Saturday, June 18, 2011

As you wish, Sandy

Obviously Sandy is emotional, which is why I didn’t initially post her first email. I responded on the blog however, because I thought it would give her clarity, and secondly, you all deserved to know what was happening. Its not that I don’t think she deserves to be embarrassed, but I didn’t want to make the bottom line about her or me, or anyone else. After all, the child is still left in the house in her care. If we were to believe everything Lisa told us about her parents, then I would be ranting about how Sandy & her husband is calling her grandson Monkey-Nigger-Animal while banishing him to the basement with his predatory mother while the rest of the family throws class at their heads for fun. Or I would think that Sandy was climbing in windows & screwing Lisa with dildos after the father beat the shit out of her because he lost a bet. Just the regular shit that Lisa said about her parents that we all pushed aside thinking that Lisa was being an asshole.

Not only did I NOT create the identity of the Sheikh, I have constantly asked for Lisa to quit emailing me. In fact, I HAVE blocked her several times, but every other person who has been harassed by her knows she simply creates a new email account.But you should know this already, because before she hijacked your account for herself, she forwarded you many emails where I cursed her clean out & asked her to leave me th hell alone. After hacking you, she sent mass emails out under your name, stole money from your accounts, attempted to create accounts in your name and this is the reason why you have to use the new address, right?

Why should I do all the fucking work for you?


Honestly, despite Lisa being the worst person in America, I wanted to hear from someone in the comment section with a link to some page announcing that Lisa was ordered to undergo serious help. That’s all. So why does this woman feel like she is free to test me? No wonder Lisa is delusional to the point of no return. YOU, Sandy, are a liar & the truth is NOT in you! But understand this: you are not lying to me or anyone in your community, nor this blog. You are only lying to yourself. Now once again, I’ll ask you to quit emailing me & try to figure out what you have to do to take care of your household. Dealing with one Miceli was bad enough.


Thursday, June 16, 2011 12:09 PM
I don"t know who you are and you say you don"t know Lisa. It is obvious that you have missed represented yourself otherwise she would not still be writing to you. It is very easy to block her. It is not necessary to post all of her messages on line. How inconsiderate and nasty.

Friday, June 17, 2011 10:17 AM
What kind of a man are you? You have lead Lisa down a path of destruction. She would not have done any of the things that have happened to her if it were not for you. You played on her vulnerability and desires. What for, just to be able to post all of her responses on line and to make fun of her? You are a despicable human being to be chatting on line with her for the past 2 years just to ruin her life. She is a real life person, not someone with a fake ID and fake name.

Friday, June 17, 2011 11:35 AM
As I said before, if you had not misrepresented yourself in the first place Lisa woud not have sent you personal information intended for someone whom she thought cared for her.Why would she even spend 5 minutes on you if you had not lied to her in the first place? You lead her on for 2 years. What kind of a low life are you? You prompted her into responding to you then posted everything on line. You violated her and now you are blaming her. What about you? Are you not mentally ill yourself? Or do you delude yourself into thinking you have done a great service for mankind? What I want to know is how many other people to whom you have you done this? Do you think you are GOD to play with a fragile mind and push her over the edge? You are the problem. My little grandson is a happy little boy inspite of the damage you have done to his mother with your lies and disception. He understands and loves his mother inspite of what you have posted. Why not post my message on line instead of an open letter in response? Why you don't want everyone to know what a horrible low life individual you are and how you distroyed my daughter with your sick lies and promises? You did not recieve e-mail from her out of the blue sky like you claim YOU prompted her to respond. Your are the one who should be put in jail so you don't continue to ruin someone else. You should be ashamed. I don't know how you sleep at night. I am a firm believer of what goes around comes around and you will get back double the damage you have done.

Friday, June 17, 2011 12:13 PM
How can you even profess to know what happens in my house? You have now idea except what goes on in a fragile mind that you yourself had a hand in producing. What, now you take a hollier than thou attitude and back off from what is your creation in the first place? No matter what you post all the evil in your own mind is what created this mess! You played with her like a cat plays with amouse, until she was hooked into thinking you were someone that you are not. No matter how you try to justify your actions you are still an evil low life who preys on others. What is your game? Just what are you trying to prove ? So is your ultimate goal to make her hurt herself or others? Oh, thats right you just want her to get help now that you have all but distroyed her life. You are not to blame, we are, correct?!! You have a warped self image and worth. You are not the martyr you thing you are. You are not GOD but the DEVIL. An EVIL person. You distroyed my daughter. I pray every day that she will have a normal life after what you have done to her. There will be laws to protect people from individuals such as yourself. Cyber bullying will be a crime. Believe me, if harm comes to my daughter I will do everything in my power to find you and make you sure you get the full punishment that you deserve.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dear Sandy

Question: How would this mess suddenly become about me? Really Sandy? I’m inconsiderate and nasty for posting her messages, but she’s not inconsiderate and nasty for sending that garbage to me? This is the same person who fantasized & plotted in her head to have you killed because she thought you were keeping secret insurance information away from her. This is the same person who made videos whispering sex-talk while you lay in your hospital bed in the background.

I didn’t ask for this crap! You are correct- you don’t know me & neither does she. I suggest you try to show the restraint that your daughter was never taught & DO NOT EMAIL ME ANY FURTHER before you truly get your feelings hurt! What kind of hell would your little princess be in right now if I hadn’t posted her itinerary? If you really give a shit about her, you’d have her locked away to get the help she truly needed instead of allowing her to slander, libel and harass people everyday online.

For the record, I’m not under any obligation to block anyone. YOU, on the other hand, could have simply taken the damn computer away. Sounds like that would have been the easier / logical / plausible/ rational / warranted solution to me. But I know, I know… that would mean she would simply start harassing you guys instead & I KNOW you just couldn’t have that, right?

If this is your first time seeing this blog, shame on you! You have been told, warned and sent information on several occasions regarding everything from Lisa harassing several people, her plots on your life, her exposing her sons personal information, her making sex movies, and your answer to it all was “I don’t believe it”. Do you believe it now, or all you care about is that I posted it?

This mess is not about me. Perhaps you need to re-examine your own life in order to put things in perspective. I don’t want to hear what you have to say, because I have actually defended you when your daughter shitted on your very existence. Wake up enabler! If she has the right to send what she wants to my email, then I have the right to counter that.!
Its this simple: you get her help, the post goes away. Otherwise...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Is this real life?

The last email I received from LM was at around 3:00 pm. The following itinerary was sent at 1:00 pm. My jaw dropped. I hope the authorities are on the case because she was apparently ordered NOT to leave the country. WOW! Who the hell let her get a hold of that kind of money?

Note from Expedia:
Expedia Agent


This e-mail contains a copy of an Expedia itinerary sent by Expedia agent from Lisa Ann Miceli's account. For the most up-to-date information we recommend you view this itinerary online.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (3) (Change name)

Click this link if you would like to create a similar itinerary.
Repeat this trip.

Proof of citizenship is required for international travel. When children are traveling, additional documentation may also be necessary. It is your responsibility to meet entry requirements for the countries you are traveling to and connecting through.

Booked items

Your trip: Erie to Dubai (and vicinity)

Purchased and awaiting confirmation from the airline. We have sent your purchase request to the airline. Please check back in 2 to 24 hours for confirmation. Your hotel reservation is confirmed.
Expedia itinerary number: ************
Expedia booking ID (flight): ****** (2)
Expedia booking ID (hotel): *********
Airline ticket number(s): Check back in 24 hours
KLM confirmation code: ******
Main contact: Lisa Ann Miceli
E-mail: *************
Preferred phone: 1 814*******

Traveler and cost summary
Lisa Ann Miceli Adult Add Frequent Flyer number(s) $2,141.98

Flight taxes/fees, Taxes & Fees $292.65

Total amount charged $2,434.63
Note: The flight portion of your trip is charged directly by the airline. This will result in you receiving a separate credit card charge for the flight, but the total charges on your credit card will be equal to the trip price.

View payment history.
Flight summary

Please reconfirm your international flight reservation at least 72 hours prior to departure by contacting the airline directly. Seat assignments and meal preferences must be confirmed with the airline; we cannot guarantee that they will be honored.
All passengers travelling to the USA must provide country of residence and details of the address they will be staying upon arrival (street name and number, city, zip code and state), during check-in. Failure to provide this may result in flight boarding being denied by the airline.

Traveling to Dubai
Wed 8-Jun-11

Erie (ERI)
Depart 6:57 pm to Detroit (DTW)
Arrive 7:57 pm
(262 km)
Duration: 1hr 0mn
Flight: 8356


3Economy/Coach Class ( Seat assignments upon check-in ), Canadair RJ


Detroit (DTW)
Depart 10:05 pm
Terminal E.M.MCNAMARA TERMINAL to Amsterdam (AMS)
Arrive 12:00 pm +1 day 3,940 mi
(6,341 km)
Duration: 7hr 55mn
Flight: 6048


3Economy/Coach Class ( Seat assignments upon check-in ), Dinner, Boeing 767

Thu 9-Jun-11
Amsterdam (AMS)
Depart 2:30 pm to Dubai (DXB)
Arrive 11:05 pm
Terminal 1 3,215 mi
(5,174 km)
Duration: 6hr 35mn
Flight: 427


3Economy/Coach Class ( Seat assignments upon check-in ), Meal, Airbus A330


Total distance: 7,318 mi (11,777 km)
Total duration: 15hr 30mn (20hr 8mn with connections)

Traveling to Erie
Wed 15-Jun-11

Dubai (DXB)
Depart 12:40 am
Terminal 1 to Amsterdam (AMS)
Arrive 6:00 am 3,215 mi
(5,174 km)
Duration: 7hr 20mn
Flight: 428


3Economy/Coach Class ( 32J ), Meal, Airbus A330


Amsterdam (AMS)
Depart 8:00 am to Detroit (DTW)
Arrive 10:35 am
Terminal E.M.MCNAMARA TERMINAL 3,940 mi
(6,341 km)
Duration: 8hr 35mn
Flight: 6051


3Economy/Coach Class ( 32F ), Breakfast, Airbus A330


Detroit (DTW)
Depart 12:12 pm
Arrive 1:07 pm 163 mi
(262 km)
Duration: 0hr 55mn
Flight: 4843


3Economy/Coach Class ( 03B ), Canadair RJ


Total distance: 7,318 mi (11,777 km)
Total duration: 16hr 50mn (20hr 27mn with connections)

Hotel summary

Thu Jun-9-2011 (6 nights)

Metropolitan Palace Dubai

Al Maktoum Street
Po Box 56262
United Arab Emirates
Check in: Thu Jun-9-2011
Check out: Wed Jun-15-2011

Reservation questions: +1 (800) EXPEDIA
For other information contact the hotel: Tel: 971 (4) 2270000 Fax: 971 (4) 2279993

Star Rating: More lodging info

Lisa Miceli 1 adult / senior

Room description: Executive Room Single
Includes: Breakfast Buffet
Nonsmoking/Smoking: Non-Smoking
Room type: 1 DOUBLE BED

Unless specified otherwise, rates are quoted in US dollars.
The price you selected DOES NOT include any applicable service fees, charges for optional incidentals (such as minibar snacks or telephone calls) or regulatory surcharges. The lodging facility will assess these fees, charges and surcharges upon check-out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear R.A.

No, I do not have LM's best interest at heart. She is the most repulsive person to ever walk the earth. THIS is the woman that publically declares her affections for OBL. How does anyone justify this?

Never mind that, she has harassed me and others for years. I DO NOT claim to be a sheikh, but of course, she doesn't listen to rationale.

I have received email after email (sometimes hundreds in a single day) filled with filth about her wanting her mother to die, her tri-sexual antics, her drug cravings, her twisted sexually explicit obsession with anal sex, her fantasies of harming AM & her young children, her stalking real celebrities, and worse of all, her pedobear descriptions of her sons genitals.

But since I have your attention: What are you going to do to help her son? That is what matters. If you scroll down some of the insanity-laced emails she has sent to you, then you'd know exactly what I'm saying.

Here are a few recent letters she wrote & copied to me:

Please advise me, how once on probation, to leave the USA for Dubai, and for how long I am able to stay in the country of Dubai.
HH's contact emails, are;;; Also, at anytime, he may be reached, using the DUBAI POLICE, as he is President of Civil AVIATION of Dubai.
Please call AIRPORT SECURITY division of the Dubai police.

HH & I were conned by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN, RAJ JOLLY, AND Kelly Scott, from online, during our courtship and proposed wedding dates. HE sent me the wedding dress and the clothing contacts.
They were going to work for me in house lending and reality TV SHOW biz in ANAHIEM, CA. They lied and took on our id and our ip and mocked, LISA, HH Sheikh AHMED, and then the Meadville, PA police, on our blogs, You Tube, and Google, as if libel of a Royal in Dubai, is not a 5 yr prison sentence.
I filed a police report in Anahiem, CA with Det Matt Sutter. It is case number # 09-136648. The Meadville, PA police dept just has to verify me to him (DET SUTTER) and to verify it is my information (from my paperwork), with their faces and names attached to it (my personal property) illegally. There is no police report on Kelly Scott ( who is not in any licensing agreement with me or HH and slamming (libeling) Meadville, PA as well, abusing my information

I reported these cases as ID theft and computer crimes in the USA. These are clearly false arrests and false claims against me.

I would call the police for help, as instructed by the Hon Judge John Sparato, however, the police told me I am not to call them. The Mafia games of putting another USA woman in my shoes to be a bride of the AL MAKTOUM tribe needs to cease, as no one but HH speaks for HH and he chose Lisa Ann Miceli as his Princess bride from the USA, not someone the USA GOVT choses, when they speak for him or read his mind illegally. I have emails to support my statements.


Lisa Ann Miceli

Dear Mr. Fred Sperling.

Sorry for the delay in responding to you, regarding your client, the Superstar King of Basketball, Michael Jordan; however, I have been busy being a mom with a full-time job.
If you client is serious about pursuing our legal matters in a court of law, then he needs to abide by the USA court rules.

That being said, the proper jurisdiction is NC, for all Michael Jordan and Lisa Ann Miceli subject matter, if he wants a USA full court press show down. This should make him happy as it is his home state, not mine.

Seeing that he ruined my media, and opened me up for criminal libel in the press & extortion on the internet, extortion in Hollywood, and severe damages to both me and my son, as a direct result of our media and unresolved legal matters. I reported the imposters and stalkers and pedophiles, to the Meadville, PA police to have them arrested and their internet media shut down.
Much to my chagrin, I was arrested instead, and told to go to mental health, as if the threats, taunts, stalking and hacking are not in black and white on the internet, and it was not an extortionistic request of his fans to ask for my death, to cover me in the press or to bed or meet my fiancee. Also, It is my belief that GOLDEN BOY PRODUCTIONS, which is OSCAR DEL A HOYA, is engaging in TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE with business (MY CONTRACTS, you included).
To counter this, I had to call for police reports in other jurisdictions (CA, OH & TEXAS), because of the harassment being in different states, and was able to get one report and other reports are still needed to reflect the stalking and the harassment.
So, if Michael Jordan is indeed serious, and it is his desire to go to the USA courts, the jurisdiction, is NC, as witnesses, dates, and DANTE's birth are all NC. I lived there since August 1990.

I am requesting in advance....

1. 6 months fully furnished housing, prefereable ocean front with a SECURITY SYSTEM in wrightsville Beach, NC.
1-910-617-5402 Mike Coble found one house for $3,000 a month. (TO ESTABLISH residency).

2. A car for me & my son.

3. INSURANCES - health, car, and rental for LISA and DANTE for 6 months.

4. A VALID CREDIT CARD - for emergencies & air travel to PA and other states and DUBAI (WESTERN UNION has cards that are credit cards).

5. CASH for groceries and entertainment and spas (NAILS & WAXING & massages) and shopping (CLOTHING & MAKEUP) and hair cuts & colors.

6. A SPA or gym membership to deal with my anxeties.

7. A LAWYER you can work with, which my suggesions are ATTORNEY JIM CAIN in Raleigh, NC or ATTORNEY, MARK TERRELL in Wilmingon, NC & front the legal fees, for a legally valid contract, for non-compete, no contact, and confidentiality, or paternity (as the testing has been tampered with).

8. MORE DNA TESTING, with calculations complete with genetic experts, for my new housing in DUBAI, as soon as possible. It is my testing that did not say, I was ITALIAN. It says that my markers are BLACK, JEWISH, AND CHEROKEE INDIAN. This is another reason accurate testing is needed to rule out or determine paternity.

Otherwise, it is my understanding, that the HON JUDGE GORDON MILLER told you if you are in the state of PA fighting me, it is out of court settlements please. WHY?
a. It is hearsay, the phone calls (where are the witnesses to take the stand?). b. It is invasion of privacy to tape phone calls, with no death threats to you or your client (NO INTENTION to hurt). c. EXTORTION
d. FREEDOM of speech. e. It is also, my right to represent myself in unable to secure legal counsel.
I have the court transcripts, sans your insane (court recorder/reporter off) threats, as my reference. It is also the wrong jurisdiction for any paternity trials.

My defense is torturous interference with business from GOLDEN BOY PRODUCTIONS (ANGELICQUE McQueen) & other internet sites for the breaching of my Michael Jordan contracts. In fact, Michael Jordan breached this contract as well, when he went to Dubai in November 2008, when I was engaged to HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin Al Maktoum of Dubai in Oct 2008.
Both of these reasons, make it absolutley, imperative that Michael Jordan pays me for damages and helps me pursue legal actions against our adversaries to our children.

THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, if one of my sons, is truly ARAB ROYALTY, loves Michael Jordan as a brother, and is not to be feared, but accepted.
I have other litigation as well in NC and in the USA, that may or may not affect your client.

9. Please advance J RODGERS (ATTORNEY in CHARLOTTE, NC) for $5,000 for a FEDERAL PREGGERS SUIT in NC.... CASE NUMBER 5:05 CV 265- H (WESTERN DISTRICT NC - STATESVILLE, NC). He is a CHARLOTTE, NC employment attorney. That lawsuit is worth $800,000 and needs to be put back on the docket. AS soon as you pay him, I will send more documents to get me back in federal courts to the lawyer directly.

ATTACHED are some copies of important exhibits, for our pending legal issues, to support this letter & what I have written. If you need a list of contracts breached, to the tune of several billions of dollars, please let me now in advance. ALSO, please do not call the media, as I am owned by THE AL MAKTOUM tribe, and they control my media, at this time. I must look perfect for the media, if we are to be back in the media, as I represent DUBAI.

10. I also need money for my psychiatrist and my DEXEDRINE SPANSULES for mental pain and anguish as soon as possible. $600 to LINDA ZULOVICH and $200 a month for the pills (to stay awake). I cannot be in Dubai on any drugs, by UAE laws.

11. I also need assistance with restraining orders (family members in my house, so he gets proper treatment), to be able to control my son's body, his colon is being looked at in PITTSBURGH, PA for cancer & other maladies.

12. If you are chosing the Meadville, PA COURTS AND SETTLEMENT ROUTE, please understand you must pick the legal counsel and call them yourself, as I lost all creditbility in the USA courts & press. I cannot find a sound lawyer after dating Michael Jordan if I tried.

13. Any advances to Lisa & Dante obviously are documented and paid back via lawyers & courts, as appropriate adjustments to earned income & Judge's decisions.

14. There are no orders in place for custody, so you are welcome to visit at our free will as paternity has not been resolved.

15. WE need cellphones and utilities (if not included in the leasing deal in NC).

16. Other income is a book deal, with SCHIEL AND DENVER (JASON HARPER) and contracts with PLAYBOY magazines (JERRY AVEHAIM), which we can address as well, and other book deals (TOBY OSBOURNE- CANADA - GHOST WRITER).

17. Clearly other income from lawsuits (PARIS HILTON & NC REAL ESTATE COMMISSION), such as web-sites (NOT MISS ABSAM;;ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN) & lawsuits, ie GOLDEN BOY PRODUCTIONS, would go against any debts Michael Jordan advances me.

18. I have licenses and degrees and in a PhD Sports psychology program, so far wasted money because of third party interference.

19. MOVING EXPENSES as well, let's not forget those, which is nothing, with a furnished apartment, just airline travel.

20. DANTE wants to play basketball, at camps this summer. YMCA is $60 and your camp is ????? He is 7 yrs old 6/14/2004.

21. SWIMMING lessons if at the beach.

22. JACK RUSSELL TERRIER puppy dog, female, for Dante to feel safe.

23. Extra money for a genealogist, after blood testing, for proper heritage to be revealed & preserved.

24. INVESTIGATIONS into false arrests in Meadville, PA as well, are needed, based on police brutality & discrimination (racism & sexism). More lawsuit rewards to pay back any upfront expenses, if you are the winner of any JUDGE's decisions on paternity.


Lisa Ann Miceli