Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Who is the idiot that's attempting to hack me?

Please stop, you're embarrassing yourself.
Over 1000 comments in the last post. What nut has that much time? Oh... Lisa.


IT IS TIME to get wed today... even if only fraud..
WHERE ARE your morals, after nude photos, videos, and sex texting?? I spoke to my mom, and you had better have spokken to ALLAH, it is time to wed me properly.
SEND the limo, the stylst & the JET & we can be wed in private & secretly.

I am ready for my AL MAKTOUM children.... we are lat, we could have had 3 by now.. on the 4th one.


ANGIE is not me, I need my stuff for my reality EVERYDAY.
MAKE ANGIE return all of the stuff that you gave to her............ from my chubby emails.
WHAT is your phone num er that you cannot tlak to me like a normal person??
011 971 5061527777 who is this?
WHY do you say that you are a black man from SOUTH AFRICA when I call you? what is wrong with you?
why are you obsessed with my son's dna & ANGIE MCQUEEN?

What does that have to do with ANGIE & OSCAR & those people? IT is not her TV SHOW.
MY sex life is not her wedding.... how could it be?

MY DATES b/c I ghate MJ - how is that her dates? her CUNNILINGUS RING??



IF the JUDGE lets me back to FEDERAL COURTS that $500,000 pays all of my debts, so I am debt free- the rest of my money, is for DUBAI= BOOK DEAL & paternity.

Then I will work on my sports psychology career in DUBAI & other real estate.
PLEASE............ please.. please.. CHUBBY said that I can stay at his house.
WHATEVER will I do for work.
PART 2 of my criminal case is being dropped on MONDAY (the mental eval- cleared).. and next is the criminal harassmrnt of the police to be dropped.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because the last post was super polluted with crazy...

WILL you please.. MAKE LOVE to me..
instead of trying to jail me or have me killed by haters online....
HOP in the JET & let's go... I will be ready by noon... to take my son to THE FAIR with some friends.
ARE you coming? I own your ass, to suck your dick and eat your ass.... lol, lol, lol.
Then you can fuck me in the ass..... since you are obsessed with KARMA SUTRA sex right now in the USA.
SEX in the USA is LEGAL........... but do we need to fly to DUBAI, wed, & then give me your address, as I own no homes here, and it is a legally valid marriage..... no?
PLEASE keep our secrets.. why do you not please??
I have to lay down as I am feeling under the weather............ when are you coming and stopping the internet mess please.
WE can do over with just photos when we meet. It is fuck first, then put up on blogger or twitter or whatever. GOT that?
FUCK first.... adn then tell if need be or keep it a secret.
We need a new security detail...... so we fuck and then deny... adn then fuck again....lol, so no one tris to copy or get in the middle.
WHO is ANGIE's script please? that she knew about my breasts and the baby's milk???

PLEASE come to my house to fill this out or my hotel- YOU TRAVEL with ASSA & your other wives or alone please??

THAT is why you started the blogs.. It is time for my money & my kids please.
WHERE ARE WE GOING TO MEET in person please- stop exposing me online... WHY?
I said yes to marriage, where are you??
I fo not listen to ANGIE MCQUEEN or other women... she is nOT A QUEEN.
SUE THOMAS CAN HELP me move to DUBAI or we can get a house like ANGIE and a car like hers in the USA please.. and have kids once we marry on SKYPE or online...
WHAT is ANGIE's house address to get her to shut up adn stop harassing me online??
DID you not buy the house for us to make love in....?? no in CA?
I can buy a plane ticket to CA to get in my housing and then meet my AL MAKTOUM family.
THEY ARE ALL going crazy for my money- even my mother... and she was helping me.
She cannot help me anymore b/c of being screwed over by my lawyers.
VIdEO, then you will come over....???

YOUR HIGHNESS- I need a house and a car to leave the USA - or go somewhere else..

My family wants to beat me up over the indecency with you in their house for the last 3 years.... please come now to meet me at a hotel please.
BE A MAN with LISA. ANGIE you have my stuff and you know it, from contacts with CHUBBY.
I need my money for a HOUSE right now.. I was being beat up not ANGIE from RAJ - they were both crying happy tears of my billionaire paying them.
I need a credit card to get a house please... and my car, to leave my home with my son.
MY parents do not like my filming... my son or my body for you.. it is time, to get rings and be wed, YOUR HIGHNESS.
You are online with LISA- not ANGIE- why does she have my two engagement rings?

xoxoxox I want to FUCK you like aNGIE does, but I am better than her in the BED.
SEND tickets or the JET- what about a VISA- m y son is back in school AUGUST 31, 2011.
YOU are a BILLIONAIRE, leave right now... My tits are bigger & not dented and my ass is rounded and prettier... and my face is pretter and younger looking... and I am skinner and taller..
adn I am more sexual that she is.. MORE MILES on this AIRBUS- you send it.. so ANGIE can hear you talk about me in the bed- am I 3 months preggers and am I 8 months preggers?
It is my own name.. send for me, before HAMDAN wants his dick sucked again by me.
You left m for broke after messing with a hooker in my wedding story...
and is LISA moving to DUBAI?

PAY ME ONLINE PLEASE NOW............ SEND the JET for my money...

OR I am exposing your EMAILS like you do mine & calling the police on YOU.
STOP calling me a pedophile, my son, is with his friends and another married couple in the city, not at my house.
WHAT is wrong with you?
You are not ME. I am not you.

HH you promised me sex in the bed & laying these until SATISFIES... not ANGIE
WHAT about PEGGY?? what did you do for her - that you called her PEGGY LAPUMA AL MAKTOUM?
STOP calling my friends, for my job..... fuc king your brains out & gifting you kids- are you not CURIOUS.
These LISA people are sick in the head, to ask for my sex life and my marriage.
PLEASE come satisfy my fantasies and me yours..... and let's meet in person.
HH you are still very very very handsome to me.... PLEASE come to my house, as I cannot sleep.
962 GROVE STREET MEADVILLE, PA 16335 You know when I said "goat fucker" that was a terrorist, not you... an d not OBL or anyone in your family- I was hearing their need for sex.. STRANGE.
I need you, HH.

HH, DID YOU WANT JIMMY to call you, so you can pay me & JIMMY for sex..

like YOU did ANGIE & ERAJ, so my existance is not miserable. IS ANGIE MCQUEEN one of your wives?? when did you wed?? and who was her wedding witnesses.
MY sex texts got you in bed with ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY- how is that??
HOW much of my stuff did you go to her house with ?? LOCKETS, RINGs, FURS, AND CLOTHING, with SCARFs- why did you go to her house? b/c she called you on the chubby account changing plans- & then what?
LISA called yoy for sex in 2008... you propose, then why are you not over here in your PRIVATE JET. I told you I rode in PETER LOFTIN's which was allegedly TOM CRUISES in MARC H 2009 - how did you go to ANGIE's house or hotle on my private emails.
for oral or anal sex when it was me teasing you over it..... dfor reality in Meadville, PA.
I need to be in the UK to enforce legal JUDGMENTS. They are in my name only.
I want a real life, not a miserable EXISTANCE please.
WHERE do you sleep and how many wives do you have now please??

I WAYOU made my life & DANTE's life a living hell ofr trusting you.. why did you pass one e-mail to anyone or expose me online- what did I do to you?? ever??
WHERE IS THE CREDIT CARD to fix this mess you admit to it being... and why would you let RAJ & ANGIE muscle me out of my own wedding story- you never heard of them and they never heard of you.... WHAT ARE YOU doing to me, other than scaring me, ruining me and hurting me in the public.
WHY are you calling me a liar? YOU emailed me and said WILL you marry me, ten times...
WHERE did you show up???
THIS is where you are supposed to be.
I NEED A HOUSE - ANGIE looks like she got two houses... ad I need some cars as you gave ANGIE cars- what job does she have to pay you back?
I have no money now b/c of ANGIE's mouth or Kelly's mouth.. THE ASSHOLES are not allowed to talk about others legal cases, it is not thier case or their money.
WHY would you tel everyone that HH Sheikh Ahmed would marry all of my BFF - where is my money?
ANGIE has money from my fiancee, AL MAKTOUM.
NT ANGIE's EXISTANCE... since it was promised to me first.

Bonus email from April 22:

When I called the police to report all of this, they threatened me with harassment- why would everyone embarass me on my wedding night??
MY DAD keeps calling my mom sick and I do not know it. What is going on??
CREEPY and scary??? My mother tried to kill me HH. Literally & warned me first, and DANTE was warning me before that (of me being killed (is is saying violent things and warning me of being murderer - why is that?? )
What got into everyone, when I asked for a DNA TEST? do you know??
She tried to break my neck in 2 secs, and my did said, "enough Sandy" - what?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Crystal Clear Crazy

FW: Anderson Cooper Talk Show

She is in my performance rights & privacy rights (ie s.e.x = PROSTITUTION).
She is claiming to bed with him, for me....... on my courtship & my wedding story.

http://missabsam.blogspot.com HE IS MENTALLY ILL.... he thinks that he is in bed with LISA ANN MICELI- and it is ANGIE MCQUEEN.

My next business & book promotion project. She is trying to steal all of my money, my id & my business plans & my wedding plans.
He is to be at my house every emails= and set up these emails for Princess LISA ANN MICELI.

I am to be in DUBAI- not the USA....................... WHERE is my money?? She is hacking me to be me, every email....... and claims my TV SHOW is hers = IMPOSSIBLE.
He writes to me, not to her. They call him with lies.... after hacking my computer.
They (ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY) are name droppers........ they lie.
They are hill billy lawyers in control over LISA's rights... is what they said to EVERYONE.
This is a lie.
I want all of my property.


Meadville, PA 16335

> From: Stefanie.Javorsky@andersoncooper.com
> To: lisamiceli2011@live.com
> Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 10:29:39 -0700
> Subject: Anderson Cooper Talk Show
> Hi Lisa,
> It was so great talking to you today. Thank you so much for all of your time today. I really appreciate you being so honest and open. As I mentioned, we are still in the preliminary stages of putting the show together, but in the meantime, please email me over some recent photos.
> Thanks so much – have a great rest of the week and I will touch base with you as soon as I have more information.
> All the best,
> Stefanie
> Stefanie Javorsky
> Anderson
> 1271 Avenue of the Americas, 16th floor
> New York, NY 10020
> O: 212.275.8932
> F: 212.275.8876
> Stefanie.Javorsky@andersoncooper.com

COME to CLEVELAND, OH......... it is RAMADAN - SO, I can dance for you... & we can meet in person please.
We can drink tea... go shopping, talk , etc, etc, etc. You can see my legal documents. I never had a criminal record before ANGIE McQueen taking over my legal cases online with that Kelly Scott... I thought that I would have one million in cash for DUBAI= from my book, my employment lawsuit, and then child support.
I do not hear weird shit anymore- thank GOD. Just laugh, it was not to hurt you........................ I am chasing love, not money. I am chasing my own money.
ANYWAY, you can do what you want to do......................... teach me MUSLIM culture. Chat, make plans to move me to Dubai. We can order a movie in the hotel room..... your choice.
Princess Lisa Ann Miceli

SEVERAL AIRPORTS....... brin g a contract please. I am sane.
You told me that I can have as many kids as I want. Pretty please.
These anti-marriage loons, Judge John & several other doctors are insane. They, not me, broke the laws.
CA does not have welfare, PA does. I am NOT supposed to be on welfare.
My lawyers fought to overturn all of it.

I feel safe finally............. no more terrorist/OBL mental chatter. Was I in danger?
http://www.ghostwriters-ink.com/ Please do NOT give this contact to ANGIE MCQUEEN.
This is our loves stories... & the Michael Jordan/DANTE/ESPN mess.
You were to talk to Stephen Boyce so that he did not sabetoge my money, $800,000, so by Nov 2010, I was to be in Dubai.
He gave me $10,000 on $800,000. I wrote to the Judge to ask what is going on. TRIAL would have been 1-2 days and nothing to lose- just gain.
Now, please talk to Judge John Spataro, about my passport and asking the police to help me shut down web-sites. All I asked was for them to verify my id & create files, so I know what I am saying & that it is true.
When can we please meet in person? Am I to fly to your office?
Tell me what Lisa people wrote to you, ANGIE, and who else?
Does ANGIE MCQUEEN still write to you??
I love you controlling & protecting me. Please in person.
Did you not call ANGIE on the phone, get her on the JET, have sex with her in person, etc, etc, etc.
I am safe. I never punched anyone in my life, let alone used a gun. I do not own one.
I do not fight with anyone. ANGIE and I yelled on the phone. She made threats to me.
The police tried to frame me, saying that I was very upset & blah, blah, blah. He was trying to help Kelly Scott & Angie McQueen at my expense.
Princess Lisa Ann Miceli

WHOEVER I am marrying... hurry up, as we have a lot of work to do.
I am nearly 39 years old............... hurry up. One night of dinner please & then we can find DANTE's daddy for back support & waiting on all court appeals.
HURRY up, daddy.... you want one heir no who is healthy.
I workout everyday... and my dress was given to me over a year ago- so who is slow??

YOUR WIFEY is KATE HUDSEN is what you said. THEN send the JET after reading the article.
Tuesday, August 9, 2011 1:19 PM

OK, PRINCE HAMDAN said, "I'll have you committed over here" & "you are corrupt".
Then, he said, "write for me crazy girl". OK. I did that.
The doctors & law enforcement listen to higher ups which you are.
So, be careful what you say about me, or you could get me in jail or dead or mental health.
I think that I killed OBL by chatting about him. CIA knew where he was since he built that compound from the ground.
It was me chatting about my wedding with my Prince that made them decide to shoot to kill then.
Mr. President Barack Obama did not want me dead from my wedding story.
SO, I am requesting my passport back & then you need to support me with my wedding story in Dubai.
I was not found guilty of any crime when I appealed the ruling. So, back to my innocence.
I was asking for police reports over web-sites b/c Stephen Boyce was not litigating my case.
I loved OBL, wanted to write a book called THE RULES of WAR with Toby Osbourne, my ghost write.
Angie was not to reveal him to anyone. It is part of LISA's businesses.
NOW, you said, "I thought that it was an isolated event. " What are you talking about? Then that was pretty quick.
Are you talking about s.e.x.?? Then please send the JET. PLEASE. I have morals. I need to stop making my womb was aching. lol, lol, lol.You online with me.
Then, help me with a letter from your GOVT about our wedding to give to a Meadville, PA Judge, as proof for my passport.
I did not get my $10,000 in cash back from the jail.
SABOTEGE. Damn it.
SPA + GYM = all LISA does b/c she is stuck financially due to child support & lawsuits not paying me yet.
Working on finishing the book in time for TV & looking at photo shoots, for the media.
Learning ARABIC while I wait.
Princess Lisa

Saturday, August 13, 2011


From the desk of LISA ANN MICELI

August 12, 2011
Dear Hon. Judge John Spataro,
I am requesting the return of my passport, seeing that I have done all of the requirements of the current court orders. I even appealed the mental evaluation and I am waiting to hear back from Dr. *******s, my former psychiatrist, and then several others if not him, whom I asked if could do an independent mental health evaluation. Although the mental evaluation has been appealed, it has been completed per your request in your court order. In addition, I called Dr. ***** to request an appointment, to please take me off outpatient mental health commitment. In the past, in his office, he stated, if I did not mention Michael Jordan, then he would NOT say that I am mentally ill. I did in fact date Michael Jordan in NC for several years and have proof that never made it into the court room during the paternity trial. This case was in the press prior to ever asking for a DNA test from him. I am single and dated other men.
I saved evidence and have many witnesses because I could not trust Michael Jordan. My only chance now is media or a libel suit against MJ or his lawyer if they state to anyone otherwise. My gut feeling is it is random people being nasty to me who doubt my Michael Jordan story. It is impossible to carry proof in my purse of my Michael Jordan relationship forever. Anyway, I recently got an invitation to Anderson Cooper/CNN to talk about what is being spun about me and to give me a chance to clear my name or make Michael Jordan confess publicly to end these hateful attacks on me. My point is, I did not lie to the police, I simply asked for the saving of all evidence on the internet. The FBI was happy to assist him. They never called the FBI, to my knowledge. None of the work was designed to hurt the police in anyway. It was nothing personal to them. It is my information. I do not know Asst Chief ***. The other officers forwarded my phone calls for me to him, because they said that he is the one that does reports. I have no idea if that is true or not.
I need to make me trip to Dubai to make certain that my marriage is still on & then look at schools for Dante, my son, please.
I appealed my current police harassment charges in Superior Court with ***** ******. He said that we have not heard back yet. My sentence has since been stayed. So, if possible, I would like to travel before the appeal decision comes back, as I am technically not on probation. I would also ask if you could please review the grading on this case, as I truly believe that it is a summary offense not a misdemeanor.
In addition, I have a USA hooker or prostitute changing my USA wedding plans and trying to get pregnant for me with my billionaire. The jurisdiction is NOT Meadville, PA if I am going to restrain her (it is ANAHEIM, CA) and the Meadville, PA will not arrest her for being in my private emails and my wedding story changing plans and saying that she is my best friend. She called my clothing people from Prince Ahmed’s family and asked for my clothes because she did not believe me that he is a Sheikh.
My Prince is smearing me for this whole stripper/hooker calling him in my wedding story online & offline. He is very angry. She lied and claimed she was my best friend, has money, and has a celebrity child with Oscar Del Hoya. So, I trusted her. The site is http://missabsam.blogspot.com. Your Highness set that up to protect us & he is smearing me instead. I am entitled to relief in his country as well if he is not acting like a proper Sheikh.
The ANAHEIM, CA police are calling it theft by deception (and other crimes) and opened a case (09-136648) already with Officer Matt Sutter filing the report for me over the phone (*******@anaheim.net). Angelicque McQueen is allegedly with Omar Henry now and my wedding should be still on because my Sheikh proposed to me again. However, the blogs are still up with the attacks on Lisa Ann Miceli.
***** ******* erred in the fact that he knew I was leaving the country for a week to discuss all of the above issues (before I am sentenced if I lose the appeal) and did not file a MOTION for a CONTINUANCE. *** ****** knew too and was acting like I am insane, when my career is psychology and she was trying to discredit me in her office both in my pending marriage and my career. *** ****** was to present the evidence of my psychology degrees (Meredith College, NC State University, Capella University) and my W2’s (NC Neuropsychiatry, PA & Carolina Neuropsychology & National Women’s Health Organization) and witness statements (Dr. *** **********, Dr. *** *******, Dr. *** *********) if need be, to prove my psychology career in NC.


Lisa A. Miceli