Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Boy! 22 phone calls to FS is NOT a good look.

I see Karma coming. I heard she was a bitch!

Sometimes her incoherent, twisted, manic bullshit manages to squeeze out a bit of the shit & giggles.


I do not want to have sex with you and your FUCKING UGLY ass lesbots adn niggers. This is my marriage & you are nuts in the eyes of the courts!!!!

WHEN did you m arry ANGIE MCQUEEN?? that you contact me and talk to me like this? She buys her own gifts?? from who? how??
Thought that she was not contacting you.... when was the fraud wedding that I should not worry about and you did not know her. i mentioned her one time and what??

I have a lawyer meeting and do not expect to ever get out of jail CREEP!!!!!

WHO ARE you fucking now and blowing from my blogs?? DID you fuck ANGIE MCQUEEN in fronmt of SHAR JACKSON???


STOP HALLUCINATING and come to Lisa Micelis house, NOT ANGIE McQueen's house please.

Do you have any kids with HER?? then ANNUL it, she and the other losers online are trying to get you in trouble.
it was spun wong

You are a win ner, b/c I chose you!!!!!! You called her a winner b/c of me living with her in Ca. I said no so that we could live with one another.

THE WOMEN are still coming after me, for money or sex (ANGIE MCQUEEN- desperation is not sexy, what? why is she having a fake tantrum over our sex life, when i was in pain from sex texting you and not getting real sex)????

TRUTH ONLY PLEASE. So, you are loyal to ANGIE MCQUEEN's insane jealousy. WHY? sex, you should have been in bed with me!!!!!!

WHA is your RELATIONSHIp with ANGIE MCQUEEN and why??
she told you to ruin me b /c she is insanely jealous of m e and my life and my plans with an without you?

I wish I never met her.

What did she go to the courthouse for last year??
that she taped and asked if you are still in town.

ANGIE told you that I waxed for my photo shoot?? then you said that I have a thick black mustache?? it was my eyebrows, not my mustache.

APRIl 2009, you went to her house, not mine- WHY??
DANTE was to be in a white tux for our wedding.


WHERE ARE YOU?? I called SOUTH AFRICA USA SECRET SERVICE to bring you to me safely!!!!!!

AHMED, my hands are softer than your man hands. I want your 5 o clock shadow on my face please.... soon.HOW MUCH MONEY?? to get you to the HOLIDAY INN or DAYS INN or somewhere in Meavile, PA for me, please.

They cost me everything that I own and all projects that I am working on.


WHO wrote that bitch is sick. I am sick with a cold now.

MY MOTHER is having a colonscopy, not me. THAT is sick!!!
ANGIE MCQUEEN is dating an INDIAN man she is the one obsessed with KARMA SUTRA, not me with her INDIAN MAN. Seesh.
NOTHING to do with me.

You are into who only OFFLINE?? LISA MICELI? for dinners at the beach and in the air?? The only way to get out of our wedding is to be rendered insane by a JUDGE or incest with a sister of blood relative. That being said, please be civil and kind to me, as planned and stop bedding hookers on my name, please.
Let's try meeting in person, what do you need please??


forbidden fruit was written on my relationship with mj - not a $60 ass rape. (THE FIRST NIGHT - and I am waiting on editors, to make that clearer).. stop giving my life to ANGIE MCQUEEN - it is 80 degrees in CA and she is wearing a turtle neck and a jacket, WHAT???


Do you really get a hard dick from being high??

lol, lol, lol.. or was it me??
OFF the internet.



I met her one time prior to her knowing HH SHEIKH AHMED of Dubai. She is a stalker.

We were having sex online, not b/c of drug abuse, child abuse or rape.. b/c I was waiting on you to bet to my house.

Why would you jump in bed with gher, from my sex texts??? make some sense... my shitty city, not my fault????


You were hot for me for cunnilnugus... I do not have herpes, you hear in your ear, my stalkers, not me!!!!

PLEASE END MY LUXURY GIFTS to my house - so I can lose my weight quickly an be back to normal size for me... ad my hair and nails look good please.

Why do we not have real chats, with drinks, wine (COLD DUCK), CHAMPAGENE ACE of SPADES, and other chats about you... your family and your life... ??

I am not a terrorist. I just hear them... sorry.
WHO can do my geanlogoy so that I can say that my aunt snet me the book.. for my FORBIDDEN FRUIT - written by Lisa Miceli about Michael Jordan and my son) not ANGIE MCQUEEN??
You gave ANGIE MCQUEEN - Lisa Miceli's money na dshe stole from me, when I went for that playboy photos shoot. they look horrible. I have airbrushers for other photos.



You are clearly my soul mate, or you would not be bedding my friends.. all of them. please stop. JUst come to my house and stop bedding these other women to be close to me. I did not thin k that I could live withlout you. You could have meet me in my city if yyou were feeling panicky... about us not meeting. INSTEAD you do this to me with my friends.

How many women are you married to??

STOP MARRYIN G AND EDDING MY STALKERS .... it hurts!! I tried to find you after 911 anyway.. when you first came into my mind.
STOP being stupid, I cannot protect you from everything!!

the FBI knew you were in South Africa too.


You are fucking with my son's mind. He thinks that his dad died in 911. HE sent me a dream when I fell asleep in my cat like nap that shocked me... WHAT THE FUCK??

Stop giving these other criminal hookers my sex life with HH... AHMED. You are messing with my son's mental programming. He went from basketbll player to police man in less than a week.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dysfunctional Video Overload Part 2

Again, some may be repeats, but others I am just seeing for the first time with you all. Same crazy, different videos:


Shoving cameras up cooters & gyrating like a sick rabbit.

“2 years… 2… I did my nails… 2 years!” Pick a lie & stick to it, She-devil RACIST!


Bitch, get a J.O.B!


If you can pull stories out of your ass, does that make you a magician? No?


Governor beware!


“Look, soap” Oh what an extraordinary incentive to going to Mad house.


Coincidence? Probably not.


Are those the shit stains on the walls you’re always talking about?


Do not watch if you have a weak heart. I ain’t talking about dying happy, either.

Dysfunctional Video Overload Part 1

Some of these are repeats, some I'm just seeing for the first time. There are so many more. Any-Howdy-Doody, Here is crazy like a fox.


Jealousy is such a vicious disease.


Womp Womp Womp Womp Womp. Where is the shit you were supposed to buy for your son, FREAK!


Got body spray! Got body spray! HAHAHAHA! How could one NOT resist? & yes, he has seen the worst of the worst, right in his very own bloodline, no less.


Revisiting crazy: Was she dancing because she was happy?


HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! All blonde's are created equal! & Camel shit = Camel cigarettes


No sane man would ever marry this monster!


Astro… Aster-center.. HUH? Unavoidable death? Al-Quaeda? Not a jealous wife?
He sued me to give me Money. LOL!


That large brim does nothing for your 5 o’clock shadow.


The pink trench coat makes a guest appearance. Oh boy, those poor Jonas brothers better watch their backs. LOL!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Insane clown is insane




Updated to add this:

Did you have sex with ****** from the DA's office, she had a case of herpes, worse than I ever saw in my life.

Is that you??

***** *****?? Is that why you wrote to me as this alias.

You flew to INDIANA and to NYC with RAJ AND ANGIE MCQUEEN and to MEADVILLE, PA why??

Lisa A. Miceli


I went to a lawyer's house today... the place smelled like shit (human feces) and PASTA. I thought of ANGIE MCQUEEN.

GAG, GAG.... dry heave!!!



what is all of the anal sex about? did you have sex with someone other than me, who got stretched out ass???

You were so great to me online. We were to meet like that offline as well.

Where are you?? My dad is a diabetic now.


Can we please do a mommy rescue? I am almost home free with money, NOV 1-2, they have to go to trial, if they do not offer me a reasonable settlement.

My book and my photo shoot should be sold too.... what do you think??
Then, DANTE's child support. If you come with me, this would go faster, other people like to mess with me, as you can tell by the blogs.

Why did you start exposing me? I am confused.
Please come stay with me in a hotel, my mother and father are racist and it hurts me to watch DANTE be upset over it.

No one will miss me when I am gone, please. We also have to clear our name sin the POLICE nad FNI - ASAP, b/c of false accussations. I called to correct it and put it under you and I... only. So we have the right to drop or charge the stalkers. If it is out of my control, someone else can charge you, and you cannot be helped by me.
EVERYONE LIES to Lisa Miceli - the fBI told you two consenting adults, bed who you wish, then why are we waiting?

ANGIE MCQUEEN? did you buy her a wedding dress?


Bring an EMMANUAL tape, some pink handcuffs and a feather.... and let's be friends again.
What happened with ANGIE Z - you went to her house, b/c she was in my name and in bed with me and RAJ - and you got confused and jealous and went to her house.. and bedded her in front of RAJ, thinking that it was me.
SO, that is why you are not at my house, as planned.
LITTLE MISS MUFFETT SITTING on her tufffet is Lisa Miceli.

i am going to shave my pussy and wsh my hair, now watinig on you. What will it take please??
How am I to forgive you for these two years when you do not show for a date, when oyu begged me for s.e.x. and keep the shit going online with my enemies.

HAMMY, will have to let me suck his penis to feel better about myself. That is the only way, oral sex... or i will be too hurt for words.


I need the passcodes, student loans came in...
He fucked my credit, so this is pointless.. Isshould have ben a hooekr like aNGIE MCQUEEn.
she is dancing on my rights again.. move from a house to a hotel... JUST KIDDING.
OJ SIMPSON stalkngi me, LISA SIMPSON (CARTOON CHARACTER), I am joke and she called Kelly Werner illegally.... as well!!
I need to go through court cases, all blacklisting.. and no settlements!!! GOING to a huge law firm!!!!!!!!
I went to a house meeting - the house stunk of shit and pasta... GROSS!!!! I felt sorry for the dogs in the house.



ANGIE MCQUEEN is RACIST AN SMALL MINDED, attacking MJ and the jEWS over my son's paterny and SWISS for the same thing with OSCAR.
It is about EDUCATION and it is suffering the loans are in default and banknig and national secuirty is an issue in SWISS!!
Then they cannot travel!! STOPS the economy!!
I can do a counter lawsuit in real estate, to start the economy again... in real estate!!


GET EVERYONE OUT OF MY NAME AND STOP FUCKING MY LOSER CRIMINAL FANMS. you want to fuck the two boys who murdered MJ????


Where are my gifts for two years of this and rape style sex texts, that can land you in prison for ATTEMPTED SEXUAL ASSAULT!!!!?????

Put your JIMMY ON.... why are you SUCH AN IGNORANT CUNT ANGIE MCQUEEN - I owe you b/c I picked up the phone when you called my house... WHAT? You owe me BILLIONS!!!!!!!!
It was just a FUCK to ANGIE MCQUEEN with Lisa Miceli's gifts in Lisa Miceli's dancing skits- who does that? and why?

I AM OSCAR DEL HOYA??? ANGIE MCQUEEN? Someone wants to hurt you real bad in the courts and outside of the courts and it is not me.. EVERYONE who sees the nonsense in this schemed. You and SHAR JACKSON called aHMED- did SHAR JACKSON call AHMED behind your back ANGIE MCQUEEN??? I was already engaged to AHMED when you called him. NO??? YES!!!!!!!
Can I call RAJ and ask from him to pay for everything that AHMED is paying for YOU??? DOES AHMED EXIST? Then that answered your question that he exists and is dating me... Why you fucking him for money???????
HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai is fucking ANGIE MCQUEEN b/c she did not beleive that I was dating Lisa Miceli- so EVERYONE now is attacking Lisa Miceli and saying that they sheikh does not EXIST. so they can fuck for cash too.

MY NEIGHBOR, MY BLOGGERS, HEIDI LORE - 10 women attacking me like ANGIE MCQUEEN -on my wedding story.
Why did you not tell them you are dating Lisa Miceli?? adn that you exist!!!

GREG BEVERAGE is traveling with you from the MEADVILLE, PA CITY POLICE!!!!!!!!
Why are tthey trying to bill me for it...???? JURISDICTION means tht it is Lisa Miceli's life and wedding not ANGIE MCQUEEN!!!!!!


DANTE fell on his head, since you are befriending the DEATH THREATERS?? and gifting them.

on the back of his head and knocked him out cold!!!

SMOKE pot and sex and gift my enemies my gifts. WHY? What made you so crazy? sex with pigs??

Why would you bed her when engaged to me??


I do not know, AHMAD. I slept with over 50 men.
I am a great mom to Dante. I would love to be a mom again, to my husband.
I am sorry about ANGIE McQueen and Raj. I did on tknow that they could not be trusted. I lost my memory. I had to clean my house to fiqure it out. You are right. I cleaned my office and found a timeline to put our love story together. I love and desire you always.
I did not defend myself, becaus eI could not thinn k how to do it. Angie and Raj were on the attack of my whole MJ relationship and money surrounding it. I was using that as a cover for us.

Lisa A. Miceli
3 flights a day?? ANGIE MCQUEEN pregnant with another kid & one in Dubai??
RAJ with you?? does not care, b/c you pay the bills??
SEnd AHMAD to my house or I am pressing charges!
You are all living the good life at my expense... for ANGIE MCQUEEN -she is rich girl and I am a wannabe with my own fiancee!!!
This is the Usa - 3 flights a day- RAJ picking him up at the airports for a new car for ANGIE and the baby- when it is all mine???
I am still alive and going to the courts now!!!
You have no right to ASK me for ANYTHING - just my media? GREEDY LOSERS!!!


----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Lisa Miceli
To: Sheikh Ahmed ; VICTOR Miceli ; Stephen Boyce
Cc: Sheikh Ahmed ; Sheikh Ahmed ; Prince Hamdan
Sent: Sun, August 29, 2010 7:51:43 AM
Subject: 3 flights a day?? ANGIE MCQUEEN pregnant with another kid & one in Dubai??
How many times do you come to the USA for sex with ANGIE McQueen or anyone else form my blogs??
WHY on my wedding story, why would he not marry me in Dubai as planned so I could have my kids??
How are you a good guy marrying ANGIE MCQUEEN, my BFf and giving her my kids and giving my jobs to HOLLYWOOD - and me having to sue everyone for money.... b/c you did not marry me and give me my money??
Why are my blogs still open if you married your quota???
Why was she told to meet him at a hotel of a night of peace with AHMAD, my fianceee- when she lived with RAJ, the INDIAN MAN nad was not a single mother, RAJ was around and OSCAR pays?
I was to marry AHMAD exclusively not be stolen from.. in the media! ghe wants me to share m y media with ANGIE MCQUEEN on my name. WHAT? WHY?? He wants me and MJ to pay for all of this??

1 wife, Lisa Miceli - not TEN AND TEN KIDS!!!
NOW, I am out a marriage AND ANGIE McQueen got my marriage instead verbatim - the day spa, the dinner the JET & the trips to the PALACE and to his house & I get photos!!
EXTORTION = I have a right to my life and to my business- I am going to be too old to marry and have kids - thanks to EXTORTIONISTS stalking me online!!
Did he not tell you, he wanted us on three way to chat? This was in March 2009 that you wanted to be Lisa Miceli!!!!
AHMAD is going to jail as well..
NOV 2009, there was a restraining order, so how did you get pregnant a second time??
I have old phone numbers 5 of them ANGIE and an old address - for my orders to make AHMAD stop!!
DANTE sufffered for 2 yrs for nothing= FRED SPERLIN G called AHMAD's people's furious!!
MJ is furious!! DANTE was not to be neglected or abused for other people to have sex. MJ was crying for the children in the HALL of SPEECH- MJ had private investigators!!
WHY? b/c the extortionists in the USA go to jail - the kids have no moms or dads...
You may call me a joke, WHY? ANGIE McQueen stick your tongue out for the camera as AHMAD is upstairs with a fake wedding planned and me watching the film and MJ too!!! SOMEONE leaked media - and MJ denied the media to MEDIA TAKE OUT - someone used MJ's name to marry me.. and married someone else's.
THE FBI AND POLICE needed paid off to do their job legally or two consenting adults- instead of dealing with the stalkers from MJ!!!
MJ and I had a deal in he courts for him to shut down blogs for me, b/c of his fans!!!
ANGIE MCQUEEN is not MUSLIM- so how did she get my wifey 3 spot? when I asked for it in private!!!
All of my money is gone & me calling MJ for money- is EXTORTION!!!!!!

MJ does not like blondes and blacks!!
When is the dovrce, so I can marry aHMAD in DUBAI for my son, since Michael Jordan is married to YVETTE PIERTO... ??

WHERE is my everything, MR, WONDEFUL sheihk of the WORLD??
NEW CAR for aNGIE MCQUEEN and you give her my emaisl - WHY? she is now on a cheerleanding path, doing everything that I say.... as if she is me - been back to my wedding - when the emails clearly state LISA MICELI to HH.. not ANGIE MCQUEEN to HH- stop passing the emails to her to give her a life- MINE!!!
JUNE 2009, she was up for a challenge??
now PLAYBOY competing again!!!!
SPORTS psychology- same thing, but she has no degrees.
She beat me to my own wedding and kids with AHMAD- while I sit her and am lied to!!!
I can buy my own flight to DUBAI to marry you AHMAD- why the wait???
So, I am suing PEPE LAPUMA (fake name since 2008) and ANGIE MCQUEEN since 2009, so I can marry AHMAD and have my kids as planned for me and DANTE!!
JULY 1, 2010 he proposed to Lisa Miceli in email - not PEPE LAPUMA!!!

KILLING all business with FRAUD- criminal fraud!!
I need to be married in DUBAI before SEPT 11, 2010 to drop the criminal charges!!!




May I please get assistance to HH Sheikh Ahmad bin Saeed bin Al Maktoum, Pres of Civil Aviation's house?
Dear Police,
Everythin g was stolen from Lisa Miceli after he propsoed marrige to Lisa Miceli in theUSA.I have to see him immediately. I was extorted from online. I have to meet in person with him. My biz partner ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN is stalking my marriage to him and my kids, and my business for money. Several women, up to ten, are in "my screen" since being proposed to in Oct 2008. I am in the USA courts over all of this again.
Can you assist me to his house, if I fly to meet you at the police station, so I can speak to him in person?? My phones and my computer are all hacked and I am being libeled online. He sends me photos all of the time and blames me for other women c ontac ting him, but did not shut down the blogs. He controls them. He made me a Princess, with no MUSLIM marriage and no children yet.
3 flights a day from the USA, when can I meet him and where please?
Please write back to me as soon as possible.
10 women pretended to be Lisa Miceli to meet AHMAD and travel to the UK and DUBAI behind my back and then he got mad at me. They were all Michael Jordan fans, not AHMAD and Lisa Miceli fans. I have police reports opened in the USA where the women are. I needed to speak to him in person as soon as possible. Is YOLANDA a chaperone for AHMAD? He told me that he has ASIAN women as chaperones. I will attach a photo. Other USA women, not in the media, are speaking for HH and Lisa Miceli.
Thank you so much for your time and efforts.


962 Grove Street
Meadville, PA 16335
I WANT MY JEWELRY.. my anal sex. my gifts, my jewelry... BUZZ off ANGIE MCQUEEN !!!!! MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST YOU!!!!
Where is PEPE LAPUMA and what is her real name???
She went to the UK JULY 21, 2010 with you?
where is my money???
The women are going to prison- I want my gifts from them- I am Michael Jordan's MISTRESS!!!!! not ANGIE MCQUEEN!!!!!
AHMAD's fiancee, not ANGIE MCQUEEN- and my sex life. you sound like you want to rape me online....!!!!!!!
You are making love to her as if she is me.. verbatim form my emails- not comedy!!!
POINTLESS is ANGIE MCQUEEN in my sex life with AHMAD- he loves Lisa Miceli not you. HOOKER!!!!!!
AM I going to the PALACE pregnant as planned from a hotel stay in the USA 9 months earlier.. thanks for the photos Ahmad- you ae my fiancee- send them to the HOOKERS, the photos, not your family members!!
OMAR HENRY who is that ANGIE Mcqueen and my emails from RAJ just recently!!!

ANGIE Mc Queen AND RAJ are KING and QUENN on my emails no terrorism in INDIA for this scheme!!!!!

C LAIM to FAME INTERNET PRINCESS from the USA for HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed bin al Maktoum of Dubai!!!
Not ANGIE MCQUEEN , LIANN and other groupies, my bloggers!!!!!
MY EMAILS are for LISA MICELI - not ANGIE MCQEEN and other bloggers. What is the problem??? if you are not attracted to me, then dfo not use any of me.... not my name, not friends and not my material!!!!!

I want my mommy rights back...... and to stop being libeled by ANGIE MCQUEEN????

When did she have my child for me, MARCH 2009?? so 9 months??



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gross Bitch is Gross!


For the record: The mother of that child did NOT contact me in any way shape or form, nor did a neighbor or anyone else regarding the pictures with Lisa child. It was the conversation on the blog itself that prompted me to rectify that I had posted a video which contained images of someone else's innocent child.
Neighbor of Lisa BEWARE! She has emailed me since claiming that her son has a head injury & now she is blaming YOU.

Sat, September 11, 2010 2:48:16 AMWhat did ****** , my neighbor send you.. that she cracked my son's head???
From: Lisa Miceli

SEND ME THE EMAILS for the police.. what did she want when she called you?


Friday, September 10, 2010

Sloppy Bitch is Sloppy!

Why ask why?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

EDITED: Sick Bitch is Sick!

Just disgusting! Everything about her is VILE! WTF kind of FREAK is she? Bitch needs to be behind heavy metal.


& just to mix-up your emotions, here is this shitty display of crazy.

Edited to remove 2nd video.

I'm sorry, but the family whose son was on the pictures with Lisa son doesn't need to be dragged into this mess. I didn't even think about that prior to posting so I apologize in advance.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Eyes! My Eyes!

That body is so unfortunate!
Watching this shit gave me the most severe case of second-hand embarrassment ever!
Now, I invite you all to feel my pain.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Wanna hear some crazy shit?

This shit is out of control. Over 15 minutes of pure FUCKERY!


Watch how she lies about who she dated & then turn around a minute later & shoot a big fat hole in that big fat lie.

Everything she says about AM is a flat out lie. I don't know where she gets these stories from. They are amazing.

LOL hard as she chat about her association with random strippers.

Never cheated?
As the great pretender would say "so so so so so so... MJ?"

Her baby wears Nike, is clearly biracial, so he must be the child of MJ.

Ali B. gets a shout out!

Her being arrested for something Paris Hilton did.

& a bunch of other BS that you've all grown to hate.
Tell me what your favorite LM lie is.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Great Pretender said: "...he sued me to get me money"

Are you fucking serious?