Monday, August 30, 2010

Most EPIC video ever!

Every single thing she says in this video is a complete, bald-faced, delusional, big fat L.I.E!
Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it gets fucking better… in epic proportion. The kid kicks in the door & says the only thing that makes sense in her 6 minutes of raccoon-eyed fuckery.
For those people who believe that Lisa isn't the one who writes these amazing comments (with up to 4 signatures, no less), then I suggest you take a good look at this video, because the proof is in the mud pie.

Thursday, August 26, 2010



Lawyers beware

WANT to go to a game?? - DANTE does. Michael Jordan is a great guy. I could not hear behind my back and my lawyer is insane.. He is psychotic on meds and has retarded children. Did not know he was psychotic. I paid for him.
I am going to pay him more mon ey when I get money from MJ - but he cannot be used. He is not accurate.

PAMMY ANDERSON LEE is on my name again and my dance skills.



Per Lisa, the Meadville PA Police are stalking her
They are trying to put me in jail for her exortion schemes and other women's schemes as well.

NO DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY please for any of these women.. INTERNATIONAL LAWS.

Please call CITY POLICE and tell them the USA hookers with HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai need to shove it.. I will not go to jail for them and lose everythnig for being stlaked on USA SOIL!

CALL THEM NOW - tell them EXTORTION charges on them if they do not do their job, their psychologist.

They refuse to do investigations and investigate me instead..... to the point of stalking!!!

814-***-*** CALL CHIEF ........

No self-worth

CONTROLLING MUCH?? I need money MONEY BAGS - you flying your women and entourage from my blogs and not me, is very very very disrespectful.
My career is psychology, let me diagnosis, please get your checkbook. TWO YRS OF MONEY - you have plenty of money acccording ANGIE MCQUEEN. I am the wife, since 10/2008 and should be having all of the kids, and then your lovelies o n the side for show of your wealth....


More ass-sex & child abandonment
Oh.. daddy, let me spread my ass cheeks for you, to plunge in.... ahhhhhhhh. Give it to me more.... ahhhhhhhh.
Ohhhhhhhhh. Chasing you online.. so we can meet up and drink some wine - MERTIAGE is my favorite.
I wll drop my son off at the CHARLOTTE BOBCATS ARENA for MJ to pick up. So, I can be an overseas hooker on your name and something, something, something might happen for me in Dubai... love maybe.

Then I can build my sports psychology practice.


More death threats & racist saying she’s not a racist

AHMED - I so not work for free, for two years you kept me online to abuse me with other women - anyone who came on my blogs to chat or harass me. I need paid for everything. You gave over my life to other women with NO CONTRACTS for me to get paid from my OWN property. Where is my property? Where my is wedding? ALL LIES - you gave to others what you do not own, ME!!!

EVERYTHING you said that you are sending to me, ANGIE MCQUEEN is wearing - and the niggers think that they are me, that the have sports psychology degrees and fucked you and MJ - and not me!! and are going to live the life on my emails to you. What are you doing passing them my emails for what? sex with them and not your fiancee wife, LISA MICELI??
ALL my money - you said that you spent on ANGIE MCQUEEN for my wedding make some fucking sense - you have AIDS now???
IT IS NOT ANGIE MCQUEEN property - "kill her, chop her fingers off, do what you have to do" - but it is my property- not HERS. You paid her when you were to pay me. CLEARLY YOU SEE THAT!!! GET the money, empty her accounts!! sans DEVON's $ - and tell her to stop asking us for money!!!!
FAKE BLOODLINES (FAMILY TREES - ANGIe's PRESIDENTS), FAKE DEGREES (PEPE LAPUMAs fake name my grandmother's maiden name) (my CAPELLA UNIVERSITY) to pratice in Dubai with TIGER WOODS (MJ's best friend) , fake wedding certificates (ANGIE's diamnds that are mine from my horsey stories - no sex with horse) - they why am I sitting here???
ANGIE MCQUEEN and 2 black girls who conspired for what?? sex and money - and gave you AIDS!!!! and they are lookin g for more men from me?? WHAT???
I LIVED with ARABS TWO TIMES!! in several homes!!!!
AIRPLANEs, BOATs, YACHTS with PETE& JOANIE, and PRIVATE JETS with PETER and M J... seesh. NOT these three womene's life. not my problem. you were not to meet my friends or my family until we are married.
MY love stryonlie - I iwl try - I kee being hacked - for DANTE's stuff- the cute skating videos. He needs hockey equipment for $1000 this fall.
ANGIE MCQUEEN is your wife?? She took my spot flying from here to DUBAI & back for two ceremonies that I planned for us alone... you and me??
I am a racist in m y bed- PERIOD!!!


Lawyers beware… but you already know this.


So, that if it falls out of sky, it floats, and does not break up..... I have the material (I can purchase for less than $20 dollars the material that am thinking and can show it to you), can we buy the patent or reverse engineer it.. and add it to the existing patent for a COMMERCIAL AIRLINER...

AND potentially no more airline tragedies..... and into the year 2009!!!

I observed surgeries at 15-16 as I wanted to be a plastic surgeon.. and these stories are all in th emeida, and I am not a doctor.. I joked that if I failed out of medical school or from being a psychologist, then I would open a used book store, and Pamela Anderson Lee, did a show called STACKED. and this was the plot... these are easily proven to be my stories...

I need help with filing and doing the paperwork in the USA courts..

I am concerned, as I knew of breast implants as a way of giving a woman a new life after cancer treatment.. the mental game, you are now brand spanking new!!

I have too many story lines going at once, once they take over, they keep writing on the same lines, making little changes, expect to stalk my jobs and my life.. without payment...

I want out of the USA, I love the USA... but I want to be in DUBAI... I will even follow SHARIA law... I cannot get free of these people, and no one shuts there people down... from using me and misusing me, without credit..


Why do the lawyers talk to me like crap, refuse to do work, and refuse to be honest.....

I have my own company.. and I am hiring out and paying them, and they mess up... IT CAN CAUSE MEDICAL DAMAGES....

You like Pamela Anderson Lee better than me.. WHY?? S.E.X. sells b/c she is also engaging in prosititution.. on the side, with all of her lovers...

If people do not like my busisness ideas, then they are engaging in malice... AS I HAVE A DUTY AS A PSYCHOLOGISt, to never do any harm...

Yet, I am being abused and I am from a great family, and no one is doing anything about it.

THEFT IS NOT FUNNY, unless you are a criminal.. ALYSSA MILANO is a millionaire, and I am broke and have loans.. and she claims that my blood relative is not my uncle, he is hers... that my last name is not MICELI..

That she did not design a clothing line that was hacked out of my computer to do so.. WHEN I HAVE THE POLICE REPORTS.... of the hack, and the exact words in the tabloids and exact photos that look like me.. and she is pitching her clothing line to SPORTS STARS.. when my dad has photos with TOMMY LASORDA, she used the last name MICELI, and she stole from my blogs and from my photos... this is money for me and my son...
She is not even trying to hide the fact that she stole.. and is using me for a career..
WHY DOES KELLY WERNER EVEN THINK THAT SHE SHOULD GET DANTE's CHILD SUPPORT??? It is tax exempt, and cannot be touched my lawsuits... so instead they lie to scheat me out of legal fees...

You 3 are the only decent people in my world...

BOB GARBER is suing my mom's retirement account for legal fees, and the idiot talked me into jail and the JUDGE OUT OF A SETTLEMENT.... like I told him that MJ was not the father in confidence.. WHICH NEVER EVER HAPPENED, we asked for MJ to explain why he dodged the NORMAL LEGAL PROCESS AND HIRED AN ATTORNEY AND DID THE TESTING IN HIS LAWYER's OFFICE.... I thought he was negotiating for a settlement.... so I agreed to enter into contracts with the man... HE CLAIMS TABLOIDS WOULD WANT MY STORY IN A COURT AND THEN HE WAS NOT A CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER.. why would I need one, if tabloids were interested??? I would not.. it was CODE BLUE TO PUT ME IN JAIL AND THEN EXTORT MONEY AND PRESTIGE OR HIS NAME IN THE PAPER....
I want the IDIOT DISBARRED, for putting me in jail..... PERIOD. I could do that on my own, why hire a lawyer to lie for himself, not for me.. and then continue to extort money in a blatant effort to discredit me...
KELLY WERNER SOLD AND TOLD THE STORIES THAT GOT INTO STAR MAGAZINE, from her re/max office... not one, but two stories... and then a series of stories in the GLOBE - NEVER PAID FOR... FRAUD!!!
THIS MONEY WAS TO PAY FOR LEGAL FEES, MJ in a democracy could say his side.. and then the story is done with a follow up, after testing.. AS IN MATTER SETTLED.
THE PRESS - writers and photog think that they own me... adn conver my property to their own use and then sell it...using other people, cutting me out of my own family, business, marraige, etc, etc. etc... and once they take over, story after story, not controlled by me.. causing nothing but mental pain and anguish..
THE LAWSUITS SHOULD BE MY CHARITY.. to make the error right..
I am not even given that respect.. no apologies.. no money.. NOTHING
LIKE ME AND MY LIFE AND MY BUSINESS DO NOT MATTER IN THIS WORLD, I am crazy for asking... when it was KELLY WERNER, who was crazy for asking...

I DATED MJ.. I proved that in magazines, which took evidence that the courts would not even take.. PHONE RECORDS ND WITNESS STATEMENTS.... which I am now being told that files and evidence are being destroyed.. even when I ask for it. THEY TELL ME TO GET A LAWYER... DOMESTIC RELATIONS, THE COURTHOUSE AND THE PREVIOUS LAWYERs.. they are gathering evidence to DISCREDIT ME, and make me seen crazy and not credible..

HOW WOULD I KNOW OR EVEN CARE WHAT THIS MAN's GENITALS LOOK LIKE???? or where his tattos are??? If I was not with him sexually.... was I ever with black men prior to this... NO.

I was with ARAB MEN....

DID I NEED MONEY - NO, not accordinmg to them, I just built a brand new home adn I had a job at the top of the FOOD CHAIN, MD's PhD's, and lawyers... and clinical research trials of drugs... I, not MJ, am ITALIAN, and was untouchable..

Then after Mj's ads in HANES portraying me.. I am repeatedly pulled over by police.. this tells me that MJ is a drug user.. AND... MJ was electrocuted as a child... which could cause his genes to change, same with illnesses... so I am not wrong in asking for a DNA EXPERT to analyze the results.

JUDGE GORDON MILLER is not an MD.. but even more troubling is the fact that he and OTHERS CRIMINALY CONSPIRED, instead of being up front and honest.. and tookl the law in their own hands to punish, or to control me... or both...

KELLY IS NOT A LAWYER.... not an FBI agent and not a CIA agent.. she was making threats nad using her position as a witness, to threaten me....

IF SHE WAS WITH MJ, she would sue MJ, not me.... RIGHT?? If she was mentally pain and anguished, she would sue... MJ, not me... I never had sex with her and I never offered her MJ.. SO, this proves, that she is pretending to be someone that she is not.. and be in the know when she is clearly not..

SHE IS A LIAR, who benefited from the deception..... in REAL ESTATE AND IN THE TABLOIDS!!!

JUDGE GORDON MILLER is not a doctor.... he cannot legally diagnose or prescribe treatments....

How do I collect my money and go to the MIDDLE EAST to marry and start a family???

I need a VISA AND BLOOD WORK.. I have banned prescriptions.. but have valid prescriptions.. I can fiqure the rest out... A HOTEL for a visit visa, marry, and then go back with Dante and get a job.. which I am already searching for.... and I am back in GRADUATE SCHOOL in PSYCHOLOGY online... and can move as long as I have a cable internet conmnection...

ADVISE.. I am leaving this country and acquiring status... and building an image, that I do not want to harm the MIDDLE EAST OR THE USA.. or give away information for free..... ALL PEOPLE HAVE TO EAT... but criminals who waste people's time and money and injure them need to be punisghed according to the law... I have too many people coming into my life to process the information and the countries...

I MUST SIT DOWN AND SEE THE COUNTRIES, to see the trade or the improvement that I can make.. without money, I have to be heavy handed in dispensing justice, as TECHNOLOGY MAY BE LOST!!!

UNDERSTAND??? How about a letter to BOEING, outlining me questions concerns and potential improvements??? AS A START....

I also have to slam this women in the media, to get my mind back.. my family wanted me to do calendars and write letters.. not be sent to jail, for the actions of others, who are engaging in UNFAIR COMPETITION!!! to take over my family.. even if they have to kill them... which PAMELA ANDERSON LEE DID DO, she ages people and she messes with their minds... and ruins ADVANCED THINKING TO SOLVE PROBLEMS..

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!!! NOT FOR ENEMIES LIKE MICHAEL JORDAN... I want the work done, not to be cheated out of business plans.

LEFTY SHEIKHA.... has many many business projects, based on psychology and my research... so one project builds on another...

I alrteady have a TV CREW and will be doing a documentary about me and my family, taking control over the stolen RIGHTS... not TRASH TV, but VERY VERY CLASSY.. dinner parties, black tie events.. and narrative and some travel.... so need contract negotiations, in the next few weeks...

I have the production company and the directors, and the script writers, and my book deal, and my web-site designer for the project, then the money can be used for business plans and designs... and other stuff.

THERE IS SO MUCH HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY AND INFORMATION... I am a free mason with PSYCHIC POWERS.. and alien communications.... since a child.. Lisa THE TOOL TIME GIRL, SAM MICELI WHO's the BOSS SHOW??? CROP CIRCLES.. etc, etc...

I must cntrol the information for growth, and to stay healthy... and to get the right information.... okay???

I am also doing a series of EXERCISE VIDEOS, with this production company... based on my training..



Lisa A. Miceli
where have you been? this is my wedding story and you are doing what? These wonmen are buying baby clothes and calling lawyers and moving out of thier homes, on my wedding and baby story.

THE LAWYERS SUCK in the USA - as they are not to stalk me for my legal cases, a double CRIME!!

I thought that you were in bed with your two wives, not other USA women. The ip suggests that you were having sex with other USA women and then contacting me from their homes. So, that I loved you for cheating on me. COMMUNICATION is ruined.

HAMMY please take a trip to the USA to help me, fiqure this out. I have lawyers to help me.


So she was once a stripper? Why am I not surprised.

MY STRIPPER parties for my now married friends. NO SEX.. just teasing one another. They marry after that. USA rules, illegal to have sex.

DID I HIRE YOU ANGIE MCQUEEN?? Did I tell you to stop contacting AHMED during our courtship nad engagement? that it is not her TV SHOW... did I tell you, that AHMED AND DANTE are not DANTE's property..

THank you for bringing him back to me, stripper show is done. He is no OSCAR del a HOYA - and is worthy of Lisa Miceli. I have my own bio dna kids, depsite lupus or a head injury... or whatever else ignorant threat you want to make.


Maybe she’s right about something…

Me in NYC. Horse and buggies, lol, lol. Outside Tavern on the Green. 1994.

I love you and hence why I cannot tolerate your sex life in my face.
CUCUMBER sauce..... lol, lol, lol.
Darius Rucker did not call me. So, no worries with Black beauty... lol, lol, lol. He is not the dad, you are. SAME EYES!!!! you and DANTE.
My mind is still messed from the car accident.


Admitting is the first step.

I wanted to go to NEW ZEALAND with you... hookers are allowed there (me being the hooker). The bankngi issues and the money, new world order, can we hurry to get a BIN LADEN CONTRACT for my house in Dubai, please.

Black arabian horse in EGYPT...... for us.

I will send high school photos, with Jack and the others who shot themselves.

Mc D straws was my cocaine addiction with Keith Saeed. His mother would hide them from us and glad bag twisties.
the mass on the back of my neck is GONE!!! WOOO HOOOO.

Thank you for your love and prayers and tolerance. ANYTHING to help you. My real estate lawsuits will property.

Lisa A. Miceli

Now isn’t this rich?
Need to see those medical files.. I gave birth first child in 6 hours. I had sex after the accident.

I had retro grade amnesia..... good for my story, for psychoanalyst, to recover some of the past around the accident.
The impact from a flipping car, is insane... bouncing like a beach ball down a highway. I lived .. that is all that you need to know.

clear your mind of it......


Lisa A. Miceli

I would say that this shit is mind-blowing, but she would take it the wrong way
I was to do my sex partner on camera........ for my MUSLIM CLERICS to m arry us.. where are you?? DAnte has 3 handlers now every day. My family wants more kids.. Do not not want to test the system in real estate relief, see if I can fix the land problems, or other stuff..... (from my $16 BILLION lawsuits).

BY THE WAY, DANTE's dancing moved the EARTH axis in earthquakes all over, bringing a new planet into our solar system, using alien power to correct our earthly human mistakes... may be able to find new water sources.

CalL SPIKE LEE - he wants to do SPACE Jam2 wth me and DANTE.. I hear him. I am going to drop off DANTe to Mj in less than 10 days, and start my story on You Tube.. to be picked up by sponsors.

Queen Jordan is doing a tourism show, like I wanted to do.

But I thought you said… Oh just forget it!

YOU NEED TO HIRE PI MAN ANGIE MCQUEEN, AHMED is with me.. all of the time.

HH SHEIKH AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum AND LISA MICELI set up this account to have 20 kids together, you need to find a new man and a new account please.

We are trying to have our own children and do not need hacked bc I get legal rulings and okays from Hh Sheikh HAMDAN of Dubai in here.
I am not STERILE and I have my own children, no lupus.


We all suspected she was a man.

Who is the MEXICAN looking child - LINDA? WHO?? ANGIE's nanny?
Your dick is not as big as mine with MJ in the courts.. lol, lol.

You mean from the lupus that you DON’T have?

----- Our chat on Thu, 8/19/10 1:01 AM -----
lisamiceli32 (1:02 AM): I need to go to MECCA to pray, LUPUS is beating me right
now. SORES in my mouth and skin issues.
lisamiceli32 (1:01 AM): I did not get that you were tellnig me what to say to
other women, not to me in emails. Should I have posted them the whole time to
back those women off of me. The photos are for us - our plans, no?I have to
shower a lot - 2 times a day b/c of it being so hot and working out.
What a lady
AHMED - FUCK OFF. I am sick of these nasty messages. I am marrying. Lots of men found my attractive to date. You are cruel - after two years of this, a wedding dress, and missed in person meetings, with more than $16 billion in the courts.
Why are you stealing from me and spreading my business - when lawyers told you to meet in person and SHUT UP!!
You are ruining everything for me and my hubby. WHY??
2. IT IS ME sUCKING DICXK with those nails.
3. It is our 5000 flim flim - so why are you telling my friends what they know - me in bed. in public.
4. You do not know these women - it is me in bed - you are telling them.
5. IT IS MY WEDING STOry - I spoke to KELLY WERNER, ANGIE MCQUEEN, LAPUMA WOMEN, everyone to plan a wedding for AHMED & Lisa Miceli- if not just an engagement party.
6. I DATED TOM BENGE, the cop and had long nails sucking his dick. MJ sued me - to pay child support.

You sure you don’t know?

I am telling HAMMY that you strapped me to a bed in a room with azure walls (and pink handcuffs), and finger fucked my for house, before cumming on my face.... b/c you claimed that I made you masturbate for hours to flim flim.
I am going to party now, sun down. have you ever been to the sundown inn in raleigh, nc - it is a dump!
I need in your accounts and you checking ccounts as well, you do not know what you are saying of doing - I am psychology. I do not know what ANGIE MCQUEEN thinks is so funny or crazy.


lisa miceli


WHERE ARE YOU HERPES MAN.. need meds? are you taking dildos in your ass? why on your ass??
Do you not know how to clean your ass?? I sent you photos of my perfect ass... waxed and gorgeous!!

NO HERPES, VAGINAL BIRTH - but destroyed my pussy... will do C section if not water birth. MY PUSSY LIPS were soo swollen after birth.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now we're getting somewhere. Jimmy the mechanic?

Read this

Thu, August 19, 2010 12:52:22 PMxoxoxox I am in the courts trying to get out with m y book deals, and then be normal.
From: Lisa Miceli Add to Contacts
To: ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


IS THIS AHMED? They are calling you a terrorist? why? You need to help me travel right away AHMED - to get out of the courts and have a great time in public in the USA.... to clear our names.
PAMMY, and wife 2 and ANGIE MCQUEEN called you a terrorist. I love HH SHeikh MO's wives 1 and 2.
MUSLIM CULTURE, you need to help iwth DANTE - you were summons by me, not ANGIE MCQUEEN. JIMMY is the father of DANTE - you claimed to be JIMMY.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

All Crazy, All The Time

TO: Bates Battaglia

And I need a sample to prove that YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER... of my son (and as a comparative analysis - if you do not care - I do not work for the government at all)... I have one scheduled in PITTSBURGH, PA and we are trying to sell the photos.... a photographer is doing it.. please at the end of the month.... we, as in me and Dante... I am also SICILIAN DESCENT... my dad is 100 percent SICILIAN... I have been tested for effecting the gaming industry in horse races and casinos... so I have to avoid some people anyway..

WE DID HAVE SEX ONE TIME - and that is all that it takes to make a BABY.... and for me to SAY, HAPPY FATHER's DAY....I know it is not yours.... but I am making the book positive.. and such.. anyway.. and your offer to be there at the birth is in there - and it makes you all look good - my ghost writer is in CANADA... and he is professional.....

I attached my resume.. so that you can see how this would help us both.... it will be fun... I promise..

I have things to update on my resume - about fitness awards that I won.. in high school and college.... and such.. I am like 130 lbs not the 105 lbs that you met me... but my look changes and my body.. I am over-trained at times - not dance..... treadmill and YOGA.. and I have to take anti-anxiety drugs to get smaller... so I am not looking for drugs in your DNA.... in your system and we can destroy the records and such... I am getting better lawyers..

can we meet offline for tea...?? I cannot handle Mike (I cannot handle the relationship - it on or off mentally), why can we not have sex first & handle it together. It has been over ten years now for me and MJ. The last relationship I had, in the prime of my life. Now all courts, what a mess!! I should have been happily married adn havingf ore kids, to feel better and be a mom.

Lisa A. Miceli

You are ging to go to jail over ad over again, b/c she is the wrong WIFE!!!

did a SAUDI not kill his assistant.. is that what I am to do with angelicuqe mcqueen, my assistant for contacting you when I was sick and you not coming to my house ASAP??

She was sitting on the internet waiting on that phone call...... she is in CA dn i am in PA. I am not allowed to gever get sick!!


Does she not talk dirty to you in bed AHMED in your ears? like you asked of me?? Where is the JET and the car to fuck in.??

WHERE ARE YOU HERPES MAN.. need meds? are you taking dildos in your ass? why on your ass??
Do you not know how to clean your ass?? I sent you photos of my perfect ass... waxed and gorgeous!!

NO HERPES, VAGINAL BIRTH - but destroyed my pussy... will do C section if not water birth. MY PUSSY LIPS were soo swollen after birth.


My order and my transcripts say to settle out of the courts, not in, requiring contact through lawyers only if I cannot afford a lawyer, I have to do it myself. You have yet to offer me a night of passion for $4000.00 to pay my legal bills for my son. So, why do you get ANGIE MCQUEEN and I confused and our legal cases? Stephen Boyce did too, asking if I wed the INDIAN man and not you.
why are you lying to me? I lost 30lbs biking in the Meadville, PA area. That being said, I am going to ask the courts for it being cruel to bike long distances in bad weather. I am also claiming illegal invasion of privacy. lol, lol. To get my records cleared. I thought that all you cared about was s.e.x. with me, what do I like, and who have I been with.
How often are you in the USA - these ips are just servers, right? You are not in the States having sex in hotels with ANGIE MCQUEEN are you, when engaged to me and me and my son moving to Dubai.

Lisa A. Miceli
I OWN MY OWN WEDDING, it is not owned by hookers & johns.

MY dad had the blondes in his marraige and he was into VEGAS gambling. Is that not what ANGIE MCQUEEN is trying to offer you, as if you are JOE MICELI? She sent bathing suit phoots to my dad's phone!!!!
EXCUSE me, I can ski on TV IN Dubai I can water ski, and volleyball with military was my forte!!!!! WINNING our beach volleyball tournament with my WICKED SERVE!!!!!!
where is my offline baby contract - contracts are legal in the USA????
MARRIAGES are contracts too in the USA.
MICHAEL JORDAN's people are trying to help us marry, so is our m ilitary, and so IS AL QUAEDA, and so is KUWAIT, and SAUDI ARABIA, have all reached out to me.


I do understand how you hurt me so much for loving you. WHY?
You are my biggest nightmare, in these homes having sex with these women writing to me laughiung at me hurting over you. Denying me sex ands money for two years, why?
Talking to my son through a computer, and not in person. WHY? Bringing up MJ from ten years ago, why?
Where is my money - please tell me that I did not lose all of it, b /c of your sick games online?
PLEASE send me money now, please.

HIDEOUS... WHY ARE you letting her ruin our marraige.. STUPID!! I never told you to date or bed her, I asked you to stop back-stabbing me.


HOOTIE AND THE BLOWFISH AND OTHER BANDS wrote songs for me. HALL of FAME for music lyrics written about me!!!!



MORE REAL ESTATE EVER - 2.7 million in 7 months closed (sold with money paid)!!! HISTORY in NC.

MICHAEL JORDAN's MISTRESS..... history lawsuits!!

YOU OUT LULU 's name on the internet. messing with my family.? WHY?

MY CHILD AND MY INFORMATION, who is pretending to be a fetus??


I THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS ILLEGAL in your culture. PLEASE help me fix this by arresting the cons in our names & blogs & shutting down mine.

Main article: Witchcraft
In non-scientific societies, perceived magical attack is an ideology sometimes employed to explain personal or societal misfortune.[34] In anthropological and historical contexts this is often termed witchcraft or sorcery, and the perceived attackers 'witches' or 'sorcerers'. Their maleficium is often seen as a biological trait or an acquired skill.[35] Known members of the community may be accused as witches, or the witches may be perceived as supernatural, non-human entities.[36] In early modern Europe and Britain such accusations led to the executions of tens of thousands of people, who were seen to be in league with Satan. Those accused of being satanic 'witches' were often practitioners of (usually benign) folk magic,[37] and the English term 'witch' was also sometimes used without its pejorative sense to describe such practitioners.[38]

We have to do this in ourder so not to go to jail for being a victim of a crime. AHMED, how are you soo careless with me? SWITCHINMG IUDS AND JEWISH HOLLYWEIRD did this... body doubles.


I need protection from AHMED, please.

He needs to save all emails from his accounts and mine for the USA courts, please.
DELETING is an admission of guilt. So, please save them for his name to be cleared from further criminal prosecution.
He has been going to other women's homes online and raping them using my sex texts ( and other LISA MICELI emails) and then emailing me from their homes, proving that he went there. She claims that she was drugged by him. THE FBI told me of several complaints against him. NOT JUST ONE WOMAN.

I tried to file police reports making him the victim, but hard to do that when he claims that he was just cheating on me adn he is a sheikh and can do what he wants. He was not to contact me fans and bloggers from my blog or from my email accounts EVER!!


HH, I am sorry if I came off mean to anyone, you included or was swearing at you. I am grateful for your help and information.

No, what if he were adopted by my own family, and removed from my name, after court settlements? Then, I marry and start over. I am in psychology, anti-psychotics are used to treat autism and psychosis, both patients lack empathy. Just interesting. So, you are doing the right thing in Dubai. I wished to further my studies in DUBAI, with online university from the USA, PhD and MASTERs work.
ANGIE MCQUEEN was not to do any TV SHOWS, until mental health evaluation, as it was my show, getting my son with the dad for visitation or my with my parents or both. HH Sheikh AHMED bin Saeed bin Al Maktoum of Dubai stepped in MJ's light, as it appears. I may be wrong. But the blogs and him holding my accounts say yes, that he is.

I lost my driver's license from psychotic people, exposing every piece of me online. THE BOOK in the USA anD CHINA is the APOLOGy for my son's BIRTH, FORBIDDEN FRUIT and highlights USA public policy of family laws.
My intent was to tell the truth, and not dodge laws, but I have to move on. it is to highlight a family law issue and say sorry, eve if not my fault. I was slipped durgs that night, that I wanted to test for POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER in the USA, for war victims. I am the niece of a Judge in USA SUPERIOR COURTS. I am petty as others are petty with me. Sorry, I still love HH Sheikh AHMED bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai so much. But, I understand. my son is not retared or autistic. I am happy to pay Dubai lawyers, for the truth. I am willing to donate money to Dubai Cares or buy property if legal in Dubai for you and AHMED since you helped me.
I am protecting my son's mind, as he is gifted. the lawyers would not let me abort, even though legal in the UAS, and the did not invite dads to the birth, who could have maried me. All Jewish lawyers. INTERESTING. Then came the USA ENTERTAINMENT industry, with psychotic support of me. Yet illegally profiting on my copyrights. I am trying to fix this mess. I did not want him stepping in my mess and looking bad.
He was looking into SOUTH AFRICA for me and DANTE to live to be with him in private. I was not trying to bribng SCANDAL to AHMED but help with PUBLIC POLICIES.
Sorry this email is so long. Anything in return for the infomation, I am happy to help. 5 PRO ATHLETES wanted to be at the birth to marry me first before DAnte was born. I am thanking them in the book for thier wisdom, over my lawyers.


I did not know that you are psychotic aHMED. FLAT AFFECT, ANGIE's pregnancxy photos are soo ugly it is insane!!!

the source RAJ is psychotic. he was married in the USA nad impregnanting a hooker. You are not RAJ. ANGIE is sick.

This is our wedding not theirs.

I woke up with SCOTTY' Kelly Scott's hubby all over me, what was he doing?? MASTURBATING to me??

We need to meet in person, come to my house, like ANGIE MCQUEEN claims that you came to her house, prompting 80 EXTORTION VIDEOs of Lisa Miceli's life.



xoxoxoxox You told me to wait, it has been two years, come on now, AHMED. The 1-02 milion is mine, I can move in and get us a home, where?

I can re-open my MJ case for DANTe's money. You told me that you wanted my dad to watch us have s.e.x.. and you would be slow.


JOEY GREY, is BLACk. I will go have sex with him adn post photos, he is USA MLITARY, to priove I am not racist. they use nigger too.

THE BLACKS LIED TO YOU - I TRIED TO DEFEND YOU.. you want me to apologize for their crimes? WHAT?

you do not value life.

lisa miceli

ANGIE MCQUEEN calimed that she was Lisa Miceli on July 22, 2010 at 6 pm. That easy to be an actress, jsut steal an email and do some You Tubes

you want me to apologize for your crimes against me? I want my passcodes, I did not give you full access, forever. I have work to do. you do not pay my bills, even if you promised to.

PEPE LAPUMA, my servants? what is her real name adn was it a trip to LAS VEGAS, NV for you, ANGIE and her to meet OSCAR, using Omar who sat next to MILLIe, ANGIE's nemesis? You used my TV SHOW AHMED to fuck ANGIE. You used my blogs to fuck niggers.
Where is my money?? I own the rights to the TV SHOW and out weddidng. Angie McQuen is a clone of LisA Miceli's story with you, while you committ crimes against me. OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE!! ILLEGALLY TWISTING RELATIUONSHIPs with lawyers and legal cases.
You are studying with these other women and it is not their life. You are going to prison b/c of it.

THE POLICE stopped you with other women and stalkers of LISA MICELI - while you did not show to legal meeting with me. for the truth!!
1997 - evil twin and before we went to same college, same with PETER LOFTIN and Mj was in CHAPEL HILL, NC where I work.
1994 I was PRINCESS.

lisa miceli
SEND A JET TO MEADVILLE, PA not HUSTON, TX to the UK (that nigger) went to the PA STATE police qwith TINA SLATTON

can he hear me type nigger? ahmed were is my house, car, and gifts to fuck you, like angie, pammy, paris, and others ? nigger girl used my name to fuck you - that is worth $90 million - she got the funds ? to pay me back for misusing me? how about DANTE's funds the $400 million - you are a hgooker nigger lover, who abused me for 2 yrs and lied to me about sex - no before marraige. You married to these hookers? openly using hookers, HAMMY too? You do not stand a chance in hell withh me or my child - and the courts - are behind on my other work, stop twisting this, you cannot afford to speak freely on this at all.

Why are you fucking the bloggers, the judge will want to know, instead of marrying me? in the usa and the uk? you think that we are friends? do you need mental help like tiger woods?
where is my money??
private investigators are going to look you up to fuck with you.

Fri, July 30, 2010 12:40:19 PM

I need a job, you ruined everything.

Lisa Miceli
HH, can I marry you and ABSAM both, I am better in bed than the other 3 - I sent you three blonde maidens, per your request, MASTER!

Are you afraid of me, is that why you said that, projection? I am sad. No guns, no bombs, loved ABSAM - mad at the time going so fast, with only an online courtship. Sorry for the swears. Love your photos and music.Can I meet ABSAM? what do I need to do to make that happen and he feel safe with me? I am a PARIS, PAMMY, AND ANGIE MCQUEEN all in one, as it is all my information. DATED ALL PRO ATHLETES, MJ, BATES BATTAGLIA, PITTSBURGH STEELERS, ARIZONA CARDINALS, KURT ANGLE (WRESTLING GOLD)'s SUITEMATE, need more? All sports. At home becasue of my son. DATED ABSAM's doppleganger, until I heard him more than KEITH SAEED, and had to find AHMED. I met him in prior to 911. I was nearly bombed prior to that - at the same spot WTC for dinner and showed ABSAM the photos. I was in better shape and prettier than.
Lisa A. Miceli

Re: HAMMY is only open to you marrying me, IDIOT!

REALLKY? you drink and smoek mUSLIM MAN. I introduced you to the USA - on my blogs - WHAT THANKS do I get? I miss my own parties. you are rude running on my name without me.. making a name and fame on me!!!!

Lu Lu - told me to tell oyu to eat the pearls out of my cunt!!! LISA MICELI's cunt.
Lisa A. Miceli

Hammy told me that you were to put me on a plane to see him yesterday, as FRED SPERLING (MJ's lawyers) called him.

I have nothing Ahmed - no frinds, no family, no money, no health isurance - to get my pills, no driver's license, no car, no house, no grad education, nno money for it, no book, no child support - I lost it all in 2 years with you.
My reality shows - given to PARIS HILTON and other women... b/c of you. Angie and Raj - my trusted friends, seem to have it all, from me.
I never loved a man like I loved you. You could have taken me on a date please. No s.e.x. Or called me on the phone.
My word means nothing to anyone to get stalkers away from me. nfact, you are bedding and gifting my stalkers, according to ANGIE MCQUEEN - you are controlled by her through s.e.x. MY JOB! That is why you are soo cruel to me when you were so lovely.
I am soo exicted to finally meet in person. You went out on a date with PAMMY ANDERSON, PARIS HILTON and ANGIE MCQUEEN - all during our courtship. Funny. Hammy will not treat me like that.

Lisa A. Miceli
can we meet offline for tea...?? Why do you make it like I missed my own wedding with you & ANGIE got married & had kids for me?

You act like MJ - low bred. Meetings in a lawyer's office please. NOW, we need an accountant adn I manage my son's money, includiung his book deals, and other chairty adn whatever else.
Come for a meeting, I will not be expected to behave in the USA, so I will bring condoms. No one will know. The meetings with be with lawyers, silly and an accountanct. Once I suck your cock, you will be able to think clearly.

Lisa A. Miceli

You were to pick me up in a PRIVATE JET & take me back to DUBAI with you, so that I would not be misused anymore by anyone... instead of AL QUAEDA having to defend me and my rights with BOMBS.... and their bodies.

I can fax and sell me from a computer in Dubai, if need be.... or through lawyers. I can afford my own home, we must do it now please.

Lisa A. Miceli


Issa, I like him.. he has control over the police... that is nice....

did you send a car for me.. to LAS VEGAS for a PITBULL show??? b/c I am in the dog position onm BLOGGER??? for FRED SPERLING AND MJ???

and he calls MJ - a DONKEY LIKE KING KONG.... lol, lol.. after I wrote in my book MJ is a CHIMP!!!!


You with her now, and she thinks that she is PAMMY ANDERSON??/ getting face from yoU???

THREATS, THREATS, THREATS, THREATS, THREATS.... that is all tht you dfo.. you ghave sex with every female that is near me.. threat, threat, threat.....

lisa miceli
Count how many times that you are happy with me rather than not.

ok, I want you to masturbate and when it comes out all over your hand and your penis, I will lick it off.
video of me dancing next, please keep it private...

Lisa A. Miceli

Friday, August 6, 2010

wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp...

wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp...
wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp wamp...

A new day, same BS with the Great Pretender.
Except for the part where she actually suggests she gives up her son in order to make peace with a man she has never met or communicated with in her life.
I have received 2 new nasty videos with her completely naked, and possibly HOPING I would post that garbage on here. Black folks need not expect an apology anytime soon. The "N" word is effortlessly tossed around in every other sentence. She is going seriously hard about MJ again. Not that she ever stopped obsessing over him; she had just put him on hold for a minute.
I just wanted to freshen up the page with a new post because I see she had gone bananas on the previous post. I will update when I touch down to my non-lm destination. In the meantime

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Now what kind of agreement do you have with MJ?

All that hard work was reduced to $60, a rusty asshole and a piece of story in the frickin Enquirer magazine??? But you say you're fit for royalty.