Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How do you unsee a nightmare?

For those who have not seen. Would you like Fries with that XL Shake? LOL!



Riddle: What is the equivelence of asking a man of Islamic faith to enjoy the perks of Christmas?


"HAHAHAHAH!!! Being a mom." (LISA A. MICELI). I soooooo get that joke!

Did I post this already? IDK. This shit all seems the like the same ole same ole.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cuckoo bird should be a Jail Bird instead!

So yesterday LM made some sick comment like "My mom is going to come into my room & fuck me because its taking you too long to come to my house".
I was beyond disgusted.
Who says shit like that?
Oh yeah, LM.


Here are just a fraction of the shit I've received in the last 48hrs.



Thnk you - DANTE and I hit in the head with two glasses, throw at us, peanuts and a lamp.
KARMA BITCH!!! Someone wnats to hurt you real bad too honey.
I have no voice today, hoarse and battered, thank you, ANGIE MCQUEEN.
TALKED MY FIANCEE for my wedding adn my MJ STORY adn got sent to jail - You would take an ass fuck for MJ TICKETS, LUNATICS!!! I cannot wait to tell him and his lawyers and laugh my ass off.. for it.
I am going to tabloids and the court,s FUCKING WHORES. STOP tellnig my bsun iess whore. NEED more black guys?? LOL, LOL, LOL. I called THE CDC for your AIDS viruse out of control. Need to warn up front.


MY WEDDING STORY - dinners meeting with my property.... my fiancee dfrom ONLINE.. and lawyers about my son.. ILLEGaLY. EXTORTION adn fraud, beating me up online in fronmt of the ROYAL FAMILY.
DEATH THREATS as well, NO one told her to show up for me as sex.. I invited HH to events and he showed up iwth her.. as if s was me. MY WORDs- why would I not show up.

He proposed, his words, why would he not invite me.

We both did not know this lunatic.
why would she show yp as me, when I am the one proposed to?? MY love story ruined by an imposter hacking my computer.. my son is ruined as well.

HOW COULD you, when you are a trusted person. you are not a man to let her attack me and then attack her back... SAY NO. She is speaking dfor me and wlaknig in my shoes as if me.. . INCREDIBLE PAIN AND SUFFERING from he. MY BOOK and my TV SHOW and my life and my emails not hers. Are you not felliong raped, she hacked mty enmails.. and read them AHMED and HAMDAN? WHAT? a stranger!!!!

CLOWN FACES at the dinner table.. WHAT??
You ran with my story and my paternity action, and my blogs from radio and TV.
I am furious that you would clown my own my wedding night dinner and go to the HALL of FAME as if me or the MOTHER of DANTE.. LUNATIC.. NOT HAPPY - FURIOYDS. cannot get that time back. So do your time in person BITCH.
Why are you putting other WHORE in my marriage and stealing my sex life - YOU hate sex, get help.... . I do not and neither does HH Sheikh Ahmed.... We wanted sex right away proves ANGIE MCQUEEN murders over sex.. her aunt. SHE needs to be celebate. She is not Lisa Miceli.
If you have sex with anyone then hoie about your own fiancee.. not using my dad's mind and spy games. SHOW UP at my house with cars.

Why would she go to BILL CLINTON's office or HILLARY's when I asked for the traffickng to cease and desist.. ??

You do not want your kids, ANGIE - do not speak for me LUNATIC.. Put your DEVON!!!


RAPING ANGIE MCQUEEN while on the pone iwth me, at te sink and dying her hair ad then sent me photos. afterwards. threaten anal rape of LM or poverty.
BE REALISTIC. You are not gettting out of jail- for what you and ANGIE did to me.
You called my brother to start another fight today.
BABY BOY by aNGIE MCQUEEN from my wedding night story. EXTORTION - one month delay.. my emails and then ANGIE MCQUEEN acts them out. Now calling my photog to try and bed HALLE BERRY. STOP THE HOOKING AND TRAFFICKING on my name please.. from HOLLYWOOD.

Sun, November 28, 2010 11:16:04 PM
Re: RAPING ANGIE MCQUEEN while on the pone iwth me, at te sink and dying her hair ad then sent me photos. afterwards. threaten anal rape of LM or poverty.

YOU do not RULE over me, wher are all of the back -stabbing emails and requests that got you into bed with ANGIUE MCQUEEN behind my back and STEPHEN BOYCE to be a shitty lawyer and other calls that you made.


WHY is she forcing herself into my life, as my friend, sister or whatever. Another bride of yours. I hate her and want her out of my life.
I hear MAYA in my head, WHY?

EXCUSE ME, how did ANGIE MCQUEEN get into MY GULF STREAM on my WEDDING NIGHT please in CA?? and you not in ERIE, PA??

THE SCHEME is over... OLD NEWS!!!!! I am going to all OSCAR DEL A HOYA events...
ANGIE MCQUEEN AND RAJ you the only news is you...

OSCAR DEL A HOYA... gave me his DNA, what if I told you it is not his kid, ANGIE MCQUEEN? you did paternity fraud? for MILLIONS? and are busted!!!!!

MJ knows his full testing panel and chose to pay me and have me be a huge celebrity, OSCAR did not!!!!
He paid tyou in sympathy to shut up.. please get off my JEY liar. MJ cghose to marry me and make me a STAR- I chose HH Sheikh Ahmed and HH Prince HAMDAN - not you..

You hurt people because you are soo jealous and insane. LEAVE US ALONE - MAFIA wana be princess- not our life MINE!

STOP FUCKJING other women.. I told the triuth, ANGI is a mocvknig birds.. with AIDS - MJjohnson's dr - JEALOUS hateful bitch. now I need rubbers with my wonb hubby.. WHAT THE FUCK? insane bitch.. that you went to HALLL of FAMe- PAY BACK is a BITCH, so is SCOTT WESTON!!

Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Gowns and Accessories from PeriDress : Your order #12567 has been declined
CAn you pay ofr the rest of my wedding dress, b/c I cannot afford it.. please of HOLLYWOOD stalkers and hackers.

YOU FUCKED HALLE BERRY you go to prison.. I am sick of this shit. YOU ARE NOT A MAFIA BOSS or a PIMP or a HOOJER - you are my SHEIKH!!!

You were to take me to MJ's HALL of FAME, like YVETTE PIERTO.... and dancing like ANGIE MCQUEEN =

You are to make me a wife, adn not commiting any crimes against my or in the USA?? You are committing EXTORTION fuck ing other women.. RIDICULOUS...

SEX ADDICT school for Lisa Miceli- you are writing under my name and playing tricks.. they are not LISA MICELI .

Sun, November 28, 2010 4:16:51 PM
WHY are you not at my house partying. . you have your own money NOW?? That I have to sue for??

STOP STALKING ME, who went to PARIS FRANCE on my name? WHO?? it was to be my honeymoon nad it was a bunch of blondes.

If you are no longer into my wedding sotry, then stop contacting ANGIE MCQUEEN - b/c she should up as me and she is not me. It is my life.

You cannot re[pair 9/11 DAMAGEs of taking ANGIE MCQUEEN as if she is me. WHERE are my cars? Angie has one, you bought it.. so she said.

I am sending you to jail for never coming to my house and gifting everyone my life as f they are all MICHAEL JORDAN MISTRESS....... when they not.. YOU ARE NUTS!!!! you do not listen to the truth...

get the fuck out of the CA house that I was charged over, it is my house iwth HH Sheikh Ahmed for my son..
You are fuck up of a man!!!



My love story.. AL MOCO TOUM?? WHAT? Li'sa dancing tapes with HALLE BERRY? she is flat cheated whore nutcase going to jail if she copies Lisa Miceli and calls my contacts.

WHO CALLED you CHUBBY?? it is my chilren not theirs from our wedding story.

She is a con like RAJ in my marraige, what do you not understand.. she was the screen not LISA MICELI - same with HALLE BERRY, not Lisa Miceli- flat chested whore wanting my life for BILLIONS adn giving nothing in return. BAD TRADE DEAL!!!!!!

I am going to FUCK THE GENERAL's brains out ands have him chop off your dick and you fingers and then talk HUMAN RIGHTS.. like you are doing to me. and laugh and mock your injuries like you are doing me..

and then I will ask if you are okay and then now show up to help you.
Where is the party on my name tonight?? DO NOT TELL ANGIE MCQUEEN -fuking whore will take on my life as if me.. and call it a screen... where are my meetings..? with BRAVO? I need to tape mine, that was a silly crimbnla imposter..


FAT AS HELL DANCING on YOU TUBE. AUGUST 2010... from a JUKY preggers? from my wedding night in Oct 2009...NO? I posted it online.

Who is the mother? I need to collect it all.

PIECE of SHIT ANGIE MCQUEEN. RETARDS KIDS - look at them fighing one another.

FUCKING RETARD baby boy and does not know it yet.
RETARD, RETARD, RETARD, AHHHHHHHHHn you did it to you, ANGIE MCQUEEN. You raped your own pussy on the phone with me over my money. I want my houses and my cars and my cash, for my dancing skills not yours sand my sports psychology..... not yours.

SHUT THE FUCK UP you had a baby boy with ANGIE MCQUEEN on my wedding night OCT 14, 2009. You should have shot the violent bitch who wanted to beat everyone up.

THE CLOWN IS ANGIE MCQUEEN with OMAR HENRY and your baby boy? NO??

Sun, November 28, 2010 1:10:01 PM
You are petty so MJ got petty, in the crowd with his fans. How is MAYA's baby boy, from her adoption in AUGUST 2009 & drinking in hotels & houses with you?
EXCUSE ME? You gave my resume to ANGIE MCQUEEN and my book to be me and then fucked her on my wedding night to get her preggers. Right? AT THE MONDRIAN HOTEL. SEX TRAFFICKING.
Where are my homes, it was n ot ANGIE's deal. she was a witness. She did not go to MEREDITH COLLEGE??THE ANSWER was no. She is not me. SEPERATION of sexes.

It is not her kid. I am the mother and going to put in a cause of action for illegacy surrogacy. You said BAD EGGS and you called me the adorable egg donor. She wanted DANTEs money,. no? in 2009 and in 2010 mine and yours.

It is not her life because she was a witness.
HAMMY was mad when I said I was 15 yrs old.. WHAT? ANGIE lied the whole time. You handed gher my resunme., ASSA was to get my house.

Where is she?


Lisa A. Miceli
LISA's emails, LISA's house. ANGIE MCQUEEN does not have a TV SHOW or OSCAR's lawyer is suing her.
It is my TV SHOW - he is slow b/c it is stolen property....
you are to cease travelnig on my name, my emails and my TV SHOW - stop the organized crimes around me.
THE BLOGS were for my wedding, not favors for HOLLYWOOD.
HOLLYWOD LOSERS, no education and no money per TV SHOW, over spend and steal.SAM MICELI - this is SAM MICELI's house on a deed, my dad bought it for a dollar from his brother. WHO's the BOSS? Sam or JOE, we like little LISA. I was 7. Lisa the TOOL TIME GIRL, I was less than 17yrs old. NOT COOL.
Two imposters ruined my life, who are insane and cannot come out of character and spy on me, for ENTERTAINMENT deals. ID THEFT, not entertainment.
they stole from my bvlogs nad sold the same story to DUBAI adn in VeGAS, NV.. EVERYTHING stolen by PAMMY, ANGIE and PARIS and aLYSSA MILANO - all contacted HH for sex as well... my life, not wifeys.


I need anti anxiety pills to do the photo shoot.
You gave them to ANGIE MCQUEEN not me after calling everyone in my sockial circle and twellnig them what? They can fuck you? WHY? thought it was 4 wives?
Why would you ask ANGIE MCQUEEN anything about me when I was sending docs as proof of me nad oyu were on mty blogs, as I am not Kelly and other sites with websites. I did not put the connection together at first.
ESTEEMEDONE was you? why did oyu not conme to my house. I thoguht that you were femlae, not male. I am not giving my son to another female. You called me a lesbian. I am ot but now get offers.


YOU LIE to me and tell ANGIE the truth now. WHY? You used my TV SHOW to fuck her in my face. NOT COOL.
TV SHOW RUINED cannot get those moments back and have more evidence than ANGIE MCQUEEN - who did not get dna testing or child support until the age of 5, like DANTE was in 2009. She is nothing great.
PANTS story does not apply, you are a Royal in an other country. All are not created equal, look at retards and different careers.
You blamed me for her words, and yet were catering to her as if she was me. EVER 5 minutes at her house for sex, in the USA.
I would take the offer, ask RAJ - or all 3 of you go to jail for the rest of youer lives, for comspiring against me fo MILLIONS of MJ money. I dated the man and he cried, when I was on there.



ERXCUSE me, they are drink your cum to get rich and famous? You proposed to Lisa Miceli and bed aNGI MCQUEEN gifting her my children and my wedding and then defend her backstabbing behavior and call me poor?
HH Prince Hamdan said to you, she is NOT me. Why would you fuck a stranger, after nmaknig plans with me? verbal contract to marry, DIPSHIT. Not iwth ANGIE MCQUEEN - but Lisa Miceli 8 times, and each time a different women. You are making me ill traffkicking me in pieces, for what money? YOURS? WHY? They are not Lisa Miceli.
They aer as pretty as me and you are not to talk back to me. Why are you not at my house nad in my bved, writing to ANGIE AND HOLLYWOOD to get a professional contract, while I suck your dick as planned. ASSA worked for you and I - not RAJ. My lawyer thought that I was marrying RAJ- WHAT? NO WAY. She said that she has two lids with yu, from stealing from me, from the point of my car accident- too easy to prove that everything she said and is saying for the last 2 yrs is a repeat of LISA MICELI.
BLOG RADIO, I have no voice, choking.
If everyone thought that you were a bad man and going to kill me for money- then why did they marry you or bed you or have kids with you.
You were a billioniare to greedy whores.
TOM BENGE adn everyone will testify againast ANGIE MCQUEEN - adn she is in prison mommy or not. She is ignorant to steal from me having my own kids with my own man, not RAJ or OSCAR (even thought you pretended yo be him, when I was calling on the phone in the sumer of 2009 ) why ou cater to mJ nutc ase stalkers, is insane to me. MJ would not fuck who you are dfucking- sh eis hideous.. UGLY, how dfo you fuck her? Her face, her fake lips and big nose and shaggy dog hair?
but you do not know her.
It was my VEGAS, NV how did she know? IMPOSSIBLE.
They only reason my DNA was not complete, was a crooked Judge who wanted others to get a piece of my son's money, not MJ's money from an order, legally, but DANTE's by trying to start an action bvehind my back. Kelly Scott and everyone pretending to be from MEADVILLE, PA. My life is my life, stop gifting it to orther women - behind my back - why are you so fucking disloyal to me.. ???
Stop giving my money to other women wihout marrying me first or having kids with me first. You love aNGIE, then AnGIER goes t priosn- she was not allaowed to contact you ever behind my back let alone tell me pussy shaves and washer ands dryer stories. MY HOUSE ASSA ands you adsn I were going to get for DANTE in March 2009 after a Jan 2009 wedding proposal. I told and everyone was getting married to someone else at the same time, MJ, ALLY MILANO and others, leaked their wedding plans. You do not marry people to meet other women.
EVERY DAY that she is with you and my emails, she wants to go to jail - she did not know your family- your family b ack stabbed me over my son's wealth. You took on more wives b/c of my money. not your other wives money. You were to pay for me, to get my own money and my son's money. Yet, you pay for ANGIE MCQUEEN. MY PERFUME and everything that I asked for you gave to her, WHY? STINKY people.. you are buying her off, as a payoff and RAJ too, for a wedding trhat did not happen yet and was to be done in Jan 2009 for children only.
You are fucking me online and bedding her in perosn makes no sense. It is a shorter flight to DUBAI to ERIE, than CA to DUBAI.
You are drinking and fukcing her, as if sshe is me, from internet PRINCESS. You c onfessed onlnie to all of her threats as well. LEAVE HER now and buy my home in July 2010 - who went to the ROYAL ASCOT parade and who got my necklaces, for my onlnie breasts.
How is she ever boarding my JET? EVER. She is not to share a man with me ever. It is stalkjnig and copyright infringment and extortion- she is killing people, me including me. She is not to contact you, EVER, b/c you are my fiancee, not her HOLLYWOOD- you work there? on any projects?
AVIATIOn only? Where and why are all of these people coming to us for every bit of our money?






DO NOT BRING ANGIE MCQUEEN to our next hotel sex meeting. please.. no, no, no, lie lie lie. GOT THAT> LIE.... m y breats ae better, she has cancer from the last 4-0 yr old child and lost her hair and wears a wig, serves her right for back stabbing me with you.
Where are we fucking? anal is best.. but I suck dick better than ANGIE and ASSA according to you... She lies and taks about me in the middle of sex. She was wearing ASSA top, prove of sex when buying my home in CA - in June 2009... not that long ago to pursue.
You do not go there do you anymore?


DO you not have a son with this LUNATIC, asking for HOLYWOOD whore after you got preggers.. BE REALISTIC, tyou are insanely ugly oyu stole and flipped information and are going to jail for it. BABY BOY or not.
How is OMAR HENRY's dick after POENCIL THIN AHMED- baby boy your new job for money.. need to brag about a nanny.. for him. or is MAYA helping.. with AHMEDvon the bed.. what does she do with HH?? suck him yet?
You can pay for the MEDICAL BILLS for the two glasses and the lamp, being throw at DANTE and I and hitting us in the face the medical bills.
I am horse today. Was that the anal sex on my wedding story, ANGIE AND AHMED?

BRUSH your teeth and shower and no stds DUMBASSES!!!

YOU THINK THAT you are going to fuck hALLE BERRY on my engagment and gift her a child. KIMwas talkngi to GABRIELLE gher ex baby daddy.. WHAT AS ASSHOLE?

when do ou stop with HOLLYWOOD leeches on my life?
Do I need to go public with your AIDS STORY/TRUTH??

SEND A JET for LISA MICELI = HALLE can make her own money.. she has enoguh LAPUMA info.

THamnks for the bug eyes. I look like you from chatting much & you switching lives around, that is all that you do with me.
I can make my own money, and was doing that in the USA. NEVER hurt for money or rich men.
BLAH, BLAH, BLAH BLAH, I hate talking and you are a liar to me.
PLEASE send me the pills to lose weight, I can then get on the treadmille and do YOGA and relax. You are two years too late.
ANGIE is not BROKJE, you had her in bed several time paying for sex, when you are to be at my house. I am furious and broke because of you. She is not MISS ABSAM. You ruined my plans. I need a contact list of men in ABU DHABI please. I pitched a story over there please. I will give you a list of people, and ask them to contact me please, if you will.


BRING VALIUM or XANAX - I have never had to talk this much in my fucking life.. WHAT THE??? you were to just show up..
PUt my videos to music... WHAT THE FUCK/ you are proving tyou are a liar.. TO LISA MICELI, not that I am a liar, ruining my value and gift it to someone else, who is trash. BUSINESS SCHOOL? You know her breasts dents in them. DISRESPECTING YOU. WHY? I am not a man, and I hate blondes, FUCK THEM. i am not a lesbian... You know my past. it got you off.. sexually.
Tht was the only thing that turned you on.. all of your brides fucking other men. I will tell them on you TUBE in a veil.
KARMA is a bITCH - ANGIE get a bottle to the head next. GOOD.

THIS IS TOO WEIRD. I am sick of being called a liar b/c of you and Michael Jordan- my TV SHOW was for credibility. I did radio (who got that- FRED, MJ's lawyers), wrote a book and now a reality TV SHOW and marriage and more kids next and PLAYBOY - you put this online on a blog to have me attacked by only 5-6 women- who are they, they call claim sex iwth you, GROSS!!!?? WHAT is going with you? You met ANGIE MCQUEEN for sex since March 2009 according to her. She is finally telling the truth that was stupid because it was my INVITE to VEGAS for pre martial sex, how did she come up? and contact you? What did she say?? When did she say, I want to fuck oy for my BFF adn get your millions form a baby that she would kill me and jail me over prior to her own wedding with you? "I know you are a stranger, but I have AIDS wanna FUCK?" is that what ANGIE MCQUEEN said to you, that you did not tell me? EXCUSE me, my teasings were not enough for you to meet in person? I called you, not her and RAJ.
EVERYONE knows that you are lying, when It was to be me, it was ANGIEV MCQUEEN.
My family is crazy now, thn ak you - and expected me to move out in 2009- they are psychotic.

HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai has everything of mine for a book deal- to be an ASSHOLE with if I die.
I am ANGIe's AUNT KIM- and my coats- and she told me to shut up or retired FBI, MELISSA DEROSIER, PHD. YOU ARE RIGHT BITCH, you are going to prison for attempted murder of Lisa Miceli. She is is cocked and loaded in PITTSBURGH, PA to shoot to kil you, PAMMY, PARIS, and ANGIE MCQUEEN - if keep getting that nutty for my money and my men. We tape recordeed everything and my emails on file with FBI and YAHOO the minute he called me on the computer. You are not a long haired brunette ANGIE MCQUEEN - so please that HH would want to kiss your ass- it was my photos DUMBASS!!! I was on the phone with you as well - you are looing really nuts trying to scare me and get somoene else to hurt me.
The TV SHOW was never even done yet before ANGIE MCQUEEN fucked HH behind my back, is if she was me and meeting MJ for the baby, who is now 6 not 1 when he first spoke to me. How are my meetings at the MONDRIAN HOTEL - THE AUTOPSY, DISRESPECTFUL LIONESS in March 2009? on my emails and with my fiancee.
OSCAR and OMAR HENRY meet up for you, ANGIE MCQUEEN in Sept 2010?? or Sept 2009?? You a hacker and a stlker, DAMN GIRL.

Whose baby boy? the father??

I WANT EVERYTHING since you met him, even the red & black dress. I will dance in your sheets or in your hotel on my wedding night.
It was not your body, it was not you bodyu. ANGIE - it was my wedding, FUR COATS everything that I asked for, scarfs and book shelves- THE CRIME is, it was not my body and in fact, ANGIE - it was not your wedding night. These are my emails not yours.
It was my fiancee, not yuours. STOP LETTING random men fuck you as if you are me. IDIOT.

You can pay for the MEDICAL BILLS for the two glasses and the lamp, being throw at DANTE and I and hitting us in the face the medical bills.
I am horse today. Was that the anal sex on my wedding story, ANGIE AND AHMED?

BRUSH your teeth and shower and no stds DUMBASSES!!!


OK. I am sick of you talking to youself and other males in my life and bedding other women, is if I do not exist.
I have a favor to ask of you, please.
No, you were racist to both me and my son.

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

~ Lisa A. Miceli
20 yrs for extortion in the state o f pas - i do not have to watch your kids with my fiancee b.c of you being a pig.
My family hates you and told you to stay puty of my fami ly - blood blood nigger whore who is nuts and would pretend to be lisa miceli for her billions, while you are your family are losers.
Stop asking for our info- it is not yours. Black child or not, he is richer and healthier than you.
you proposed to lisa miceli first prior to m eeeting angie m cquen -d
Sat, November 27, 2010 10:30:21 AM
PIECE of SHIT - corrrect and control YOU.. beofre I send YOU to prison.. who cares about your bloodlines, AIDS WHORE!! spreading it with malice
"PUT YOUR RAJ on" = 7 yr old WHORE for a CHILD begging for my hubby for sex..
I will tell the whole world ANGIE MCQUEEN - you are a LUNATIC STALKER AND PEDOPHILE and rapist, from my emails- you are not Lisa Miceli.
You need to b e murdered and killed over OSCAR - he does not want you, MJ wants me still . LUNATIC is ANGIE MCQUEEN switching lives and calling it comedy, FREAKY FRIDAY!!!
MALICE - having sex with AIDS with aL MAKTOUM before my wedding becauseI said no to sex with both her and Raj (over AIDS)- WITNESS my wedding . SHe is not a friend.
She was on the phone with me when you are at the house with her in the bathroom. DYING her hair and yours too.
Why do you show up at her house when I call you or email you? I do not live with her, was living with HH for our marriage.
You proposed to LISA MICELI - n ot aNGIE MCQUEN - yuo show up at LISA MICELI's house.

BEDDING the bloggers and Michael JORDAN fans is not acceptable.
Both are in my computer ands gong to the wrong house and hotel on my wedding night.
You are not Lisa and have no right to show up as me.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

I apologize in advance for what you are about to see.


Looks like Princess Lisa Ann has be banished to the basement & her son has moved up in the world - literally. Here is a breakdown if you want to spare your eyes from 10:56 minutes of pure fuckery!
Every piece of paper is important (tee hee)
She needs an assistant (but can’t read)
Paris went to Dubai… and?
Michael Jordan lawyers threatened to kill her (womp womp womp)
She questions U.S. laws.
She was in the newspapers (blah, blah, blah) This is proof that she is MJ baby mama (not)
She is going to Federal court / Supreme Court for her case b/c her lawyer is trying to ruin her lawsuit
The admission about finding the real father around the 4:50 mark is remarkable, see for yourself.
Her Uncle was a nice man (even though she harassed the shit out of him)
Pepe, she’s not giving you a hard time, she just wants to marry you b/c you are using her name.
She has lots of school books that she should sale on Amazon.com to help pay bills.
She thought Ahmed was joking about her never marrying or having kids (I guess she forgot about Dante & the 5-6 abortions)
Has an impressive collection of pleated front, tapered rayon slacks with quadruple wide belt tabs
Mama Miceli is “helping her move her things to the basement for her move to the Middle East. (wink, wink)
She does have a picture of MJ… right off MSNBC.com.
She is trying to build a bank account for her son based on her past “work”. I guess the kid will be piss poor waiting on the shit.
Once again, she defiles Dora the Explorer
Nasty bitch saves uses nails
Oh, her room is a shithole!

If you are interested in seeing her son’s two outfits, go to the following links


For those of you who missed the “Guess what his dick looks like” video.
Who the fuck is “Akmed”?


Saturday, November 20, 2010

No matter how much you wax...


Some interpretations of his video please. Notice how she cleverly omits the fact that her child hasn't always had his own room.

A few interesting emails. The first is so fucking funny, I swear!

PLEASE write to them as ask for me to be added to them.



STOP "fucking" with me, over this or that, ILLEGAL.... WHAT THE HEL, DUMBASS!!!!!!!

ID THEFT and ID FRAUD.... so not use my paternity for ANGIE MCQUEEN's new babies or my abortions for her new babies..
AL CRIMES I prove the abortions she sits in STATE pen for over 15 yrs per count for each child that she has with me.

3 years to take me offline.. WHY??

MERCEDES WAS TOTALLED by a MEXI and you were to send me a car to meet you.
That same car went to ANGIE MCQUEEN instead. YOU ARE STEALING.
I am in the USA, like ANGIE MCQUEEN.

will suck your dick to help you get over ANGIE MCQUEEN AND PEPE LAPUMA who are going to jail, for felonies against Lisa Miceli. I swore in private emails and phone calls, not even in public. It is freedom of sppech in the USA on blogs.
ANGIE MCQUEEN IN ANAHIEM, CA AND AHMED IN DUBAK - why am I - the bide, and not the witness, stuck to the computer and ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN the witness is offlnie with my fiancee, HUBBY, HH SHEIKH AHMED of DUBAI behind my back and in my face- and it is not LISA on camera smoking pot.
TWO DIFFERENT WOMEN - Lisa Miceli's called you, ANGIE MCQUEEN copied Lisa Miceli. THIS IS LISA's account, not ANGIE MCQUEEN's account.


i had lesbian sex after college, they will not leave me alone.

Sorry, for the embarassment. I love chocolate and have a very horrible sense of direction, so use GPS constantly.
Sorry, if I miss dates, my timing is off. I thought that I told you that.
Once stolen by HOLLYWOOD they do not let go- they keep running with it. So, my emails are being used by others. I called PETA and other places for jobs, and marketing (NIKE, HANES) and they take over.
Hamdan is looking soo skinny.

Thu, November 18, 2010 4:02:19 AMI am a friend of Lisa... let's meet begind her back.
From: Lisa Miceli
I hear you are marrying women in their hom es, b/c you are a sex addict.
YOU ARE CLEARLY BACK STABBING me every email. I cut 5 inches off my belly dancing hair.. SHIT!!
I was getting ready to do my videos. This ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN switch for Lisa Miceli is driving me crazy- CRUEL.

Lisa a. Miceli
Are you a male prostitute AHMED?? We were to convert when I married you and my son too.

ANGIE MCQUEEN taked to kelly Werner and you came to her house with jewelry. He is giving my credit cards and cash and jewelry to other women - WHY is that?
He is waiting on my book b/c of certain issues, abortion (STILL BORN) and AIDS.

STOP STALKING MY SEX LIFE with the lunatics online- ONE PERSON to hurt & to steal....

HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai TOOK you to LAS VEGAS, NV WHORE and UK was HH Prince HAMDAN- using my name like a hooker!! Why owuld you bed everyone but your fiancee Lisa Miceli -and tell the ulgy hookers they are gorgeous using my own money to make them RICH, FAMOUS, and BEAUTIFUL!!

This is my blissful wedding story, WHAT? NO WAY - where is my money, my clothing and my gifts? HH Sheikh Mo said he would not listen to the use for my money.

YET, you are adn beddnig everyone ugly, fat, rich or poor from my own blogs, like a hooker service, while I sit at home and watch on YOU TUBE or BLOGS the confessions to cheating on my engagement!!!
I caled the DUBAI police to make him stop... the FBI and the ATTORNEY GENERAL is on you as well.


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Holy Shit!

* That poor cat is toast!
* If only the facial hair got that much OCD attention as the cigs & lighter.
* Oh snap! I hope that crack dealers aren’t the ones she's stealing the internet connection from.
* If you didn't believe she was psychic before, then explain the camper in the video.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

She bought a new wedding dress, Y'all!

She is heated because her son has been taunting her that "There is no wedding! There is no marriage! There is no husband!" Smart kid.
She wants her parents dead because they are demanding their money she has stolen from them $3000. Her argument is that she only "took" $2000. She borrowed money & now the creditors are knocking down her doors. I guess they have been checking out the blogs. LOL! She is threatening to have her current lawyer SB disbarred if he doesn’t "resind" her settlement offer. She equates AM admission of receiving 10 stacks a month to somehow being a deciding factor in accepting the settlement without thought. AM was switching bodies with her again, and therefore she (AM) was the one who made the settlement & not her (LM).

Bonus! She stole her mothers’ credit card to purchase what appears to be the same exact dress in a larger size; this time with a veil & gloves.
So now we know where she got it from.


Date: 02-11-2010 20:38:50
Order ID: #1****
Order status: Queued
Payment method:
Credit Card
Delivery method:
n/a Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Gowns and Accessories from PeriDress
Room 603 Building 1 No.32 Xueyuan Road, Shanghai
200010, CA
CALL US: 1-(347)537-6899 (Available EST 8:00AM - 12:00AM & 8:00 PM - 12:00PM)
Fax: 86-021-63669488
E-Mail: orders@perimart.com

First Name: Lisa
Last Name: Miceli
Phone: 814-********
E-Mail: lisamiceli13@yahoo.com

Billing Address Shipping Address

First Name: S*****
Last Name: Miceli
Address: *** ***** Street

City: Meadville
State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Zip/Postal code: 1****

Products ordered
SKU Product Item price Quantity Total

20094005 Wedding Dress Style 8484 Options: Size: 12(bust:38",waist:32",hips:40")
Shoulder to hem(front)(inches):
Color: White(s-82)
*Latest arrival date: 2010-11-08
Rush Service: No,thanks.
Back Style: Same As Picture
Box Package: No,thanks.
Shawl: Matched shawl
Veil: Matched veil./white
Crinoline: No,thanks.
ExtraFabric: No,thanks.
Dust Cover: No,thanks.
Glove: Matched gloves./white
Dress Hanger: Matched dress hanger.
Jewelry: Matched earrings and necklace.
$177.99 1 $177.99
Subtotal: $177.99
Discount: $0.89
Discounted subtotal: $177.10

Total: $177.10

Customer notes
Lisa's bigger size wedding dress. Gloves and veil.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

I don't want to bore you...

Just wanted to share a few excerpts from some recent emails. I cut straight to the Lisaisms. Beware Miceli family, Lawyers, mothers of young children, Jewish people, Religious people... well everyone. Lisa manages to offend & disgust everyone equally & beautifully.***************************************************************************
Soap and water kills nearly all sexually transmitted diseases, all of them - bird bath after s.e.x. or shower.
I have golden pussy... and it has nothing to do with GOLDEN BOY - WEALTH.

ALL medias pay us or the use of our names images and stories.


My mother is violent she nearly broke my arm which is how I met TOM BENGE, the black cop. The photo is in the police files over cooking!!! I was bruised from elbow to shoulder. BITCH.
She told me last night, she stole the credit card back and my cash, back - so no money and cannot drive b/c they said that I was not on insurance for a car for 3 years. LIES!!
She thinks that she can bed AHMED (GROSS) lie the other women on the blogs. ONE HUBBY for me, who loves me and defends me.
She is like ANGIE NMCQUEEN - certain women get beat up by their men and others never do. I never did or do.
I am not violent.



What amount a month, $350,000 a month per child- in the USA?? No wonder they say they are fab wealthy I am wish I was wealthy, but it is my story.. and not just a satory, you are to meet me offline not them.
WHAT HAPPENED? confusion b/c of drugs on you part or hackings and threats??

10 times Michael Jordan's child suppoprt obligations - something is making my family mad and my lawyers furious with you and me. My videos of my mom disciplining DANTE, will never let her ever have custody of him.
EVERYONE around me sees dolar signs and is ruinning my wealth, earned well.
He is a horseman and a great communicator, not s.e.x. was I talking about.
Is it JASON from my book deal with Michael Jordan.


My mother's credit card and cash are mine for her protection, b/c she is extorting as well as my father - over MJ and AHMED and HAMDAN!
ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN and you made a deal for sex over my head - WHAT?? WHY? you are engaged to me and she has diseases. She has no morals and you slam me.. WHY?? and no money, and you pick her up at her house.
no values, does not care what she cost, me, you or GOLDEN BOY PRODUCTIONS.
They claim that she is in bed with you on drugs, when it was my story and should be me, my lifestyle, my billionaires want me as a boiling hot bunny crazy- putting on makeup and drinking or drugging.
I worked out and went to spas and did drugs, HAMDAN- I was prettier when I was younger.
HH Sheikh HAMDAN is a doll baby.... such a doll!!!!!!


TOM should drop the case b/c of corruption. WHY is aNGIE MCQUEEN at my meetings with with and HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai over my money.. ???

WHERE is my DUBAI vacation based on my contracts.. SEEN not HEARD (one of my slogans {FOR NIKE} - do not steal it)!!!
That is one of two, for my clothing collection....!!!!

I need a credit card for business - I cannot shave my legs, drive my cars and put on makeup - my mother steals everything!!!!!! I need to do photo shoots for me with my logos. PERFECT for tennis, who wants to hear the grunts?
Brush your teeeth HAMMY, I will lick your teeth in the bed.... !!!!!


lisa miceli
STEPHEN BOYCE is taping my phone calls or what?? CORRUPTION?? passing my emails?? TIM?? STEPHEN? where are they getting all of the information??

ITALIANS know how to stop VOLCANOES and other bad weather, they live with it and you do not call crazy, non crazy or your cause crazy. I have to sue ANGIE MCQUEEN because of her threats and thefts, and you are right there with her HH Sheikh AHMED of Dubai if you are fucking her as if she was and is me which is the case.. b/c you met her from me and my wedding plans - I sent you a wedding dress on the first night of meeting you online.
Why are you in bed with her and in my life on this level. You took her daughter in in AUGUST 2009, MAYA and then said DATE online, my throw away child - not ANGIE's in JAN 2010. SPEAKING for me and answering for me, with you and not telling me and traveling with you on my business - both personal and professional.

You went to bed with her online like me and then met her in person, not like me. WHY? That is the same as fucking my assistant and now no one listens to me.
UNBECOMING BEHAVIOR for a sheikh- what are you talking about- you said that you would never cheat on me.
You said that you would be a great man to me and you are the one.
Angelicque Mcqueen speaks for Lisa Miceli and answers for her as well, WHY?? She is not me and was not proposed to.
LAS VEGAS, NV was Lisa Miceli for sex carefully before marriage- I am reckless, as it was VEGAS preggers story!!


MEADVILLE, Pa that is the source of Lisa Miceli's emails, not to be used by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN in her humble apartment or old house.

1. Kelly Werner: witness to Keith Saeed and Michael Jordan.
2. Stephen BOYCE and his wife, DIANA: my employment lawyers with an $800,000 lawsuit on the table.
3. AL MAKTOUMS = my fiancee and new family, from ONLINE and to meet in person. You used my name, no one else and my wedding story, no one else's.
4. Miceli's: DANTE, SANDY, JOE and my brother.
5. Michael Jordan = JIMMY = his dead dad.
8. PLAYBOY and my photogs.
10. NIKE
12. LIVE NATION = MUSIC = Lisa Miceli has the contract.
16. LAPUMA family members = TONY?? WHAT? WHY? HOW? WHO?
17. RADIO people.

Why are you soo delusional on a blog, wrting about me.. and never met me or saw
me in person. TOO WEIRD.



DILDOS in your asss nad cream on her pants nad all of the sick shit that you want to do to women... please stop talkngi about me in public..

YOU ARE DELUSIONAL.. where are you?


BITTER MALE WHORE FROM SIAM =- AHMED = WANTING DILDO in your ass and to beat for sex with other women.
I think that you are a deported JEW that you would expose me onlnie nd not have 6 jobs to pay for me.. or 9..

CREDIT CARD in my name NO LIMIT... I wil have to buy me a house and a car on it!!!!! and several insurances!!!!!



GOLD DIGGER Lisa - KANYE WEST hired by MJ - so I want it all back now. HIDDEN BEACH RECORDINGS!!! MJ = WILM GROUP.

AND SEND pot in the package, not a scarf. pot!!!!!


I am going to stick a DILDO is ANGIE's ass and get drink on film of you do not marry me and beg for other men while married to you.. ??

Stop using my business plans and send money for all of your schemes IMMEDIATELY. You can be here in less than 24 hours, 22 hours, and you are a day ahead of me..... IN PERSON or I am pressing charges for your schemes.

WHJERE is HH PRINCE HAMDAN?? STEPHEN BOYCE?? call him, he fucked up the money.
REAL ESTATE LAW 6 percent splits.... and now straight 6 percent for the selling agent.


STOP flipping this, SANDY AND JOE - my parents are violent and CATHOLIC.

I already told you. My dad was jealous of my UNCLE VICTOR - and started bitching to him. Victor did not have a daughter to marry off - so he was going to marry me to you. He is not my dad. So, my dad was evil.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Facts according to Lisa:


Facts according to Lisa:
• She is “FAMOUS for being me, beding pro athletes & dancing
• She is “one personality, not a HOLLYWOOD actress, who is crazy until made sane.. with the truth”
• “FRED SPERLING held my copyrights in the courts and we have an order for negotations only”
• She hasn’t spoken to MJ since 2003.
• Her & MJ last conversation was about S.E.X. in Las Vegas
• “MJ proposed to me... in April 2001 still married over the phone”
• Why did he propose over the phone? “He did, b/c I could not get to DC and meet with him in person. He was feeling me out before divorcing JJ for me.”
• What was her response to the alleged proposal? “I said I cannot, you are still married to JJ. He was legally seperated in DC at the time with the WASHINGTON WIZARDS.”
• What happened after that? “Last phone call so I went to VEGAS to find him and got pregnant. He divorced JJ and nothing but lawyers and communications that were bizarre.”
• Who is Jimmy? “He works for ESPN. He was trying to get me with MJ- very hard to do at times.”

(Lets sidebar for a bit of clarity: According to Lisa, she went looking for MJ in Vegas. Her last conversation was over the phone with MJ prior to her going to Vegas. Vegas is where she conceived her son. After telling this Jimmy fella her story about wanting to see MJ, he told her he could make it happen. This is very much like Tom B. A man who told her he could help her get closer to MJ if she would just have sex with him. The reason Lisa can’t contact this man for support is because she doesn’t even know if he is who he said he was. She fucked him & got preggers. They engaged in what she refers to as “Fantasy sex”. The men were to pretend they were MJ & she would pretend that they actually “liked her”. Therefore, she chooses not to make a clear distinction between her child belonging to another man, because it was MJ she was seeking out for sex, so it is his fault she became pregnant with a black child)

• Why does she make porno videos with her bedroom door wide open? “No one was home.”
• How does her parents treat her? “My dad does not let me out of the house, ever. I look like crap all day b/c of it.. in sweats for my son.” And “My parent are cruel. controlling about my shower, eating and exercise.. When I am making any money, everyone pretends to be me.. and cheats me out of my own existance. It freaks me out.”
• Whats the family excuse for using the “N” word all the time? “b/c of money. I hate it. My son needs to hear better and does. His school kids are nice, but as he gets older other kids are not.. and he needs to know what everyone means so he is not upset but corrective. He is very very sensitive now and wanting to fight like an animal.”
• HUH? “no, negative words really hurt DANTE- I say it to calm him, by repeating and letting him know he is loved.. staying in his head.. to help him.”
• “My mom is the worse.. no one says it to him repeatedly. She calls him an animal and then he is wild... cruel ,not funny. So we have to pretend to be animals.. for fun. CHILD therapy, play therapy”
• What happens if Lisa tries to correct her parents verbal assaults? “I told you, physical violence. They go over my head with Dante. He is learning that - and is still in control with me, b/c the violence is wrong.”
• Does Lisa still get spankings? “yes. and yelling, that hurts my ears. Not a good scenario. They undermine good and loving parenting to be in control.”
• Do they hit Dante, ever? or is it just emotional & verbal abuse? “just… NO, I do not let them spank him, just put him in time out. NO BULLYING by beating him b/c of being a bigger person.”
• Why does Lisa have so much animosity for her mother? “ b/c she let my dad mistreat her”