!!!!!!!!
When did we wed? and how many plans were hacked and people called you behind my back that these emails were to be sent to me to discuss, and same with you?? You told me to do that with you. This is our marraige. NO DATES for ANGIE MCQUEEN and our son, DANTE!!
YOU PROMISED ME A HOUSE, CAR, AND JEWELY AND CLOTHING - b/c of my son and then more children. HOW many kids does ANGIE MCQUEEN have- she says two - her son and daughter say 3!!!!!!!!!????
You need sex to be a nice guy, EVERYONE knows that now and it was to be me that knows that and giving you sex in person everyday- not a hooker whore named ANGIE MCQUEEN. ANGIE EVADED a lawsuit b y moving ad not letting me know her address, so FUCK her in the courts - 5 yrs for stalking me and you, for sex and money!! and drugs!!!
You are to be at my house - SIMPLE - not hers and traveling with her and trafficking me as if I am her to YOU TUBE and internet people. MY FAMILY is FURIOUS!!!

YOU SHOULD BE PAYING FOR ME- not others. MY CAREER was over since DANTE 7 yrs ago!!!!!!!!


MENTALLY challenged mother, LISA - you were going to come to my house.

WHAT happened? Are you cookie monstar who sticks his finger is my pussy using both hands so that I will double hand your dick? why in public? me or Angie McQueen - if her, please get her off my blogs- she hacked and went to BURB ANK, CA and other places, according to her videos, you fly her and others for sex? or in exchange for sex? Why not me who you are engaged to, not the tag alongs, who used me. SEXY Sheikh AHmed you are a dumbass to not mbe bedding me and traveling with me!! You were to smoke pot with me, so you married ANGIE on my wedding night, after I was hacked and made the plans - had to cancel all credit cards!
WRITE back, meet me in NC please.
I have to travel to hear you and understand what you said. I have to bash ANGIE MCQUEEN and tohers to get them out of our dreams and information. It was not their information, it was ours. They are married to other men not you. I bring my ow women who can be truste, if no, oyu are stuck having se with me Stop trying to embarass me with othr women sine our engagement. I am not a fraud. Did ANGIE MCQUEEN fly to Dubai after the MONDRIAN HOTEL.
DANTE loves you.

I would not make your dick hard, if I could not handle the consequences of it..

I will masturbate you and suck you, safe sex until we are married. CAREFULLY!!
ANIMAL = heavy petting, lol, lol.



why would you tell ANGIE MCQUEEN about my hotel dates with you in airports, and my drugs..

to stay thin - trade secrets. You are going to get me arrested bc you ghave a big mouth and a shitty attituted towards me, and wnating to fuck everyone I know - GROSS and illegal. I hate ANGIE MCQUEEN.
You could have bedded me millions of times in a hotel near an airport, while you are singing in the room and praying. Your staff lied to me and helped ANGIE McQUEEN - I expected more from you. NO ANGIE MCQUEEN!! NO MORE. Tell her, no, it is my life and my projects.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Fraudster is at it again.

If the Micelis is wondering who keeps digging both hands in the cookie jar, look no further than the cookie monster. Lisa has set up a new Paypal account using her mothers information. She is currently attempting to extort me out of money (Bwahahahahahahahahaha!) by way of Paypal. Here is what I opened my email to see today:

Fri, October 22, 2010 7:37:44 PMPayPal money request from SANDRA MICELI
From: "" Add to Contacts
To: ""


Oct 22, 2010 17:37:44 PDT


SANDRA MICELI would like to be paid through PayPal.



Note from merchant:
Payment for damages from various extortion schemes on and offline, since accepting your hand in marriage.
Where are the dinner dates and the in person "meetings"??
and the brunch and the wedding??



Description: Goods
Amount: $6,000.00 USD

Total: $6,000.00 USD

SANDRA MICELI would like you to use PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online.
To send SANDRA MICELI your payment and see the details of this invoice, copy and paste this link into your web browser:


Just WOW!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No, No, Lie, Lie, No, Lie, No. Got that?

CD is going to tear you a new asshole if you don't quit cyber-stalking/ bullying her.

Is it Halloween already? No? Well, enjoy anyway.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just plain EVIL!

This very short video isn't new, but it's a resend from Cruella which features her stupid ass floppy hat that she planned on wearing to her uncles funeral long before he even died. Pay close attention to her new message she sent in text along with the video. How can you not love this gem?



The hairy one didn't get the chance to vacay in CA for the honorable judge funerallike she'd hope to, but at least she got to see the obituary. You would think that NOT getting invited to the funeral would shut her up already about her uncle. As if that family hasn't been through enough, she insist on trying to link his good name with her twisted behavior. Too bad for her we all have more sense than to believe that myth she's selling.