Thursday, September 29, 2011

Whoa! This video says it all.

Filming yourself stalking people is not a good look.

Just Gross!

Saturday, September 24, 2011



Sunday, September 18, 2011

CPS where are you?

This is beyond sad. What do you have to say about this, Sandy? Who is allowing her back on the internet? How did she get another flip camera after you broke the last one? But its everyone else fault, huh? Sickness!

WHERE ARE ANGIE's emails DANTE & I do noy care if we kill them
extorting from them back- it is self- defense.... I asked you for protection from the blondes extorting from my me.

WHY was she crying over my wedding??? I do not know her.. met her own time.


I wil fuck for my gifts and my firend too, ANGIE's .............

You are giving DANTE adn I am ulcer.

I need my ghouse, my ca, nad my lcoti adn my jewely- I am the chosen one and you gave my stuff to my so called BFF- I need it you are over 2-3 yrs later- why would you do that???

and I will sneak out on ANGIE MCQUEEN- the bitch deserves it, it was not her wedding engagement... and she does not give a fuck who she hurts calling you behind my back stalling my wedding with oral sex & anal sex.

HAMDAN and I want to touch in person after being only for how many years now, in our own homes.. ANGIE fucked up everything, more and timing and everything... and love- how can I say I love you when my gifts go to her house and she fucks for them as if me- why my gifts?
Why does she not have her own life??

WHJERE ARE my parties, that I am the blast from the past? What was soo quick ?? and where did I see your foggy DUBAI (polluted) DUBAI???


HERE ARE THE ROSES TO LISA every weekend.... USA style sex..

does it even turn you no? PORN is you are an ARAB man?? who does nothing but just lay back??


I FUCK in a bed, please repsond quickly.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blast from the past.

These are all oldies, but boy are there some good slip-ups & admissions


Why are you not on my chat, my I ask, my love?? Also, did you think that you big wild, but tamed tiger, will try and mate with my horney male house cat??? And create some new and expensive breed of cat... If so, I could be a breeder, of sorts??? LOL...
Miss you when I do not chat with you, my love.. I get my pills of Friday. $200 US dollars a month, plus they are gonig to make me take all of those tests as prooof of needing a prowerful stimulant... which I have not taken in years, all of those tests, so very very expensive... and then $170 a month for the doctor to get the prescription.... is crazy..
My son is current as of Thursday of all immunizations and doctor's visits.. little kids are expensive, and mine has been sick all week.. AGAIN. We are at home worknig on activity books and such... I wish that you could read the legal documents... on my cases, they are so outrageous what they are saying and asking for??? MJ asked the Judge to make it a crime for me to date DEREK JETER or CARMELO ANTHONY... how crazy is that??? And not go to any concerts in the world, but he is not paying for his son... these Judges in the USA, need to be fired.. b/c they are not logical...
My inheritance is being challenged...
Lisa A. Miceli

There are stories out of Laura Bush haing abortions, like my life is her story.. and then the NATIONAL ENQUIRER claims GEORGEV BUSH HAD A WANDERING EYE in his marriage..
THIS IS A COVER UP for MJ or for having me fielded with a CIA AGENT in the bedroom... this makes me sick!!! ALL OF IT...
JUST REPEAT AFTER REPEAT.. and the intent was to harm me.... and block me from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED MAGAZINE... the swimsuit and the athlete edition... and to upset me.... and to clearly abuse me.. WHY???
MY FAMILY IS NOT IN THE MAFIA.... I AM NOT IN THE CIA.. it does not matter what job, I am in.. here comes the imposter trying to steal my life, like they can live my life better than me..
MY YOUNG SON WAS SICK FOR 4 years now.. and not getting what he needs.. for schooling or for healthcare, thanks to these vicious women.. and I would hide out, so that no one could find me..
I HATE HIM. it was slearly a rape that first night.. and I am sick of these so-called fans... THEY ARE LOOKING FOR THEIR IN.. and it is not their life....
PAM ANDERSON LEE, ALYSSA MILANO, YVETTE PRIETO.. who is giving them my information.. they think that they can copy me over and over again.. and be me, better than me???
Lisa A. Miceli


ALL of my years of training..... RUSSIA IS DOING RUNS OVER CANAD.. to squeeze them back off my body, my training, etc, etc..
THE NEED TO LEARN AND NOT STEAL FROM SOMEONE ELSE's life...... it is cheating...
AND THIS WAS ALL ATTACKS IN MY REPRODUCTIVE YEARS.... and when I was yound and beautiful.... and had energy..
MY LIFE is not the entertainment industry.... I am not getting a check.. for any of this.... so why are they getting a check from me and my life...
AND I HAVE TO PAY TO GET IT BACK.... I do not think so..... I have performed on a stage since i was 3-4 years old.. and just gained 60 lbs in less than two months.
THESE HANGER-ONERS NEED TO STOP or ask me and get into a contract with me.... THEY ARE SWITCHING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.. and taking it from one person and then giving it to another... and not only am I losing the job, but I am also losing.... my information....
I was trained in RUSSIAN DANCE... by ARITA LEE BLAIR.... and HOLLYWOOD HAS NO RIGHTS TO STEAL ANY OF THIS... from me adn then give it to PAM ANDERSON LEE.
ruining my career.. and my job and my life!!!
THANK YOU VLADAMIR PUTIN.!!!!!!... and I love and preserve cats as well......
INSTED OF ME GETTING MOVIE DEALS ABND CONTRACTS TO PLAY MY OWN LIFE.. they, as in MJ and some others are playing mind games with people.....
GEORGE CLOONEY IS AN EFFIN ASSHOLE.... he stole my story and then went to DARFUR., SUDAN.. please... Osama Bin Laden wanted to meet with me.... and I would gladly have met him andonated money for charity.. INSTEAD THIS ASSHOLE GEORGE CLOONEY WENT... are you kidding me???? And stole the BURN WHILE YOU ARE READING STORY... and took the money and donated it.. and neve gave me any credit...
TURNED MY LIFE INTO FICTION.... for his commercial gain.
THE FBI IS ON TO THESE GREEDY DECEIVERS... adn it will stop nad stop now.. I OWN MY OWN LIFE OR MY HUSBAND OWNS MY LIFE... not these assholes.. you do not steal from people and call it talent...
Lisa A. Miceli

K. SAEED.... and prior to that Guy Meacham,... I asked MJ for a ride to EUROPE to get back into modeling and he did not even return my phone calls.. I was thinner when I first gave birth and made some money in real estate... and was ready to take care of my child.. I felt empowered to have my first child... and he refused to return phone calls and then I wanted to be a DALLAS COWBOY SPORTS CHEERLEADER.. and he would not return phone calls... for a simple plane ticket.. and then when I got to the cities I would get a job.. I have never heard of such a mean-spirited person in my life.. and then when I was losing money not making money... he was calling me a gold digger.... I was so hurt!!!!
Lisa A. Miceli

Re: DEREK JETER AND CARMELO ANTHONY ARE ON MY LIST OF DO NOT CONTACT.. I never met either one of these men..
WHY CAN YOU NOT MEET MY FAMILY.... they are not mafia and not terrorists... there is a lot of real love there., all business and professional people... and I want you to meet them all...... hoping that my lawsuits would get done so that I could help them all get to meet you.... several generations...
I have been engaged 5 times.... in 1989, in 1993, in 1996, 1997, and proposed to over the phone in 2001.... never been married.
M IS MAKING IT OUT LIKE I AM THIS BIG WHORE..... and that these men never met my family and that I partied my whole life away.... I did party a lot, I will not lie..
But, I have been at home for the last 5 years trying to get this book done... and to meet someone new and get married..
WHEN THESE CELEBS STALK ME.. and put out my information and call it fiction.. then I am squeezed out of my own life... and cannot even get a solid business deal.. that is why I am saying they must stop/.... copying me over and over again... it is all the same voice, the same story...
Lisa A. Miceli

Re: I AM BEING 100 percent with you, always have been.. you are not being 100 percent with me... or we would have done a business deal, like everyone else..
WHAT E-mails the harassing ones or for a book deal... so that I can move on... with the information that I know.. which I already gave you??? Or the e-mails from the harasser who thinks that they can live my life better than me.. or do my life better than me...
THE LEAVES ROOM FOR A FOLLOW UP BOOK, once the paternity of the child is resolved..... not that I did that on purpose.
AND ANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS.... from the first book..... and then we can live out our fairy tale life.... in DUBAI....
IN WAS IN LINE TO BE THE FIRST FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE USA... but that is now over... thanks to being in jail... did you not see the cover of the magazine with BILL AND HILLARY CLINTO, I was only 26 years old.. and could have gotten a lawyer degree, and other degrees.... and finished this book and married.. my last ten years have been hell, b/c these people are into helping themselves to my life and my reputation and in return giving me JAIL or trash reporting...
MY FAMILY HAS LIVED HERE FOR 95 years.. and they act like that to me.. women were showing up in court to see if they could get MICHAEL JORDAN's phone number, as they know that he is disloyal.. YVETTE PRIETO, probably hacke into the computer, stalked him, or went through the media.. over MCFLY SHOES.. please.
HE USE MY WHOLE FAMILY's image to sell his underwear... which is why it is in the book....
It is like we are already married.. except without the sex... and closeness.. you must like making me come undone.. in e-mail....
Lisa A. Miceli
Re: THis does not make sense to me....
I am ready to marry you. I slept with enough big time men to help you... for the rest of your life.
I finally found you through GOD. I am ready for you.
Are you NOT ready for me??
Lisa A. Miceli

HOW MUCH???? Pretend I am a prostitute, then I can get my mind back…….. how much would you pay me??
Lisa A. Miceli
You had an appointment with JIMMY?? You did not asnwer me... annoying is your communication... what is the truth with you.
When is the JET coming to meet JIMMY, my son, and the other fathers at a lab. I am waiting on my wedding ring.. so that Ange McQueen goes to jail for stalking & EXTORTION and fraud. She is a psychologist now???
Lisa Miceli

Re: MY SON wants to COMMIT SUICIDE with how you treated me and lied to us... He is 5 yrs old.
Who is leaknig these videos... the point is. It is my child. I am the mother.
Are you coming to my house? or sending for me??
814-573-**** dada lol
814-282-**** brother..
Sending a craft... Meadville AIRPOR AUTHORITY says that have several jets that fly in... lol, lol.
Lisa Miceli

YOU NEEC TO SEND A PRIVATE AIRPLANE to LISA MICELI for our dinner dATE in 72 hours.. or the FBI is arresting you & ANGE McQueen...
for sex trafficking..... I swear to GOD.
You were not to cheapen my wedding with her... & her nastiness.
HER COMMENTS ARE CRAZY..... I tried to plan a wedding.. not a sex fest in an ariplane. I get crazy too, but when does she mind hr own business & find her own man??? NOT YOU!!! She is ruining your reputation in the USA.
You worry about me...
She defames me!!!
Lisa A. Miceli
Don't even...
Yes you were sleeping (i knw right?) your html account was right there on my computer.Ya left it on.
I would never snoop but really I couldn't help myself.I so want to be you.
(now i like a lil freaky when i can actually see who it is I'm gettin freaky with but you could make tiger woods blush. 15 men you had on-line relations with. So shut yo on-line blow job givin head bin bobbin I will eat your poop whore mouth! Ya just nasty and thats all.
April 13, 2010 4:58 PM

WHAT??? ABSAM - I wrote to you, not my mother.. She was at work, you know that... then you proposed to me again.... I said yes.
Although, we need to meet in person please. You keep showing me your crooked but groomed penis in my mental eye..... need more details, please???
Lisa A. Miceli
START HE BIDDING HIGH enough that the lesbos' do not find out or can afford me, please???
LIKES to scuba dive.... called DEEPEST DIVA, b/c of my skills.....
Loves to horseback ride.
FORMER MODEL.... b/c of my beautiful face & hands!!
what else turns you on???
Lisa A. Miceli

I thought that you were giving DAnte to JB or my mom.... not wanting to have him live with us....
Pleasse go away and make the appoinment. I get crazy sometimes.... know that I love you always.
I am sad when you are not with me. HOLD ME please.... in private.
Lisa A. Miceli

SICKO - is there a serial killer near me...??
Holly... I have two friends named HOLLY - she was hit with a baseball bat, it was NOT Dante... is was the father of her son, who met my son.... and his son is mean and evil as well....
Thanks for the heads up, I got that.
Lisa A. Miceli

Kelly Werner - pleads guolty to COCAINE.... listen.. follow along...
She would have her case dropped, b/c of lack of evidence... while I get the Real Estate Commission to pay me for the blacklist... (CARTEL)..... issues... I was nearly stabbed in the club with Keith Saieed.
That is how it works.
The man who went through my mom's mercedes MEXICAN.. he like the guy who shot the club I was in - got out in less than 24 hours.... both want to write books and be famous now.
My life is in danger.... these men have to pay you... to provide for me and Dante please...
I am hearing MJ has not enough oney for that team.... b/c of my IP leaving the scene or asking for it.. in money...
The threats will conme from him now.. through other people....
I swear and yell to hear... but not.
The SULTAN of SAUDIA ARABIA, I can hear him... b/c no HOLLYWOOD.
I have to leave immediately.... can you please help.?? my lawyers will take this case,.. MJ is the hardest case to find a lawyer.. they back out....
Lisa A. Miceli

Re: WAIT a minute here.. When do we meet and I travel with you..... and have sex with you!?????
ANGE CANNOT AFFORD ANY OF THE SHIT that she is wearing or claming to be flying in??? You came to visit her, the MONDFRIAN HOTYEL PHOTOS match nad you threw it in my face??
Whty are you such a nUTCASE LOSER with me.. putting it onlnie for the IMPERSONATORS & making me take everyone to the courts???
this was not our deal???
YOU ARE CRAZY TO TALK TO ME LIKE THIS??/ There is no court case....
All of these idiots, on the three blogs are going to jail - b/c I own my own life.. you are not giving me anytihng for it... making ours FABULOUSLT WEATLTHY... on my life... BULLSHIT!!
they will pay me triple for it..
KILL ANGE - she is annoying... steal all of her money for thinking that she can disrespect us and b e ahead of me at all.. not her life, not her ideas, and not her families!!!!!
YOU ARE SENDING YOURSELF to prison.... ABSAm - every nitcase coommetn about it.. YOU OUTING me with yor STAFF on line.. LISA IS A CRY BABY???
Does that guy want his AIRLINE JOB with you in the SHOWER?? is he a faggot???

You with ange McQueen ever - yo go to prison.... you with these other whores trying to money grubb on my life - you go to prison..
You are a littele too greedy for anyone. to think that yo are funny...
I LIVE in the USA... YOU ASK ME THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AND IOVER AGAIn - qith nothing in retutn... but thrwoiung shit in my face...
I am going to be a fucking CUNT -that you think all of these women are QUEENS on my money.
I am posting your other wives photos.. LEt them feed off of them.. for $.. and SQUUEEzE, eXTORT AN ANNOY you for money...
2 YEARS of YOUR HARASSMENT - and nothing but repeats of my material. WHAT? BRAIN WASHING? How fucking ignorant.. It was a mILLION doallr story, that you are truinngi.. acting like a niutcase.. sneaking with ange on my life....
PRISON BOUND, MUCH? ANGE SUCkS a COCK that good that you and ASSA are going to prison for YOUR MAFIA GAME - you killed half my family... and I have the proof that it was intentional.....
GUESS you chose prison over & over again.... with ANGE MCQUEEN.
MY BOOK DEAL & my money and everything else is on other servers...
ewmails nad everything backed onother servers..
RAJ's SHIT TASTE GOOD ABSAM??? OSAMA bombing InDIa next...???
Lisa A. Miceli

MEDIA COVER UPS ARE DEADLY... I need to move to Dubai, writre my book & then do my life again... without MJ!!!
SPEED, b/c I was nearly killed in a car accident in WEST VIRGINIA.... I have to be on it... I qwould have died, my face is swollen in the photos.... after the car crash.
These local blacks will try and kill me as well, they want MJ money as well.... best to get it from him, and then make a small press announcement.
I am ready to marry and have a child out of the spotlight, as we discussed... what is the problem?? I can afford my own children after these projects are completed.
THESE other women in your head THAT ARE MARRIED to other men with children ARE DIUSGUSTING - KATHY in TEXAS?? WHAT??? HEIDILORE??? KELLY SCOTT??? ANGE MCQUEEN??? SHUT UP.. when have I not been a woman this was to be a private private move..
I may get killed or you, prior to getting to Dubai now... trying to get out money right!!!!
Why do you think that I am yelling and swearing... my son and I have death threats over our head.. MY CAT shit himself today.....
Lisa A. Miceli

I caused that terroristic attack ,b/c we have friends who are trying to protect us..... I called SS (SECRET SERVICE) to tell them what was up!!!
very sick AMERICANS who want to hurt me are on those blogs. Not just hurt me but hurt my son.
I love and trust you, but HH Sheikh Mo is telling me that you are not helping me right, not MUSLIM style.
How do I get a house in Dubai, please?? for me and Dante. Ange McQueen is not Lisa Miceli - she is making threats to kill me as well.
Lisa A. Miceli

NOW here is a real and very very credible threat...... to YOU, HH Sheikh Ahmed.
If you do not do what I say.... I will stink up your airport with HH Prince Hamden's family.....
screaming and in diapers at the same time..... may even give birth in that pride and joy airport of yours.....
lisa miceli

MAGNUM PI.. do you need me to bring the condoms.. ANAL sex can get messy... MAGNUN condoms are in my suitcase.. ANGE saw them!!
ANGE - sorry RAJ's dick is small or short.. oer whatever.. SERGEANT TOM BENGE said FUCK OFF.. and he is hung like a donkey, or king kong, or whatever... and VIC LAPUMA has some condos we can stay.... in BRASIL... lol, lol..
AT YOU!!!!

She must have told all of HOLLYWOOD.. lol.. PARIS HILTON- was the dick I was sucking HUGE!!!????? and you thought ABSAM..... b/c of SECRET SERVICE???? or black cop... where is the corrpution is getting a good LAY - I was single at the time....... NOT NOW, ENGAGED!!!
LIar about my ENGAGEMENT.. and you and rAJ are going to prison... ANGE is cRUEL to everyone.. THEIf at my photo shoot.. lying to ABSAM....... stalking other men with RAJ and AUDI... crazy bitch...
ABSAM.. come and get your love.... hope your size & sex are a secret from HOLLYWOOD!!!
lisa miceli

THE GOLDEN PUSSY says that MJ 's dick was small... he sued me... proving my story...
it was just flaccid.... I am guessing...
Tom is 10 inches or bigger and BORIS is 16 inches or bigger.... woo hoo!!!!!
Party.... !!! woo hoo....!!!! WHITE FOAM a flying!!!!!

BTW, these women needed to take me to lunch or brunch and be ladies.. not trash... I have dresses and hats..and nice shoes, etc, etc, etc...
Ange's nails were not even done before YOU TUBE. and she does not have a clue what she is saying. she is pretending to be a SOUTHERN BELLE, when she is not....
NOw, unless you are quoting me directly and catch me saying that, I will never admit to it..... EVER!!!
Lisa A. Miceli

My 5 yr old wants to be sex trafficked like you and mj...... what do you say about thAT?? can you calm down on the sex without me being present???
Lisa A. Miceli

Re: You are ging to go to jail over ad over again, b/c she is the wrong WIFE!!!
did a SAUDI not kill his assistant.. is that what I am to do with angelicuqe mcqueen, my assistant for contacting you when I was sick and you not coming to my house ASAP??
She was sitting on the internet waiting on that phone call...... she is in CA dn i am in PA. I am not allowed to gever get sick!!

Media died down, let's hope, as I make a push for child support... and full custody of Dante... the press in Erie, Pa nad in Meadville, PA is still off, making some strange legal claims that are false. I am using Pittsburgh, PA Superior Court lawyers and a Charlotte, NC lawyer.... for settlement negotiations from Michael Jordan. He consented to splitting IP that was done while we dated.... and any tickets needed.
Thank you for being a friend to me always...... and being there for me, like it or not. I owe you. Sorry, for the confusion, Ange McQueen is notorious for that..... I love you and cannot stay away from you.... but i have to be practical.
Lisa A. Miceli

Subject: VEIL and necklaces.
I jsut did drugs, wine adn pills - come rape me anally, lol, lol... or let's pretend your favorite with blondes. lol,

Lisa A. Miceli

MARY AND THE VIRGIN BIRTH.... aliens put that baby in her body....
They leave things all of the time in people's bodies....... it is an act of a miracle..... "to fix".. Joseph the VISIONARY/ PROPHET, husband of Mary was a carpentar... he fixed things.
You are right, she was probably womb damged and god gave her a baby... from an alien transmission... they come quickly... and leave fire...
ABSAM.... Mary, the MOTHER of JESUS was always bleeding.... like me.
Mr. President Geoge Bush, made my cringe adn cry to think that he wanted to shoot at these crafts, they are trying to help... how many woman have damaged babies???
The USA will not let a craft land here..... or even come into our space, too hostile... I was in the mountains... and time was still... b/c my SUV should have blown up....
Now, the lies..... MJ denying the baby, no father appearing.... despite money and fame. We can marry and I will sell the story... and see if anyone appears!!
You need to get my abortion records.... and then compare with DANTE.....
Lisa = means OATH of GOD
ALIES are up there with SAints... giving, forgiveness and healing......
Lisa A. Miceli

THE MUSIC.... how does everyone know where I am - ever minute of the day..
Someone call 911.. shorty on the dance floor... Sean KINGINSTON... singer..
Pairs with Natasha BEDDINGFIELD.. who sings, that my book began and the rest is still unwritten...... singer....
You are not letting me put the whole true story together... so you know how to pay people, for what they are doing?? messing with our value system, or what has been paid for already and what has been SETTLED!!!
HELLO??? What planet are you on, my love??? Some do not understand the WHITE dove, and died.. and plunged to thier death or killed themselves.. out of fear... very very sad.. no reason for the fear... GOS is MERCIFUL and loving.
Lisa A. Miceli

The house that I stayed at at the beach was 2405 Lumina Avenue in Wilmington, NC that was the one that Michael Jordan was in.... and I was given a house by Rick Jones.. who is a friend of all of us.. CHARLES BARKELY MJ, me, Keith, my ex, etc ,etc... after a tabloid story came out that was my story with another woman's photo on it.. things got crazy.. I did not want to come forward.... but then I questioned the story as to whom gave me the house, MJ, FRED WHITFIELD, etc, etc.. and why was this all being done behind closed doors... meaning, why would mJ not say to me.. I got you this house for all week, please enjoy it..
Or Rick Jones, who owned the house not say, I gave this to you b/c I knew that you were dating Michael Jordan.. adn then I would have asked him to put into print my calendars.. ad paid him back for the house.... instead things got crazy and I started sleepnig with everyone, like that was my talent.. when it is not my talent... and I felt ashamed of everything.. and I do not know why.. THE TABLOIDS CLEARLY TRIED AND DID DISCREDIT ME...
MJ proposed to me over the phone.. in April of that year, but he said, CAN I HAVE YOU?? And I thought that he meant marriage, when in fact, he meant, can I exploit you and extort business ideas from you.. and give them to my wife.. and then I would have said NO.. NO WAY!!!
Michael Jordan is holding on to my dead grandmother's voice, so that I cannot hear the truth.. and be guided by what is right and what will make me happy.. he even repeated what she said to me.. LITTLE LOVE. you are the Princess... my little Italian princess... and she gave me the gift of advance knowledge... and tried to find me a husband in EGYPT.... when I was very young, I will show the photos, and no, I did not have a mustache.. I wax..... and use NAIR (to remove the blonde haris) and shave (my legs and underarms and other female parts)... and shower and take bubble baths and dye my hair. so please... I even get pedicures and manicures...
My hair is even more red than brown and when I was younger it was light brown with blonde highlights....
None of this really matters, I agree with you.. if we marry, they will all come forward.. with information, looking to get paid.. that was how ruthless they were being.. it was not enough to get a business deal from me.. they had to extort adn steal as well....
I am tired of these frauds... I have breast implants.. sixe C or D.. I keep them covered, I can sing. I can dance. I can play an instrument.. I am educated.. and I can dye my hair blonde.. or whatever color.. in addition.. I have been very very thin to heavier... so please... THESE WOMEN ARE INVASIVE ASSHOLES...
Claiming that I do not give oral sex is ABSURD...... what else do you need to know.... they need to stop stalking me... and harassing me in my private life...
HOPEFULLY AND AS IT APPEARS, you have more morals than that...... and you know that I will please you, once we are married as good as Pam or the others.... they are a joke!!!
Lisa A. Miceli

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lisa says this is her :-(


And if you want to read an 8 page letter (single spaced) of the same shit; be my guest.

LISA ANN MICELI e-mails and LISA ANN MICELI property. You paid her for my emails- not me, who owns them.
She is not LISA who called you. She is ANGIE MCQUEEN. You are harassing me with ANGIE MCQUEEN- her lies and her DISLOYALTY - she did not give me my wedding gifts- that you have to her for me- THE LOCKET, AND THE FUR COATS AND THE RINGS- how do you know her? LISA ANN MICELI's wedding. IT IS never ever ever her wedding using my name and my wedding story with you, HH. IT is ALWAYS LISA's wedding.
SHE COPIED THE EMAILS & did a YOU TUBE story that makes no sense to her, as STEPHEN BOYCE is not her lawyer, he is mine and you are my fiancee and MJ was my ex boyfriend, not hers.
You wrote to LISA- you come to LISA's house- not ANGIE's house- You made deal for housing and cars with LISA ANN MICELI, not ANGIE MCQUEN, for LISA's life story. THIS I NOT A CHOICE between LISA & ANGIE situation.
ANGIE stole the rights from LISA & stole your chubby contact from LISA, aming her YOU TUBE all crimes against LISA, in business and in family. IT IS NOT HER INFORMATION. You told her my information for YOU TUBE & then you gifted her my promised gifts & requests to her bercause of that information. SHE IS NIOT AN ACCRESS. SHE is a lying CON.
IT IS NOT ANGIE's money becasue she robbbed LISA & called chubby behind LIAS's back- that makes it a crime scene. SHe stole a house, adn a car adn custom cut jewelry & custom cut clothing and travel and my life- MILLIONS stolen by false pretenses and extortion and fraud and stalking and harassment and theft by deception.
IT is not wortth it to "make ANGIE into LISA" from emails, She is not LISA. She is copying LISA because you paid for her to be LISA when LISA is sitting here and waiting for your money for three years and for you to show up with your promised gifts. You are paying off cons on LISA's wedding story and they are still harassing me and blocking me and stealing from me. ANGIE is not to have limos sent to her house for her & her son DEVON, while DANTE and I sit here with no car adn nthem telling my life story from my emails on YOU TUBE for you to pay for them.
Then you expose me on a blog for asking for you to stop, do our original deal and arrest ANGIE MCQUEEN & other copycatting harassers of LISA ANN MICELI adn her son, DANTE. You call me a liar, when I can prove everything that I say and what my life is. You agreed to wed me and proposed to me ten times and sent me a wedding dress- where is my stuff, my rings, and my stuff? WHY are you proposing to LISA ONLINE and going to ANGIE MCQUEEN right afterwards offline in person? We are two different people. YOU CHOSE ME AS YOUR WIFE AND LIE TO EVERYONE on a blog about it- you have a hooker in my shoes and you are calling me a bad mother, when it is you not at my house and not providing for us lie you do a hooker and her son. YOU ARE MENTALLY ILL to blame me when you went to the wrong house from my emails- that is ASSAULT & ROBBERY and I do not get why when you went there and LISA was not there, you did not cal me on the phone and then fly to the right house, LISA ANN MICELI. 814-337-5195 MY PHONE NUMBER.
962 GROVE STREET MEADVILLE, PA 16335 THIS IS MY HOUSE- we have chatted onlnie for over 3 yrs now, making plans for business nad wedding and children- and you are exposing them ad letting other women be LISA using LISA's plans and LISA's AL MAKTOUM gifts. You control your JET send your bank acconut, not me. SO, how am I in the wrong & needed jobs when you are ruining my money online with LIBEL and stalking me with my own wedding party (ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY). WE are you not arresting two cons, named ANGIE & RAJ? WHO have done nothing but lie to LISA and to HH for MILLIONS of DOLLARS (PANDERING & PROSTITUTION, POLYGAMY). HOW are you wed to these women who all claim pieced of LISA's identity? as they are all cons and strangers to you?? LISA MICELI never dated RAJ JOLLY. LISA ANN MICELI dated MICHAEL JORDAN- you are all twisting my life story onlnie and it is all crimes against LISA for them to go to jail- for making a claim against my identity.
I SAID GET TO MY HIOUSE NOW- so you do not mess up my legal cases, and you did, over $500,000 in real estate, paternity and other business projects lost because of internet stalkers who I do not know- and cannot sue to make them stop and have yet to be arrested. WHO is this? A CON.
ANGIE MCQUEEN is proud of her oral sex with you behind my back for my wedding gifts- REPULSIVE AND HURTFUL B EYOND BELIEF, this is illegal in your country of dUBAI & our country of the USA- what is wrong with you & who does this on a wedding story, gets oral sex from her BFF wedding witness? WHY would you give my stalker on the internet Kelly SCOTT anything at all, let alone tell her that she is one of your wives and gift her money and children in my face using my emails? If you do not shows them HH, then no one is JEALOUS- you exposed me on a blog and said I am not LISA who wrote to you and I am not LISA who has a deal with you and I am not who I say that I am when all three are true adn correct. You are acting insane and like a criminal. WHEN I PROVE THE TRUTH you post it online, and then what? WHERE is my stuff where is our DUBAI WEDDING and then where is my money??
IT is my blog, I m ake the money. It is my emails, so you use my body. WHY are you calling in blondes to step in my shoes on my own private emails??
WHY would I go to jail for reporting this theft & mental health becasue you went to the wrong house? WHY are you and the blondes & Michael Jordan not arrested for a criminal conspiracy over asking MJ for a dna test, like I hurt him. HE went to the press over my son, ILLEGALLY. If he is not the dad he has no right to DANTE's information to disclose his dna testing to the WORLD. ASKING FOR A DNA TEDST fo the tRUTh, how did that hurt anyone and why would that be in the pressv and why would I be called what these women are, LYING STALKERS. You have ANGIE on camera and other women on blogs tellnig my life story and bedding you for my money and my gifts.You promise me and then show up with ANGIE on cmera or Kelly SCOTT on a blog & harass me in my face for what we just planned- why I sthat? how do these women know you? MY DNA testing WITH MJ hitting the press.
HH 's assistants says he gets paid more as a slave than LISA ANN MICELI did for typing for the last 3 years.
LISA ANN MICEWLI & HER FAMILY are not slaves to the AL MAKTYOUMS in DFUBAi. It was a weding and he was not to pass my inforamtion to oter USA blondes nad then pay them to have sex with him in m y face and then harass me 24 hours a day with my own information on YOU TUBE (ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN) and Kelly SCOTT on blogger ( THIS IS EXTOERTIOn of LISA ANN MICELI & hger son DANTE. I ask and you do and you give to everyone but LISA then throw in LISA's face, but called LISA your "PRINCESS". ASK me for anything and then I never get it. You tell me to be celebate and these women are in bed with you and other men as well nad getting paid at their jobs and from you as well and you are all in my face.
THESE WOMEN are trying to get paid 20 ways on LISA ANN MICELI's name. It is a slavery, prostitution, pandering organized crimes, and business crimes game- where I tell my business plans and ANGIE gets in the JET to benefit from my business plans by HH passing my plans to her without paying LISA ANN MICELI. THEY both lie and say they do not know one another, but she is wearing the gifts her promised LISA ANN MICELI (FUR COATS & DIAMONDS).
THESE WOMEN CAN BE LISA AND HERR A FNASTY LIFE, DISCREDITING LISA ANN MICELI & LISA if she complained went to jail & mental health over my own real life and my own real busies plasn & my own real fiancee SHIKH. HE had to payoff the police officers who I asked to arrest the blondes in my marriage and my company.
THE OFFICERS ARE TOM LIWINSKI (IN MEADVILLe, PA in MEADVILLE PA CITY POLICE) & DET MATT SUTTER in the ANAHEIM, CA POLICE DEPT- both took reports and did not arrest anyone but LISA- yet it is LISA's emails and LISA's chubby contact and LISA' Sheikh that is paying for everyone but LISA for LISA' information. HE SET UP THIS BLOG AND WILL NOT STOP AND LET ME CONTROL it, there are death threats, EXTORTION PLOTS, CRIMINAL LIBEL AND BIZARRE CONSPIRACY THEORIES. It is not a warm and friendly marraige blog for LISA's one flight from MEADVILLE, PA to DUBAI for LISA's DUBAI ROYAL MARRIAGE. Why do I have to suffer with a blonde hooker in my face on my wedding story & she was a trusted BFF with my information (FALSE PRETENSES). THIS IS EXTREME CRUELTY to LISA ANN MICELI.
THESE PEOPLE WERE PAID OFF BY THE AL MAKTOUM FAMILY & think that their torture is doing me a favor since he is calling me "PRINCESS" and "MISS ABSAM" and part of his family online. He paid a cop to not arrest the hooekrs adn the other polygamist, so the cop refuses to do his job, which is arrest, becasue he was paid by my family. HE arrested me instead and ruined my life torturing me further.
I need my MILLIONS from him & my record cleared so I can travel the country with me and my son as planned.
HE SWITCHES THE IDS of two women, my life for ANGIE's life who wasd to be arrested for contct with the DUBAI ROYAL FAMILY. HH is telling MATT SUTTER that ANGIE is LISA, so LISA is the con named ANGIE- ID THEFT AND ID SWITCH.
HE told me to come to his home in 2008 & has not stopped his torture of LISA since me not showing up at his home. HE sends limos to others to their homes & my gifts and then they go on the internet in face to brag about MR WONDERFUL. He is telling everyone they are LISA & rich as hell on LISA's name and getting off on the TORTURE of LISA ANN MICELI & DANTE MICELI SEXUALLY. I tried to leave the USA to his house in peson in DUBAI & was arrested, falsely, and wait to clear my name and it is more TORTURE now bny the USA GOVT because of his payoffs.
I cannot go back in time to change the fact that I met him in 2008 and did not go to his house in 2008.
ANGIE MCQUEEN went to EUROPE on my name & my son's name by limo and JET while I sit here and make plans to fix my money and get back with THE SHEIKH- he gives all of LISA' plans to ANGIE MCQUEEN then pays her and gifts her as if LISA ANN MICELI. WHY is that? when does this stop??
HE IS TORTURING ME WHY? He owns the JETS & the boats and the limos to send to my house to get me- I said yes, where are they to pick me up like the others at my front door.
MY HOUSE ADDRESS is below. He paid off STEPHEN BOYCE (LAWYER) to ruin a $500,000 legal case for a $10,000 slavery settlement and then STEPHEN BOYCE asked me for $50,000 for the MICHAEL JORDAN case, which is closed and I am to wed HH and he is to adopt DANTE.
THEY are TORTURING ME for MISS ABSAM to be anyone but LISA ANN MICELI. WHY is that?
HE is to be at my house now, as he ruined my money and wasted three years of my life with no legal mariage and no children and nothing but hookers in my face using my own emails as the torture.
He made it impossible to make a living. I am crazy according to him (HE MADE PHONE CALLS TO DR DORTAS's office so DR DORTA says in MEADVILLE, PA) so how can I practice psychology which I trained for for the last 17 years. He says that I never dated MJ, so I need to be arrested for asking for a dna test- ALL LIES & TORTURE all over the internet.
THIS IS A LISA SLAVERY LISA TORTURE GAME fro HH proposing to LISA to make her a DUBAI ROYAL PRINCESS an it not being other USA BLONDES. PLEASE ARREST PROPERLY, KELLY SCOTT & ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY the three engaging in torture of LISA ANN MICELI online and offline calling chubby to to their homes as if LISA's BFS and the two officers who did not arrest these three TORTURE people in 2008-2009-2010- and now 2011 and get my AL MAKTOOM wedding gifts from their homes PROMPTLY to stop this ID THEFT, TORTURE, SLAVERY, INTERNET AND NEWSPAPER CRIMINAL LIBEL/HARASSMENT of LISA ANN MICELI.
THE NEWSPAPER REPORTER who called me an obsessed MJ fan needs to be arrested as well and I will be on ANDERSON COOPER (CNN) telling my MICHAEL JORDAN true story because I cannot get the book out yet with a hacker in my YAHOO accounts & computer. He is ruining my MILLIONS in personal wealth and not sending the car to my house to get on the JET to meet & marry him in person legally in DUBAI. We are to have children as proof of the wedding and he is making threats to get pregnant everyone but me. WHY can he not just send the LIMO to my house & the JET to my airport to fly me to DUBAI directly??
THE USA BLONDES AND KELLY WERNER in RALEIGH, NC need to be arrested for TORTURE & the people who help them be LISA for LISA's life and wealth CORRUPTION. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT to "be LISA" for MJ & AL MAKTOUM money. These are all computer crime of MANIPULATION after lifting my private emails & material & lying and saying that they are me. THEY ARE OBSESSED AND asknig me to be arrested for thier obsession of LISA ANN MICELI.
They do not take responsiblity for their mental illness.
HE is online with LISA but they (THESE BLONDES, THEIR MEN AND THEIR COPS) say he is online with them after hacking me.
They are in my property as if LISA- in BUSINESS AND PERSONAL information, money & gift ILLEGALLY.
PLEASE ARREST IMMEDIATELY, this has been going on over 7 years, since metting Michael JORDAN person. They are insane and obsessed MICHAEL JORDAN who asked AL MAKTOUM to pay for them and not me on my own wedding story & baby stories, once I was already engaged and the plans made.
WHY are the not arrested for STALKING, please call the PA STATE POLICE, TROOPER PEARSON (PA STATE POLICE IN MEADVILLE, PA) to arrest these women as he will work with the FBI to arrest these women and their men & their cops who helped them board my jets around arrest and rob and harass me for over 3 years now, everyday 24 hours a day with no sleep?? TOM L tried to ruin my book deal by saying I criminally harassed the police so I cannot benefit from crime - and my book is not a crime. (AND NOT ABOUT THE POLICE) HH is saying I am green with envy over the hookers traveling with DUBAI ROYAL FAMILY using my name because I made my friend in the USA green with envy- MORE TORTURE. They say he is a great man to everyone but me, because I, not him, made everyone jealous. HE needs to stop paying off LISA ANN MICELI friend and saying they are jealous of LISA so he will bed them & pay them as if LISA to stop thier jealousy while I sit at home & type and watch the internet fill up with LISA people on my JETS, BOATS & cars and doing YOU TUBE to prove their DUBAI ROYAL conection & they are all falling in love with him and thanking me for it.. as if I cannot be in love with him and enjoy my own wealth with him because they are jealous.
They need to be sent to jail with HH's name on them not just LISA ANN MICELI not creating more LISA clones in the USA.
THEY (ANGELICQUEV MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY) ARE MASTURBATING ON THE phone to me over their torture of LISA ANN MICELI, literally getting off on the TORTURE. THE BLONDES AND AL MAKTOUM both are doing this.
PLEASE ARREST: KELLY WERNER, KELLY SCOTT, ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN, RAJ JOLLY, AND OFFICERS, TOM LIWINSKI, and STEPHEN BOYCE, AND maybe MATT SUTTER (who I cannot get a police report but have a case number) ASAP, as he failed to arrest ANGIE & RAJ in 2009 when they first made contact with HH behind my back and got my wedding gifts.
He is not who he says that he is, he is going to arrest for the torture of LISA ANN MICELI. I need my name cleared in the press & in the courts after they, not me bankrupted me, because I would not give in to their ridiculous demands.
PAMMY ANDERSON LEE & PARIS HILTON need to stop brining attention to my wedding to stop the jealousy and the resutling torture of LISA ANN MICELI.

WHERE IS MY SHOPPPING TRIP AND MY SEX- why would you go to ANGIE MCQUEEN & KELLY SCOTT's houses- as they have other men.. and other children????
WHAT ARE YOU doing trading and trafficking LISA ANN MICELI and trying to make me a slave to the computer for other women to benefit???

You make no sense to me.. you fuck on my information in other bodies, why is that?
You will not let me be gorgoeous or rich... WHY is that?
FLY TONIGHT- what is stopping you?
When did you fly to meet ANGIE MCQUEEN behind my back??
ANGIE MCQUEEN aint shit- she needs to eat my shit, stupid hooekr.. FUCK HER.

MICHAEL JACKSON's BIRTHDAY would be today, let's fuck in the bed until my nipples are hard, then I will do a YOU TUBE video... dancing for him as a tribute.
ANGIE MCQUEEN will not leave me alone- I am not a lesbian & need to be in her face with a real man, not an MJ FAGGOT or a lesbian pimp like HH SHEIKH AHMED.
WHERE IS MY RING FROM CUNNILINGUS, you psychic... man you.... ???

TRUTH PLEASE- so I can re plan my life now..... I want HH PRINCE HAMDAN, I am done swearing & crying- you promised that I feel for the right man.... when ANGIE is in my life & I am stuck in virtual reality- NOT COOL or FAIR.
ANSWER me please.
SHE flew on m y JET on m y wedding night- b/c she lied to you... and said that she is me for my life. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.

DID you both have sex with ANGIE MCQUEEN? truth only please.
OH by the way, I cannot move or do anything until we are wed, thanks to the blonde stealing and then bedding you as if me.. that is all of my money for many many years of work the last 10 years.
WHO got pregnant from my AL MAKTOUM wedding story?
Why would Kelly Scott and ANGIE MCQUEEN own LISA and then wed and bed my fiancee HH?
WHY am I not traveling with HH SHEIKH HAMDAN- to PARIS, FRANCE & to the UK & the USA- when we wed, my criminal charges are dropped?