Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope everyone is doing just fine

Hi all! I know I have long abandoned the blog. Real life sort of happens and makes it very difficult to follow along with the puppy chasing its tail all the damn time. When I see cray-cray stuff like Amanda Bynes Lisa-esque breakdown, I want to run to the blog and share, but time constraints prevent that from happening. But I hope you all are enjoying the real world & holidays with the people you love and the ones who love you back.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I don't even have the patience to look at the mess that might be going on in over 3,000 messages. Can someone fill me in on anything "new" or is it just the same ole' same ole'? I see that someone is successfully pretending to be ABSAM or Hammy, but she's still bloating my email with the copies.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays to All

I have not read much of the comments on this last post since she's been out. I'm sure it's the same-ole'-same-ole'. Any who Some things never change. Just really wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! Also, I ask that everyone continue to pray for all little boys and girls who are forced to live with or around mental illness, and those who will never get the help they truly need. These people become the Casey Anthony's, or James Holmes of the world. Just sad:-(

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yup, what Anon said.

Anonymous said... Just a small update on the emails I am getting from Lisa - she confirms she is in a hospital. Since the ip address is in Warren I guess it's pretty obvious she is in Warren State Hospital - she states she cannot see the "blogs". So she gets access to email but not the internet. - her emails are same-shit-different-day: Angieblahblahblah, BabyDaddyblahblahblah, SendMeMoneyblahblahblah. August 21, 2012 9:44 AM

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So quiet...

The last communications I received from LM was Tuesday June 19 in the 8pm hour. There were others who contacted me about her "issues" as well. I wasn't ignoring you "S"- I'm just now seeing your message. I guess it doesn't matter anyway. Looks like somebody did something. A Late, Great B-day gift for the kid. Sorry for slacking on the posting, but real life is hectic (in a good way). I'll make time to update the missing pieces this upcoming week when I finally catch a decent break.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Birthday... Another Crazy Day.

DANTE ONLY EASTS MILK, b/c of you and PAMMY AND PARIS MEDIA on my paternity... ad other women as well... like a group marriage or orgie... I AM SENDING YOU TO JAIL IF YOU DO NOT COME TO MY HOUSE PROPERLY WITH NANNIES.. as planned since 2008.. YOU owe me everything.. LOCKET, RINGS, CLOTHING AND JEWELRY... xxoox, LISA ANN MICELI ********************************************************************************************************************************** HAMMY, I FUCKED YOU so I get ANGIE AND LISA LIFE BOTH AND YOUR MONEY too.... COME right to my house now... WE ARE TO FLY EVERYWHERE TOGETHER and it is for my emails, ASPEN CO, DUBAI all of the places you went with ANGIE MCQUEEN- tell her to buy tickets if she wants to stalk us and hope she gets bombed... ANGIE IS FUCKING POWERLESS. She claims to own all of LISA's property.. ruined in 70 vidoes BILLIONS of dollars.... laughing at hher nadyou have o pay her bills... to me only.. so pointless with her in everyway. Stop hurting me... WHY would you hurt me with a fucking asshole blondes... ?? I am ANGIE for the rest of her kids make her masturbate for 10 yrs... BE CELEBATE ANGIE MCQUEEN you are in LISA's name.. NO MORE SEX EVER using my name... GET HERE IN 25 hours .... NOW. xxoox, LISA ANN MICELI ************************************************************************************************************************************* HAMMY, I WANT KING ABDULLAH TO HONOR KILL YOU IF YOU ARE NOT LEGALY WED TO LISA ANN MICELI who you were talking to online this whole time propsiong to and bnuying shit for and have our kids as many if not more than ANGIE MCQUEEN starting tonight... SEND ANGIE home, she is insane.. PERIOD. I asked to be in the PALACEE & she showed up as me- using the as phone numbers.. as me. STOP IT HAMMY. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI *************************************************************************************************************************************** WHERE AREB YOU? AT ANGIE's in CA or in DUBAI? DANTE's birthday is today. You are to be her with a puppy, not in my face with ANGIE pregnant ad DEVON's new puppy. WHY is she LISA from LISA's emails? Why can she not just be here with her a new man, not LISA's man..?? You do not car that she is an insane crazy criminal and fucked up our wedding night.. I need my teeth whitened right away AND your media fuked up my face- it took off a layer a skin in a chemical peel nad my hair is fucked up over those psych drugs. WHY did you not rescue me? I had no clue you and ANGIE have not been apart since my wedding night and no LISA. ANGIE is not LISA. You were to be at LISA's house since LISA's wedding in Oct 2008... how many kids of mine does she have from our emails?? I want all of our kids. Why would you stall on this or listen to an insane lunatic like ANGIE MCQUEEN? WHY would she want to hurt me like this?? I wish I neve passe dthe chubby contact to you adn then you would have mever married her it would have been impsobbile. Then we would be together everyday.. and we still are supposed to me... despite her. It is my family you called online to wed in 12/2005... I was to have all of your kids, not her or anyone else.. I hate ANGIE's guts. PLEASE GET HERE NOW. Please marry me & keep her away from my family nad out of my information. When she is pregnant she want to be beauty queen in another's marraige and brag about her appearance & she is still hideous & such a cheating lying bitch all of the time.. She is in our marriage talking shit constantly. STOP listening to her, she is not you or us please. We havea differnt marriage... and we are to have kids - more kids than her... HURRY UP PLEASE. I will get my money back on track after that... ANGIE MCQUEEN says that she does not know who I am that I call you? That is her, who was she to call you on my wedding story and make a meeting with no LISA- the real bride. She is still fraud, despite everyday sex and children.. according to all laws. I hate her. She laughs are being a jerk to people. why did you marry her? I said I needed a hubby online.... You think ANGIE is LISA. You said I can have all of you kids & if it fucks it is mine and you wanted to wed right away in Oct 2008 on my birthday... WHY did she do my TV SHOWS? SO you think that she is me... why is that? because we were in love & lust all day long. She fucked up heads and billions of LISA's personal wealth. It is all DANTE's money. I need you today please.. We have been online for over 5 yrs now.. time to get wed and get pregnant please. You can afford us- we were before ANGIE MCQUEEN and her family. You need to stop lying to me about your schedule. I will keep it private. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ***************************************************************************************************************************************** HAMMY, PLEASE STOP. You are using LISA's emails to wed, get pregnan t and buy homes nad do businesses with ANGIE MCQUEEN and using ANGIE's insanity her lies and her words on LISA ANN MICELI. SHE LIED TO YOU on her first meeting with you about LISA. You did not know her at all. PLEASE STOP. I want my bio dna al MAKTOUM children. PLEASE GET to my house and stop me from crying. WE are gorgeous in bed and that was all that you lusted for. You called me deepest diva, creamy thighs, and whoreadorable egg donor and silly putty wanted to eat dinner with me right away with ACE of SPADES. You bought me a locket & a ring- please get to my house tonight & stop stalling. I need to leave the govt of USA right away... if we are going to be legally wed before love making. You wanted LISA a honest & pure LISA wife, not a hooker like ANGIE MCQUEEN who you yell at my about an ask for other women - like I control your harem.... I cannot control what others say about me in the USA HAMMY. I did not organize crime and I did not know it was happening. I called the police. I TOLD YOU, HAMMY, that I love you. PLEASE get to my house now... YOU ARE TO MAKE ME BEAUTIFUL.... you promised me so I am not embarassed on camera... xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************************************************************************************* HAMMY, you are my hubby. PLEASE get here now and stop being sooo stupid. I wanted all of my kids. PLEASE hurry before it is too late. ANGIE organized crime on my wedding story, not my & on my baby stort not me. LET's go to a hotel..... you used every email of LISA on ANGIE a total strange to hurt me over a wedding night in which ANGIE hurt the shit out of me 4 yrs ago. I am crying my eyes out over you, you should be at my house in two sex, not in my face with my former lying BFF for 4 yrs now.. LISA ANN MICELI ***************************************************************************************************************************************** FAMOUS HAIR.... and other appointments are needed today. YUO PROPOSED TO LIAS AND USED all of my information as if you are me and ANGIE MCQUEEN is me and your whole is harem is me.. I NEED MY MONEY PLEASE TODAY. WHERE IS YOUR CREDIT CARD? I need a day of grooming. You can put my dowry in a checking account direct deposit.... I said I would give you lots of offline sex in exchange for our wedding dowry.. (CASH or check or credit card).... xxxo, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************************************************************************************* I NEED EVERYTHING YOU GAVE TO ANGIE MCQUEEN PLUS FERTILITY PILLS RIGHT NOW AND YOU in my bed. LISA is chubby LISA's account has been linked to chubbys since and LISA ANN MICELI not ANGIE MCQUEEN. ANGIE LOOKS PREGNANT AGAIN on ymprivate emails again.. You shop and use my private emails for her daily life when it is to be my daily life.. OBVIOUSLY you know you are not AHMED, why would you let me make a fool of me caling you HH AHMED one time... and you sent the wedding dress & you proposed to me. You were to show up in one day.... please get here now.. SANDY is LISA's mom. LAPUMA is LISA's grandparents not ANGIE's. BOTH ABSAM & ANGIE are stalking me, LISA and writing weird shit on this blog all day. THEY ARE saying ANGIE is LISA & LISA is ANGIE MCQUEEN so you pay ANGIE's bills using everything LISA. You went from ANGIE's house to KELLY WERNER's house?? MY TWO ENEMIES??? WHO all is pregnant on my chubby account? EVERYONE but me, why?? IT IS ALL LISA AND LISA ONLY... WE set up thia acount together after having a PAMMYANDERSONEE04 account.. I had a dool named Kelly I carried around until 14 yrs old. You were to take me to dinner with ACE of SPADES, photos on MISTRESSLIGHT777 of our we dding night and then get me nannie and then wed in DUBAI and put the certificate in CA please and then do LISA's businesses in CA and NV and DUBAI please.. ANGIE used my stuff so need new stuff. ANGIE did not need the fur coats in CA and NV LISA needs them in PA. freezing cold.... You did not know what you are saying when you went to ANGIE's house- you did not know here and never ever ever heard of her and samwith the 2 Kellys.. and ANGIE MORTON. ALL LISA's enemies calling you from my chubby acount to their homes with my stuff... OBL AND KIN ABdULLAH AND YOUR DSAD GOT US TOGETHER calliing us soul mates, the other 4 women are my enmies nad same with PEPE nad TINA D SLATTON are all cons and frauds.... not real LAPUMAS. NOT LISA's real family or real friends... MY real friend will not call you ever. PAMMY ANDERSON LEE PARIS HILTON both said that they are LISA when they are not... ALOT of insane and greedy imposters. WE have a lot of work to do please get to my house now. I will not call you ABSAM. I need to answrr your chubby phone, who esle is calling you behind my back?? ENEMIES of LISA?? RAJ needs to be in jail for telling you all lies. GET TO THE HOUSE NOW. I can move to ANAHEIM CA to be close to ANGIE's house- and then to DUBAI to be close to your house if someoe else is in the PALACE already... I need my DUBAI POLICE OFFICER with me 24 hours a day, who likes me & not going to get me killed by one of the imposters... ABSAM ABND ANGIE ARE INSANE. ANGIE IS NOT GIFTED. PROVE IT. SHE USED MY CHUBBY ACCOUNT to spread her legs for sex from you, by calling you behind my back and telling you and I both lies- NOT GIFTED. THAT is a con. SHE TAKES OVER THIS ACCOUNT according to you.. and tells me that you do not want me. It is her you do not want. STOP GETTING HER PREGNANT.... WHOSE NAME ARE THE HOUSES IN AND THE CARS IN PLEASE?? it is to be all LISAANN MICELI. WE can wed in CA if you are a visiting sheikh only, not a property owner. WHO owns the KENTUCKY FARM? HH SHEIKH MO?? YOU gave ANGIE all LISA's propeeryy when you showed up in cA?? in her name? it is all mine from my copyrighted emails. ABSAM is not HAMMY- why is he cutting adn pasting them on MISS ABSAM. CODE NMES AND ALIASES did not wrok. You went to ANGIE's housew tih my camera and my business plans nad my sex nad dinner and party plans. We have to start at the first video.. I am broke and homeless because of MJ.. ad then go into the sotry nad we have to do our ACE of SPADES night first date & then I wil tell the interrogation stories.... and why? THE USA BUSINESSES. Then I go to the USA courts while pregnant and wed to you for the relief monies in the BILLIIONS.... I NEED MY HAIR AND NAILS AND WAXING DONE AND MAKEUP.. when? I will make the appointments... I NEED CONTROL CHUBBY over the chubby account you have reals & fakes calling all day long confusing you. The fakes from the USA mocking the NC poeple who are calling too probably... I need to do vidos about the emails to you, from NC, CA, OH, TEXAS, AND PA.. all LISA so called friends... YOU HAVE MJ FANS calling too and you are not MJ. They are playing nasty games trying to fiqure out how to get our money constantly.. WHEN I had a gun, no one did this to me ever. I NEED YOU TO UNDERSTAND THIS. ANGIE is the broke dirt bag perverted hooker reading our emails to chubby from LISA.. not the other way aronud on the blogs.. WHY are you getting the on pregnant....?? She is sooooo cruel and nasty. ANGIE SAYS your dick stinks nad cruel shit like that.. THE her to FCK off and get help. She is not sane. I need my gun powers so these imposters stay away. I am allowed to shoot to kill if a robbery in process.. and tht is constantly. I had a perfect criminal and gun record in NC and PA until recently.. the police called it harassment for me to call them- I am to go into her homes and take it all & then call the police because if the conversion of property...same as ISSA.. ANGIE IS SILLY AND CRZY BUT IF CONFRONTED BY ME ON HER DECEPTION she would be violent as if she is me when she is not... crazy... She is murder of me & I am legal killing because she is not me. She used all of my stuff to be me.. ANGIE is insane adn says she does not know you. NEV ER EVER EVER MET you HAMMY. She is truly insane. She is saying that she is LISA ANN MICELI for real. I cannot get 5 yrs back. GET TO THE HOUSE. LISA MICELI the real is not ugly... & not gorgeous right now either... xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI *****************************************************************************************************************************************8 HTTP:// THIS BLOG IS INTERNET HARASSMENT.... and it is all you- not showing up as planned after proposing marraige to me and lying for ANGIE MCQUEEN to be LISA forever.. and for LISA's whole life.... I AM FUCING FURIOUS.. I NEED MY MONEY FROM ALL OF THESE RAPE AND ROBBERY SCHEMES AND to have ym own bio dna AL MAKTOUM SENIOR BLOODLINE CHILDREN.... I thought that chubby was HH AHMAD when he was HH HAMMY- I only wanted HAMMY and told him to show up at my house with ACE of SPADES.. STOP RUINING MY LIFE... You wrote on the blogs you went to the wrong house, get here now please. You sent me photos of your man hands with my CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE? GET HER NOW PLEASE. I AM BEING EXTORTED FROM ON MANY MANY MANY LEVELS ALL CRIME on my fucking name. I am in tears get her now please.. YOU PROMISED ME. YOU TOLD ANGIE she is LISA from my first chubby email to offline in peson meeting.... YOU ARE TORURING ME TERRIBLY..... WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS ON OUR WEDDING NIGHT. GO TO THE TIGHT FUCKING HOUSE in mEADVILLE, PA NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. NOW. You have to sue the MEADVILLE, PA and you did it saying TOM BENGE.... You let ANGIE fuck other men but I cannot say any man's name when chatting with you... how is that?? ANGIE WAS LTING NEXT TO LUIS MERCED, did you torture her or libel him in anyway?? xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************************************************************************************** ANGIE WAS MY BFF STOP FUCKING HER SINCE YOU PROPOSED TO LISA ANN MICELI AND HAVE been with me online since 2000... STOP FUCKING MY FRIENDS YOU AE TORTURING ME... WHAT THE FUCK FOR?? KIDS? THEN SHOW THE FUCK up with my stuff TONIGHT. I am in the mood everytime ANGIE MCQUEEN calls you so do not fuck anyone but me ever.. PLEASE. I am a greedy and selfiosh wife who masturbates to you ten times in one day.. I need the realness of touch as we planned in 2008.... STOP WITH ANGIE MCQUEEN now. She is not who she says thatt she is.. NOTY A QUEEN= FATWA FOM KING ABDULLAH.. and ANGELBABY - my college MEREDITH COLLEGE.. YOU need to be offline with LISA and torturing RAJ AND ANGIE back for rape and robbery on my wedding nights... from their flipping LISA and ANGIE MCQUEEN every email on the blogs... HAMMY DO WHAT I SAY NO PLEASE.. xxoxo, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************************************************************************************

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Very Disturbing

Sorry, I have been extremely busy in the real world. I saw the insane amounts of comments (mostly from LM) in the last post & just don't have the time to comb through the nonsense right now. There are a mass of emails & even videos in my inbox. I will post as soon as I can. But I did go to the last couple of pages & found these particular comments very disturbing ******************************************************************************************************************************* ***************************************************************** DANTE WAS POTTY TRAINED AT AGE 2.... he is now nearly 8 yrs old and fecal incontintent.... for whatever reason. THREATS AND HARASSMENT AND TAUNTS AND EMOTIONAL UPSET... he is severly disturbed. Why is she asking me if I am angry? I did not do anything. I am playing on the foor. Why is he asking me about PITTSBURH?? and a hotel?? and that she is going there soon?? xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************* BABY DANTE is your potty problem psychological or medical????? He is not answering me. DENIAL. Why is that?? He goes into denial of what did and how it smells?? WHEN he is clean, clean, clean. YOU fiqure it out HAMMY. THE VIDEO game, why the obsession?? You should see what he points out, the headdress and the GERMAN SHEPHARDS. He likes them and thinks that they are funny. He thinks that people swearing is really funny. How is he picking up the online information?? HAMMY, I need a car and insurances, SANDY stalled on DANTE's health.. for 4 days.. telling me that she is nurse and the over the counter is fine- I said no way - he is suffering. I hate child suffering. xxox, LISA ANN MICELI 962 GROVE STREET MEADVILLE, PA 16335 814-337-5195 814-282-1530 ********************************************************************** DANTE is not accpetin HAMMY's information.. He is not accepting ANGIE in HAMMY's life at all. He is not eating good, NOT sleeping good and shitting in his pants when playing X BOX and at school. DANTE says that he talks to you online and flies over here and over there and I can hear him in my head. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ****************************************************************** SO, DANTE got wedding proposals at school, CHUBBY. He was crying. He said that he did not know his family yet. He said fuck on his family tree and was sent to the GUIDANCE COUNSELOR to call mommy. The teacher said in 2nd grade let's not worry about marraige just friendship. STOP STEALING FROM LISA ANN MICELI. xoox, LISA ANN MICELI ******************************************************************** DANTE's head is saying the cop TOM wanted to murder mommy.... WOW... why would he think that?? He said thnk about the relationship mommy. xoxox, LISA ANN MICELI ************************************************************************ What In The Actual Hell, Child Services?