Saturday, February 18, 2012

when a mom defends her childs crazy.

LM said:
SANDY is on her too, idiot.

We have more than one computer.
February 16, 2012 10:01 AM
(Maybe mommy) said:
Anonymous said...
I agree, chubby is a lying conniving
piece of camel (horse) shit. This one needs to be hung by the balls or tits which ever.

So now grandma is using the kids computer to spend family QT time on THIS BLOG? GTFOH!

It’s just a matter of time before mom is in all caps shouting ‘NI@@ER!’ here in the comment section. Soon, I’d bet.
And as far as this blog being stolen from LM: How can it be stolen from her, when it was registered in my information, dumbass?????? My info, my blog. Simple. What LM did, was commit a crime, and what I did was to correct her actions without prosecuting her for that. Get it?

Now as far as money being stolen in that house: I’m sure the investigation you did a few months ago sufficiently answered your burning questions about who was stealing from you. We all knew, just like you knew. Just because you have to keep up the game face with the hubby, doesn’t mean that we’re gonna play along. LM took it, and she paid you back (rather, you beat the shit out of her and took it). For once in your life you were proactive about your parenting & have the nerve to be shame to brag about it? Is it because you don’t have the guts to fight for that little boy in the house, but you’d be willing to catch a case over some green dough? The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?

BTW, I only stopped a handful of leeches from taking the family fortune and running off into the sunset. I only contacted a few people who were pursing financial opportunities with a woman they perceived to be crazy, stupid and generous with her parents assets, and warned them about turning them in. As much as I despise LM, I did have the common decency to try to defend her against assholes who tried to take advantage of her. I even went out of my way & made sure mom was contacted and warned about her own info being put out there, as well as the kids personal in being given to strangers. I dare you to say that didn’t happen.But at the end of the day, the game in that house is all about keeping up appearances & never saying "I was wrong".

To come here & bold face lie and accuse me, when you know the truth, is only a concrete reflection of your style of parenting, SM. It only says that you’ve taught your daughter to be a constant liar. Lie till the end. Just like LM lost my sympathy vote, your ass is exempt from sympathy too. You are PATHETIC! When she checks back in, you should reserve a bed as her roommate. You two deserve to live in misery together.

On another note, why the hell Yabba is suddenly enemy #1? No need for me to defend Yabba, Yabba got this bullshit in the bag. Like someone mentioned, Yabba seems to have seriously struck a nerve. But what I find so uncanny is that mom wants Yabba to be someone that Yabba is not.She has assigned an identity to Yabba, and i'd bet we're gonna hear more about that soon.

Between the outlandish excuses LM is making, and the fact that mom is suddenly the #2 ranked commenter here claiming to know the cast so well, I’m pressed to believe the enabling is at an all time high… or would that be an all time low? Its not like mommy dearest cant see the truth for herself, she would rather just force me & others to allow LM to harass the shit out of us, while her precious demented daughter stay in her batshit cave, out of their way so she can happily collect food stamps so they can buy all the goat meat and fresh veggies in the world. NO-GO-SANDY-O!


Emails will be posted soon.

Friday, February 10, 2012

living with a monster

When I see stories about people like Casey Anthony & Josh Powell, I think of LM. Those monsters had parents who loved them too & look what happened to their grandbabies. #disgusted!