Saturday, March 17, 2012

That's Just My Baby Daddy...

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Monday, March 5, 2012 8:20 AM
The neighbor worked with the doctor who committed me. She lied and said all sorts of crazy shit to the doctor about me threatening her and my mother too. She asked a mental health officer for an order (which turned into 3 orders in a row- for over 28 days total) and then I was shipped to Warren State Hospital for 90 days. They let me out early. They did not find anything really wrong with me, but I had to serve the court orders. It was the same Judge from before in the police matter who said that I am "crazy", so I knew that I was going to serve time there. Everyone was really nice and I met some really nice friends, at least 3 girlfriends and some guy friends who were so sweet and flattery. I am glad to be home though.
I was discharged this a.m. for good at 9:00 am. Now I have to do 6 outpatient doctor's appointments, or 6 months of treatment and then I am done. If not, then I go back to Warren State Hospital right away. So, I will be good.
Hope you are doing well. Thank you for writing me back. The appointments are once a month.
So, I can fly to Dubai after March 15th, 2012, when the Superior Court rules on the police matter - it will either go back to trial or I will be acquitted (charges dropped and found innocent). Then, I get my passport back. I still have that trip, in refunds, from my ill-fated June 2011 trip to Dubai.
You can always come to Meadville, PA for a quick trip for dinner. Then, after March 15, 2012 I will be able to take back to the skies again.

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.

Monday, March 5, 2012 5:41 PM
Chubby, how am I harassing you? They keep saying that on a blog. Harassing you, is asking you to come and meet with me in Meadville, PA instead of the UK or Dubai, because of my travel ban? I did not know anything about Miss Gamal, sorry if it is simliar. Could it be because of you? and not me? If you wanted regular s.e.x. from me, you could have gotten it first email when I said I do not want to be on emails as I was getting hacked. If you would ghave come to Meadville, PA first date right after we met online, I would have never gone to jail or mental health. If we made plans to wed, or did wed already, you would know the dad of Dante and we would have a plan together to get DANTE's money. If I go for child support now, I could go to jail for not making enough money or I could be banned from taking DANTE out of the USA. SO, I am stuck. I am assumming the dad makes about $100,000 a year that would be $1300 a month in child support times 12 months times 8 years, which is around $125,000 - plenty of money to move to Dubai on and get a job in UAE instead of the USA.
Please do not reveal my emails. Of course, you mak plenty of money, but until we are legally wed or you agree to adopt Dante, I guess I have to make my own money.
WEATHER is cold and clear, please come to Meadville, PA so we can meet in person. I will send you a recent video, as I lsot 20 lbs and we can meet up soon. What do you think please?

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Monday, March 5, 2012 8:57 PM
I know that I will never make the same mistake again. If not, MJ, then I have to test JB from ESPN in the USA.
You know that. Now please do not post that in public, again. OK? I have to have my legal strategy ready for him pre going into this dna mess again. MJ kicked my butt in the USA courts and sent me to jail and mental health for 10 days over the dna testing. So, this time, out of the USA courts and done in a private lawyer's office.
When are you coming to Meadville, PA to meet me in person please??

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Monday, March 5, 2012 10:17 PM
NO. I do not keep in contact with him. I barely know him. I doubt that he needs to be tested. But, he did not write back to me when I just emailed him Saturday. But it was an old email address from 2003. So, I do not know. I am scared.
I am in boxes from NC finally, organizing them and making scrap books for DANTE and getting my stuff ready for my next move, which is hopefully to Dubai. I love and miss the warm weather soo much.
I cannot wait to fall in love for real in person. Then, I will never be on the internet. lol, lol, lol.
I have to get up tomorrow to workout tomorrow and stay focused on getting out of Meadvile, PA as soon as possible.
I have to be beach body ready..... never not have been.
Send me some recent photos please.... pretty pretty please with a cherry on top.
Lisa Miceli

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Monday, March 5, 2012 10:30 PM
Soon March 15th, 2012
We can meet in NYC, ESSEZ HOTEL......
We could probably even do that now, if I told Sue Thomas (probation officer) in advance that we have plans in NYC.
I am banned from bars too on bond/bail supervision, as it is like being on probation. If I would have plead guilty, I would have been done with probation and a clear record on March 3, 2011. It is now 2012.
Bruce, my lawyer, really thought that I am innocent to go forward to Superior Courts. I pray everyday and it is now LENT (for CATHOLICS).... give up courts for LENT. lol, lol, lol. FASTING, eating fish on Fridays. lol, lol, and prayer.
JB lives in Bristol, Connecticut and Miami, FLORIDA, I think. I never really fell in love with him or MJ - everything happened too fast.

OK, you are asking me these questions and cutting and pasting to do what? SAVE DANTE BITCHES?? WHAT?
You were to be doing all of this to wed, Miss Miceli. Your priorities are messed up. DANTE loves his mother, Lisa. She is kind and gentle with him.
I have to go to sleep now. I will write back to you more tomorrow. PLEAE, no cutting and no pasting tonight.... I want to make it to the gym tomorrow am without being threatened with being arrested or thrown in a mental ward. Then, I am going shopping to buy cards, for my friends at Warren, PA mental health. 4 guys were soo nice, they made me realize that I could fall in love again, after MJ and the baby mess. 3 girls or more were really sweet.
The doctor called me at home to discharge me........... and was sooo sweet. He asked if I missed everyone yet and then said, we love you, but do not come back- stay healthy... it was really really sweet. I had tears in my eyes. Such warmth and positive attention for me for thhe first time in forever. I fell really healthy and ready for a new life. I ate a special diet to lose weight in Warren, PA and lost 20 lbs. I have to go to the gym because I lost too quickly and need to tone up some now.
Please wait on the whole JB announcement, as I have to think first and make plans.....
Dante does not need two parents who went to jail over his money...
Stephen Boyce should have taken my case to trial and then I would have had, $500,00 and then finished my MJ book after that and been done with my Master's degree as well. Then making my own money again.
Write back when you get a chance...............
all my love......

I fly to Dubai to accost you? Is that your latest BLOGGER comment??
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 9:04 AM
I take it our wedding is off then? or you are claiming that you did not send the wedding dress or that you are not HH ABSAM? which lie is it this time please?
Then who have I been chattting wtih this whole time, may I ask please???

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 7:33 PM
AHMED, when I wed, I will tell DANTE about his dad. I am NOT going through any more shit alone. It is impossible.
I do not expect you to pay for a son not yours... I will get the money from JB. But, I cannot go through any more alone. Be a dear Prince and come to my house now, and we can wait by the phone for my passport to be released back to me.... from the probation office, ASAP, on March 15, 2012.
Where are we going to wed? UK? or Dubai please?? DUBAI is more my temperature. What do you want me to do for work please? Sports psychology/clinical/counseling psychology? real estate? or reality TV SHOW???


Tuesday, March 6, 2012 10:26 PM
I am in bed putting my son to sleep... it is late, like 11:30pm. I need you.......................
Should I get an agent..... and start doing Hollywood type work... or stick with my Master's degree program in counseling psychology? I want to be deeply in love...
One person puts me in that mood everytime... but is it realistic??
Write back and tell me what you think....?? on love.
I fell in love with MJ after one sex, but then it was gone..................... this person never had s.e.x. with, just looking at his stuff, photos, and videos, makes me fall in love with him. WHAT do you seriously think?

Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Tuesday, March 6, 2012 11:19 PM
STAR MAGAZINE on my shit again. Sar Magazine = MAFIA. You are not SAUDI's. ....
WRITE BACK please.... how am I harassing you? I thought that you wanted to wed me.
A wedding and then consummate our wedding night, is required.
What is the harassment? Can you answer that for me please??
SANDY does not know JB. JB does not know he fathered a son more than likely.
SO, that is my guilty mess. I want full custody of DANTE. I will get child support to move to Dubai and go into real estate and or counseling psychology. WHAT do you think? I would lvoe to do an ANNA NICOLE SMITH style reality TV SHOW in Dubai.... where I sky dive, fall in love, ride camels, and horses, and stay and play at the beach all day... getting back into shape... and then eating out for dinner; design a perfume, plan a wedding; and do other stuff.. charity work... take Dante to school, get him an ARABIC tutor, tech him how to play basketball or cricket, soccer or whatever is the most popular sport in Dubai...............................
travel as well.
Start up a YOGA practice..... or pilates gym.

Re: Please meet me in Meadville, PA. Come for a quick visit please.
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 7:37 PM
HERE are the contacts I have for JB: 860-766-2000 (ESPN) and then his email address: What should I say? Do NOT start exposing this yet, please. I have to think this out first. it is highly embarassing and uncomfortable.
We can we not just fall in love and you make me into whatever you wish me to be: psychologist/Yoga instructor for the EMIRATES airlines? or house-wife and new mother. I love you.... YOU are real, everyday. These men, MJ AND JB live in fantasy worlds everyday. They make no sense to me. The MJ book actually clears MJ of anthing but dating me while seperated from his wife. So, please, if I make $50,000 on the book, that is 5 trips to Dubai and back this year.... or a new car or whatever. Mone for DANTE. I have more questions for you, so please write back. I cannot go through this with SANDY, she is way too stubborn and angry all of the time. You nailed her personality. How is that? You know that many women inside and out HH? WOW. What a man...... I mean that in a good way.
BOOK, employment lawsuit, and child support pay for DANTE... and get me out of debt, that I am in, which is only student loans right now.
Hope you are having a good day.
All my love,

ANSWER ME, CHUBBY......... what should I do please??
Wednesday, March 7, 2012 9:25 PM
LAWYER? no lawyer?? what do I say? I hurt MJ and others b/c of my terrible work schedules and did not keep in contact with them. I tried to get MJ back and be a lady and failed miserablely...... due to other females waiting MJ and all of the stupid hackings. AND in public no less.
NOW, my only focus is you..... and my career. Dante is fine and will be fine when I contact his dad and get support and maybe even some supervised visitations. I can move to Dubai and we can live happily ever after, HH. Are you not excited?
WRITE back and tell me that you really are excited for our wedding. it will be perfect, simple ceremony with an IMAN. There is one in the USA in Erie, PA as well. I do not know if we can legally wed ever in the USA. The answer appears to be a no, and it would not be valid and could wind me in jail as well. So, it is Dubai please................... I love the weather anyway.
SO, why would HH PRINCE HAMDAN date KIM Kardashian and never marry anyone else after her?? She would not like a true Muslim man with other women and such..... she is way too USA type. she never dated ARAB in the past... like me.
I love ARAB men.... and what comes with that is other women. I know that. I accept that in Dubai.
Lisa A. Miceli

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 11:42 PM
You fiqured out my family very quickly. She is only trying to defend. Yes. But, she does certainly make things worse. I cringe everytime I read what she posted. At times, I wonder if she ever wants me to be an adult lady or ever get married. She is sooo overbearing as a mother and worse with Dante now than ever. Lenient when I want to be strict and then strict when I wish she would be loving and forgiving. Strange. Wonderful that you picked up on that so well.
SO, how are you? You forgive me yet for all of our chats?? I was trying to make you feel warmy and fuzzy comfortable with me and achieved the exact opposite at times. Thank you for always being sooo warm and loving. How are you sooo amazing? Good parenting or good country or just a special person. I adore you and your ways always.

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME EXACTLY? Why do you expose me in the first place please?? WHY the blogs??
I thought that it was b/c of ANGIE & RAJ changing our wedding night plans.... the blogs went up after you sent me a wedding dress. Why are you lying on the blogs?? about who you are? and what you sent to me?
WHAT do you want me to get help for exactly?? SORRY..... I have no mental health diagnosis. I was treated with TRICOR (my bad cholestrol was too high and my good cholestrol too low); ALLEGRA D (allergy meds 2 X daily); ASPIRIN (for my heart); THYROID meds (for an underactive thyroid - though I am not fat); and VITAMIN D (seasonal affective disorder - lack of sunshine). I am on a weight control/weight loss diet; when I was taken off of my psych meds, dexedrine spansules, I gained 60lbs... and lost 20lbs recently. I have 40 to go to be as thin as I was with Keith Saeed in Raleigh, NC. Dexedrine spansule is a stimulant, so it causes weight loss, rapidly. I am NOT allowed back on the drug. I asked.... I get denied... or I would be 100 lbs again.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

blah blag blah blah

Dear Mental Health People:

Please keep LM off the Internet, because apparently her mother is going to allow her to continue down this dark, twisted path. Who will be to blame? Everyone else but herself.
That is all.

From LM:

I have too many haters right now. I am home until discharged by phone on March 5th 2012. I am appealing a 6 month out of the hospital but with drs committment right now. It would be 6 months of outpatient, court-ordered in Meadville, PA from Warren, PA. At least I am home early from my inpatient treatment, which was court-ordered over the blogs.

That means I could fly back and forth to Dubai after March 5th, 2012, but not allowed to miss any drs appointments, which would be one day for one time a month for the next 6 months. What job should I do in Dubai?

sports psychology, stay at home mommy or real estate please? Where would I live please?

We need to plan my first trip to Dubai. I am exercising to be really thin for that trip. So no, I am not fat. I workout everyday.

WRITE BACK PLEASE. I met a friend from Thailand that knows your family. So, I will have some friends when I move my son and I to Dubai. I would love to be moved in by August 2012, in time for DANTE to go to school and he would be in the third grade. He would need to get a private tutor to learn ARABIC though.