Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope everyone is doing just fine

Hi all! I know I have long abandoned the blog. Real life sort of happens and makes it very difficult to follow along with the puppy chasing its tail all the damn time. When I see cray-cray stuff like Amanda Bynes Lisa-esque breakdown, I want to run to the blog and share, but time constraints prevent that from happening. But I hope you all are enjoying the real world & holidays with the people you love and the ones who love you back.


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Anonymous said...

I think we're all just hanging back enjoying sanity till her next court date in Sept. Cheers & Beers to everyone!

Mailee said...

Yep, life does take over so no worries :O). The peace and quiet has been refreshing after all the insanity over the years. I am hoping she might be getting some help in jail, however unlikely. We shall see soon enough. Enjoy th e rest of your summer to all.

Anonymous said...

Now that she is unable to stalk or harass anyone and hopefully getting the help she needs would you consider shitting down the blog?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

would you consider "shitting" down the blog?

July 10, 2013 at 8:30 AM


Anonymous said...

I will be shocked and amazed if after she gets out that this isn't the first blog she rants on. Her crazy evilness has gone on for so long and restraining orders,a few stints in jail and psych ward haven't stopped her so far. I am tho, hoping that this time she accepts the fact that she needs help and that Dante deserves a healthy mom.

Anonymous said...

I think the blog should shut down if for no other reason than she won't have it to puke all over when she gets out.

Anonymous said...

A tree ranting in the forest with no one around, will look for someone to be around.

Anonymous said...

Is Grove Street at peace for once? Or do they have to create their own drama in her absence?

Save Dante

yabba dabbadoo said...

Enjoy the quiet summer!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

How many days until she's committed indefinitely?

Anonymous said...

What has happened while she is jailed for her to commited indef.? When is her next court date , sept what ?

Anonymous said...

Crawford Co. Criminal Court begins it's Sept. session 9/10-9/21.

Batten down the hatches Meadville

Anonymous said...

I doubt she will be committed indefinitely. She stalked and harassed someone, she didn't murder anyone. I think she will be released into her mother's care.

Anonymous said...

Here's something interesting. On they have our gal: right scary Lisa, right age, but list her arrested in Kentucky. Hmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

She looks like a relative of Honey Boo Boo Chile's; mustache and all.

Anonymous said...

The arrest date says 6/20/2011. Was that when she tried to fly to Dubai? I thought she was arrested in Detroit???

Maybe it is her evil twin.

Anonymous said...

^^^GAK! Two of her?? Hey wasnt her court date supposed to be this month or is no news GOOD news?

Anonymous said...

It is a mystery. Looking through pages and pages of mugshots--hundreds from the past couple of years in that Kentucky County, every one was snapped against the backdrop of that same wall behind Lisa's fucked up head.


Save Dante

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was trying to find Hamdan at the Kentucky Derby and got lost.

They must have taken her weight off her Drivers License because those linebacker shoulders are more indicative of a 190 lb. heftyweight

yabba dabbadoo said...

Looks like she's been committed for now. The case is still active though.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for update Yabba.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Another fake MJ baby momma comes outta the woodwork.

Anonymous said...

And this one is just as sick as lisa maybe sicker. It looks like her baby daddy is a mj lookalike. There is a picture of him holding the little girl on her face book page. One look at her you can see mj wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole

Anonymous said...

Is it wrong to feel bad for Liesa?

Mailee said...

Not at all. You have every right to feel the way you do.

Anonymous said...

Just don't get sucked into her vortex!

yabba dabbadoo said...

A short update: on 10/29/13 there was an order extending her commitment for another 60 days, so it looks like it may be a peaceful Christmas on Grove Street.

P.S. Given how few residential beds there are in state mental health facilities, her family should count themselves very, very lucky that she has one of them and is receiving some kind of treatment...

Anonymous said...

She must be really bad. They must deem her a danger to herself or others to keep her this long.

Anonymous said...

Then they must not do the One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest thing any more when Cray stayed locked up because of CRAZY. Now they get let out if they are (huh) not dangerous any more. I hope she stays on her meds and does not bother anybody this time (and stays off of computer). Don't think so tho.

Anonymous said...

From NY Daily News:

Michael Jordan is going to be a dad-again!

The basketball star, 50, is expecting his first child with wife Yvette Prieto, multiple media sources reported.

Jordan and Prieto married in April after meeting in a Florida club in 2008.

The lavish wedding reception included performances by Robin Thicke and Usher.

This will be the first child for the couple, but the fourth for Jordan. With ex-wife Juanita Vanoy, Jordan has two sons and a daughter. Jordan and Vanoy split in 2006 after 17 years of marriage.

Anonymous said...

Will Smith and Tyrese got high with the Crown Prince of Dubai this weekend ... but they weren't using a bong -- they were skydiving inside the worlds largest vertical wind tunnel.

Tyrese and Smith hit up Inflight in Dubai on Sunday with Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum -- who's not only prince ... but also a semi-pro skydiver and poet.

Sheikh and his buddies had no problem showing off their tunnel tricks in the video below for the two actors.

We can't say the same for Smith.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon on 1/5:

Sounds like Missy's Prince is having a blast! My husband did the wind tunnel skydiving thingy when we went to Florida last year, and looked hella cool doing it. Glad the Dubai royal family is still trying to show us "infidels" a good time! Wish Hamdan would find a wife already though.

Anonymous said...

Part I

May 30, 2013
Miceli to trial over allegations of stalking, harassment
By Keith Gushard
Meadville Tribune

MEADVILLE — A Meadville woman known for filing civil lawsuits against celebrities Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan is scheduled to stand trial in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas on charges of stalking and harassing another Meadville woman.

Lisa A. Miceli, 40, of 962 Grove St., Meadville, was bound over to the next term of county criminal court following a 35-minute hearing Wednesday before Magisterial District Judge William Chisholm. Miceli is charged by Meadville Police of stalking with repeated communication to cause fear, a first-degree misdemeanor count; harassment by communicating repeatedly in another manner, a third-degree misdemeanor; and a summary charge of disorderly conduct. If convicted in county court of all charges, Miceli could face a maximum of six years and three months in jail and $12,800 in fines.

Meadville Police allege Miceli repeatedly called Angela Morton’s cellular and work phones and left extensive voicemails at various hours; contacted the woman’s parents; showed up at Morton’s apartment April 20 to confront her; and made unreasonable noise outside the apartment. Police allege the incidents took place between March 20 and April 20 of this year.

Morton testified Wednesday she met Miceli in 2010 because she had rented an apartment from Miceli’s parents back then and their children had played together on occasion. Morton said she stopped having contact with Miceli about mid-November 2012 when friends advised her Miceli’s Internet blog contained references to Morton.

Morton testified Miceli had called her numerous times between 50 and 100 times about an alleged affair with “The Prince” and that Miceli’s anger had increased over time. On some of the calls, Miceli made reference to cutting Morton’s throat over the alleged affair with “The Prince,” who was from the Middle East, Morton said.

Morton testified there was no affair and that she had never had contact with the man.

Anonymous said...

Part II

Morton testified Miceli would contact Morton by phone “on and off that last couple of years,” sometimes claiming “The Prince” was with Morton. During one of those calls, Morton said she picked up the phone and told Miceli she “never had contact with him and the calls subsided for awhile.”

However, the calls began again in March and April, according to Morton, who said she drove by Miceli’s home once in April when Miceli had called in order to show Miceli she was alone.

Morton testified the escalating nature of Miceli’s calls made her change her lifestyle, including having her landlord install a peephole in her exterior apartment door and a lock on a basement door.

Miceli, Morton and three Crawford County Adult Probation Officers met April 12 at the probation office telling Miceli she was not to call again, Morton said.

Miceli showed up at Morton’s apartment unannounced at 1:50 p.m. April 20 pounding on the door, very distraught and angry, claiming “The Prince” was there, Morton said. Morton said she had never given Miceli the address of her apartment. When she looked through the peephole and saw it was Miceli outside the door, Morton said she immediately called police.

Following Wednesday’s hearing, Miceli was returned to the Crawford County jail in lieu of $40,000 bond. She is scheduled to stand trial during the September term of county criminal court.

In February 2011, Miceli was convicted by a Crawford County Court of Common Pleas jury of harassment for repeatedly contacting Meadville police after being served with a letter Nov. 24, 2009, telling her not to complain to local police about Internet postings concerning her life.

She claimed Hilton stole her idea for a TV show and that Jordan is the father of her child. Miceli has also claimed she has a romantic relationship with His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, a prince of Dubai.

In June 2011, she was caught at Detroit’s airport attempting to flee a bond revocation hearing. She was scheduled to appear in court before Judge John Spataro for allegedly violating conditions of her bond while she appealed her February court conviction of harassing Meadville police. Miceli had made all her previously required court appearances.

Anonymous said...

Really OLD NEWS.

Is she out of the mental health hold?

Anonymous said...

@anon Jan 18th-- Thanks for posting that. I had never read detailed info from AM's pov on Lisa's stalking. Scarey.

Anonymous said...

Michael and Yvette had identical twin daughters today :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! Thanks 2/13.

Also interesting to read the older stuff I didn't know alot about posted on 1/18. The lady she harassed would have a good story for one of those shows on ID like Obsession or Stalked.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wow. It is good to know that she is still under psychiatric observation coming up on a year this April. Honestly I do not care if she goes to prison on these charges. Her victim has the right to want harsher penalties. To me, Lisa just needs put away in a place like Warren and mega-medicated till she is cross-eyed.

Save Dante.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I hope Lisa and Dante are doing well and are happy and healthy.

Anonymous said...

She is out? Gulp. Lets hope for the best. Dante deserves peace.

Anonymous said...

Chubby please write to Lisa. There may be a chubby imposter writing to her now because of the information on this blog. She needs to know the truth dear. Is it you making nice with Lisa finally or it is con taking advantage of her situation with you based on what this person read about Lisa and chubby online.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

chubby call Lisa and tell her if it is you texting and calling her or an imposter please.

thank you dear.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!! It's been.over for so long. Quit trying to stir it up. If she's out, let her try and have peace and not rile her up again. For her innocent child.

Anonymous said...

Are you finally shutting down the blog? Your followers want the blog shut down as well.

Anonymous said...

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I don't even have the patience to look at the mess that might be going on in over 3,000 messages. Can someone fill me in on anything "new" or is it just the same ole' same ole'? I see that someone is successfully pretending to be ABSAM or Hammy, but she's still bloating my email with the copies.

You missed the point of this post dear chubby. Is it you contacting Lisa from another account or it is a con calling Lisa bc of what is online about chubby and Lisa? It was not emails sent to you to make you jealous dear or to replace you with other men. IS IT YOU still contacting Lisa directly dear? you confused Lisa with this post and the Dec 2012 one and the July 2013 post as well. Chubby you skyped with Lisa in Dec 11, 2012 and said you were on the way to take Lisa to NYC for Christmas party and then to Meadville, PA for New Years dear. You said that you love Lisa and Lisa said that she loves you back dear. So, how is that not reality dear? and how is that a puppy chasing its tail dear? I am confused by what you are saying exactly dear? I know Sykpe and some facebook accounts are you dear as we used video chat. I am just not certain if all facebook accounts chubby wrote to me are all chubby and same with phone calls dear. Is it you calling and texting Lisa dear or is it an imposter dear? Please respond to the emails Lisa sent to you to the chubby account dear. It is important. There may be a con using your name and photos online for money and sex from innocent victims dear who think it is the real you. I hope you understand this message and the point of it dear.

Anonymous said...

^^She really is out, isn't she?^^

Anonymous said...

You just said online that you are an imposter of you dear! this blog makes no sense and never did dear.

you libeled me for accepting your hand in marriage online and waiting patiently for you to show up in person at my house dear.

Anonymous said...

Are you denying that you are the real prince writing to me dear asking for my hand in marriage?

then who are you dear?

If you abandoned the blog in July 2013, then why are you still calling my mother and I now today in Sept 2014 and claiming that we will be together soon dear?

I do not understand why you are disresepecting and trying to discredit your own marriage proposal dear?

How would Lisa Miceli get in touch with a big Prince of Dubai, if you did not give her the contact yourself dear? IMPOSSIBLE. no?

Shut down the blogs dear. You are insane dear for numerous reasons.

You asked for my photos nude and in the wedding gown and then you type up madness and lies next to my photos libeling me dear for trusting you and believing you dear.

Stop your sick mentally ill and abusive games dear Hamdan.

I did nothing but answer my emails when you wrote to me under anon for years answering your questions dear. You found me dear and will not stop your bullshit games with me.

You are basically calling me insane for trusting you and accepting your hand in marriage dear.

Why is that Hamdan?Who dates only online for over seven years dear and not one time comes off the internet properly together dear?

Why would you post my private emails to the public and call you sane dear? or your girlfriends nude photos or photos of her in a wedding gown that you bought dear?

What do you want the public to do for you from this blog dear? and why are you calling me insane dear?

Why would you say to call CPS on me and try and get Dante taken from me dear? what basis dear?

Where was there ever a threat to my mother's life on her dear or a life insurance policy on my mother dear? She does not have one dear.

How is this blog not reality for you dear? and who do you love and did not love you back dear?

I posted the facebook posts that you claim to love me over and over again every 5 minutes in your own name dear.

I can post the month long chats we had on Skype as well dear.

You want the Michael Jordan Mistress story to be false and that is impossible dear. I date Michael Jordan from 1999-2001 dear.

Asking for people to stay out of our relationship dear is normal. There are no third parties in a marriage even in the UAE dear.

So, how was that crazy for asking Angie McQueen to mind her own business dear and stay out of our marriage dear?

You are the one pursuing me for marriage dear and making threats to me dear in black and white for what reason dear?

What was the point on this blog?

to do what dear Hamdan? Disresepct and discredit me why dear?

Anonymous said...

I need to set up a blog and expose the flip side of these communications which are Prince Hamdan's emails and skype and facebook and phone text messages to me daily twice a day that he loves me and wants to marry me and that Dante is his son.

I am sick of Prince Hamdan's insane games and this blog is all Prince Hamdan's doing. WHAT FOR PRINCE HAMDAN? Why this blog dear full of lies?

Explain you to the world please.

Lisa Miceli

Anonymous said...

How am I insane to tell insane people to leave my family alone?

Simple request.

This blog makes no sense dear. How and when have I ever been a bad mother to my son Dante?

for talking to Hamdan on the phone and computer?

Dante is at school and grandparents when I am with Hamdan on the phone and the computer.

All videos and photos sent to Hamdan Hamdan asked for directly from me so to expose them afterwards with sick captions makes no sense.

Hamdan is the one giving me more and more contacts for him and calling me daily.

How is that not reality and how am I not with a man who claims to love me?

Where did I ever have a public breakdown dear?

you posted this blog first exposing private communications to you directly dear.

you are the one having a ROYAL MELTDOWN HAMDAN over what dear?

asking people to help you with me.

Do what? and why please?

How are you not man enough to handle your relationship with me in private dear Hamdan?

Lisa Miceli

Anonymous said...

I am soo pissed off right now to have been contacted by Prince Hamdan now for over 7 years and twice daily I love yous and want to marry you and have Dante as our son and I am on the way, to never show up in person one time successfully.

I could have had a happy family with a sane person years ago.

I got arrested for asking this blog to be shut down and to stop a hacker from destroying my proof of Hamdan writing to me daily. BULLSHIT and RIDICULOUS case of misjustice.

Why do I have to be libeled on blogs over Michael Jordan and now Prince Hamdan?

I am sick of it.

Lisa Miceli

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


You claim to respect women and what you are saying about my mother and I on this blog is insanely disrespectful and untrue dear. What is your point of blasting SANDY AND LISA MICELI on this blog please?

Who called you conference call and said that I was libeling them on this blog with my videos to you in private dear? I am the only person on the video so how is that libel of another person dear? and what is your comment about crazy eyes dear? Who am I looking at in the camera other than you dear which is what I am supposed to be doing as you are the only person that the photos and the videos were intended for sent directly to our private accounts that you created solely for me to communicate to you at directly and no one else dear.

Who is the person I libeled in the videos that has a good name and reputation in the community that you spoke to on a conference call dear? It is in your Dec 2010 post dear. ALL VIDEOS ARE JUST ME SPEAKING IN THE CAMERA TO YOU DIRECTLY DEAR and mentions no one else but us and our private life dear.

I think it is beyond insanity to post very private videos and photos to the public which were only intended for private viewing by one party, you, Hamdan.

Please explain to me how you feel in the right to do this blog airing our dirty laundry every single word to you spoken in private dear and every video and every nude photograph dear that you asked for and promised never to show in the public eye ever dear.

This was and is a private account that you gave to me and you asked for me to contact you and me only and I trusted that everything that was said between us was to be kept in the strictest confidence.

Nothing said in email or video or photograph to you was ever intended for public viewing dear. EVER.

Please shut down this site immediately.

Please tell ANGIE MCQUEEN and other women to stop using my very private accounts for access to you as if they are in fact me, Lisa A. Miceli dear.

I want all of the property that you gave to ANGIE MCQUEEN a total stranger that called you on my accounts for you behind my back when claiming to be a trusted friend of Lisa A. Miceli. You two were never to have contact behind my back ever let alone her receive my property from you in exchange for sexual intercourse dear.

There are three or more people in our relationship dear and that is unacceptable in every country, even the UAE dear.

I kindly ask you to stop your abhorrent behavior towards me and my mother dear immediately.

SHUT DOWN THIS BLOG IMMEDIATELY. No one wants to read or listen to the very private conversations of a woman to her alleged husband that was meant for private viewing only dear.

All couples have private conversations in the real world dear.

You want to expose disgusting behavior expose ANGIE MCQUEEN abusing my friendship and calling you behind my back and telling you and Uncle Saeed to come to the wrong house on my wedding night with you dear. EXPOSE HER PRIVATE EMAILS AND VIDEOS AND PHONE CALLS TO YOU USING MY PRIVATELY CREATED ACCOUNTS BY YOU TO THE PUBLIC as busted a friend claiming to be a friend who is a lying back stabbing nightmare to a newlywed couple. WHAT IS HER POINT OF CONTACTING YOU AT ALL DEAR?

How does she have any and all of my property dear when it is you and I only on these accounts?

How did anyone get access to you HAMDAN from my private accounts and why would you show up for total strangers from this account ever dear let alone gift them my property or have sex with them ever dear?

THANK YOU FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE COOPERATION IN THES MATTERS PLEASE. I am not laughing at any of this dear and neither is my mother or family dear.

Anonymous said...

TO HAMDAN AND THE VIEWING PUBLIC, there are so many lies on this blog and so much ridiculous information that I do not have the time or the patience to sort through every post to tell the truth and counter the false information on here everyone.

These private videos and emails were intended for HAMDAN only and no one else. If Hamdan had a problem with what was being said to him, I expected him to speak to me, Lisa A. Miceli, privately back and explain what his problem is and was with what I was saying. That is called having an adult conversation.
Most of those are done privately between couples on a daily basis.

I am so sorry to anyone who was hurt or dragged into a dispute between Lisa A. Miceli and HAMDAN AL MAKTOUM. My intent was to keep people out of my relationship not drag other people into my private relationship ever.

NOTHING ON THIS BLOG IS TO BE DEEMED AS A THREAT OF BODILY HARM OR VIOLENCE TO ANOTHER PERSON certain things were stated as my opinion only and nothing more intended by my private statements to Hamdan Al Maktoum.


I have tried to get this site removed from the internet immediately since it went up in 2010.

I have tried to speak to HAMDAN AL MAKTOUM in private as well to clear up any and all misunderstandings between us as well.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love you forever Hamdan.

Lisa A. Miceli

Anonymous said...

Sad. Just sad.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Annnnnd back to square one.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't Lisa.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounded like her, but if not, then they are sicker than she is.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Sadly that was Lisa. She sounds like she is on her meds though. No matter that the delusions (and old grudges) persist, I hope that she remains in a relatively muted state and that all around her stay safe.

Anonymous said...


LISA MICELI did in fact date Michael Jordan.

The contacts for Prince Hamdan were set up exclusively by the Prince himself for Lisa and Hamdan to chat privately and no one else to contact Hamdan on those accounts.

Angie McQueen stole millions from Lisa and Hamdan with her insane lies, jealousy, stealing and stalking Lisa Miceli.

The truth will come out soon.

Lisa Miceli is not the insane one, HH Prince Hamdan contacts Lisa Miceli directly and by himslef on multiple accounts due to his crazed fans. Hamdan sought out and proposed to Lisa Miceli many times and sent her a gorgeous wedding dress that Lisa thought came from Hamdan's uncle ABSAM and not Hamdan. Lisa has accepted Hamdan's hand in marriage and they are making plans for their future.

There was to be a press release on April 20, 2013 the day that Lisa Miceli got arrested that Hamdan and Lisa are getting married.

Now that Lisa Miceli has been released from jail, plans are in the works again, for Lisa and Hamdan to wed and start a family together immediately.

Please cease contacting Hamdan on Lisa Miceli's private accounts if you happen to acquire them.

Thank you.

yabba dabbadoo said...

Yep, she's out.

Here's the link to the updated court docket:

After being committed to Torrance State MH (for about a year?), looks like she was transferred to a LTSR (Long Term Structured Residence) in April 2014. From PA's website:
"A Long Term Structured Residence (LTSR) is a highly structured mental health residential treatment facility. They provide behavioral health treatment and specialized programming in a controlled environment with a high degree of supervision. LTSRs provide in-house therapeutic groups, activities and recreation."
In late Aug she pled guilty to harassment and disorderly conduct and got a year of probation for each (consecutive), and has to have continued mental health treatment. She's also not allowed to contact the victim of her harassment.
It's unclear whether she's still at the LTSR or back at Grove St.
Hopefully she can keep it under control. It's a little troubling that , if the comments above are what they seem, that she has internet access.

Anonymous said...

She still believes she's marrying Hamdan. Geez.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I don't buy that it's Lisa. She's much too restrained.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Yabba as always. The fact that someone allows her to have either moderate or unlimited internet access (we old timers know goddam well these bizarre posts are her) is troubling.

Anonymous said...

How can you all who post here claim to know the truth and understand what you are reading when Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli do not and it is our own lives and communications please?

I just now fiqured out that Angie McQueen was calling Prince Hamdan on my accounts for Hamdan and calling me and lying to us both confusing and hurting us both.

She is the ANGIE that is linked with Hamdan on my blogs when Hamdan and I are making our plans and chatting daily confusing both Hamdan and Lisa.

As far as restraint, I have never hurt or gotten into a fight with anyone ever in my life. My criminal record shows no violence whatsoever, not now and never in the past.

These criminal charges against me are trumped up madness from lies that have come up on the blogs repeatedly. I have a right to defend myself from verbal attacks by insane and jealous Michael Jordan fans who do not want to believe that I was with Michael Jordan for years or now with Prince Hamdan for whatever reason.

That is your delusions people.

You all are seeking out Lisa Miceli. MJ did. Angie McQueen did. Prince Hamdan did. I did not know who anyone of you are before you contacted me directly first.

This blog is full of lies and threats and is seriously damaging to my career and reputation.

The people who threaten me over blogging, need to be in jail and mental health for harassment of Lisa Miceli. Freedom of speech is our rights in the press and in the courts to handle complex matters like this where there are lies and confusion and other troubling behavior. The USA is not a dictatorship where one posts his opinion only and no one has a right to defend themselves from the verbal attacks and lies and threats people. If you do not like what you are reading, then simply do not read it.

From the commenting, it appears that you do not know what you are reading, because Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli are communicating directly towards one another privately several times a day and on this blog publicly.

Anonymous said...

Please stop blogging nonsense about HAMDAN and LISA MICELI on our own blogs.

We talk at least two times daily via the phone everyday in private.

What you are commenting is not fact, but opinion, EVEN LEGAL CASES ARE ONLY LEGAL OPINIONS, not facts, that is how a JUDGE is legally able to do his job, without being sued for DEFAMATION of character and other crimes, that JUDGES are not IMMUNE to.

I am highly educated, graduating from Meredith College in Raleigh, NC with a perfect 4.0 in PSYCHOLOGY. I posted my degree as proof online and found old college transcripts and letters from professors as proof of my 4.0 grade point average to post shortly.

I have pay stubs from NC NEUROPSYCHIATRY, PA in Chapel Hill, NC to prove that I was paid for my work in clinical psychology to post as well.

I have phone records of MICHAEL JORDAN and Lisa Miceli talking back and forth on cellphones to prove I dated MJ and will post those shortly as well.

I may also call and interview old witnesses to prove that I in fact dated Michael Jordan in North Carolina.

Please stop lying about Lisa Miceli.

HAMDAN posted our chats online on this blog, as proof of LISA MICELI and PRINCE HAMDAN chatting directly to one another with no one else chatting with us. It is in an old post on this very blog.

This all proves that Lisa Miceli is not a liar and that Lisa Miceli is not psychotic just making up stories about people.

Anonymous said...


I have valid police reports to prove that I called Meadville, PA to report a robbery, and received a valid police report from ANAHIEM, CA police dept on ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN for theft by deception. It was and is a 44 page report and it is public record, like any other legal document.

This legal dispute with ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN seems to have prompted the creation of at least two blogs about Lisa Miceli and over 90 YOU TUBE videos by ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN which were removed by McQueen on You Tube but saved by my lawyers as proof of her libeling both LISA MICELI & PRINCE HAMDAN, for no reason at all.

She called us about Oscar Del a Hoya, which Hamdan and Lisa, do not know, and Lisa and Hamdan were planning their wedding back in 2007 after Hamdan meeting Lisa Miceli online. McQueen contacted Miceli in July 2008 with her OSCAR DEL A HOYA madness.

Lisa Miceli wrote her whole life story, to be published in a book called Forbidden Fruit, in 12/2005 at the The book is still currently under contract and the blogs have since been hacked or removed illegally.

Hamdan knew exactly who Lisa Miceli is when he made first contact with her on her blogs as Lisa personally wrote her story to read online and got requests for radio interviews across the country and other magazine offers as well as a request by Anderson Cooper to interview on the 360 CNN show. ALL of that proof is posting online as well, the ANDERSON COOPER invite on this very blog.

Anonymous said...

Lisa Miceli loves Prince Hamdan dearly and hopes to work out everything as fast and as smoothly as possible.

It is truly sad, when people have mental health issues, that prevent them from being loyal friends and family members, to others. I was trained that this type of back-stabbing behavior is called borderline personality disorder, and needs to be treated by professionals.

Hamdan has remained loyal to Lisa Miceli since first contact, never giving up on her and constantly drafting new plans for our marriage and family.

When people, are victims of crime, they can be called crazy, and not understood by regular people, who are not knowledgeable in complex legal matters like this.

PSYCHOLOGY AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS ARE NOT LEGAL SPECIALISTS, who know when someone's rights where violated to protect them and help them.

These are legal matters for Lisa Miceli and PRINCE HAMDAN and mental health issues, for the third parties who keep wanting to interfere with our family.

MJ AND PRINCE HAMDAN cannot love or buy gifts for women that they do not even know of their existance at the time of shopping in Dubai and professing their love to Lisa Miceli exclusively.

It is impossible and illogical thinking of insane fans to think otherwise.

How can you love MJ or PRINCE HAMDAN when they do not know you and you do not know them personally?

from photographs only?

REAL LOVE comes from direct communications, which LISA MICELI has with PRINCE HAMDAN daily and had with MICHAEL JORDAN in the past as well.

Please stop libeling me. If you have a valid and legit and non harassing question, then please ask me. I am happy to provide what proof I have for viewing and tried to post that proof online, in the courts, or in the media constantly to clear my name from all libelous attacks.

I seek out no one and would never harm anyone, especially not my family, my son, or PRINCE HAMDAN.

People are seeking me out to be nefarious on purpose, because of their insane personalities which is mental illness in its acute form.

And no, I am not referring to Prince Hamdan as seeking out Lisa Miceli to ever do harm to her ever.

He posted the blogs to work out our communication issues as soon as possible. He was repeating verbatim the lies that Angie McQueen was telling him behind my back on my own accounts for PRINCE HAMDAN. ACCOUNTS she claimed to never have used and contact that McQueen claimed to never have received back from HAMDAN ever. ANGIE MCQUEEN denied HMDAN ever returning her emails and calls to him.

He admits on here that he did conference call her back. She made it out like Lisa Miceli was calling HAMDAN behind her back. IMPOSSIBLE AND ILLOGICAL THINKING. HAMDAN never heard of ANGIE MCQUEEN pre LISA giving the HAMDAN contact to MCQUEEN.

She is insane to think that property Hamdan bought for Lisa Miceli when engaged to LISA MICELI and not ever hearing of Angie McQueen ever in her life somehow belongs to her rightfully and legally.

ANGIE MCQUEEN converted property of LISA MICELI to her own use and I reported those crimes to police under the advice of legal counsel to do so.

What happened afterwards and what is on this blog, is extremely troubling.

The whole story will come out soon, and hopefully, HAMDAN, LISA, and DANTE can put our lives back together.

Hopefully, caring, real, and insightful people, will post logical comments, and the hating and harassing and threats, and abuse and delusions, and paranoia will stop on here.

Please do not hesitate to seek proper mental health counseling people.

The world is a better place, when people get a proper education, and get proper mental health counseling, and competent legal advice for their matters as well.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Whoever keeps writing that my freedoms need to be taken from me for blogging, please seek professional mental health counseling, so you understand that you are insane and paranoid.

Blogging is encouraged in the mental health field as a form of journaling or therapy.

out lies and other madness is needed for these complex legal cases that Lisa Miceli is in.

Michael Jordan contacted Lisa Miceli for an ongoing sexual relationship, and clearly Lisa Miceli needed a lawyer to protect her as MJ was still married when he first made contact with Lisa Miceli.

Angie McQueen contacted Lisa Miceli after reading her blogs and went nuts over Oscar Del A Hoya making threats and demands to Lisa Miceli over that and clearly Lisa needed a lawyer to protect her from Angie's severe illogical thinkging which is mental illness in its finest.

Prince Hamdan sought out Lisa Miceli for marriage and clearly Lisa needed a lawyer to do their marriage contract so it is legal in every country and Dante is protected in their marriage.

People this is Lisa Miceli's life. You are on a blog libeling Lisa daily and posting news reports that both Hamdan and Lisa are well aware of. You are harassing us, not contributing any sort of useful or helpful or thoughtful information on this blog.

Please stop posting your delusions and paranoia and other madness on my blog.

I am educxated and trained and paid for professional work in clinical psychology and have been for years.

People get so caught up when celebrities are involved and it is all illogical thinking.

MJ and HAMDAN cannot possibly love anyone of you or miss anyone of you or have bought you gifts when they do not even know of your existance.

The jewelry that Angie McQueen received was bought in Dubai right after or during HAMDAN and LISA Yahoo chatting back and forth directly with no one else but one another.

Angie got that contact for Hamdan illegally and started calling him to her house on my accounts right afterwards. He showed up with Uncle Saeed and my promised gifts, with no Lisa Miceli present, but a liar abusing Lisa Miceli's private accounts, showed up instead. Hamdan left the gifts with Angie McQueen and then proceeded to start to blog about Lisa Miceli in an extremely cruel and libelous manner, right afterwards.

Hence, what this blog is about. This is not the first blog, this is the seocnd or maybe more blogs were done as well.

The other blog said, WRONG HOUSE, TRAGEDY AND HAD POETRY on it as well. I asked the TECH BOX in Meadville, PA to save the blog as I was confused like I was about this blog as well.

I now understand and I am consulting with lawyers and Dubai police to straighten out this madness with Angie McQueen and what happened afterwards when I reported this to local police as well. I was arrested in Meadville, PA for the simple fact of reporting crimes. The police did not want to hear about it and called my calls for justice harassment. That is beyond troubling.

With all of the fatal nonviolent threats to police and police shootings, I am not surprised. It is difficult to communicate with police even with the simple act of reporting crimes.

I was told to call ANAHIEM, CA police and not local police by Meadville, PA and Anahiem, CA police told me to call local Meadville, PA police.

I have a valid police report from ANAHIEM, CA police dept on ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN for theft by deception, which is what Det Matt Sutter called the case.

Angie McQueen robbed Lisa Miceli by lying and threatening her so she could meet up with LISA's Prince Hamdan of Dubai with no Lisa Miceli present, so scheme and scam, both Lisa and Hamdan.

Anonymous said...

She did not care that she devastated Lisa, Hamdan (which his blog is the proof), and Dante (which Hamdan refers to as well, and not having a fairy tale marriage like we planned) b/c of Angie McQueen's repeated contact with Hamdan behind Lisa's back.

Angie McQueen must have told Hamdan that she was the real Michael Jordan Mistress and that is why he referred to Lisa Miceli as MJ's counterfeit Mistress.
This is a lie.

I was dubbed MJ's MISTRESS by a Jan 2002 published story in the NATIONAL ENQUIRER where they were sitting on the story before I ever interviewed. My story checked out bc details of my story were the same as another woman with MJ and neither one of us spoke or knew of one another ever in our lives. The story then went into print with lawyers doing the negotiations.

Anonymous said...

I am anti-domestic violence, and worked in a shelter as charity to prove that those are my values.

I will post my certificate of appreciation as well, from INTERACT, a company affliated with UNITED WAY in Raleigh, NC.

My parents are legally seperated and are in the process of either divorcing or working things out as we speak.

I do not support domestic violence. My private comments to Hamdan about my parents marriage were taken way out of context.

My parents do not have life insurance policies for us to cash in on in the event of their death.

I am the one with life insurance policies on them in the event that I die that my son and my family are protected financially.

There are so many lies on this blog, it would take days to pick out all of the lies and correct them.

I cannot do that with all of the lies, but will try to present proof of my counter claims to the verbal attacks about me on the internet.

I have a lot to say about my legal cases as well, which is well within my rights to state and present facts, b/c all LEGAL CASES ARE ALL AND ALWAYS ONLY JUST LEGAL OPINIONS, not fact.

EVIDENCE to clear my name was not presented ever in any of the three cases that were against me in Meadville, PA. Luckily for me, the cases were the lowest degree misdeamnors, possible.

But still troubling, when my intent was to report crimes where Hamdan and I are and were the victims.

I responded appropriately to the blogs about me, offering up counter evidence, and stating the truth, to try and clear up any misunderstandings that have been written about me in public ever.

In the court of law and the press (MEDIA), not all evidence, is presented to vindicate people, for whatever reasons, that those may be.

I am trying to offer up proof to each and every lie about me every presented in the courts and in the public eye so the lies about LISA MICELI will cease and desist.


I wish the other blogs and ANGIE's 90 plus YOU TUBE videos, about HAMDAN and LISA were still up, so I could reference them easily.

I will try and post links and what blog posts and vidoes I have saved, to counter all of this madness as soon as possible.

I wish the MJ MISTRESS. was still up too so I can reference when MJ sued me in Jan 2007, what I said publicly, that pissed him off, not anything that I wrote to him in private, to get me sued by him. It was a snarky comment about DEREK JETER that prompted a jealous MJ to sue me and ban me from DEREK JETER. MJ's lawyers never presented any evidence of me making any violent statements or threats to MJ ever. They had pieces of what I said to MJ taken completely out of context which is proof of MJ's mental illness, his nefarious cheating and lying and his paranoia because of it.

Now that MJ divorced and then met another female, after his divorce, he appears to be a happier and more sane human being.

His cheating made him jealous and paranoid constantly.

I wish him and Yvette Pierto and family all of the best.

Hello said...

Why don't you blog privately instead of rambling on publicly?

How is Dante? You never mention him.

Anonymous said...

I just hope she keeps aiming her b.s. long distance (Dubai). Not bothering anyone here in town. Sad for her son tho.

Anonymous said...

No one cares about Michael Jordan. No one cares that Lisa let him use her for a night. Lisa is the only one who keeps dwelling on it.

Anonymous said...

Just an update, Hamdan apologized to me about Angie McQueen and said that he does not know her.

How could he when she is a pathological liar, scamming celebrities for sex and money by lying and then badmouthing them publicly, for trusting her for friendship which she forces into more than that by lying and making insane threats! That is her pattern of behavior, seeking out the celebrity for whatever she can get and then bashing them afterwards for trusting her friendship - she was badmouthing 50 cent, AUDI DESBROW, OSCAR DEL A HOYA, PRINCE HAMDAN, and me (though I am not a celebrity, but she contacted me when I did my MJ MSTRESS blogs).

I will never forgive ANGIE MCQUEEN ever and will consult lawyers about everything that happened as a result of her thefts, lying and threats.

I forgive HAMDAN and it is my fault bc I trusted ANGIE MCQUEEN with his personal contact when I should never have. I am sorry dearest HAMDAN. I love you forever and will all my heart.

But, I will never forgive ANGIE MCQUEEN ever dear. I never had a criminal record in my life and you told me the truth HAMDAN about ANGIE and she called you insane and a liar to me. Then you did this evil blog.

THE FUR COATS, CUSTOM CUT JEWELRY, AND MERCEDES, are all LAPUMA gifts from their husbands, which is why I asked that for a dowry dear. You told me that Angie McQueen was ANGIE LAPUMA and I told you no, she is not. She lied for our money baby, time, and private sex life, only to bash us publicly afterwards, like she says on FACEBOOK about OSCAR " getting hookers, like her, to blow cocaine up his ass" (RULE 101 in CHILD CUSTODY CASES, do not badmouth the other party, it is considered child abuse) and talks about AUDI DESBROW, "like chicks with dicks" and Prince Hamdan "smelling like "camel crap", and "fucks animals" and is a con artist, crazy-maker, fake sheikh and calling you ABSAM and screaming for ASSA, who confirmed you bought everything for LISA MICELI exclusively in DUBAI from our sex chats on YAHOO which I saved, and that somehow ANGIE MCQUEEN wound up with my property. all of it, the jewelry too dear, watches, chokers, locket (WHICH YOU PROMISED ME FOR OUR FIRST DATE AFTER CHATTING ABOUT HOW I MET MICHAEL JORDAN in a private email), and fur coats (WHICH CAUSED you to set up this blog when I told you that I think

Anonymous said...

ANGIE is scary talking about a murdered aunt and insurance money when she claims she got the fur coats from her dead aunt, not YOU baby) and the MERCEDES and real estate baby = all of our plans which I can prove from saved emails dear to you directly and what you said to me in response dear. ANGIE called you ABSAM on YOU TUBE and she knew the truth about your identity dear.

She is a sick liar making up bullshit scare tactics to get people to give in to her lies and threats and demands for sex and money and our precious time.

If you trusted a friend with me HAMDAN and he lied to you and backstabbed you by lying to me to bed me for money, you would be just as mad as me darling. That is the truth, you have a temper and lost your patience over the blogging and the emails with communication issues and lies too darling.

I am not the liar or the one that needs to be banned from the internet for talking. ANGIE does, because all she talks about is her wealth acquired illegally, but it is everyone else's fault and badmouths everyone, RAJ JOLLY she called a MORTGAGE FRAUDSTER on YOU TUBE and a bad dad to MAYA. Me a stalker of her. YEAH RIGHT ANGIE, I called you first, a total nobodoy who I never heard of in my life. She is not a friend and does not give a shit about anyone whose time she wastes or money she burns or whose feelings she hurt.

The point of blogging is to get to the truth, which is impossible from talking to ANGIE MCQUEEN directly ever baby. She lied to me since 2008 saying you never called her back not one time ever when she contacted the chubby account to find out who you really are so I am not kidnapped. One of her insane paranoid ideation stories like her insane conspiracy theories that she posts about online. You went to blogger out of frustration and so a I now telling my side and getting my evidence together to sue Angie McQueen. She is the one talking baby daddy all the time and threatening to beat up people for supporting Oscar from a hooker like her. I a sorry.

Hamdan she brought out the worst in you. You are a good man trying to defend your women but she is not a women. She is a lying scheming hooker.

When she got your contact the first time, she did not know it was you, thought you were ABSAM and was screaming you are a fake, ABSAM and you both FAKE. SO, no it was not out of love or lust that she robbed me of your contact. It was greed and another client for her the hooker.

I am soooo sorry. I am stupid to trust anyone at all with you baby. Please do not defend a criminal like ANGIE whose every other word is a lie. She told me she has a criminal record of assault bc RAJ JOLLY pressed charges on her for being out of control and slapping him.
She was out of control with OSCAR DEL A HOYA and ERIC GOMEZ beat her ass bc of it. She is the scary one dear.

STOP CONFUSING US DEAR. I told her to cease all contact with you, she is a con artist, crazymaker fake to use and abuse my private accounts with you dear.

She is racist, saying she has no criminal record bc of being white. It is all spin with her. ALL LIES, THREATS, AND ABUSE.

She wasted our time since 2008 with her sick and cruel lies.

I NEVER LOVED ABSAM HAMMY. I loved CHUBBY which is you HAMMY. I love your photos better than ABSAM too dear. I am soo sorry.

And I forgive you too baby for ANGIE MCQUEEN and the blogs.

I tried to shut it all down with MEADVILLe, PA cops and fly directly to DUBAI, to have the DUBAI police get you in person for me, so we could talk about everything going on dear in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Once again she's greasing the skids for another slide into abject lunacy. It doesn't ever get better, does it. Pity.

Anonymous said...

MY ONLY RECORD EVER WAS TRAFFIC, for speeding. I was never in a car accident that I ever caused or hurt anyone either.

If McQueen would have told the truth, I would have never called MORTON, the only other ANGIE I know asking her about what was written on the blogs. IT WAS HAMDAN AND LISAS MANY PLANS AGAIN, to MIAMI, FL or MEADVILLE, PA and ANGIE's name attached to them as if she was going to tag along with HAMMY AND LISA or go instead of LISA.

I am tired of HAMDAN AD LISA's PLANS being ruined and changed when there are only to be two people in a marriage even in polygamy as well.

I only threatened legal action to make te ANGIE + HAMMY con game on my accounts to stop, not threats of physical violence ever.

BUT MCQUEENS words get put into my mouth b/c of this switching of LISA AND ANGIE GAME with HAMDAN only.

ANGIE MCQUEEN caused enough damages to us both HAMDAN - our reputations, money, and time, with sick and cruel lies dear.

She called us bot ugly dear, like we owe her billions for giving birt to DEVON DEL A HOYA, her MESSIAH child.

She has a birt certificate, DEVON could register to fight but the DEL A HOYA name is more important to ANGIE and DEVON which is exactly why and how she lost DEVON's child support monies in a court of law legally.

I point this all out bc she called me for a reason, I am the niece of the JUDGE that oversees all private judges in RIVERSIDE, CA where her case was done.

She wanted me to help her by calling my uncle, but I was planning my wedding with HAMDAN in 2008 when she contacted me.

SHE RUINED our plans since 2008 baby. We cannot get that time back dear and she is not love or friendship, but hate and lies dear.

I read the text to you threatening you with her NAZI GAME or else. I saved it for lawyers baby. Why was she threatening you baby? over our money, sex lives, and time?


I pray to GOD that he blesses us on our journey in life together baby.

I am very very sorry, about ANGIE and me calling you ABSAM dear.

I forgive you about ANGIE MCQUEEN and the evil blog dear.

I love you forever baby. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE with us and you love over all of these years baby.

I look forward to us moving forward with our lives together baby.


Anonymous said...

250,000 mercedes she said she never recieved from you and posting photos inside her car and bragging about the bling that she received from us as well baby that she called fake.

OMAR HENRY PHOTOS are online of him wearing the fur coats that you bought me as well baby. She said her dead and murdered for insurance money aunt gave them to her. ALL LIES.


ANGIE MCQUEEN lied to us both, robbed us both, and threatened us both baby, and libeled us both publicly.

She called you a pedophile baby and did not want DANTE to have you as his father dear. SAD, you are great with kids.

YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE SOURCE OF ALL INFORMATION ON HERE IS ALL ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN. She said no one calls her ANGIE, not her, yet signed her confession and apology letter publicly to OSCAR, as ANGIE. She is a pathological liar for sex and money. PERIOD.

SHE REFUSES TO ADHERE TO LAWS OR COURT ORDERS OR FRIENDSHIP AGREEMENTS, it is all lies, threats, abuse, and bad mouthing.

SHE BAD MOUTHED MAYWEATHER AD DON KING and everyone who helps her dear. It is never enough - all about her greed and insane jealousy dear.


She brags of her prostitution online constantly.

SAD PERSON. She was given $20,000 a month to support DEVON and could not stick to the terms of the agreement. SO SAD.

SHE is a habititual cheater bragging about that as well dear, cheating on AUDI with OSCAR and you with boxers, and RAJ with you.

WE ARE VICTIMS OF HER FOR THE SIMPLE FACT OF ANSWERING OUR EMAILS- she emailed me and you both out of the blue with her schemes.

She called you dangerous and a fake so RAJ JOLLY AND HER NEEDED THE CHUBBY CONTACT TO PROTECT ME. REALLY? and then said how many times do I have to tell you LISA he never called me back EVER.

She admits on FACEBOOK that she pays no taxes and drives reckless and illegally, but she is white in AMERICA, so it is all okay.

RACIST uneducated evil lying scheming evil-speaking prostitute who claims to be the victim of everyone when she seeks out the innocent and trusting to scheme and scam them on purpose. I am so sorry baby.

She knew she was married screwing OSCAR and lying to him and expects him to live with a cheating liar like her for life or else. She will not leave him, me or you alone baby. WE OWE HER IN HER DELUSIONAL MIND b/c of DEVON.

Anonymous said...

She went insane when she had DEVON - her conspiracy theories and con artist games and schemes for money.


I love you forever HAMDAN. You are such a great man baby.

I am talking to lawyers about Angie McQueen and all of the damages she caused baby. Ridiculous and she called me about Michael Jordan first dear so you could have been anyone, just wanting to victimize people.

She stalks famous people trying to get rich and famous from them and calls others lazy?

NOTHING, all lies for money baby.


I did not deny and never did my mother deny us calling you and sending you videos baby on our private accounts for you.

THIS BLOG IS JUST A SWITCH of LISA MICELI's good name for ANGIE MCQUEEN's mental illnesses dear.

SHE is child abuse baby, not us love.

I am GUILTY of calling up people directly and asking them for truth and what is going on on this blog, the cops, ANGIE MCQUEEN, and ANGIE MORTON (in the past) and MICHAEL JORDAN in the past as well. ALL PARTIES TOLD ME TO CALL AND IT WAS OKAY TO CHAT DIRECTLY WITH THEM, then turned aroud all took me to court.

I never meant to scare anyone or come off as threatening. I was repeating ANGIE MCQUEEN's libel not making direct threats.

MY WORDS were drastically taken out of context. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that. I will provide my proof to clear my name, which is my only point of blogging or responding back to any of this, is a right to defend myself from verbal and public attacks that are full of lies.

JEALOUSY, not fear, was the motivation in prosecuting me for anything and that is not legally sound reasoning. I can easily prove that as well based on in court under oath statements by both MORTON and MICHAEL JORDAN.

THEY TOOK WHAT I SAID OUT OF CONTEXT AND GUESSED BC I WAS UPSET AND YELLING that that equates to violence. YELLING is not violence, yelling is miscommunication and frustration.

I would never harm anyone ever.

MY STATEMENTS ABOUT PUNISHMENTS FOR CONVICTED CRIMINALS is opinion only, and that was all I was ever referring to in any statement on here or in private as well.

I wish everyone well. PLEASE STOP THE PARANOIA GAME, that was how ANGIE MCQUEEN got HAMDANS contact from me in the first place, being using scare tactics and the paranoia game.


She was projecting, which is mental illness.

WHO is the child abuser? HAMDAN? NO. He loves DANTE and wants to make him legally his son. ANGIE MCQUEEN is the child abuser.

DANTE is taken care of by me, my father, my mother, and my brother, and his girlfriend on a daily basis, plus we have good friends who never let the kids play without adult supervision present at all times.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH DEB AND ALAN such true and good friends to my family.

NOTICE ANGIE MCQUEEN has another mysterious death around her that she has the rights to post his dead body or make money off of him. OMAR HENRY. She called him a brat and lazy and a thief over a rental car in VEGAS.

HISTORY REPEATS with her. I tried talking with her to stop.

Anonymous said...

YES HAMDAN one day soon I will laugh about everything written on here by you.


I love your poetry, by the way.

ANGIE MCQUEEN caused everything since 2008 when she called me with her craziness about OSCAR DEL A HOYA and her bizarre theories.

I am soo sorry I ever trusted anyone with your private contacts dear. I was foolish baby.

You are a good man HAMDAN.


PLEASE REMEMBER, I NEVER TALK DIRECTLY TO ANGIE MCQUEEN EVER. It is pointless, as it is all lies when I did talk to her ever.

SO, no she is not included in our plans or marriage or family dear.

She hustled us out of our maritial property baby and used sex to hurt us both baby.

She is not love or anything religious at all dear. She is a pathological scheming and devious wicked liar baby.

She attacks without any provocation calling up me over OSCAR, when I was writing about Michael Jordan ad my private life. It had nothing to do with her at all. She was jealous telling me to call her lawyers. You sent me the link that she wrote that online about me.

TRUST ME, LISA MICELI dated MJ and that was how I met you online baby.

ANGIE MCQUEEN met you online from robbing me of your email contact you set up for me baby.


I was telling more of the story online is all at

PERFECTLY legal as the USA has freedom of speech laws, for courts and press baby.

I HAVE LOVED YOU SINCE you first contacted me baby, the very first time you contacted me personally baby. I saved everything you ever wrote to me baby, ever.

I love you forever HAMDAN.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen The cop asked me if I'd ever been arrested... I had been but had it expunged. .. wasnt about to say yeah I went to jail for beating a dude up

ANGIE ON FACEBOOK. HER own words. THIS BLOG has the personality and identity of LISA MICELI and ANGIE MCQUEEN switched. ANGIE loves watching people get beat up and hurt, her facebook page is all lol over fighting.

LISA's family name is LAPUMA = QUEEN and CAT. HAMDAN you went from my private conversations to ANGIE's house with my stuff and our plans baby.

THEN came on the blog and accussed me of ANGIE's backstabbing madness on my own accounts, and told her to show off my stuff online baby.

She was not to do that, se only claimed to want to help with our wedding baby and hooked to you instead and robbed my gifts baby and changed our plans on our private accounts for one another.


You wrote lies about me online baby, hurting my career and reputation, getting me in jail and mental health, for what ANGIE said and did behind my back baby and gave ANGIE's LISA's stuff and LISA's travel plans baby.

You switched our personnalities and identity baby.

Do you understand what happened yet love? and now can stop doing that please baby?

CALL ME AGAIN ON SKYPE love. I have my phone on and the camera is workng love.

MY career is psychology dear and ANGIE's obsession is DEL A HOYA and boxing baby.

I never talked about DANTE's daddy baby or asked for money from you baby.

We sex texted and you bought me stuff from our sex chats baby and told me what you bought me. Then it wound up on ANGIE MCQUEEN not me love and you asked me to show my stuff on YOU TUBE love.

You got ANGIE AND LISA confused baby b/c she called on our private contacts love. She told me she emailed you once and you ever wrote back and never heard from you again love.

You sent me photos of you and UNCLE SAAED in the hotel elevator with ACE of SPADES on the way up to my hotel room love from your cellphone.



Anonymous said...

DANTE's report card was all A's and B's and he only missed oe day of school. He is doing great now.

BABY, I am soo sorry HAMDAN.

FORGIVE me love.

My mom loves you (as a son in law) and thinks you are very handsome dear. She is not mad about what is written here either dear.

She just said that she did not talk to you about the videos or anything like that. She welcomed you to our family is all and wishes us all the best.

I would never hurt her or take her money unlawfully love.

ANGIE was the one who said that madness about the murdered aunt and fur coats and insurance monies. It spooked me is all and confused me, bc I thought you wet to the wrong house offline and ANGIE lied and denied you ever met her with Uncle Saeed behind my back.

GUESS that proves LISA is not crazy, her PRINCE HAMDAN of DUBAI shows up for LISA when called.

LOL. We will work it all out baby. I promise.

Anonymous said...

[9:55:57 PM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: call me
[9:56:25 PM] *** Call to Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum ***
[9:56:42 PM] Lisa Miceli: hey
[9:56:49 PM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: hi
[9:56:53 PM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: open it love

PROOF THAT LISA MICELI is sane. PRINCE HAMDAN AND I, LISA MICELI, TALK DAILY by video and phone. I SAVE ALL OF OUR CHATS, thousands of messages since the year 2000. I know everything about him and love him and adore him very very much.

Please do not upset us. we are happy together. I would never marry anyone else in the world. I met him Sheikh Hamdan) online in 2000 after meeting Michael Jordan, basketball great, in Raleigh, NC in 1999. I was talking about MJ, when Sheikh Hamdan contacted me directly. We have never lost contact in 14 years. I pray for us daily.

Anonymous said...


concerned said...

Does Ms. Thomas or any other official entity still drop by to check that things are okay?

Anonymous said...!/DLHOYABABYMOMMA?fref=ts

HAMDAN, I suggest you learn up about who you gave all of my property too and wo you are fucking offline after our online sex and making of plans with LISA MICELI.

She is the one obsessed with murder for money (her aunt and OMAR HENRY), police brutality, conspiracy theories, and beating people up and racism.

ALL her, ANGIE MCQUEEN's cup of tea. ANGIE libeled me by calling you repeatedly behind my back on our private accounts that you set up exclusively for LISA MICELI, like chubbby and notdafake and lifeisabeach, etc, etc, which do not use your real name HAMDAN, but are based on our private conversations.

ANGIE does not know about what we chat about in private, and she is not a LAPUMA (family name), and does not have men who by traditions, buy real estate, jewelry, and fur coats, and mercedes for them and travel extensively, that is my family's way of showing love in a marriage dear, our private conversations.

You gave millions to a lying back stabbing bad mouthing scheming "hideous hooker" is what you told me she was and that your behavior for a Sheikh was "abhorrent" being with her, then you defend her publicly and attack me in the public eye on this blog.

You promised me seperate lives from your other wives and privacy dear.

I only proved you and I chat and make plans, and that we are more than friends dear. I do not give details into our lives on here at all or release our travel schedule beforehand dear.

TREAT ANGIE MCQUEEN LIKE SHE TREATS YOU, lying, cheating, and stealing, and bad mouthing, and screaming, and swearing in YOU TUBE videos, that is all ANGIE MCQUEEN, not LISA MICELI. I never did that to you ever, so why do that to me?

LIBELED ANGIE's good name? She is a hooker by admitted profession and brags about cheating on her rocker hubby with OSCAR DEL A HOYA to procreate and have a child named DEVON from a strip club meeting. It is prohibited in her court orders to do so, but she does not care baby.


She claims you bought her 4 houses dear, in the UK, ANAHIEM, CA, and LAS VEGAS, NV and DUBAI - when these are our plans dear. She posted photos of her 250,000$ mercedes dear on FACEBOOK, which she could never afford with 3,000 a month in chhild support from Oscar or working for DON KING with 2 boxers, one of which is dead and the other has not had a fight in 2 years - IMPOSSIBLE.

Anonymous said...

STOP lying baby. You admitted to "abhorrent behavior of a Sheikh".

AS FAR AS MAKING A FOOL of me, YOU sought me out baby, I have no way of knowing you or contacting you.

AS FAR as liking ANGIE's look better than mine, that is not what you ever said to me in private baby. You said the exact opposite to me baby in private than what is posted on here.

AS far as liking ANGIE better than LISA, she does not need my private property baby. You can buy your other women what they wish, not my stuff please that we already picked out and spoke about dear. YOU PROMISED ME THE JEWELRY AND TOLD ME SPECIFICALLY WHAT YOU DESIGNED for me jewelry-wise dear. ANGIE MCQUEEN is wearing it baby, not me. SHE WAS NOT IN OUR SEX CHATS EVER DEAR. It was just you and me baby.

I am sure she has her own tastes in clothing, jewelry, and cars, and housing baby and her own family traditions, baby.

I am not jealous of her baby. She is jealous of me hating on me constantly baby, for asking for this madness to stop baby.

ANGIE MCQUEEN was not with MJ baby, you read that wrong, she was saying that she has a lawyer for me b/c she had a lawyer with OSCAR DEL A HOYA. LOVE, you are foreign and miss the point of what I said and what ANGIE said baby. I would miss the point of traditional arabic stories as well baby and ask you to explain to me dear.

It is not your fault, but please, DANTE and LISA are trying to move to Dubai by AUGUST 2015. WE TRIED to move to Dubai in 2009 and got arrested in 2010, making us stuck in the USA since JANUARY 2010.

NO MORE DRAMA with ANGIE MCQUEEN please versus LISA MICELI like this blog is about baby.

You are causing me and Dante and my family problems.

WE ARE not causing you problems dear.

ANGIE only got the chubby address, you could have called her crazy like she is, and never wrote back to her and told me she is a snake, not a friend dear and that is what you told me you did in 2009 baby.

It is 2014, and she is still in my MERCEDES, and this blog is still up ruining my career and reputation baby.

Anonymous said...

WHY did you not ever say, LISA I proposed to you in private, and I am HAMDAN, why did you post in public, that you are marrying ABSAM in our wedding gown?? I would have realized the mistake immediately baby. INSTEAD YOU SENT ME PHOTOS OF YOUR UNCLE baby.

I fell in love with chubby and 50 different accounts (emails, Skype, texts, and facebook) all from PRINCE HAMDAN. I love your personality and humor and how you bombard me with communications when I am upset baby, getting me to talk dear.

You are a good man baby.

Please stop the madness with ANGIE MCQUEEN and the public blogging, which is the exact opposite of what you say to me in private baby.

You tell me in private you love me and want to wed me immediately, and want me to have children with you right away.

This blog gives people the exact opposite impression baby, which was why and how I got arrested in the USA dear.

THIS BLOG also makes you appear to be very disloyal love, which is a bad character trait to have dear.

ANGIE's not LISA baby.


You did not know ANGIE MCQUEEN to make promises too her HAMDAN. You claim to know LISA MICELI online and publicly dear.

You will see that you made a mistake between LISA and ANGIE like I made a mistake calling you ABSAM when you are in fact HAMDAN dear. I did not ever act on that mistake of fact dear EVER. You know that. I have emails asking you to prove it is really you dear.

SO, please stop. IN DECEMBER 2012, you were on the way to Meadville, PA to spend the holidays with me from SKYPE conversations. I KNOW it was you as I saw you on camera dear. You blogged the exact opposite online here dear.

IN MARCH 2013, you were coming to Meadville, PA to legally wed me and get me pregnant in APRIL 2013 and blogged the exact opposite online dear.

YOU DID SHOW UP ACCORDING TO YOUR FACEBOOK GPS APRIL 20, 2013 and I got arrested looking for you offline based on what was blogged on here baby.

I know about all of your women in private baby, no need to post it on my blog in public confusing our private plans dear.

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to be in two different locations at the same time dear. WITH ANGIE in LAS VEGAS, NV and LISA in MEADVILLE, PA baby which you blogged on here dear.

You confused me and I got arrested trying to fiqure out what in the hell was going on on this blog baby.

I love you and trust that we will work it all out.

I know you are a polygamist, you do not ever confuse me with your other women baby, like you do with ANGIE.

PLEASE just get ANGIE out of our marriage dear. SET up her own accounts with you based on what you say to her in private baby or dump her for her prostitution and cheating game please.

BABY, just please leave DANTE and I out of it........
we do not want the trouble baby.

DANTE & LISA love you with all our hearts baby. You are sabetoging our family baby and I am trying to help you get us safely to DUBAI love with you by AUGUST 2015, maybe even July 2015 dear.

We have been chatting and planning for soooooo long now baby.

I have emails and texts and phone calls that you sent to my mother upset about me being arrested and begging her to get me out of jail immediately dear.

MY MOTHER can prove that as well dear.

The problem is this blog dear, contradicting the very conversations that we had in private and the other problem is ANGIE MCQUEEN dear. She needs her own life apart from our marriage dear.

Fucking you in our marriage is not considered legal employment dear. She admitted on FACEBOOK that she did not pay her taxes bc her only legal income is DEVON's child support dear.

ANGIE, not LISA, put this all out there dear.

I am simply correcting your mistake in two very different women dear.

I truly believe that ANGIE MCQUEEN lied to you, like she lied to me, to get you to say hateful things about me publicly dear.........

She claimed to be just a trusted friend worried that you were a con lying about your id to rape and murder me for MJ money dear.

ANGIE's paranoid idealogy dear.

that is how ANGIE MCQUEEN and RAJ JOLLY got your contact from me, to help us set up our first meeting in person.

You also had my UNCLE VICTOR MICELI's contact to help with our wedding plans in RIVERSIDE, CA dear and so did ANGIE MCQUEEN & RAJ JOLLY dear.

SO, I am confused how my wedding and marriage turned into ANGIE's wedding and marriage as well dear.

You two were complete strangers, both in my life, for LISA's wedding only.

ANGIE MCQUEEN claimed to have RAJ JOLLY and OSCAR's baby, and not want or need my AL MAKTOUM marriage monies dear.

She denied your meeting, not you baby. I repeated her to you love.

So, be mad at the right person for the right things dear.

I am not court ordered off the internet dear. I was court ordered no contact with local police or ANGELA MORTON dear.

ANGIE MCQUEEN was court ordered to shut up about OSCAR DEL A HOYA or be sanctioned. She is the one not listening to the law dear.


Anonymous said...

WHY do I blog?

because I do not want to go to jail, because people get jealous and lie about others on purpose to hurt them.

MY point was I believe in capital punishment for convicted criminals dear, not that I would personally, be violent and take legal matters in my own hands ever dear.

PSYCHOLOGY and the legal justice system are punitive in nature dear. I was saying I agree with that when people have done wrong dear.

NOTHING I said, to anyone was to be taken as a threat of violence or a threat to a career.

I was asking for the madness to stop is all for the sake of our marriage (happiness) and children baby.

PLEASE forgive me for blogging HAMDAN.

But you cannot confuse your women again love.

I do not want to go to jail or mental health for someone else's personality dear.

MY own psychologist suggested I go back to writing my book so that my name is cleared from all of the legal madness with MJ, police, and the neighbor, so that people understand what happened and why and how it was innocent communication errors only dear that way I can go back to work and have a happy marriage and family right away baby.

In any crime, you have to have criminal INTENT, to be legally charged with crimes.

I have zero criminal intent, I was confused and too trusting of so called friends, that I could ask questions to fiqure out what was going on.

I promise to move on from this blog, HAMDAN. I just want you to understand ANGIE's personality from LISA's and based on what you said on here, you have the two of us completely switched dear.

CAN I GET MY STUFF BACK FROM HER, even if we just sell it all, and donate to charity the proceeds, and then you start over with both me and her dear?

or you can dump her for cheating, lying, and stealing, from us dear.

PLEASE? Consider it.

Think of all of the damages to us, since 2008, with her insanity behind my back baby.

KENTUCKY DERBY was my request as I owned horses in the past.

COSTUME parties and yachting was my past with friends in Meadville, PA and Raleigh, NC and MIAMI, FL as well dear.

ANGIE's lifestyle was dancing and hooking for money dear, even when married.

NOT yachting, and fine dining, and horses, and shopping, and traveling love.

or real estate, jewelry, or cars dear either.

ANGIE MCQUEEN does not need fur coats in CA or the desert dear.

Meadville, PA weather is frigid dear especially in the winter.

Anonymous said...

How old is Lisa now? I know she has to be at least 42. No more children for her, thank the heavens.

Anonymous said...

Unless she is in menopause, she is still viable.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen

17 hrs · .

Shannon Briggs taunts Wladimir Klitschko at sea brawl confrontation scuffle 08 10 2014

Visit :

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James Rodden wayne tolton

16 hrs · Like

KJ Kazi Something wrong with that dude lol

8 hrs · Like

SEE THE VIOLENCE lover is ANGIE MCQUEEN, not LISA MICELI dear Prince Hamdan.

READ her facebook and when you talk to her, what does she talk about dear?

When I talk to you, it is all SEX TEXTING AND I LOVE YOUS AND MAKING THOUSANDS of wedding and dating plans together dear.

ANGIE MCQUEEN talks about OSCAR, OSCAR, OSCAR (baby daddy) and herself and asks for money constantly.

You offered LISA MICELI anything that her heart desires dear and told me of the gifts you bought for me in Dubai for our sex cgats baby.

ANGIE MCQUEEN has those exact gifts baby and you are blogging online that I am ANGIE's information and personality dear.

You and ANGIE ganged up on me beind my back when you and I should have ganged up on ANGIE MCQUEEN for lying and contacting us both interferring in our marriage for sex and money dear.

This blog scares me HAMMY, bc it makes you appear disloyal to me and willing to gang up on me with other disloyal LISA people baby.

You are saying you love me and then immediately afterwards sabetoging our marriage with disloyal LISA people, like ANGIE MCQUEEN and whoever else you can conjure up online here baby.

You also tried to do this with my own mother baby, and she told you to stop and be good to her daughter love, that she does not want a Prince for her, but for her daughter only baby.

CONTACT ANGIE from your HAMDAN accounts baby, do not talk to her on our private accounts, as it confuses you dear.











Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen shared a link

17 hrs · .

Tests in cannibalism case: Zombie-like attacker used pot, not 'bath salts'

Rudy Eugene, who chewed off the face of another man last month in zombie-like cannabalism, used marijuana but not "bath salts" as police had suspected.|By Michael Martinez, CNN

MORE ANGIE MCQUEEN FACEBOOK BABY. WHY? you called me "dark" like I think of dark things, which is untrue and not me, ANGIE MCQUEEN posts about murder, and violence on her facebook dear, not me.

I only said to you I love you, lets get married, and lets have a family baby. I do not talk about the madness you are referring to on this blog love. It is not me.

I watch DISNEY, and DANTE and LISA's favorite show, is JESSIE, on DISNEY.

I am the hopeless romantic love. ALL we talk about is sex love in every communication since 2000 dear.

ANGIE MCQUEEN AND HER DAUGHTER MAYA, all they facebook about is scary stories, very dark, love. I am posting the proof, not bad mouthing her or her family.

HER family is DEL A HOYA and boxing, which is punching people out cold for money, dear.

I do not watch boxing or MMA, too violent for me love.

GOT it yet what happened and what is happening to us love?

I LOVE YOU HAMDAN SO MUCH AND I HAVE FAITH IN GOD to lead us out of this ANGIE vs LISA mess in our marriage.

You told me to tell ANGIE to stay out of our marriage love. I did. She said she never contacted you, does not know you, and never met you, but has all of our marriage property and photos from international car shows, your yact in Dubai, and the Kentucky Derby.

This madness has to stop = it is pure DECEOTION AND DECEIT, AND TREACHERY LOVE.

We chat and it is perfect blissful love and then I read this madness on this blog totally confused as to what happened from our sex chats to this blog, baby..... and what is happening is ANGIE MCQUEEN calling you confusing you dear behind my back on my private accounts for you love.

You are a polygamist by nature love, please get this ANGIE and LISA information straight dear.

It scares me when you are confused between McQueen and Miceli baby.

I love you baby. I am not mad.

I am just pointing out the truth dear.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen

18 hrs · .

Even if the dude next door to me starts eating ppls faces you wont see me or my kids getting vaccinated. ...bc the vaccine is the very thing causing people to lose their ever lovn mind


Please share this video! LINKS BELOW!

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Write a comment...

ANGIE MCQUEEN's paranoid conspiracy theories dear, not LISA MICELI.

Lisa Miceli is not paranoid dear.

You are with other women, as you are a polygamist, and this blog was set up to attack me for our private conversations love.

ANGIE MCQUEEN is paranoid dear, thinking the world is not safe, police brutality everywhere, and conspiracies everywhere.

She does not have a black child and she was not falsely arrested and accussed like I am having happen to me dear.

This is her racist game, called the self-fulfilling prophecy, what you believe becomes your reality dear. Basic psycology dear.

I do not want her madness in our lives baby, (RACISM AND POLICE BRUTALITY AND CRIMINAL CONSPIRACIES) dear.

Our love is pure. I love you. You love me. Let's meet up.
Where? When? and what do I need to bring to make you happy love?

That is our commuications love, nothing else.

ANGIE's communications scare me too baby. You got scared up love. I can read it online, but it was not because of me, love.

It was bc of Angie McQueen using my accounts for us dear.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen I know and the sad part is lopez does cocaine

August 18 at 6:46pm · Like

She is the one obsessed with baby daddy dear, not me, yet she has our maritial property dear from our private sex chats dear.

We are on the phone at times for hours, which I love baby, but you have to go offline with the right person, with the right property dear.

ASSA, your assistant, told me and the blog, you are shopping for LISA MICELI.

Lisa did not get the property dear, ANGIE MCQUEEN did.

Got it yet love?

I love you forever baby. I am not materialistic love, you already bought everything in Dubai for us, is why I am pointing out what happened dear.

I love you without my property, dear. We are still trying with our family dear, which makes me happy.

I love you forever Hamdan.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen I found a cheap ass back in the expensive front seat of my car...

October 7 at 2:43am · Like


Where and how can she afford an expensive car and expensive jewelry dear?

IMPOSSIBLE with her child support payments from OSCAR del a hoya ($3,000 a month, sanctioned from 20,000$ a month for her bad mouthing Oscar constantly) and her earnings from DON KING PROMOTIONS dear (advises two boxers who never fight dear).

ANGIE MCQUEEN received LISA and HAMDAN's maritial property, by ANGIE MCQUEEN calling you behind my back lying to you, lying to me, and lying to the public about us.

HER WHOLE FACEBOOK is a hate on OSCAR DEL A HOYA, breaching her contract and violating family custody laws dear, about not bad mouthing the other party ever.

This blog about me, is you putting a hate on me, for what dear?

THE ONLY contact and commuications I have with you, are you initiated the contacts, and it is all sex between us and no one else dear.

WHAT DID I DO WRONG for having sex with you baby, when you contacted me and contact me consistently baby, to have this hate site up about me calling me mental ill when my career (paid to be a professional) is psychology dear.

I am clueless baby as to why you would do this blog.

ANGIE MCQUEEN? Tell her to stop calling you on my contacts and that if you want sex from a hooker, you will look her up like you looked up me, and call her using your own name dear.

She does not know our jokes and our private love baby.

I called you ABSAM? Then send me your photos baby, not ABSAM's photos love.

I love you HAMDAN forever. We will work this out.

This is all negative programming, like brain washing, USA negative and nasty propoganda..... which I am trying to gently cut through baby.


I am sorry and did not mean to put other people, like my mother, or ANGIE MCQUEEN, or anyone else in our marriage dear.

I love you forever HAMDAN.

Anonymous said...

HAMDAN promised LISA MICELI personal trainers and spa visits.

YOU SHOULD for calling me fat, old, and ugly publicly for putting on your lingerie and wedding dress you picked out for me baby.

I love you HAMDAN.

You are a future ruler of Dubai.

You are better than this blog love.

This is all ANGIE MCQUEEN's petty madness (mental illness) love.

She put a hate on OSCAR DEL A HOYA for having sex with her, gifting her a child, and adhering to court orders (paying for DEVON, but staying away- as she has full legal custody of DEVON).

What did he do wrong?

Nothing. He said he wants contact with his son publicly, but Mc Queen is too crazy to make any agreements with.

Just read her facebook, she attacks him, and he agrees to give in to her demands, and the attacks continue back up again, like a broken record without stopping.

This blog is like a broken record as well baby, because you repeatedly contacted me, and had sex with me, and promised me, then went to McQueens house, then blogged about me negatively confusing me as to what I did wrong, then lied to me about McQueen (said you do not know her, but love her - total contradiction) and then lied to me about the blog dear - since 2008 baby.
THIS IS HAMDAN's second blog about LISA & HAMDAN & our marriage.

BABY, I am trying to understand it all.

You are the famous one with crazy stalkers, who are scheming to get up and close with you baby, for sex and money.

Lisa Miceli is the victim. You called LISA out of the blue baby. Lisa said yes to you about everything you asked and still does baby. You failed to protect Lisa from hookers, porn stars, stalkers, fans, and other people baby.

I am clueless as to what ANGIE MCQUEEN says to you behind my back. I tried asking you and you forwarded to me her NAZI THREATS TO YOU from her cellphone.

I know ANGIE MCQUEEN is crazy, her facebook is the same madness that she says in private dear.

PLEASE understand, I am still chatting with you, loving you, making plans with you, patiently waiting for you to show up in Meadville, PA baby, and believing in your every word that you love me and want a family with me right away baby.


She has her own bizarre tastes in clothing, shoes, cars, houses, and jewelry dear. STOP GIFTING HER MY PROPERTY baby or letting her change our plans, b/c she called you on chubby or notdafake or lifeisabeach or any of our other accounts- they are all inside jokes between us to laugh about in person love.

You talk to me 3 or more times a day everyday since we first made contact in 2000, unless, I am locked away somewhere illegally.

Do you not want to touch in person baby, like normal people?

If this hurts and upsets me, it has to hurt and upset you too, as you are right there with me love communicating with me back and forth dear.

MCQUEEN is like a hacker dear, something you promised me Dubai police would handle love.

This is too much for me to handle is why I blogged back to respond to what you wrote about me.

I told you about my parents horrible marriage, because I want a blissfully happy marriage dear and for us to move our housing together right away dear like a real married couple.


Please, get to my house and move Dante and I to a private location as fast as possible until we cam legally move to Dubai with you in July 2015.

Time flies, we will all be together soon as a family Hamdan, like we plan daily.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen Noooo idea how in the hell a cheap back would end up in the front passengers seat... I checked all our jewelry. .. not one plastic back in our stash

October 7 at 2:45am · Like

WHO IS OUR JEWELRY? She is sharing jewelry with someone dear?

How did she earn those jewelry pieces, if she did not have sex with you in Dubai before you bougt the one of a kind jewelry pieces dear?

You had sex with her after buying the jewelry for me, and then gave her my jewelry love, repeatedly.

WHY? b/c she called you on our accounts dear? b/c I called you ABSAM?

Please get to the truth, and make this madness stop immediately.

We are two different women and deserve two different marriages.

How was Devon conceived? cheating on her hubby.

How was Maya conceived? cheating on Raj's wife.

How is she is bed with you?

by lying to Lisa for your contact baby.

YOU PROMISED me you knew the truth about this in 2009-2010, for us to move forward.

But your blogging tells a different story dear & I kindly asked you to update the blog, so I do not go to jail or mental health b/c of liars dear.

When did I have an AMANDA B type breakdown publicly dear? What does that mean love?

I simply asked you to stop lying and stop with Angie McQueen in our marriage dear.

I am responding to how you misinterpretated everything said between us and trying to understant why that is love.

LISA + Hamdan texts are all sex dear. I rarely tell you anything at all baby. Brief information dear.

I would post them for you and everyone but the are all graphic sex baby.

Exposing you is not my point dear.

I am trying to get you to stop hurting us publicly dear after proposing marriage to me repeatedly.

You exposed you and us and Angie McQueen and my mother on here first dear.

My blogs, said I am marrying CHUBBY, who is ABSAM dear. lol, lol, lol, lol.

I love you HAMDAN forever.

This Lisa hate blog is not you love, it is all ANGIE MCQUEEN.... her personality.

You are a strong man baby. A TRUE LEADER of people.

A CHAMPION horse racer, who can handle pressures and competition baby.

I love your poetry dear.

Post your poetry about us love.

You claimed to have written poetry about me after we chat daily. I love your poetry baby.

that is you and that was the other blog about us, WRONG HOUSE, TRAGEDY, and the poetry. I saved that blog too baby.

I love you forever Hamdan, since you first contacted me in 2000. I could have married someone else, and did not ever baby.

I waited for you and only you baby.

I love you forever Hamdan.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen

October 5 at 4:05pm · .


ANGIE MCQUEEN PUBLIC BASHING MANNY PACQUIAO over steriods. WHAT did he do to her to be attacked on her facebook page?

How will she respond when people criticize her or her son publicly?

She makes threats to hunt people down and beat them up over what they say about her behavior. WOW.

She is all negativity dear and nastiness constantly.

She is delusional to think the world owes her and Devon Del a Hoya bc of Oscar. She lied to Oscar. He pays for Devon. He publicly acknowledges Devon. He says he wants visits from Devon, but cannot trust crazy ANGIE MCQUEEN..... just read her facebook.

She accusses him of cocaine and hookers dear in the public eye.

She accusses him of not wanting Devon and abusing Devon, when he never touched Devon, and said publicly, ok to visits with my son Devon.


You posted ANGIE LOVES HAMDAN. HAMDAN loves ANGIE on this blog.

I spoke to Angela Morton before being arrested and she was upset that I did not believe it was not her writing that on this blog love.

Mc Queen denies knowing you to me and denies you publicly as well dear, saying she is with "her man" and Luis Merced saying that he is "Angie's man".

She is playing us both for a fool dear for trusting her and that is her only game, stalking, a game of one upmanship..... legal definition dear.

Oscar's people called her that as well.

She admits to be a liar to Oscar on FACEBOOK baby in a monologue to Oscar directly dear. She is the crazed obsessed one dear, not me.

We chat back and forth several times a day and it is all lovely in private.

YOU TOLD ME BABY...... LISA please try to remember me, referring to all the way back to 2000, when you first contacted me online with various aliases..... and then afterwards until 2014.

I do baby. I am blogging to tell you, I know and remember everything between us baby almost every word dear.

I know the truth about ANGIE MCQUEEN. I know the truth about this blog.

I love you forever and I forgive you.

This is our love story baby............ it is to be perfect and blissful baby.

Anonymous said...

Why is it a bad thing to believe in fairy tales dear?

DREAMS, POSITIVITY, GOALS, HARD WORK (which this blog is hard work on our marriage love) and SUCCESS baby.

My career is psychology. I got accepted into graduate school in sports psychology baby.... I promised you, to be your trophy wife love (not appearance, but real performance success in sports dear), through supporting you in the right way.

I love all of you baby....... people need to know the real truth and the real PRINCE HAMDAN, so they do not attack me love, your crazed fans, based on your hate blogging of me, love.

You have a wicked personality when you get mad love. I never meant to get you mad dear.

I say things too when I am made, about seeking justice, dear, and believing in capital punishment, when mad and feel I have been wronged.

BUT cops are human love and make mistakes, and mistakes because people lie dear and over-react.

I love you Hamdan. I promise you.

Get to my house safely baby as soon as you can....

I will not post your travel schedule dear, like you did me....

you posted my DETROIT flight iternary online love and I was falsely arrested in Detroit, not committing any crimes & outside of jurisdiction to arrest me, on the way to Dubai, to work out our problems dear.

I called Dubai police, to let them know to get you for me, to not scare you, and have our thousands of communications between us baby.

Please blog about us accurately. This blog got me arrested and sent to mental health dear.

I did nothing wrong dear. You are the one calling me dear.

ANGIE MCQUEEN called you on my contacts dear, which she got by lying...... this blog is to be about her, baby, and how she got my property.....

POST her communications to you please baby..... that are behind my back and the source of information on this blog....


chubby and notdafakecm are accounts you set up for LISA exclusively to chat and plan with me a life together........

I have over 20 email accounts that are all you baby. ANGIE MCQUEEN may have gotten one or two from me baby- but not all of them love.

I love you HAMDAN.

Please do not put other people in our marriage dear. I do not want an open marriage.... just you and me and children love.

Sorry, it I confused and upset you ever baby.

I do not tell DANTE much at all, about us or our plans baby..... so I do not know why you would write that, I told DANTE about fairy tales, etc, etc, etc.... dear.

Anonymous said...


DO I NEED to post them baby, our private conversations to remind you what we talk about daily love?

They are all sex texts and wedding plans and promises dear of LISA and HAMDAN.... all I love you Lisa and Lisa loves HAMMY.

There are no ANGIE loves HAMMY and Hammy loves ANGIE in our private conversations to blog on here like that dear.

You tell me privately you do not know her and it is abhorrent for you to be with her in our marriage dear....

I got accepted to graduate school in March 2009, when I thought you were moving me to Dubai...

I do not have time to counter every erronous statement made by you on this blog dear....

I am struggling to understand why exactly as well dear..... bc what we talk about in private is not at all what is on here baby....

Where is all of this madness coming from dear?

conversations with my son or my mother that never happened baby... just trying to get me in trouble with the law.

WHY baby?? Why did you wrote such hateful madness about me love?

ANGIE MCQUEEN's contact with you upset you, then let's change our accounts again baby.

I never told her to call you to have sex with you in person for me for my property from you.

DID ANGIE MCQUEEN say that to you directly behind my back using our contacts love?

if so, I am sooo sorry love....

Please get to my house directly & safely love as fast as possible dear.

I love you Hamdan.... putting a hate on someone you claim to love is not the real Hamdan.

it is Angie's influence love... her negativity and nastiness and pettiness.

"We are love birds who are too busy for her pettiness" love.... you own words to me baby in 2009.....

I love you HAMDAN and fell in love with what you say to me baby..... from all of your accounts.

I love you HAMDAN. I promise you.

It is real....... you are a great man HAMDAN.

I have faith in you and in God baby to correct this mess baby.

My time was to be with you in graduate school, and in Dubai love.... with our children, including Dante, not on blogs countering a mess of misinformation and miscommunications love.

I love you Hamdan..... please get here safely and as fast as you can baby.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh...she's still obsessed with Angelicque after all this time.

Obviously her "doctors" did nothing to dissuade her about her delusions.
Guess they figure Hamdan is safe from her so no harm letting her fantasize and act out.

Anonymous said...

[7:23:39 AM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: sexy
[7:23:46 AM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: :)
[7:23:53 AM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: (F)
[7:24:02 AM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: so
[7:24:05 AM] Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum: wait plz

JUST THIS MORNING YOU CONTACTING ME AGAIN, and super sweet and loving dear. That is all we talk about, so how you go from our chats to McQueen's house with our maritial property to this blog libeling and hating on me, baffles me baby.........


I love you HAMDAN....... forever.

THIS BLOG SHOCKS AND SCARES ME BABY, as it is the exact opposite of our private conversations, and this is public baby......

Please tell me what upset you to go to Angie's house with my property and to blog about me like this that I need to be in jail and mental health dear?

I love you forever baby..... please just explain to me what is going on love. I will understand.

You said you wanted Dante and I in Dubai with you..... in March 2009 and before that I made plans to make that happen easily baby..

I am still trying, but this very blog, caused me legal issues love, sabetoging our plans baby..... do you uderstand that now love? based on what you wrote on here about me, and a love for ANGIE..... on our blogs dear?

That is not anything that we talked about in private baby..... you confessed to McQueen in private, called it abhorrent, and told me to move forward with you, and not to have time for her pettiness...........

I thought McQueen did this blog baby.... and so did mental health professionals in Warren State Hospital, say that a female did this blog, baby.

READ HER FACEBOOK HATE ON OSCAR DEL A HOYA for OSCAR gifting her a child, paying child support, acknowledging his son in the public eye, and adhering to a court order they agreed upon....

this is the same thing here, baby....

you contacting me, making love to me, then public basking me online, putting a hate on me, and calling me crazy and needing to be in jail, baby...... WHY??

PLEASE update this blog with our information, not what ANGIE MCQUEEN is saying and doing behind my back love.... I was clueless as to what was going on...

I was in graduate school for sports psychology, waiting on you to get to my house, after online sex with you, on video, baby......

TOTAL CLUELESS about ANGIE MCQUEEN & this blog, as to what was going on.... forgive me for trusting ANGIE with your contact baby.

Got it now? please..... finally so we can move forward with our family plans and lives HAMDAN?

I could understand all of this, if you wanted just one wife, baby.... but you said you have other women and I know your family and country are polygamists baby....

I understand.... please stop sabetoging us... and tell me what hurt and upset you baby to gift ANGIE MCQUEEN my property and set up a hate blog about me baby in the public eye, literally right after having sex with me....

I love you Hamdan.........

Anonymous said...

ANGIE MCQUEEN is not sane baby.

She seeks out people to hurt them love.... she did that to me, and others because of her insane jealousy dear.

Her contact with you was to hurt you as well dear. She was making up crazy shit about you before she even knew who you are, and when she did not have your contact and thought that you were ABSAM dear.............. she was going insane calling me saying that it is a fake prince trying to hurt me........ b/c of MJ.

HER fantasies and delusions baby.... sick person, ANGIE MCQUEEN is dear.

HER FACEBOOK page, is all set up to hate on Oscar DEL A HOYA baby..... over having a child together love. So sad.

It is not normal behavior dear for anyone to do that.... it is abusive behavior.

That is all I have ever gotten from ANGIE MCQUEEN is abuse, not friendship, like she claims dear.

She abused my friendship and kindness by stealing from me dear.

Those are criminal acts dear, not just pettiness baby.

PLEASE READ WHAT SHE WRITES ABOUT OSCAR DEL A HOYA dear..... it is all nastiness and she threatens anyone who comes on her blog trying to be rational and tell her to stop bashing Oscar for the sake of his son.

DEAR, no one deserves to be abused my love. You know that in reality dear.

You claimed that I support domestiv violence on here against my own mother, and that is the opposite of what I said to you dear.

I said, I was upset over my parents marriage dear.

Please get here soon.

What you said to me and what you said to my mother last night at two different things baby....

I am happy you want to take care of my mother and Dante and I dear.
My mom showed me your text to her last night..........

Please just get here as safely and quickly as possible dear.

I love you baby........

Anonymous said...

Lisa said:

Dubai SME, the agency of the Department of Economic Development mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector, has announced WAFI as the venue for the ninth cycle of the Young Entrepreneur Competition (YEC 2013) exhibition, to be held in Dubai from April 17 to 20 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the emirate’s Executive Council.

Posted 16 April, 2013 by Rushika Bhatia under Events, News.

I know delusions are way more fun than fact, but on 4/20/2013, HH Hamdan was at Dubai's giant WAFI mall picking winners from 500 or so kids exhibiting their products and salesmanship in his 9th annual Young Entrepreneurs contest. It's a big deal to him, continuing his life's mission of helping kids & showcasing his homeland to the world.

Meanwhile, Lisa Miceli, your world gets smaller and smaller. More infinitesimal. Insignificant...Parents' house, jail, asylum, rinse, repeat. Your sloshes around the outside world grow smaller as you circle the drain.

Here's an idea you won't (can't?) consider. Change yourself. Not Angie/Hammy/other imaginary Frenemies. Change yourself.

:end rant:

Anonymous said...

why do i blog and repeat myself 100 times?

because i asked my lawyers what do you do if people call you crazy and verbally attack you.

their response was: FIGHT BACK!

Call them crazy back and fight point for point back until the lies and attacks stop. REPEAT until your point is heard and understood.

if you are being kicked, you have to fight back, even if you are not into fighting.... to save yourself from being hurt worse.

so, that is why i blog back countering the nightmare called miss absam blog!

I wish you all well and hope that you have friends and family and loved ones who would support you in an attack of any kind as well.

I love you dear HAMDAN. I am sorry you felt attacked or upset or whatever to start this blog dear..........

I never meant to hurt you ever baby.

I love you with all my heart FOREVER.

I forgive you and I understand baby.

I did not expose you publicly baby... you exposed you, me, and Angie McQueen.

I am just telling you my side of the story, which based on the mess here, you got completely confused my dear love.

ANGIE MCQUEEN is a hater dear. You are sooo much better than that love......

WHY would she hate on me dear?

SHE GOT YOUR CONTACT FROM ME, worth BILLIONS, and you claim to publicly love her & gave her MILLIONS of our maritial property dear........ so why would she attack me now too? calling me a stalker..... ??

now that is insanity dear......

Please get to my house as safely & quickly as possible dear HAMDAN.....

that was the only house you were ever to go to from these contacts dear, chubby, notdafakecm, and others dear..........

lifeisabeach, etc, etc, etc...

Anonymous said...

Lee'Me Lone Another so called writer ad Floyd hater pulling stories out of their ass. Floyd is the number 1 guy in the ring and at the bank. He's the most popular boxer in the world. And hating him is the in thing right now. Just like Ebola and domestic violence in NFL. The writers will write this bs up and all the Floyd haters will run with it. Just like fake stories that dick ride floyd. All his fanatics will run with it. They don't want the true stories that go against their biased feelings.

3 hrs · Like

a rational blogger talking about fame in the usa. when you are the best in the usa, the people hate on you, not support you.

everyone in the usa wants hammy to be single, not wed and not a polygamist....

single looking for his true love to spend billions on and make a princess and that person is potentially them...........

another crazed fan site is up calling Angie McQueen and Yara Sabri insane among other women as well............ calling them all delusional and not really in contact with hamdan and banning anyone from chatting if they claim to be a girlfriend, wife or ex of hamdan..

the insanely hypocrtical blog host, wants ammy to be an untouched virgin who never dated anyone ever in his life at 31... almost 32 years of age.... wow and she claims to be a psychology professional never met hamdan just stalking him across the globe.


these psychology professionals are getting their diagonosing wrong....

THAT is EROTOMANIA... stalking a celebrity over his photos and wealth, and highly delusional about his reality, his real sex life, not wanting to know or here any truth whatsover, only her delusions..... wow.

Please get help, lady, you are insane, calling others who really have real relationships with HAMDAN delusional and insane.... projection much ???

that is psychology 101, know thy self........... first.

know normal behavior before you call the worlds population crazy.

She wanted a job at EMIRATES AIRLINES as a psychology profession..... wow. So glad they passed on her.

There is a Dr. Mohammed on HAMDAN's instagram accounts protecting HAMDAN's real women finally and offering up her services for the highly delusional ones stalking HAMDAN who never had any contact with him ever whatsoever....

thank GOD.....

HAMDAN confessed to knowing LISA MICELI in public on this blog.

So, how does he know LISA MICELI?

from communicating with her directly... that is what this blog is saying...

I know LISA....

Fine... just watch what you say about me and is what you are saying accurate or spin for some purpose dear?

I love you, HAMDAN....... get to my house please... safely.

Anonymous said...

I found at least 10 women on INSTAGRAM all claiming to be HAMDAN's future wife.... wow.

This is getting crazy baby.

You are supposed to defend your chosen wife, LISA, HAMDAN... you called me THE CHOSEN ONE.... do you remember that?


What else, are your pet names for LISA Miceli dear?

You do not show up with your wife's gifts to the house and person who is libeling your wifey LISA baby.....

Angie McQueen claimed to have gotten arrested the night you met her, but changed that story like 50 times.... what happened exactly dear?

I am sorry you went to the wrong house dear and I am sorry you claimed to have been raped in the past as well.

I love you HAMDAN. I am so sorry for the craziness.

You need to beef up your security dear....

INSTAGRAM wives are crazier than FACEBOOK wives of yours, but even crazier still is the fazza fan blog about you love.... wow...

just such invasion of privacy dear... and stalking and making connections between you and your behavior and them that do not exist..... it is scary.

The blog host is even scarier to me, because she claims to be a psychology professional dear.

Just wow.

Your fame, is worse or more than Michael Jordan soon baby, if not already dear.

Please be careful love.......

I love you and do not want anything to happen to you ever baby.

ANGELICQUE MCQUEEN is not Michael Jordan MISTRESS who spoke to you since 2000 dear..... she is a liar dear.

She is one of Oscar Del a Hoya's crazies dear.

Please get to the truth about all of this soon my love. Please.

and get to my house as soon as possible.

You showed up instantly when Angie McQueen called you from my accounts to meet up in person love.

She is an ass to tell you the wrong house dear.....

that is the whole story and the truth baby.... you have to know that dear.

otherwise, how is Angie McQueen claiming to have met you love?? how did she get your contact dear?

Anonymous said...

Lisa said:

"i asked my lawyers what do you do if people call you crazy and verbally attack you.

their response was: FIGHT BACK!

Call them crazy back and fight point for point back until the lies and attacks stop."

Fair enough. Then address my point, please. Why do you repeatedly insist that HH Hamdan was in Meadville to (ick) impregnate you on 4/20/2013, the day you got arrested for terrorizing a single mom and her child, when "Hammy" was verifiably at an event with his name attached to it in Dubai on that day? If you don't want people calling you delusional, Lisa, admit you're just a sad, grandiose liar. Which is it?

Anonymous said...

I got stuck on the fact that she seems to believe the only way women have jewelry is by "earning" it with sex.

This is so ridiculously sad.

Anonymous said...

Hamdan dear,

I love your poetry, especially, your love poetry. It makes me giggle. I am a fan of the poetry, even your camel poetry, makes me smile love.

Write poetry on here. You said it is easier to write poetry at times, then to write to me in English love.

I will translate it baby.

Have a good day dear.

Anonymous said...

Steven Forrest I used to be a huge de la hoya fan until I read you and devons life story, I'm team Money now. Hope devon does great things for boxing

2 hrs · Like

ANGIE MCQUEEN's hate game on the biological father of her son. WOW. Where did Oscar lie for MILLIONS and BILLIONS dear?

Not once did ANGIE MCQUEEN lie for that kind of money, but twice now, with Oscar first and now with Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli's maritial property money.

Once she gets paid, it is I am soo sorry, I lied, but but but but but but but but but but but.

Oscar did not lie Angie. He gives in to your family despite a court order telling him he is not either allowed to or supposed to have contact with DEVON.

You want your cake and to eat it too. You cry foul b/c Oscar paid for the lawyers, to do your agreement? Then why did you not get a job of your own or borrow money from your family or friends, and pay for your own lawyers dear?

Even when you are provided for, you are bitching and hating, it is never enough for you. You do not know the meaning of the word friendship - it is all abuse for LARGE SUMS of CASH = BILLIONS.... you think you deserve. FOR WHAT?

Being a cheater and a liar?


HAMDAN proposed marriage to LISA MICELI b/c he wanted you and just did not know it.... IMPOSSIBLE ANGIE MCQUEEN.

Why did Hamdan call you back when you called him? b/c you called about LISA MICELI originally and on LISA MICELI's exclusive accounts for HAMDAN.

You are a greedy lying hateful snake in the grass to everyone who befriends you, AUDI, OSCAR, RAJ, me, PRINCE HAMDAN, MAYWEATHER's gym now (they were nice to you and let Devon box there and you called his family racist blacks).

WOW... it never stops with you.

Everyone but you is lazy, but you do not work, or cannot afford yourself ever - to hire lawyers to be a lady, not a raving lunatic about everything, screaming you are entitled and so is DEVON.

If Oscar wants to put in is will, that his compay goes to someone else in the family, that is his right to do so, in a will. So no, Devon is not guaranteed Oscar's company, like you claim and that Ricard Shaefer is robbing Devon dear. It is not Devon's company. You would have to go to the courts to fight for his inheritance rights dear.
Just like you went to court for child support... and got sanctioned for opening your mouth about Oscar dear.

You claim Oscar is a billionaire, but only get $3,000 a month. WHY is that ANGIE? b/c of your mouth about Oscar dear. So, no, you do not have to get BILLIONS from Oscar for Devon dear. A Judge decides that in the USA.

Please stoip calling HAMDAN, for "insurance for endurance" - one of your videos, after you robbed me of a $250,000 mercedes dear.... I asked you about the video. You lied.

Why are you making threats to Hamdan in the public eye that he owes you, my wedding and maritial property dear?

Are you the real LISA MICELI? are you the MJ MISTRESS that Hamdan called to be THE CHOSEN ONE bride of Prince Hamdan? NO.

Anonymous said...

You are lying and making threats to Hamdan, like you did to Lisa Miceli, to get Hamdan's contact, calling me crazy, not a real Prince, but Raj Jolly calling me fucking with me... all lies ANGIE MCQUEEN.... for access to BILLIONS never offered to you ever.

Hamdan did not know you ever, to be in love with you offering you billions dear.... he loves Lisa Miceli dear, b/c he knew Lisa Miceli from writing to her directly, after Lisa Miceli revealed that Lisa Miceli was currently with the very married Michael Jordan..... and asking for advice on what to do...

Hamdan answered me immediately dear.

You are abusing the kindness and friendship of everyone dear, pushing for BILLIONS, not earned or entitled to dear... acquired thru threats and lying dear.

Please stop. I am consulting with Dubai police, who told me to call local police about you several times..... and b/c the police cannot keep facts straight, I called lawyers to help me fight you, tooth and nail, for what you stole, everything from Hamdan to you, and all of the damages, jail for reporting you to the police locally, when I have a valid police report from Anaheim, CA, and mental health, for you telling Hamdan, you are the real MJ MISTRESS dear..... that is what this blog says... that Lisa Miceli is not Lisa Miceli, but Angie McQueen the liar... and Angie McQueen is the real Lisa Miceli.... so that is why you have my millions in maritial property and access to billions from Hamdan dear...

GAME over dear. HAMDAN & LISA saved everything to prove you are a sick and cruel, abusive racist liar....

HAMDAN sent me what you wrote about me with MJ and what threats you wrote to him from your cellphone, abouse NAZI punishments you could do to him, if he did not do what you say...


I dated MJ in 1999. My story with MJ went public in Jan 2002 dear... and you contacted me in July 2008 dear. I have your first email to me as well why you allegedly called me.

I frown about people contacting people to do them harm in some manner like you are doing me, Hamdan and others, for a profit.

You did facebook b/c you are upset. Then think about it, wy did Hamdan do this blog about Lisa Miceli, dear? He was upset.

What upset him? YOU... lying to him saying you are the real MJ MISTRESS that HAMDAN contacted back in 2000.... that is why he rushed offline and spent millios for a first real date..... not b/c it was you, a no body celebrity stalker and hustler, named ANGIE MCQUEEN.....

GET INTO REALITY DEAR.... the whole trust will come out with proof from exact Yahoo chats betweem HAMDAN and Lisa which Hamdan says, I bought you a ring... I bought you a yellow diamond this time... I have a locket for you, for our first date.... and etc, etc, etc..

I bought the real estate, "want to join me" in CA..... I bought the merecedes and fur coats for you.... for our marriage. Hamdan was ready to wed Lisa Miceli right away dear.... everytime.

He did not know you to love you.... where were you online, before 2008 anywhere dear? PROVE it...

Hamdan's love for Lisa Miceli was since Jan 2000............. hence all of the money that he spends for LISA MICELI dear.

Your whole relationships with HAMDAN is crazy and makes no sense dear.... all you do is call on my contacts behind my back telling him to go to the wrong house..

He sent me messages that you claimed that I am going to live with you in CA and that we are best friends, so you can call him to speak for me.... and I am a lesbian into open relationships b/c I am ITALIAN.....

I read it all ANGIE, straight from the horse's mouth, PRINCE HAMDAN.... he rushed to legally wed LISA MICELI every communication since Jan 2000.

STOP lying to us and to the public ANGIE MCQUEEN.

Anonymous said...

I have an appointment with a LAS VEGAS, NEVADA lawyer today about ANGIE MCQUEEN.

Other web-sites are up calling ANGIE MCQUEEN a trouble-maker prostitute in Prince Hamdan's life.... I never contacted or told anyone anything...

there are good people in this world INTERNATIONALLY who are educated enough to know what they are reading about dear PRINCE HAMDAN...............

THANK GOD............

May god bless Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli on their journey together, which started way back in January 2000.........

I am so sorry for the problems, HAMDAN. I trusted the wrong people along the way love.

I love you with all my heart baby.

I would not marry anyone else. I would legally marry only you Hamdan.

I spoke with Dubai lawyers as well, about Hamdan's laws, and their culture to understand what happened that Angie McQueen received my property..... and they said, it was not legal either what Angie McQueen was doing to Hamdan and Lisa....

abusing our friendship and kindness.

Please stop defending ANGIE MCQUEEN HAMDAN.... she is playing you for a fool. She lied to me to get your email contact from me and lied to you to get our money and to have sex with you......

and no, she was not a fan of you.

She never heard of you and called me crazy saying no such PRINCE exists.... wow.

RACIST lunatic!!

You do not exist to her... which is what you said to me, back in an angry email... and now I understand why dear b/c of her.

But, please.... remember this,


She hurts and hates on you, abuses you for sex and money, then leave her forever, or do it back to her until she stops dear.

Leave Lisa Miceli and Dante out of ANGIE's mental illness dear.

Anonymous said...

FOR THOS people, that really love Hamdan, he as called me crying about prostitutes in his hotel rooms, Angie McQueen being a scam artist, and being raped in an airport, by over-zealous delusional fans, who think his poetry is bait for them.... even though he does not know who they are....


HE BLAMES ME for me not being there for him 24/7 as a wife to protect him. I can agree with that as well.

I am trying my best love.

You have to stay calm, like you told me to stay calm.

We will work it all out as fast as possible dear.

I am here for you forever. I understand, and dealt with tons of MJ fans when I was with MJ for a couple of years.

I understand what you are saying and doing love and why.

I can help. I promise you.

Please respect FAZZA... and stop abusing him for sex and money and fame when he does not even know who you are.........

ANGIE MCQUEEN's mind game that she is the real MJ MISTRESS/LISA from the year 2000, is insanity dear.......

She is making you appear to be insane dear, and then you doing to me what she is doing to you dear.... calling me insane.


OF COURSE I CARE to know what happens to you, from our chats and plans, to you getting to my house safely....

You did not get to my house safely one time, since 2000....


Please be safe HAMDAN. I am praying for you always.

Anonymous said...

HAMDAN, Lisa Miceli as never lied to you and never will lie to you.

Lisa Miceli has waited patiently for you to come to her house wherever that I have lived over the years.

Lisa Miceli has never blocked you on the phone, emails, texts, or skype or facebook ever dear. I am opening to you chatting with me always dear.

Please understand that dear.

This blog is soo troubling, b/c it is really you, Prince Hamdan, whow wrote this blog, and really you who confused our private commuications, fearing you could not trust me baby......

I trust you always love.

TRUST ME.... please update your blog with the truth about us, not lies you were told by ANGIE MCQUEEN or others dear.... or your fear about getting married dear.

I love you.

I would never hurt you ever dear.

Waiting for you to call me on SKYPE right now dear.

Anonymous said...

Angelicque Mcqueen Looks like a crayon box and 20 shades of brown

14 hrs · Like · 1

WOW ANGIE. Please make one day without calling out black people for something dear.

They owe you too? For what dear?

to stop your constant online libel?

I know DANTE, my half black son owes you, that is why you called up my family, asking for cars, and houses and insurance, for you.... bc somehow in your twisted mind, DANTE, my half-black son, owed you something.

SICK person....

I spoke with lawyers today on how best to handle ANGIE MCQUEEN and her attacks for sex and money and fame.... and got good advice.

So, moving on to the next step. I already filed and obtained a 44 page police report in ANAHEIM, CA on what she stole from HAMDAN on her first date in her head, and my wedding night in reality...

SO, California cops already know the truth about ANGIE MCQUEEN = theft by deception.... a criminal case, not a civil matter.

I am just stuck in Meadville, PA since 2010, b/c of her lies... and cannot get to CA to pursue it, but Det Matt Sutter said he would take me to lunch to work on the case against her as soon as I can get to CA....

I know, she moved to Las Vegas, NV. It does not matter and the amount of property, she stole, there is no statute of limitations either.

So, this will all come out, the truth.


b/c ANGIE MCQUEEN called me a liar dear.

She called you a liar too dear and you attacked me b/c of her words publicly dear.

I forgive you, but not me.

She knows the game she is playing... it is her script online now.... her MO for success.... illegally acquired wealth thru threats and deception.

So sad.....

HAMDAN, just please look, when people say something to you, so PROVE IT RIGHT NOW please.

Where is the proof of ANGIE's lies dear about Lisa Miceli?

it was an internet post that she made about me talking about MJ to call her lawyer..... her words of insanity, not a media source or anyone else.

She was never in NORTH CAROLINA to meet MJ when I was with him dear.

I met Angie online in July 2008.... so how would she know me back in 1999-2000. IMPOSSIBLE.

SEE baby, ANGIE MCQUEEN, is illogical, wanting you to think that she knew us both since the year 2000, to get my MILLIONS in dowry monies baby.

These are lies. LYING for money or property = theft by deception dear.

SIMPLE case.

I promise you.

ANGIE MCQUEEN sought us both out to scam us in some way shape or form dear....

I talk alot to make certain that the truth is told, not a bunch of lies baby and that you understand me dear.

I would never hurt you or lie to you ever baby.

I was robbed and reported it and got arrested locally by cops who would not even look at the evidence of anything baby.

They said, you called us. Do not call us for anything at all.

That is illegal, to ban someone from the local police... therefore banning me from PLAINTIFF's CRIMINAL COURTS, which is a blatant violation of my constitutional rights to the courts in the USA dear.

People are insanely jealous and crazy in the USA dear.

It is all about money in the USA dear.

I love you HAMDAN.

Please be safe dear.

Anonymous said...

Friday, July 5, 2013

I hope everyone is doing just fine

Hi all! I know I have long abandoned the blog. Real life sort of happens and makes it very difficult to follow along with the puppy chasing its tail all the damn time. When I see cray-cray stuff like Amanda Bynes Lisa-esque breakdown, I want to run to the blog and share, but time constraints prevent that from happening. But I hope you all are enjoying the real world & holidays with the people you love and the ones who love you back.

HAMDAN dear. Lisa Miceli is the real world, as we are on the phone several times a day dear. Angie McQueen told you to come to her house and not my house, for our wedding night dear. I do love you. You tell me you love me several times a day. I post it on here as proof from your FACEBOOK chats, your SKYPE chats or emails to me dear.

I was stupid to trust another woman with your private email contact on our wedding night or marriage plans.

There is nothing stopping you from coming to Meadville, PA directly, to see me please.

Do not bring ANGIE MCQUEEN and do not talk to her about me at all.

She does not know me, she hustled your contact from me, baby, not knowing you at all either not even your name to look you up when she got your contact.

We are sex, money, and fame to her to exploit dear. She knows nothing else dear.

I assumed you would tell her you are a Prince marrying LISA and go to hell about everything else dear. So, she would shut up and stop calling me crazy and you not in existance dear.

THE ANAHIEM, CA police dept, obtained my phone records to prove that ANGIE MCQUEEN was calling me non stop when she read my blog online dear.... for what?

to hustle me... like she is now doing you, with lies, threats, and abuse. calling that friendship and love.

Did she ever buy you a gift like I do baby?

Did she ever help pay for you in anyway dear?

NEVER.. it is all one sided with her. PERIOD.

you pay for her lawyer for paternity like Oscar did and she was still bitching about it.... he pays child support and acknowledges Devon and still not enough for her....

She wants with nothing for the other person in return and we are to tolerate her lies, threats, and abuse..... while we stay calm and give in to it all.

for what?

Libel............ you are "camel crap" I am a "stalker" and Oscar is a "dead beat dad" and Audi likes "chicks with dicks", Mayweather is racist.... etc, etc, etc, etc.

I have your bank notes dear, your clothes (in the sizes you told me), and other stuff (you know all that I have given you) as my part of our marriage deal dear.

I am not a liar or a crazy person dear.

I love you, flaws and all, like you said about me baby.

You "would kiss my flaws"....

very lovely, the reason that I fell in love with PRINCE HAMDAN.... and your poetry...

your definition of beauty, "wavy hair", "dark hair" "long eyelashes", and "long hair" and "moles"...

that is the HAMDAN that I fell in love with, no matter what aliases you write to me under, FAZZA, chubby, notdafakecm, lifeisabeach, and many many others baby...

it is all me.....

I love you, Hamdan for you being you.

You can talk to people from my past on the phone, with me, three way, or group skype, about Michael Jordan, to prove it is really me, dear...

Plus, I will post old messages from you, as well, proving it was us talking and ever Angie McQueen dear.

Anonymous said...

WHY all of the expensive gifts dear?

Your words to me, that you wanted me to be "dripping in expensive custom cut jewelry" dear by the time I get to Dubai........... and you asked me a ton of questions, like fav flower, fav candy, fav clothing designer, fav color, and fav perfume, etc, etc, etc, shoe size, clothing size, and ring size, everything baby...

you also asked me what I wanted, my heart's desires dear... and I told you.

it was not mandatory for you to shop for me for me to legally wed you baby.... but you did shop for me in Dubai.... the gifts are real, just at the location of ANGIE MCQUEEN, who got your email contact from me, dear..... right before our wedding night in 2008 dear.

I am not after your money dear.... you said what you wanted to do and asked me what I wanted as my heart's desires.... I did not think you would rush out and buy it all immediately love... but you did dear....

ASSA & ANGIE MCQUEEN are the proof of that love....

You know the truth HAMDAN.... please tell the truth, and stop repeating the lies of ANGIE MCQUEEN in public dear.

Anonymous said...


Don't ya hate hearin' that clock on the wall chiming,
Sayin' it's time
And don't you just wish we could just stay right here together
All day long
You know it wouldn't be a crime
If we crawl back into bed
Got as close as we could get
Tryin' to figure out where this thing is goin'

Baby, Baby don't
Don't just say you're leavin
Why don't you just stay a little bit longer
Got it goin on
And I just can't believe it
This feelin' it just keeps gettin' stronger

If ya gotta go
You gotta know
I might go crazy
Here without you baby
We're livin' every kiss
You ain't leavin me like this
It just ain't right
Wait until tonight
To lite another flame
You know it wouldn't be the same as the fire we got burnin' this mornin


Love, no one else can love me like you do.
You know, I ain't even close to through- lovin you.


Baby, Baby don't
No baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ohhhhh no, no, baby don't

(Baby, baby, ohhhh, baby, baby don't)

Ya, Don't.
Baby, Baby, Don't.

LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, our SKYPE chat I posted online about yesterday..... just a song for you to think about me...

I know, it is American Country.

Billy Carrington.


Anonymous said...

Your tea leaves, HAMDAN, said that you will wed soon, because you had some problems in the past that need to be cleared up.

LOL.... your fans amuse me at times.

The host of this site, claims to not know you, never met you, but answers questions from the public about your love life dear.

I am not the insane one.

WARREN STATE HOSPITAL cleared me two times of mental illness and so did the LTSR in Beaver. The LTSR in Beaver, unlike Warren State Hospital, finally told the local JUDGE their real findings, and the JUDGE put that in the local newspaper, that I was doing "excellent" mental health-wise.

NOT everyone is psychology knows what they are talking about.

The LTSR doctor, was a PhD in psychology and an MD in psychiatry. She knew her medicine.


Talking is not a crime people. RELAX.

There are real crazies out there to worry about.

I am not one of them people.

I am logical and calm.

I love you HAMDAN.

I am sooo sorry about the troubles. I trusted crazy people dear with our contacts and plans.

I can prove that to you easily dear.

Anonymous said...

Failed gold digger is still insanely jealous of successful gold digger. Surprise! (not)

Anonymous said...


I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind
There was something so pleasant about that place.
Even your emotions had an echo
In so much space

And when you're out there
Without care,
Yeah, I was out of touch
But it wasn't because I didn't know enough
I just knew too much

Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Does that make me crazy?
Possibly [radio version]
probably [album version]

And I hope that you are having the time of your life
But think twice, that's my only advice

Come on now, who do you, who do you, who do you, who do you think you are,
Ha ha ha bless your soul
You really think you're in control

Well, I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
I think you're crazy
Just like me

My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on a limb
And all I remember is thinking, I want to be like them
Ever since I was little, ever since I was little it looked like fun
And it's no coincidence I've come
And I can die when I'm done

Maybe I'm crazy
Maybe you're crazy
Maybe we're crazy

Uh, uh

Anonymous said...

PRINCE HAMDAN.... he rushed to legally wed LISA MICELI every communication since Jan 2000.

And yet, 14 years later he's still single!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

She's mentally ill, no doubt. But the Hamdan delusion is something she seems to be willfully holding onto. She's not that incapacitated intellectually.

Anonymous said...

She has nothing else to fantasize about and allowing her to do so is probably benign and keeps her busy.

Anonymous said...

The thing about chronic psychosis is that yep, it does devour the intellect. No medicines could have cured the underlying Personality Disorders that could easily have made her rich (Sarah Palin) or monstrously depraved (Jodi Arias). Unfortunately, Lisa's hot stew of Narcissism/Borderline/Antisocial/Histrionic/Paranoid PDs got chucked in the blender with serious, serious mental illness that has whittled away at her intelligence until she does incredibly dumb shit that can't help but land her in jail or the booby hatch. It's always just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I am on Instagram, showing my daily life until I can move to Dubai...

It is lisamiceli2 as my username.

HAMDAN's dad (SHEIKH MO), liked and commented on my photo....
thank YOU sooo much!

It is a photo of Deb's (my best female friend) and my son (Dante) playing at the local park in Meadville, PA.

We (Deb & Lisa) also took the kids to Potts Farm recently, but I have not posted those photos yet.

The kids had a blast in the corn maze and on the slides and pedal cars.......

So adorable.

Anonymous said...

That was Sheik Mos fan page , not him.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked but glad Lisa still has a friend that hasn't given up on her.

Anonymous said...

Just hope this time it's "good Deb" and not "enabler Deb", "partner-in-crime Deb", or "cray-cray Deb". Otherwise, Papa Joe will be proven right about her and I hate when that happens. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned by a friend who says all over the 'net that she is working towards a Master's and eventual PhD in Abnormal Psychology/Schizophrenia. Fingers crossed that she is not researching her dissertation, but is there b/c she wants a happy life for Lisa and Dante.

happy said...

Happy belated birthday Lisa! I hope you did something fun yesterday.

Also belated condolences for your uncle Ben early this year. From the funeral home tribute page it looks like his former students--from the 60s!--loved him. And people who ran into him around town thought he was a real prince!

yabba dabbadoo said...

Here's the Meadville Trib story from this August, in case anyone missed it. I think the judge was being a little optimistic with his "tremendous progress" quote...

"Miceli sentenced over harassment"

Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 11:49 pm
By Keith Gushard

A Meadville woman known for filing civil lawsuits against celebrities has been sentenced in Crawford County Court of Common Pleas to probation on harassment and disorderly conduct charges for repeated harassment of another Meadville woman last year.

In handing down a probationary sentence Wednesday to Lisa A. Miceli, Judge John Spataro said Miceli had “made tremendous strides” with her mental health issues during the past year.

“The court is thankful for the good work of the professionals who helped you over the past year,” Spataro said. The judge also pointed out Miceli’s own efforts.
“Much of the success depends on the individuals who help themselves,” Spataro said in pronouncing the sentence.

On Wednesday, Miceli, 41, of 962 Grove St., pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a total of two years probation to third-degree misdemeanor counts of harassment and disorderly conduct filed by Meadville police for repeated harassment of a Meadville woman during spring 2013.
Each of those counts carried a maximum sentence of one year in jail and a $2,500 fine, but Spataro agreed to the probationary sentencing recommendation in a plea agreement reached between the Crawford County District Attorney’s Office and Miceli’s attorney, Isaac Pineo.
Spataro sentenced Miceli to one year of probation on the harassment charge to be followed by one year of probation on the disorderly conduct charge with 357 days credit for time already served. Spataro also ordered Miceli to pay court costs, but he imposed no fine.
Miceli initially was charged by Meadville police last year with stalking with repeated communication to cause fear, a first-degree misdemeanor count; harassment by communicating repeatedly in another manner, a third-degree misdemeanor; and a summary charge of disorderly conduct. If convicted in county court of all charges, Miceli could have faced a maximum of six years and three months in jail and $12,800 in fines.
According to police, between March 20 and April 20, 2013, Miceli repeatedly called the woman’s cell and work phones, contacted the woman’s parents, left extensive voicemails at various hours and showed up at the woman’s residence with confrontational intent and made unreasonable noise outside the home.

Miceli has earned notoriety for filing civil lawsuits against celebrities Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan.

Anonymous said...

Did her dad move out? Is he living across the street in Ben's old house?

Anonymous said...

I love how every single newspaper article about LM mentions MJ and sometimes PH. LOL

Anonymous said...

Celebrities and royals that this parasite feeds on in her never ending quest for unearned fame and fortune (latest Hamdan) are the only reason a small town crazy gets any attention from the press at all.

Anonymous said...

You refuse reality people, when you reject direct evidence and believe your fantasies that HAMDAN and MJ want you if you lie for a contact or abuse his current women..... PATHETIC!

You are exposing nothing or telling us nothing that HAMDAN and Lisa do not already know on here with your insane media posts.... we know.. it is our lives. Anyone can look up a media article and post it....

LISA asked HAMDAN directly about fake Hamdan's calling her.... and real Hamdan responded on this blog (MARCH 13, 2013 post).... so HAMDAN is aware of an imposter, delusional, defaming him, not LISA MICELI (DELUSIONAL, DEFAMING HIM or LYING) for believing in a sick con.

People who fall for a lie, are victims, not delusional. DELUSIONAL means you are presented with facts and you refuse to belive them.... for no reason other than what is in your head..... not reality or facts.

Sorry we do not arrest or send to mental wards people for their beliefs or their speech as it is a free country.

Jealous of Lisa's media, then what is stopping you from calling up Keith Gushard with your own sotry to tell or sell to the world? LISA MICELI? I think not delusional people. lisa Miceli does not control international media.... so to be jealous over media attention, proves how pathetic you really are. No one asked you to come to Lisa and Hamdan's blog, called MISS ABSAM.

So, if you post, please be sure you understand what you are reading.... why would HAMDAN set up a blog in his UNCLE's name about LISA MICELI?

Why is Hamdan posting this madness publicly?

Because people were lying to LISA and HAMDAN when LISA and Hamdan were making their wedding plans....
that is the point of this blog... communication between LISA and HAMDAN.... I sent him messages of people claiming to be him and Hamdan sent messages to Lisa from Angie McQueen making threats to him... we saved those all as well.

So, sorry, Lisa Miceli is not DELUSIONAL. You ARE, AND PSYCHOTIC, AS you are clueless as to what you are reading on here and why..... and who is hosting this blog posting Lisa's private emails and Yahoo chats and why...

and attacking Lisa Miceli for it.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS A USA LEGAL RIGHT FOR EVERYONE.... not just the delusional few who think that oly them are intitled to talk or post or blog or whatever.

Anonymous said...

BY THE WAY, Lisa Miceli, also called the Dubai police about the 50 HAMDAN's calling her as well, and saved the correspondences from them as well..... to post here and give to whereever else.

So, when ANGIE MCQUEEN was calling HAMDAN repeatedly behind Lisa's back begging for sex and money in person, why did HAMDAN not call the police on Lisa's con friend, ANGIE MCQUEEN?

ANGIE MCQUEEN makes HAMDAN look disloyal, into prostitution, and crazy, and clearly defames HAMDAN publicly as well........

Lisa Miceli can prove she went to local police, CA police, and Dubai police over stalkers and harassers and abusers and defamers of PRINCE HAMDAN..... so, sorry, Lisa Miceli is not lying about Prince Hamdan to hurt him.... never has and never will and never lied to Hamdan either.

Sorry, everything ANGIE MCQUEEN acquired from Prince Hamdan, was done so illegally, by lying to Lisa and lying to Hamdan, for sex and money, and when that did not work, she resorted to threats to both of them as well.

Hence, this blog..... frustrated HAMDAN blogging about Lisa Miceli and Lisa posting back to him, with delusional stalking fans in the middle making threats to both Lisa and Hamdan based on what they see in the media and believe in their delusional minds as truth.

BELIEVING AND SPEAKING ARE NOT CRIMES. SORRY people... take your threats and psycho babble to your own lives....

Lisa and Hamdan are proving their relationship right on this very blog. So, stop calling us liars or fake or metal ill, when it is all you being that stalking us....

We did not contact you directly, none of you.... you are contacting us both on this blog.... trying to tell us our truth, with media proof. LOL..... WHO AND WHAT is the source please?

THIS BLOG is about LISA MICELI and Prince Hamdan, sources beig directly Lisa Miceli and Prince Hamdan.

Stop your delusional and obsessive stalking of HAMDAN and LISA please..... and threats.

DIAGONISING LISA MICELI is a criminal offense people....

you would have to be licensed and follow ethics and laws pertaining to psychology, to do that.
There is no such diagnosis as internet addiction or erotomia or megalomania, check out the DSM V for proof.

you are defaming Lisa Miceli in a jealous stalking delusional rage that MJ and HAMDAN contacted Lisa Miceli and not YOU.

Go away..... be a lady, and have a man contact you... not attack HAMDAN's chosen bride.

Even when HAMDAN defends LISA MICELI on here, you attack LISA MICELI.

Get a grip DELUSIONAL people.... and stop your psycho babble...

Psychotic, is hearing and seeing things that are not there... tis blog about LISA MICELI is in black and white, and so are the postings of HAMDAN's direct contacts with Lisa Miceli in black and white as well..... that is not psychosis.

Psychosis, is coming on a blog and forcing your DELUSIONAL opinion, basaed on what is in your head....

Do you know HAMDAN personally, to call his women liars??


So, shut up and stop stalking and harassing Lisa Miceli on a blog.

STAIRWAYS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH AND MEADVILLE HUMAN SERVICES are think that Lisa Miceli is being harassed on this blog, for doing nothing but chatting directly with Prince Hamdan........ period.

Sorry, that makes Lisa Miceli sane, and the stalking delusional fans contacting Hamdan on this blog, the insane ones...

Is Hamdan using your name directly in the public eye and photos, and videos, and private chats with him in the public eye?

NO... it is all Lisa Miceli's business on here.

Is he asking about YOU, whoever you are, on here?

NO... he is asking specifically about Lisa Miceli.

Is he claiming to know you on here? NO... he claims to know Lisa Miceli.

Anonymous said...

Making up lies to get a person mentally committed in the State of PA is a criminal offense.

There has to be a direct threat, and in furtherance of that threat (some sort of action), to self or others to commit to a mental ward...

Blogging opinions and chatting with Prince Hamdan does not make the mental health game cut.

Sorry, people, you do not like what you are reading, then please, move on, and leave two parties who are talking and proving their communications to one another online.

HAMDAN posted the YAHOO chat online were Lisa Miceli told chubby she is marrying Prince Hamdan.... he repeats her, "you said you are marrying Prince Hamdan", and then says, "what happened with that?"

Confused like Lisa Miceli because of the violent criminal past stalking lying hooker names ANGIE MCQUEEN calling both Hamdan and Lisa with lies when claiming to be LISA's most trusted BFF at the time.... WOW people.

Do you even know what you are reading on here and why?


no one asked you to come to this blog.

The real Hamdan is asking what is going on, I thought that Lisa Miceli loved me, and wanted to meet offline to marry me, and I am being told to go to other houses, not LISA MICELI's house, my chosen bride's house... please help me and explain.

and why is Lisa Miceli calling me ABSAM please? and why does she want to wed ABSAM in my wedding dress when I am Prince Hamdan and she said yes to me via internet and phone?

that is the point of this blog...

DIAGONISING LISA MICELI opr pretending to be HAMDAN, is not the point of this blog...

There is another site online, calling Hamdan's proven women liars and insane, and the DELUSIONAL fans are pretending to be HAMDAN online contacting women... and laughing.

I do not think any of it to be funny. Sorry.

Sick fans.

Anonymous said...

SO, real Hamdan, please contact Lisa Miceli directly, as you may have a con calling Lisa pretending to be you, to Lisa, Sandy Miceli, and Deb Fales, after reading this blog.... that is the real DEFAMATION and the real mental illness dear.

Lisa Miceli's professionals around her are concerned about the cons like Angie McQueen and fake Hamdans seeking out Lisa Miceli to hurt her for whatever reason......... that is true crime and true mental illness.

The real Hamdan sought out Lisa Miceli for marraige and was conned out of everything and lied to for sex in exchange for money, by Angie McQueen.... her photos in Lisa's wedding jewelry are on FACEBOOK for all to see....

ANGIE MCQUEEN used Lisa's chubby contact for HAMDAN telling big lies and changing Lisa and Hamdans plas repeatedly, claiming to be LISA's most trusted BFF....
that is truie evil, mental illness, and criminal behavior.

She is a proven liar, by the DEL A HOYA team of people.... lying for sex in exchange for millions or billions.....

she calls media repeatedly to expose Oscar in direct violation of agreements which she accepted money for..........

She sought out Lisa Miceli. She called Hamdan from LISA's accounts with big lies...

all can be proven in a court of law and will.... and police reports filed by competent CA cops who deal with celebrities daily, not a small town police dept...

Anonymous said...

CONTACTING HAMDAN after reading this blog, makes you a con.

He is directly asking for help with Lisa Miceli from the public... b/c of failed wedding plans.

He is claiming on here to have spoken to a person claiming to be Sandy Miceli, denying Lisa Miceli's identity on videos sent directly to Prince Hamdan from Lisa Miceli directly on an account set up exclusively for Lisa Miceli.

Who did you speak to HAMDAN? Angie McQueen's mother claiming to be Sandy Miceli dear? Sandy Miceli denies talking to you about Lisa Miceli's videos sent to you dear.

This is getting scary HAMDAN.

Who are you claiming on a conference call told you that Lisa Miceli's videos are defaming her? That person is nuts, as Lisa's videos are about LISA's legal cases, which can easily be proven and direct conversations with you CHUBBY..... and telling solely about LISA's life dear.

You got confused and so did Lisa Miceli get confused.

Lisa and Sandy Miceli thought that they were working this all out with you since Dec 2012, via text messages and phone calls and emails dear.

Are you claiming that it is another HAMDAN imposter dear?


Lisa Miceli is your reality and loves you back dear.... you are not getting LISA's direct messages dear.. and talking to disloyal lying so called Lisa people.

I am sorry baby.

Anonymous said...

HAMDAN answer the chubby account, as Lisa Miceli, sent you copies of Hamdan's writing to her and phone numbers of HAMDAN's calling her.

Also, call your Dubai police department, as Lisa Miceli reported the HAMDANS asking for help in identifying real and fake Hamdans contacting her dear.

This blog did more harm than good love. People in the world, are crazy, greedy, and dangerous, attacking us both for sex and money dear........

Lisa Miceli is trying to tell you the truth..... loves you and forgives you baby... ANGIE MCQUEEN lied to you baby on the chubby account since Nov 2008 dear... and then brags online about her property, acquired from our private emails to one another dear........ photos do not lie dear.

The real Hamdan already confessed to Lisa Miceli all about Angie McQueen. Angie McQueen already bragged to Lisa Miceli about all property from you, just lied to Lisa Miceli, saying the property came from dead, murdered for money aunt, and Raj Jolly, and Don King Promotions, which is impossible dear, and the exact property we talked about in our private chats dear...

She is lying to you about why and how she got your contact from me and lying to me about you calling her back, which, you did, and showed up right away in person with Uncle Saeed.... and what exactly happened.... what she said to you and what happened between you too dear.

Your poetry addresses this dear... your first love has been replaced after you begged for her love....

Lisa Miceli read it and you told Lisa Miceli about it via facebook dear calling Lisa Miceli your first love.

It is the same madness on here as well dear.

Please write back or call Lisa Miceli directly and in private, Hamdan, for the truth dear.... everything can be settled in one phone call dear.

LISA MICELI and SANDY MICELI and DEB FALES are all talking to someone claiming to be the real Prince Hamdan dear. Lisa asked you, is it you?


The blog is getting both Lisa Miceli and Prince Hamdan bad press and nastiness from USA govt people.... for whatever reason.

THIS MADNESS has been going on since Nov 2008, when Angie McQueen got your contact from me... it is now Oct 2014, and still the same mess dear.

Who is posting the HAMMY and ANGIE lol, lol, lol.. or the Hammy loves Lisa, lol, lol, lol, madness dear ?

You are posting anon online dear and you are posting to Lisa Miceli using aliases not your real name dear.... so that causes confusion as well dear.

Please make direct contact with Lisa Miceli, from the chubby account, and get the truth directly, from Lisa, not stalkers of Lisa Miceli please.

Angie McQueen stalked Lisa Miceli from reading online, about Lisa and a Middle Eastern Prince dear.... she did not know you and never heard of you before LISA's wedding plans with you....

You made plans directly with Lisa and she lied to you and to Lisa for sex and money dear.... her repeat pattern of behavior dear.

The real Hamdan told Lisa Miceli that McQueen is a hooker... I was clueless dear.. and trusted her friendship dear.

Everything is easily proven in a court of law dear and with police reports dear....

ANGIE is wearing exact promised hewelry, and driving exact promised cars to Lisa, and living and staying in houses directly promised to Lisa Miceli and traveling to HAMDAN's and LISA's chosen destinations dear... it is no coincidence dear... it is all you going to the wrong house bc a liar called you behind Lisa's back.... since Nov 2008 dear.

This is TERRIBLE dear.

Stop defaming LISA MICELI for being a victim of high dollar crimes dear.

HAMDAN chose Lisa Miceli as his bride, so Hamdan should defend Lisa Miceli from people like ANGIE MCQUEEN and others dear.

You set up this site, if cons read this and started contacting you and Lisa, hurting us both, why do you blame Lisa Miceli dear?

Lisa Miceli only asked you for truth dear and what you promised Lisa Miceli directly dear....

Anonymous said...

Lisa Miceli has called police and lawyers to fiqure out this mess dear Prince Hamdan.
You are taking up much of Lisa's time with ridiculous lies dear.

Lisa Miceli is not responsible for your fame dear.... and the negative consequences of that dear... the stalkers, bad press, the harassmet, and the defamation,

It is truly up to you to protect Lisa Miceli, your chosen bride dear.... and according to Dubai lawyers, your responsibility to get LISA's dowry and gifts to Lisa Miceli, the right person, and not another one of your wives.

Angie McQueen lied is why I even try and fiqure this mess out dear.... and you set up this blog begging for answers about Lisa Miceli.

Please respod directly to Lisa Miceli for the answers you are seeking dear.... and ask for proof, and Lisa Miceli will provide you everything she has as proof on a video dear.... proving everything from the very beginning which was the year 2000 you first contacted Lisa Miceli....

Lisa Miceli saved all communications dear from Angie McQueen and all Hamdan's dear...

It should take less than one hour to explain everything that happened dear....

Sorry, that you were ever hurt or confused or upset by Lisa Miceli dear, as it was never her intent ever dear.

Please call right away, for copies of everything, which you can post on this site if you wish or do what you want dear.

Lisa Miceli also has correspondence back and forth with someone claiming to work for the Dubai police as well, confirming your identity dear.

Is that one you please? or a sick con defaming you and victimizing Lisa Miceli please?

TRUTH only dear.

Anonymous said...

LISA MICELI CALLED LAWYERS ABOUT ANGIE MCQUEEN and what happened and lawyers told me it is a criminal matter dear, nothing civil about her lies, threats, and thefts dear. I am sooo sorry.

There is a valid police report in ANAHEIM, CA on ANGIE MCQUEEN dear and it is public record dear.

I am sorry, not trying to hurt you or Angie, but Angie lied to me, to have sex with you in exchange for extreme wealth dear and did not care about how she hurt us on our wedding plans dear....

and you followed along with her lies dear.... repeatedly.

You hurt me because of her dear repeatedly, like I was wrong to trust people and respond to emails and phone calls coming to me directly dear........ like that was crazy for me to answer my phone or respond when being called out directly by name and video online dear.... and to ask you to bring my stuff to my house directly dear on my own private accounts for you dear...

that is extreme disloyalty by you and abuse of Lisa Miceli to think like that dear...........

that being a victim of a crime means that someone is crazy for being a victim..... wow.

that mentality all over the world needs to stop......

VICTIMS are not mentally ill dear.... or retarded dear for believing or trusting a liar or a con..... the con is crazy to do that to people.

Anonymous said...


[12/15/2012 3:29:06 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: im not married of my cousin
[12/15/2012 3:29:30 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: b4 my brother married of my cousin
[12/15/2012 3:29:38 PM] Lisa Miceli: hee hee. you told me of your male cousin, not your one you have an engagement with.
[12/15/2012 3:29:40 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Sheikh Majid married
[12/15/2012 3:29:58 PM] Lisa Miceli: Are you not engaged to anyone?
[12/15/2012 3:30:09 PM] Lisa Miceli: Did Sheikh Rashid married yet?
[12/15/2012 3:30:25 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: yes
[12/15/2012 3:30:37 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: now 2 kids have
[12/15/2012 3:30:55 PM] Lisa Miceli: why are you still single? wow. Congratulations to both of your brothers.
[12/15/2012 3:31:18 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: bec im wait of you
[12/15/2012 3:31:34 PM] Lisa Miceli: I love you. You are soo sweet. So, did I make you married yet?
[12/15/2012 3:32:17 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: sure if u like then get married

WHY LISA MICELI thinks Hamdan is marrying her.... in black and white as proof and this was a video chat on SKYPE.

STOP calling LISA MICELI delusional when it is you because you reject direct evidence of proof of Lisa Miceli's claims, which is legal definition of DELUSIONAL.... presented with fact but deny the facts.

Anonymous said...

[12/24/2012 12:58:24 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: im single
[12/24/2012 12:58:42 PM] sheilkh hamdan Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum: why your not understand

AGAIN, Lisa Miceli asked Hamdan if he is married to anyone... and this was his direct answer... true or not true, only Hamdan knows everyone, and why that is.

So, that is why Lisa Miceli thinks that she is marrying Prince Hamdan, because he is contacting her, showing up for her friends, and blogging about her in the public eye, (MISS ABSAM blogs).... proof everyone.

You are insane, to call Lisa Miceli, insane or a liar with direct proof online after you ask for it.

Anonymous said...

GO READ ANGIE MCQUEEN's facebook, where she dowloads police brutality videos constantly, and tells the "police to suck a dick po po".

that is police harassment.

Asking for help with an out of state police report, is not intended to be harassment of the police.... there is a valid police report in Anahiem, CA on Angie McQueen by Lisa Miceli, after an officer spoke to Lisa Miceli about what was going on with Angie McQueen on LISA's private Prince Hamdan contacts... how she acquired the contact, and what happened afterwards....

Sorry people, Lisa Miceli, was only reporting a crime, when she was arrested for the simple fact of following up on a criminal matter that involved two or more states and countries....

That makes Lisa Miceli, a victim, not insane.

If you were a victim of a crime on your wedding night, you would talk fast and loud and be upset too.... wanting justice and answers.

that is not mental illness, that is pure fear. ADRENALIN, fight of flight response.... natural human behavior.

I am not fighting with ANGIE MCQUEEN at all. It is pointless to talk to her directly, as she is a pathological liar, for sex and money and fame repeatedly...

Why is Lisa Miceli still pursuing all of this?

because Hamdans are still contacting Lisa Miceli for marriage.... and this blog full of lies is still up on the internet....

Anonymous said...

AS FAR AS SHEIKH MO's INSTRAGRAM being a fan site, so HH lets fans take photos of him praying in the desert by himself and post online?

NO... I doubt it.

it is HH's own pr so he is showing the world that he does what he says he does daily...

media does not always report truth or what we want them to print.

Anonymous said...

HATE to point out this fact, but Dubai media has Prince Hamdan in Dubai on THURSDAY launching SMART GOVERNMENT (FACEBOOK) plans and INSTAGRAM has Prince Hamdan in Uzbekistan at the exact same time, THURSDAY.... of this past week.

Which is the true location of Prince Hamdan as he cannot be in two different countries at the exact same time...

So, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. SO, please look that one up as well.

How does that make Lisa Miceli a liar? Would that not make Prince Hamdan or media reports or those posting to INSTAGRAM the liars?


Stop attacking Lisa Miceli for your nonsense beliefs on here please. THANK YOU.

LET's close down all police stations across the world, if all victims of crime, are just crazy, not real victims of anything at all.

WOW....... just wow. I am certain this kind of thinking scares everyone all over the world.

Lisa Miceli did not post anything linking her publicly to Prince Hamdan.... he did on this site.

Then I confirmed what was being said.

So take your threats and psycobabble elsewhere... the proof is on this very page for all to read.... that Hamdan is linking himself publicly to Lisa Miceli.....

I simply told him to come directly to my house in Meadville, PA and stop listening to other people about us... as they are proven liars for sex, money, and fame.....

Stop wasting my time.... please.

Anonymous said...

READ THIS MADNESS from a FAN GIRL's GUIDE to FAZZA please... how does this woman named Duchess Fazza speak for FAZZA when she never met him and never spoke to him ever in her life please?

Is that sane behavior? look at her website, facebook and blogs? seem like sane behavior to you?

and her career is psychology... wow.


2) Can he marry anyone he wants?

Yes, if his family approves he can. I am sure, especially from his poems, he would want a traditional Muslim girl. However, that’s just my interpretation from his poems. Usually the mother will choose his bride and I know he would trust her judgement. It’s just all a mystery at this point.

Not only does she speak for Hamdan (although admitting to never have met him or spoken to him ever in her life) but contradicts herself three times in one answer for one question... yes he can, no he cannot his mother does, to yes he can b/c of his poetry...


Where is she getting her answers from please? with proof?

from reading HAMDAN's poetry online and fan pages about HAMDAN?

Please people, stalk and harass and threaten these other people, like DUBAI PRINCESA on INSTAGRAM, and there are at least 20 so called HAMMY fiancees on INSTAGRAM, facebook, and blogger alone people....
where is their proof please?

and who is asking them for it please?

Why are you seeking out Lisa Miceli to abuse please on a blog set up exclusively by Prince Hamdan asking for help about Lisa Miceli directly?

The professionals who analyzed Lisa Miceli since 2010, want to know who you all are, not Lisa Miceli.... they know Lisa Miceli and saw her proof first hand in their offices... since 2010 about everything on this blog.

Who are you diagnosing Lisa Miceli please without a valid psychology or psyciatric license in the public eye?

Like it was stated on this blog before, that is a criminal offense in the State of PA where Lisa Miceli resides, to diagnosis and claim a sane person is mentally ill...... so you on here calling Lisa Miceli psychotic, delusional, mentally ill, etc, etc, etc are all criminals... breaking the law to make your comments about LISA's mental health in the public eye.

HAMDAN told you all, on this blog, please leave LISA MICELI alone.... and yet you persist on here with your psyco babble nonsense proving YOU, not HAMDAN or LISA are mentally ill.

Anonymous said...

I am certain if 50 different accounts all claiming to be Prince Hamdan of Dubai were contacting you with contradictory information at times, you would be like Lisa Miceli, seeking answers..........

and have a ton of questions as to what is going on.

Anonymous said...



to me

I'm going to bolt arrested if you fuck his cock my love


On Apr 11, 2013, 8:35 AM,Lisa Miceli wrote

HAMDAN wrote this on the way to my house, about USAIN BOLT calling me on my cellphone. I kept HAMDAN's email address private, but I have copies of the emails that he sent to me....

SO, this is why Lisa Miceli thinks she is marrying HAMDAN.... a HAMDAN is telling her so in private emails, phone calls, and text messages, on Skype and facebook messages, that I posted in 2013.... which the facebook messages were mostly destroyed by someone.... from multiple facebook accounts all claiming to be HAMDAN and all saying the same thing.

Why would he act like this? b/c ANGIE MCQUEEN lied to him telling him to bring LISA's stuff to her house and she would "fuck" for it... upsetting HAMDAN and Lisa not knowing what McQueen said to HAMDAN behind LISA's back.

He would not give millions over on a first date to a stranger ANGIE MCQUEEN.. it was a wedding story after chatting since the year 2000 that he bought so much stuff for Lisa Miceli.... exclusively.

Anonymous said...



to me

I'm going to bolt arrested if you fuck his cock my love


On Apr 11, 2013, 8:35 AM,Lisa Miceli wrote

HAMDAN wrote this on the way to my house, about USAIN BOLT calling me on my cellphone. I kept HAMDAN's email address private, but I have copies of the emails that he sent to me....

SO, this is why Lisa Miceli thinks she is marrying HAMDAN.... a HAMDAN is telling her so in private emails, phone calls, and text messages, on Skype and facebook messages, that I posted in 2013.... which the facebook messages were mostly destroyed by someone.... from multiple facebook accounts all claiming to be HAMDAN and all saying the same thing.

Why would he act like this? b/c ANGIE MCQUEEN lied to him telling him to bring LISA's stuff to her house and she would "fuck" for it... upsetting HAMDAN and Lisa not knowing what McQueen said to HAMDAN behind LISA's back.

He would not give millions over on a first date to a stranger ANGIE MCQUEEN.. it was a wedding story after chatting since the year 2000 that he bought so much stuff for Lisa Miceli.... exclusively.

Anonymous said...

WHAT would you do if your spouse who was foreign called you crying and complaining of being raped on the way to your house for your wedding night by repeatedly being told to go to the wrong house?

You would try and help and protect them too.

WHAT DOES HAMDAN say on here?

but help me good people.....

SORRY, HAMDAN dear, there were no open threats to SANDY MICELI's life on here or to you privately, from Lisa Miceli.... and SAndy Miceli never denied Lisa's identity to you.... you were talking to someone else who got our accounts love.... I ASKED SANDY MICELI REPEATEDLY IF YOU CONTACTED HER ABOUT LISA'S IDENTITY AND SHE SAID NO.... NOT AT ALL.




I am posting these messages for the same reason you posted Lisa Miceli's messages, confusion as to why you are saying one thing in private and another in public about Lisa Miceli dear.

You asked for nude photos of her and she trusted you and sent them to you, and you posted them online calling her "disgusting" and then turned around on skype and asked for nude videos dear....

Why are you exposing LISA MICELI's privacy dear publicly?

Anonymous said...

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Jul 27

to me

I love you darling

Subject: Video of me!
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2014 03:38:05 -0400
To: private email address

Sent from my iPhone

PROOF of HAMDAN's emailing Lisa Miceli dear... are you saying that this one is an imposter of you Hamdan? If so, why are you not prosecuting cons using your name dear?

Anonymous said...

From: Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Date: April 4, 2013 at 11:33:27 AM EDT
To: ""
Subject: RE: Where in the fuck are you lunatic?

we are having a day stop over in holland my love,i love you boo

Subject: Re: Where in the fuck are you lunatic?
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 11:09:09 -0400
To: private

Where are you now? Lisa Miceli

Sent from my iPhone

On Apr 4, 2013, at 4:47 AM, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum wrote:

I'm on the jet my love,coming to meadville,I love you baby

HAMDAN, are you saying that this account is NOT you writing to Lisa Miceli? So, who is planning on showing up as you, Prince Hamdan, in Meadville, PA dear?

I have a ton of emails from this account and text messages to my phone as well, dear Hamdan, all claiming to be the real you dear.

People in this world and insane dear to mess with other people's marriage plans for money dear.

I am sooo sorry dear. You have millions of followers all over the globe dear. It could be anyone messing with us both dear.

But this same person is calling Deb Fales and Sandy Miceli and Lisa's lawyer, Isaac Pineo as well, claiming to be the real Prince Hamdan dear.

Anonymous said...

ANOTER FACEBOOK account claiming to be the real Prince Hamdan, sent this song to Lisa Miceli:

"Somebody's Me"

You, do you remember me
Like I remember you?
Do you spend your life
Going back in your mind to that time?

'Cause I, I walk the streets alone
I hate being on my own
And everyone can see that I really fell
And I'm going through hell
Thinking about you with somebody else

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely
Somebody hopes that one day you will see
That somebody's me [2x]

How, how did we go wrong?
It was so good and now it's gone
And I pray at night that our paths soon will cross
And what we had isn't lost
'Cause you're always right here in my thoughts

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely
Somebody hopes that someday you will see
That somebody's me
Oh, yeah

You'll always be in my life
Even if I'm not in your life
'Cause you're in my memory
You, when you remember me
And before you set me free
Oh, listen please

Somebody wants you
Somebody needs you
Somebody dreams about you every single night
Somebody can't breathe, without you it's lonely
Somebody hopes that someday you will see
That somebody's me
Somebody's me
Somebody's me
Somebody's me

So, this is why Lisa Miceli would believe that Hamdan wants to marry her because he has been telling her that since 2000 every contact with her.

Please get to Lisa's house in Meadville, PA as soon as possible and as safely as possible dear.

I am sorry this has been a nightmare mess. Apparently, Lisa Miceli, can trust no one when it comes to Prince Hamdan.

How could an imposter Hamdan ever show up as the real Prince Hamdan in person dear? IMPOSSIBLE.

SO, who do you think is trying to show up in Meadville, PA as you, HAMDAN?


Anonymous said...

BY THE WAY, HAMDAN, I cannot shut down the YOU TUBE videos about me with ABSAM in your wedding dress dear, as the original email for the You Tube account was hacked and I cannot get into it... to make any changes to anything.

I did not leave it up to hurt or confuse you. I cannot get anything deleted off the internet, as I tried many times dear Hamdan.

I cannot post the most recent text messages to my phone unto this site, but Lisa Miceli posted all of the Hamdan's from various accounts professing his love to her and his desire to wed her and to start a family right away with her........ from accounts claiming to be the real Prince Hamdan.

Anonymous said...

NOT LISA MICELI... someone claiming to be DUCHESS FAZZA.

Claims to never met or spoken to Hamdan, but speaks for him about his private life.

More true insanity.....

Anonymous said...

THIS IS PRINCE HAMDAN's public post about Lisa Miceli:

all lies and misguided attacks, maybe you should think about what you said about Lisa Miceli and her son. Where is Lisa Miceli trying to make Dante into a little Michael Jordan in the public eye please? SWIMMING?? jumping off the diving board, means I am trying to make DANTE into a progessional athlete HAMDAN?

PRINCE HAMDAN is notdafakecm posting in public a blog about Lisa Miceli.........

Notdafakecm said...
A few facts:
Nobody hacked you Lisa. FIRST LIE. LISA MICELI was hacked, and it appears to be by Prince Hamdan himself. WHY? I will get to that later.

Anonymous said...

Not only did you give your passcodes out again, but you gave it out to a group of people. No telling who has access to what now.


Read slowly: You think that Chubby is ABSAM.

YES, Lisa Miceli did think that chubby was ABSAM when in fact chubby is HAMDAN. WHY is that please? Photos sent to Lisa were of ABSAM? yes. Did Hamdan ever tell LISA MICELI directly, I am HAMDAN and here are my photos? NEVER.

Chubby says he doesn't know your friend Ange.

THIS is a blatant lie. Funny, how he still tells the truth to ANGE is LISA's friend is how HAMDAN knows of her. The only truth printed on this whole blog.

Ange says she doesn't know your imaginary Sheikh...

this is a lie and Prince Hamdan is not a figment of my imagination but writing to me in emails, calling my home, and blogging about me..... and Lisa Miceli was clueless as to why exactly.... the blog? the lies?

then where are you getting these ideas from? Absolutely no one is putting this in your thick head.

NO, ANGIE MCQUEEN confessed to having new found wealth that matched my dowry from Prince Hamdan, just lied about the source of her wealth being from HAMDAN and claiming it was a dead murdered for money aunt... (WHICH WAS A VEILED THREAT TO LISA MICELI IN REALITY BY THE INSANE ANGIE MCQUEEN).

Just because a person calls themselves Ham & Eggs, does not make the Prince Hamden. Muslims don't do pork do-do!

NO, what makes someone Prince Hamdan is if they claim to be the real Hamdan.... and if they offer up proof of that fact dear.

Every female who wanders on this site, or whom you drag on to this site, does not want to FUCK the many objects of your delusions.

I know that HAMDAN, but do you? why are you calling my friends on this blog from my facebook account dear? You call out the married Deb Fales, calling her a lesbian with Lisa, which is a lie.
Why are you hurting innocent people like Dev Fales please?

Your son is not a stepping stone to your riches. You have to do this little thing called W.O.R.K. to earn money. Quit trying to convince people that he is an international superstar athlete already. Poor kid may not want to be an athlete like MJ; he may want to be a garbage man like his father. (No offense to hardworking garbage men around the world. The fact is that this is REAL & HARD WORK LISA!)

REALLY HAMDAN, why do you not try telling that to ANGIE MCQUEEN who is pushing for her son to be a boxer since age 6 dear.... ?? and why do you not tell the lying hooker friend of Lisa Miceli to get a job, and not fuck HAMDAN for LISA's marriage property dear?

You did send her back to work, for Don King Promotions, but how did she afford her expensive car, a $250,000 mercedes dear? did she pay tazes on that gift? does she have insurance on that car? who pays for that? are her tags expired?? yes. WHY?

Anonymous said...

HARD WORK?? I think not dear Hamdan.
How did she afford her jewelry, the locket and choker that she wears at the exact same time for photos dear? or her 4 properties she claims to have now, in CA, NV, DUBAI (WHY DUBAI DEAR?), and UK (WHY UK DEAR?) dear?

If you continue exposing yourself online, no man will ever want to poke you in the no-no again.

WOW HAMDAN, Lisa Miceli exposed herself online? WHERE dear? PRINCE HAMDAN set up this blog about Lisa Miceli. for what purpose? Prince Hamdan also hacked Lisa Miceli facebook accounts and posted craziness on there as well about Lisa Miceli... saying that Lisa Miceli said it.

TORTURE and abuse? why? b/c he is a disloyal cheater and liar and abuser and public libeler.

You will lose the potential to get any man outside of your pops pervy friends who stick money down your plastic twins so that you don't have to rip off mommy ALL THE TIME.

WOW, HAMDAN, you have ANGIE MCQUEEN and Lisa Miceli completely confused as ANGIE MCQUEEN was a stripper/hooker by profession dear (and brags about it online), not Lisa Miceli, whose paid and professional career is and was psychology dear.... which you are publicly attacking dear, for what purpose exactly?


WHO ripped off SANDY MICELI? That would be Prince Hamdan, telling Lisa Miceli to buy bank notes for his wedding gift and MJ jerseys for dante from Hamdan (which he will pay Lisa for in person)... so he said.

And finally... FACT: You will truly receive a gift from Karma.

WHAT FOR HAMDAN? Why would Lisa Miceli experience KARMA?? what did Lisa Miceli do to you exactly dear Hamdan??
BY THE WAY, I am trying to post another identity that PRINCE HAMDAN is using to contact Lisa Miceli on LINKEDIN..... another royal from Abu Dhabi.... same exact email address as the one I have for Prince Hamdan. I thought it strange that Hamdan's family members would contact me, and it is not really them...

guess who? Hamdan again.
WOW, another alias and he wonders why Lisa Miceli called him by the wrong name or was confused?
What is the name of this blog, MISS ABSAM (for your uncle)? WHY if it was always you HAMDAN writing to LISA MICELI would you call Lisa Miceli, MISS ABSAM dear?

I know you will turn this into a new storyline where a woman named Karma comes along and tries to steal your life, but Fuck it! Go ahead. I hope she does this time! I really hope she does!

ANGIE MCQUEEN using anything at all with Lisa's name on it is a form of ID theft dear, according to police.... Angie claimed to be offered a part on BASKETBALL STAR WIVES TV SHOW on TWITTER... really, which basketball star? and that someone stole her ID, while she is burning up emails to Hamdan using my accounts for him behind my back.

Anonymous said...

July 15, 2010 at 7:39 AM

GET THE DATE ON THIS..... 7/15/2010 and now in Oct 2014, HAMDAN confesses to ANGIE MCQUEEN on here, and her being a hooker, and buying her property in the UK.... which I already said happened back in 2010 it was more like 2009 when HAMDAN went real estate shopping for Lisa Miceli, but Angie McQueen received the properties by lying to Hamdan repeatedly on Lisa's private accounts for Hamdan... SO, who is the proven liar? Lisa Miceli? NO. Prince Hamdan? YES. Angie McQueen? YES.

WHY is the question please.

Where did Lisa Miceli ever abuse her son DANTE?? he was swimming in videos, is that trying to be like Michael Jordan??

NO..... swimming is not basketball. HAMDAN was sent photos of Dante playing with various children like a normal child.... HE POSTED THOSE PHOTOS ONLINE, pissing off the neighbor who took those photos... it is ANGIE MCQUEEN who is home-schooling Devon and pushing him into boxing dear and he has every excuse as to why he will not box.

You have ANGIE MCQUEEN and Lisa Miceli competely confused.

Anoter issue, the chubby account is Lisa Miceli's account you made up for Lisa Miceli exclusively.... you act like Lisa Miceli is calling on Angie McQueen's accounts behind Angie's back and needs to be punished for her disloyalty to her friend Angie McQueen....


What did Lisa Miceli do wrong? read her emails from insane people looking to harm her and her whole family for no reason?

YES. I am guilty of opening my emails with Prince Hamdan writing to me under about 50 aliases, asking me to marry him.

Greed is ANGIE MCQUEEN dear, robbing Lisa Miceli on her wedding night to Prince Hamdan of MILLIONS and being a total stranger to Prince Hamdan when she robbed Lisa Miceli of the chubby contact... and met Hamdan in person.... WOW.

STOP lying and abusing Lisa Miceli and her family publicly HAMDAN.

Why are you starting shit on Deb Fales publicly, please?
She works hard and is loyal to her husband and is a loving mother HAMDAN to her two kids.

You claimed to defend Sandy Miceli the turn around and call her crazy too publicly and she made no claims to you whatsoever dear anywhere.

Anonymous said...

HAMDAN, you owe Lisa Miceli, friends and family an apology for this blog, except ANGIE MCQUEEN.

I want all of my promised property from ANGIE MCQUEEN in my name dear. I want you to cease contact with that hooker, as you cannot be loyal to us both dear, it is impossible for your personality dear (ARE YOU REALLY A POLYGAMIST? you do not sound like one).

I want you to do a new blog in your own words telling the truth dear..... about what really happened?? how did you get to ANGIE's house on my wedding night and why would you gift her my property, and not her own gifts picked out by her?

How did my clothing fit her please?

and why would you agree to marry a total lying stranger (ANGIE MCQUEEN) who called you on another woman's accounts, your chosen bride Lisa Miceli accounts?? and then lie about it for YEARS dear.

She is wearing wedding rings in videos dear, as if you already wed her.... GREEDY is calling my property from you cheap.... and stealing the real property from Lisa Miceli and Prince Hamdan, both of whom are strangers to ANGIE MCQUEEN.

So, why are you loyal to a total stranger who called you to the wrong house from my private accounts for you dear??

and by the way, when I complained about Pammy, you had already contacted me for marriage under another alias, so how was I lying?

Pammy went to Dubai... for MILK SHEIKH dear...... and he came to the USA for her dear.

I only asked you for the truth ever dear. You are a pathological liar.... for what reason dear?

You contacted me out of the blue invading my privacy dear... over a MJ story that had nothing to do with you ever dear.

It was part of Lisa Miceli's past.... why did that story bother you soo much dear?

b/c you contacted Lisa Miceli in the year 2000, under various aliases, like now.... RIGHT? YES.

So, how was I to know that it was all you PRINCE HAMDAN?? and who you are dear if you do not send me photos and tell me who you are dear?

How am I your first love, if you did not contact me in the year, 2000, dear? like Lisa Miceli said.

You are trying to discredit Lisa Miceli all the way back to 2000 and ruin her wealth and get her kicked out of her parents home... to come where HAMDAN??

Our properties you bought for our marriage license?? How is that if Angie McQueen is in them pretending to be both Lisa Miceli and Angie McQueen? and you call Lisa Miceli greedy?

YOU OFFERED LISA MICELI her heart's desires.... and asked what does Lisa Miceli wants... I told you. You bought it... and then gave it to ANGIE MCQUEEN.

WHY dear?

Anonymous said...

SO, why are you pretending to be an ABU DHABI SHEIKH on LINKEDIN dear HAMDAN contacting me please?

I can post that one as well..... and hide the matching email addresses dear... of you and the ABU DHABI SHEIKH.

Why are you mad at Lisa Miceli and friends and family, except ANGIE MCQUEEN, and attacking us on a public blog, for agreeing to marry you, after you called you, ABSAM..... and Lisa said ok... you are ABSAM... when in fact you are PRINCE HAMDAN dear...??

Who is going through mental problems playing mind games with themselves, dear Prince Hamdan?

You are.

The Skype you sent to me is normal. Hi I am Hamdan. I sent you my photos, please accept them. Do you like my photos, Lisa? I said yes. I love them. you are gorgeous to me.

Then we made a fate to meet in person sortly after skyping... over the HOLIDAYS.... and what happened?

HAMDAN did not show up at Lisa Miceli's house... AGAIN.

Why not this time, Prince Hamdan dear?

Lisa Miceli asked you if you are legally wed, where you saying you are legally wed with 2 kids, and not Sheikh Rashid?? referring to Angie McQueen in Dec 2012, and her two kids, Devon and Maya??

Your answer confused me dear.

That was 2012 dear. In 2010, Lisa was mad at ABSAM, not HAMDAN dear. what was your excuse then as to why you are calling me and proposing marriage and making plans with me, then blogging the exact opposite online dear, when I never said anything about Hamdan publicly dear??

ABSAM wrote to me on You Tube dear, saying that Lisa Miceli is with Prince Hamdan, not him.

I forgot, Hamdan also contacts Lisa Miceli on You Tube and LINKEDIN as well.... close to 50 accounts all claiming to be the real Prince Hamdan of Dubai seeking marriage from Lisa Miceli..... and I saved as much as I could but some was lost by A hacker who has to be Prince Hamdan himself....


Anonymous said...

MY CAREER WAS A PSYCHOMETRICIAN in CHAPEL HILL, NC and my only job was making clinical psychological and psychiatric diagonsis.... and now look how many untrained copycatting lunatics have come out of the woodwork professing to be able to diagnose.... and who are they all diagnosing?? LISA MICELI.

WOW..... police, criminal justice people, fans, stalkers, HAMDAN, and others... all claiming to have te exact same career and skill set as LISA MICELI who is professional trained to do that specific career.

Sorry, I am not the crazy one.... the unlicensed diagnosticians on here are insane.... I was working under the licenses of 7 professional PHDS AD MDS and insuranced to do my very specific job...... psychometrician.

Why the attacks on my career and reputation on here please?

Jealous much? yes.

Insane, much? YES.

Lisa Miceli psychotic? NO- you all are. I talk to 50 HAMDANS a day and can prove it.

You all are talking in your heads, making shit up about Lisa Miceli and Prince Hamdan constantly on this blog.

So, why is HAMDAN defending ANGIE MCQUEEN and hiding her in the UK country-side please?? when he proposed to LISA MICELI online, to marry in person offline...

How do you agree to wed a total stranger and gift her MILLIONS in another person's property on the first date DEAR HAMDAN??

THAT IS INSANITY DEAR..... why are you lying about it dear Hamdan?

EMBARASSED much? you should be.

You should have had anyone who showed up for LISA and her wedding arrested dear.... for LISA's safety...

So, ANGIE MCQUEEN is legally wed to you but living with other me, like OMAR HENRY and LUIS MERCED?

Does that seem like normal beavior dear?

and you are jealous and accussing me publicly online of sleeping with my father (GROSS HAMDAN), his friends (ANY NAMES?), and my female friends, like Deb Fales.

Where do you get your information dear HAMDAN?? You are making it up in your head dear.... which is psychosis.... you refuse normal reality, which is DELUSIONS dear, even when presented with the truth, you believe a lying stealing bad mouthing hooker over your chosen bride Lisa Miceli.... wow... and Lisa Miceli provides proof dear... right on this blog.

Do you not see how you caused all of this madness by not speaking to me normally, like you did on SKYPE in Dec 2012 dear??

Saying HI. I am HAMDAN. Here are my photos, do you like them. Let's video chat so we can see one another... and talk and make offline plans.... which we did.

Anonymous said...

SO, if you did not tell the wedding dress people in PARIS, FRANCE, to call Lisa Miceli about the wedding dress, dear Hamdan.... how did they get Lisa Miceli's name and phone number please and Lisa's email address dear HAMDAN?

You told them to call LISA MICELI dear. Lisa Miceli paid for the dress and why did you not show up at LISA's house that time dear?

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE ATTACKING LISA MICELI's money for the very jealous and insane ANGIE MCQUEEN dear?

for what purpose dear?

She did not know your name either and said you do not exist... you admitted to that..

So, why would you show up at her house, with my limo please??

ANGIE MCQUEEN called you a pedophile from your photos with children in DUBAI, as well as others on A FAN GIRLS GUIDE to FAZZA.... so why would you attack LISA's motherhood, when Lisa Miceli defended you please??

ANGIE MCQUEEN CARRIES ON ILLEGLLY LIKE A NUTCASE, that she is, and you defend her madness.... and attack me for ANGIE's words and actions, as if I am ANGIE MCQUEEN, and she is LISA MICELI, your chosen bride dear...

this matches your FIRST LOVE poem translated online dear.

How are you in love with ANGIE MCQUEEN but soo pissed off at Lisa for Angie contacting you, and hating ANGIE's personality on here..... as Lisa is not doing anything of which you said on here....

My son is a normal kid HAMDAN....

PLEASE stop the madness dear.

I am responding to everything you said about me dear, and you went on a manic attack, that I cannot even keep up with all of your accussations in just one blog posts.... and counter all of the lies.

Why would you do this to anyone ever dear??

YOU ARE THREATENING LISA MICELI publicly, with hurting her with her closest people, ganging up on her..... with you, over what??

Mad about DANTE?? WHY dear?

'Memba? said...

HAMDAN IS A FUCKING ASSSHLE HUSBAND, not unreal and not amazing.... these are all crimes...

HAMDSAN is HIDEOUS APPEARANCE wise compared to LISA's men in her past...


April 10, 2013 at 10:56 AM





April 10, 2013 at 11:06 AM



April 10, 2013 at 11:35 AM



April 10, 2013 at 11:54 AM

I have to fuck this ugly sicko ARAB, for my own id....


April 10, 2013 at 2:52 PM

He is insane now and only says I love you baby everyday.....



April 10, 2013 at 3:30 PM





April 10, 2013 at 10:37 PM





He has no self control he fucks anything


April 10, 2013 at 10:43 PM









April 10, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Anonymous said...


That is insanity.

read a and the chat room full of delusional people making conections to you that do not exist dear.... that is insanity.

Angie McQueen calling you on my private accounts and claiming you want her as your wife on my wedding night, that is all insanity....

Why are you publicly blaming me for other people's insanity dear, when I have repeatedly proved direct contact from you, from accounts that you set up for me, as I could never make this aliases up dear......?

SKYPE and FACEBOOK videos, and gifts bought and visits made, do not lie PRINCE HAMDAN.

You are attacking my career, psychology, and my good reputation in town, when I asked for police to arrest Angie McQueen (FOR ROBBERY), shut down this blog, and print the truth in the media please....

why would you attack me for telling my friends and family that you proposed marriage to me and that you contacted me repeatedly from several accounts dear? I have proven that.... and so have you on this blog.

why are you hating on me for accepting your hand in marriage, trusting you, and replying to all of your HAMDAN messages, from 50 plus accounts dear??

I did not know that you wanted a secret marriage dear? I asked you that on one account... what secret marriages?? why would you not make any public announcements of your engagements dear...

I tried relentless to get to the truth, using lawyers, police, and taking to the people you name on this blog dear.... from Keith Saeed, to Kelly Werner, to ANGIE MCQUEEN, DEB FALES, and others.. my mother, my father, and others dear, and you are just making shit up about LISA MICELI.... which is psychosis dear...

WHY WOULD KARMA come back to me dear??? What did Lisa Miceli do to Prince Hamdan dear??

that I need to have happen back to me.... ??

Why did you not tell ANGIE MCQUEEN, I am marrying Lisa Miceli, who the hell are you?? why are you calling on LISA's accounts?? what are you saying to me lunatic?? do you know me??

I asked you in private, not publicly, if this account was the real Prince Hamdan dear... not publicly....

you posted the madness publicly.... blaming me for you having imposters dear.

WOW.... my fault for that too??

How is that dear?

'Memba? said...

WOW HAMDAN, Lisa Miceli exposed herself online? WHERE dear?

Anonymous said...

FUNNY HAMDAN, how all of your alleged wives, think they are the only one, and it is true love, and monogamy dear....

even ANGIE MCQUEEN thinks that it is LISA MICELI or her.... on LISA's accounts dear.

THIS BLOG AND AL EVIDENCE I have is you are a pathological liar dear with a wicked vengeful temper, when you do not get your way, whatever it is that you are calling LISA MICELI repeatedly for... from multiple accounts dear.

SORRY.... I am confused by all 50 HAMDANS writing to me dear.... you blame me for repeating a HAMDAN account, but I asked you in private to address this immediately, so as to not waste my time or money dear.... with CRIMINALS... stalking your wealth.

ALL of your women calling one another crazy liars.... WOW HAMDAN.

WHEN does this nightmare abuse stop dear??

Anonymous said...

Lisa Miceli psychotic? NO- you all are. I talk to 50 HAMDANS a day and can prove it.

Sorry. This just made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

HAMDAN, who do you claim to be hosting this blog dear??

why would you say other HAMMY accounts are not the real HAMMY dear if they really are please?

You said, Lisa Miceli exposed herself.... Lisa did not start this blog or post private messages like this HAMDAN.... you did.

LISA MICELI would have shut down this blog immediately, if Lisa Miceli had any controls over the blog dear...

THIS BLOG MAKES ZERO SENSE to LISA MICELI- b/c you are contradicting yourself constantly dear.....

YOU WROTE A POEM ABOUT BEING TWO-FACED.... and that is exactly what you are doing to LISA MICELI - saying one thing in private and another in the public eye, using LISA's private videos and photos, with psychotic nonsense commentary attached to them.

YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED HAMDAN.... that is all this blog says dear.

Anonymous said...

Please leave Deb Fales alone. She has been nothing but an honest and amazing friend to Lisa Miceli and Dante over the years.

ENABLING is a psychology term that refers to ADDICTIONS... so you are not making any sense when you say that term and any relationship with DEB FALES.

We do not drink or do drugs, and have no addictions. Internet is not an addiction in the DSM V.

you are making shit about Lisa Miceli and psychology both... pure psychobabble... or psychosis.

Prince Hamdan's fans are more insane than Michael Jordan fans are..... wow.

STOP posting your insanity on this blog, about Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli.

We are talking back and forth publicly b/c we were hacked and people contacted us both lying to us both.... when we were making our wedding plans....

ALL ACCOUNTS that Lisa Miceli has for Prince Hamdan are the real Hamdan..... and proven by videos, in person, or Dubai police... and no, HAMDAN, I do not share my contacts with anyone anymore dear.

You cannot be trusted, and YOU, not Lisa Miceli, think that all of LISA's people want sex from you, is why they are calling you..... SORRY, the farthest thing from the truth dear.

I want my stuff from ANGIE MCQUEEN dear. She is not to even know you, let alone re-enact our onlie plans offline, for sex in exchange for my money...

How is Lisa greedy when ANGIE MCQUEEN, has millions of dollars worth of my property, and she is a total stranger to you.... that called you up out of the blue with lies?

Did you not feel stupid showing up at the wrong person's house with another woman's property HAMDAN.... that you never heard of in your life dear?

SO, who is making a fool out of themselves on this blog dear?

YOU ARE HAMDAN........posting other women's names on my blog to annoy me....

EVERYONE KINDLY ASKED YOU TO SHUT DOWN THE BLOGS... you are lying about LISA MICELI and her mother and DEB FALES dear....

the insane one is ANGIE MCQUEEN calling you repeatedly on my private accounts..

OMAR HENRY is wearing one of the fur coats that you bought me and McQueen stole for CA and NV weather....

Omar Henry called me for money too. Why was he not borrowing money from Angie McQueen?

THOSE POSTS are on here as well.... Prince Hamdan posted them, not me.

Anonymous said...

Please leave Deb Fales alone. She has been nothing but an honest and amazing friend to Lisa Miceli and Dante over the years.

ENABLING is a psychology term that refers to ADDICTIONS... so you are not making any sense when you say that term and any relationship with DEB FALES.

We do not drink or do drugs, and have no addictions. Internet is not an addiction in the DSM V.

you are making shit about Lisa Miceli and psychology both... pure psychobabble... or psychosis.

Prince Hamdan's fans are more insane than Michael Jordan fans are..... wow.

STOP posting your insanity on this blog, about Prince Hamdan and Lisa Miceli.

We are talking back and forth publicly b/c we were hacked and people contacted us both lying to us both.... when we were making our wedding plans....

ALL ACCOUNTS that Lisa Miceli has for Prince Hamdan are the real Hamdan..... and proven by videos, in person, or Dubai police... and no, HAMDAN, I do not share my contacts with anyone anymore dear.

You cannot be trusted, and YOU, not Lisa Miceli, think that all of LISA's people want sex from you, is why they are calling you..... SORRY, the farthest thing from the truth dear.

I want my stuff from ANGIE MCQUEEN dear. She is not to even know you, let alone re-enact our onlie plans offline, for sex in exchange for my money...

How is Lisa greedy when ANGIE MCQUEEN, has millions of dollars worth of my property, and she is a total stranger to you.... that called you up out of the blue with lies?

Did you not feel stupid showing up at the wrong person's house with another woman's property HAMDAN.... that you never heard of in your life dear?

SO, who is making a fool out of themselves on this blog dear?

YOU ARE HAMDAN........posting other women's names on my blog to annoy me....

EVERYONE KINDLY ASKED YOU TO SHUT DOWN THE BLOGS... you are lying about LISA MICELI and her mother and DEB FALES dear....

the insane one is ANGIE MCQUEEN calling you repeatedly on my private accounts..

OMAR HENRY is wearing one of the fur coats that you bought me and McQueen stole for CA and NV weather....

Omar Henry called me for money too. Why was he not borrowing money from Angie McQueen?

THOSE POSTS are on here as well.... Prince Hamdan posted them, not me.

Anonymous said...

Megalomania is a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, omnipotence, and by inflated self-esteem. Historically it was used as an old name for Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and is used today as a non-clinical equivalent.

Anonymous said...

Is she still controlling the weather?

Its gorgeous here! :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it rich?
Are we a pair?
Me here at last on the ground,
You in mid-air.
Send in the HAMDANS.

Isn't it bliss?
Don't you approve?
One who keeps tearing around,
One who can't move.
Where are the HAMDANS?
Send in the HAMDANS.

Just when I'd stopped
Opening doors,
Finally knowing
The one that I wanted was yours,
Making my entrance again
With my usual flair,
Sure of my lines,
No one is there.

Don't you love farce?
My fault, I fear.
I thought that you'd want what I want -
Sorry, my dear.
But where are the HAMDANS?
Quick, send in the HAMDANS.
Don't bother, they're here.

Isn't it rich?
Isn't it queer?
Losing my timing this late
In my career?
And where are the HAMDANS?
There ought to be HAMDANS.
Well, maybe next year.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PRINCE HAMDAN, for your sake, you need to delete this blog, as you got the identities and personalities and careers and family names of ANGIE MCQUEEN and LISA MICELI switched dear.

It was my family that provides their wives with real estate, furs, custom cut jewelry, and mercedes dear.... not ANGIE MCQUEEN.

What you wrote about on this blog was nothing that Lisa Miceli and Prince Hamdan ever spoke about in private dear.

My career is psychology, and I used to work in brain injuries dear... so no, I do not like seeing domestic violence dear like you claim on here..... and never made threats to anyone in my life dear... like you claimed I made to my mother on here.... for money... NEVER said anything like that.. I said my mother was wined and dined and traveled with my father's money dear...

You also said that Lisa Miceli has sex with her mother, father, and his friends, and female friends like DEB FALES and couples - this was never spoken to you either dear... it is ANGIE MCQUEEN who was stripping and hooking from a strip club dear while married... getting several breast implant jobs for her career.

My career was professional trained with certificates in BALLET. BIG DIFFERENCE.

MY CAREER IS PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY, like DEB FALES HAMDAN. I was accepted to graduate school in March 2009 dear for a PhD in psychology.

SO, why are you calling me mentally ill repeatedly, like brain washing tactics on here dear, for events and information that you made up (PROVING YOUR PSYCHOSIS DEAR) and DELUSIONS that you will not get the IDs of two women straight.

You called Lisa Miceli a counterfeit MISTRESS of MJ... that is another one of your delusions dear... as my story went into print in Jan 2002...

I am repeating myself b/c you will not take down the blog, and your delusional and psychotic fans will not stop diagnosing me with unfounded accussations...

DANTE loves his mother Lisa and thinks that I am a great mother... I am with him everyday dear.

You caused me serious damages to my career and reputation on here with your sick and twisted and cruel lies..

NOTHING said between us was anything that was on this blog... I am tempted to start a MISS HAMDAN blog telling our love story, and posting the communications that YOU did not hack between us dear... it was all sex, romance, and meeting plans for our wedding night dear... nothing that you are putting on this blog about me.

I quite frankly did not think it was really you, HAMDAN, and "more abhorrent behavior of a PRINCE".... like your relationship with ANGIE MCQUEEN dear, "abhorrent" using your own words, that even ANGIE MCQUEEN denies screwing you on my wedding nigt for my dowry.... but brags about having my property online, but came from other sources...

Anonymous said...


She told you to call yourself an imaginary SHEIKH or a fake SHEIKH, so that I would not have a groom.... DO YOU not see, she just wants our money dear?? like she is doing to OSCAR dear??

You already agreed to pay my half of everything you own dear... and now she wants all of that too for hearing about our marriage plans.

GREEDY? YES. She is a totla stranger to you, you do not even know her, and think that she is the real LISA from 2000 back on STAR MAGAZINE FORUMS talking about MJ... and who else was like me.... waiting on MJ to divorce.

I got my answer in NATIONAL ENQUIRER in JAN 2002, with an identitical story of another couple MJ was ruining to allegedly marry after JJ. IMPOSSIBLE in the USA to marry two women dear... that is the point of the NNE article dear... and why I am writing a book about it... like Bobby Mercer is too about what he went through with MJ ruining his marriage.


LISA had horses in Raleigh, NC dear. Lisa has a baby picture holding a lioness at 3 yrs old, prompting you to call me CRAZY CAT LADY ONLINE dear...

Angie McQueen had a different lifestyle baby than Lisa Miceli....

WHAT we spoke about in private is not on this blog at all baby, just your judgements about ANGIE MCQUEEN's lifestyle calling ANGIe LISA and LISA ANGIE dear...

I have the email to LISA, you are coming to town for our real estate AMERICAN DREAM AGENDA.... you are coming for my first date, with ACE of SPADES.... each time you went to ANGIE MCQUEENs house with our plans dear... and then libeled me online afterwards, like you going to the wrong house with my property is my fault somehow?

IMPOSSIBLE to know dear, unless you tell me McQueen is calling you behind my back on our private accounts... you lied and then met her and then libeled me on here, then threw your sex life with her in my face dear.... like a child.

Anonymous said...

STOP CALLING YOUR ACCOUNTS ALL A FAKE PRINCE DEAR, when all of them, are in fact you, dear Prince Hamdan, and can easily be proven.... by posting the private chats like you did to me on here.

You never asked my mother about my identity dear, and she never denied videos saying they are not me dear.... nothing bad was said.

It was 90 videos of ANGIE MCQUEEN on YOU TUBE, calling you a "con artist" "crazy maker" "fake Prince" "pedophile" "fucks animals" "smells like camel crap" "bad skin" ....etc, etc, etc....

Lisa was telling you her career and identity and money and family plans dear....

You are saying Lisa is not the real Lisa, but a crazy person dear.... an imposter of LISA which is true, ANGIE MCQUEEN showed up in person off of LISA MICELI's good name, when you were in contact with my UNCLE, who is a celebrated JUDGE dear...

WHAT you are doing to my life is both DELUSIONAL ( YOU REFUSE THE FACTS LIKE MY COLLEGE DEGREE AND MY PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCES AND MY MJ STORY AND REAL ESTATE LAWSUITS AND PHOTOS AND VIDEOS) for psychosis dear, shit you made up about me... based on what ANGIE MCQUEEN tells you about her..... her baby daddy, needing money, and all about ANGIE dear... you said that my LISA's private emails dear... not true,

LISA AND HAMMYS were all about love dear and sex chats daily sometimes twice a day dear....

PLEASE FIX YOUR MIND.... your postery is correct, but this blog says LISA is ANGIE and ANGIe is LISA and Lisa is not the real LISA but a crazy person.... your communications dear... PROPAGANDA dear...


THE USA STATE DEPT already said you have a violent temper, you have sex with hookers and strippers and etc, etc, etc, etc dear.... and I did not ask for any investigations on you ever dear.

THIS BLOG AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ANGIE MCQUEEN says it all dear... stop blaming me for your bad press in the USA dear.

YOUR ISANELY JEALOUS AND ACCUSSING ME OF "FUCKERY" with anyone and everyone, yet you bedded a complete stranger named MCQUEEN and passed her my property, MILLIONS, like it was nothing... with nothing in return baby.... I have the contracts to earn money for our family back dear....

YOU RUINED all that on this blog dear....

I WAT MY STUFF, tell the hooker McQueen to pay up for her mouth in the public eye, and what she stole from Lisa Miceli, plus damages..... since she brags of being "swag-alelic", and "no cheap jewelry in her stash".... which is lies, CHEAP HOOP EARRING AND CHEAP CHANDELIER EARNNINGS as well... on YOU TUBE.

I am sick of that hooker interferring in our marriage for money. GROW UP HAMDAN.... you act like a jealous child having a tantrum on here... over your mistakes....

Anonymous said...


I want the deed and in my name immediately... you posted it on here LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL.

CLAIMING to be the real PRINCE and love LISA and know that McQueen is a mid 40's hooker.... by profession.

She still work for DON KING PROMOTIONS?? why did she not pay any taxes on her gifts from you or earnings from DON KING PROMOTIONS dear?

Why is she admitting to lying to cops online, about her prior record, and admitting to three moving violations in oe traffic stop, and not having proof of insurance for her 250,000$ stolen mercedes, and expired tags online?

She got out of it for being a "white girl" and she posts her police brutality videos online all day, and her domestic violence videos online all day... and tells the cops, to "suck a dick po po"........... WOW HAMDAN.

ANGIE's FACEBOOK page... you call that "classy".... how is that possible... calling out OSCAr for lying, but did she not lie to Oscar to get pregnant aftrer knowing him less than 3 months??

YES..... hates when people do unto others as they have done to them, doesn't she?? it makes her crazy, calling all women wo support Oscar "hookers" and she will "hunt them down to beat them up??" WOW.... classy HAMDAN?

RETHINK things dear... you are confused between LISA MICELI (A LAPUMA) and ANGIE MCQUEEN a bragging lying bad mouthing violent hooker dear...

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